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FRA vs BEL Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
1 - 0
S. Umtiti 51'
96' PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! The World Cup final will feature some French Connection swagger. Heartbreak for Belgium. It ends France 1-0 Belgium.

These Belgian players need a standing ovation. For all the fight they put on show. For all the quality they let us feast our eyes on. At the end of the day, a set-piece proved to be the difference between them and a shot at the biggest prize of them all.

France are into the finals. Tomorrow, Croatia will take on England. Is it coming home, lads? Is it?

This is me, Shambhu Ajith, signing off for the last time this World Cup. It's been one helluva ride and I enjoyed bringing you all the excitement of the World Cup in lavish servings of mediocrity. Thank you for showing up.

95' Last minute of stoppage time and Paul Pogba plays Tolisso clear into the box and the latter tries to find the far corner but Courtois makes an excellent stop and parries it for a corner.
94' Jan Vertonghen fouls Mbappe from behind and rightly gets a yellow card.
93' France break on the counter and Mbappe's run into the box is tackled clear by Kompany. Belgium have a chance. Mertens floats in one more ball into the area but Varane rises to head it clear.
92' Pogba squares a lovely ball to Griezmann who gets his shot away but Courtois gets down in time to foil their chance.
92' Mbappe gets a yellow card for time wasting. What a lad.
91' Griezmann and Mbappe try to keep it near the corner flag but De Bruyne intercepts to send it out for a throw-in.
90' Substitution for Belgium.

Chadli off. Batshuayi on.
90' 6 minutes of stoppage time added on as Pogba wins a freekick near the corner flag for France as Chadli lunges into him from behind.
89' Belgium are almost at the exit gates now.
87' He causes a bit of scramble but Nzonzi heads it clear from the danger area. De Bruyne subsequently serves in a beauty into the area but Lukaku cant decide whether to go with his head or foot and ends up letting it run. Sigh.
87' Kante gets a yellow card for shoving Hazard to the ground. Belgium have a freekick. 30 odd yards away. KDB, for the first time tonight, will swing this in.
86' Chadli cuts past Hernandez and then drops a ball deep into the box but Varane heads it clear.
85' Substitution for France.

Corentin Tolisso on. Blaise Matuidi off.
84' Substitution for France.

Giroud off. N'Zoni on.
83' Mertens is found near the corner flag by Chadli but in his attempt to round up Lucas Hernandez, Mertens runs the ball straight out of play for a goalkick.
82' Matuidi and Hazard clashed outside the box and both of them are down on the floor.
81' An avalanche of chances for Belgium! Hazard, once again, uses Lukaku to great effect as he plays off him to dart into a shooting position but Varane puts in a neat tackle to get the ball away. But it falls for Witsel and he leathers it on target but Lloris blocks it clear. France somehow see off the danger.
80' Substitution for Belgium.

Fellaini off. Carrasco on.
79' Hazard makes a darting run through the left side and goes past one, goes past another and then plays a lovely one-two with Lukaku but Giroud hacks him to the ground right outside the area. But the ref says, nothing doing. The replays reveal that it was a clear foul.
78' Pogba gets his head to Griezmann's delivery but he doesn't connect well and it goes out for a goalkick.
77' Fellaini drags Mbappe to the ground as the latter tries to run onto a Pavard through ball. France have a freekick. Griezmann will take it.
76' Yannick Carrasco is getting ready to come on for Belgium.
76' Mertens tries to cross it into the area but this time, it goes over the crossbar for a goalkick.
75' Hazard wriggles out into space and then finds De Bruyne down the center. He shifts the ball to his left and tries to send it past Lloris but ends up finding Row Z.
74' Witsel fouls Griezmann as the latter attempts to break after intercepting a misplaced pass from Chadli. The ref blows his whistle but he doesn't whip out a card.
71' Mertens has revitalized Belgium's attack and his crosses have been brilliant so far. Can they make it count? They're keeping the ball for now. However, Umtiti is on the ground and needs medical attention. He took a Mertens ball to the chin. Head injury? I have me doubts, mate.
69' Belgium are probing for open spaces but there aren't any available until there is and Mertens ultimately whips in a gorgeous looking ball. It's into a dangerous area but it falls for no one and Hazard tries to recycle the ball. Mertens whips in yet another beauty but once again France see it clear. France try to break on the counter but Alderweireld pushes him from behind and gets a yellow card for that infringement.
66' Mbappe flies past the challenge of De Bruyne and plays a neat diagonal for Griezmann to chase. Griezzy tracks it down and cuts it back for Olivier Giroud who tries to sidefoot it home from outside the area and ends up sending a postcard to the moon.
64' Oh Fellers! Almost!

Mertens drives a ball in from the right wing but Lloris punches it clear and Belgium have a throw-in on the right flank. They work it short and Mertens whips one in again and Fellaini is there to meet it. It's a good header but it ends up inches away from Lloris' left post.
63' It's a poor corner and is easily cut out. France break and Eden Hazard brings down Matuidi to stop the counter from flourishing. Yellow card.
62' Chadli wins a corner for Belgium. He will whip it in himself.
60' Oh Oh De Bruyne! Misses it!

Lukaku plays a lovely ball to find Mertens near the touchline and the latter whips one into the area but it is headed straight up into the air by Varane. It falls kindly to De Bruyne near the penalty spot but owing to the sheer amount of traffic in his path, he can't get a good connection and the ball is gobbled up by Lloris.
59' Substitution for Belgium.

The very, very disappointing Dembele steps out and in comes Dries Mertens. Positive change from Roberto Martinez.
58' France are turning it on. Belgium haven't looked the part in the last 10 minutes or so.
56' Mbappe fizzes past Vertonghen and drives into the box from the right flank only for Fellaini to close him down and win a goalkick. But Mbappe looks set to tear Belgium into pieces.
55' Mbappe and Pogba play a lovely give and go and the former stirs his stumps and forays into the final third before squaring it to Matuidi. He tries to go for glory from outside the box but it is blocked.The ball falls to France again. This time Griezmann lays it off to Mbappe who flicks it into the box in an outrageous manner for Giroud. Giroud is one on one with Courtois but the latter saves with aplomb. Mbappe! This boy is special. Oh he is special!
54' Griezmann serves it in but Kompany heads it clear.
53' Ousmane Dembele fouls Matuidi on the left side of the box. Griezmann is standing by.
52' Can Belgium find a way back? They sneaked in through the backdoor against Japan. Can they do it tonight?

Griezmann whips in the ball and Umtiti rises at the near post, ahead of Fellaini and nods it past Courtois to give France the lead. It may have come off Fellaini but it's currently being given to Umtiti.

50' Hernandez extends the ball down the left side for Matuidi and the latter immediately shifts it into the box for Giroud. He takes a good turn but his shot is blocked and sent for a corner.
49' A slight scare inside the French box goes away without building further tension as Umtiti's clearance hits De Bruyne and goes out for a goalkick.
48' De Bruyne plays a clever little pass to Chadli who puts the ball into the box for Fellaini. However, Pogba had his United teammate sized up and he rises above him to head it clear.
47' Witsel floats in a lovely early ball into the box where Lukaku, amidst a cuddling session with Varane, gets a header away. But it's tame and off target. But Belgium are off to a good start.
46' Mbappe flashes a glimpse of that wizardry that's made him a pop culture icon at the age of 18 but he just couldn't sort his feet out to beat the last man as Vertonghen steps in to queer his pitch.
45' De Bruyne hounds Matuidi into trouble and wins a throw-in near the corner flag. But they can't make anything happen from it.
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Romelu Lukaku roll the ball to Witsel and we're off in the second half. 
The players are all set to venture out on to the field and the second half will begin shortly. 45 more minutes until we know who the first team in the finals is going to be. 
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! That's that in the first half. Both teams have showed some flair in attack but Belgium has brought the swagger. France are growing into it though. We're in for a hell of a second half. That much is certain.
45' De Bruyne whips in a delightful ball into the box and it is falling to Umtiti at the near post and he absolutely makes a mess of it and it catches Lukaku unprepared. To be fair to the United striker, it almost fell behind him.
45' Just 1 minute added on.
44' Griezmann hits the wall and his subsequent attempt to play Umtiti through on the right side of the box, past the ball is too heavy and it goes out for a goalkick.
43' 25 yards from goal. Antoine Griezmann is sizing it up.
43' Pogba cleverly wins a foul outside the box as Dembele clutches at him from behind. Pogba goes down and the ref blows his whistle. Griezmann will fancy this.
41' Chadli has the opportunity to whip a ball in from the right flank but his delivery is poor and Umtiti thwacks it clear.
40' Fellaini loses the ball and France break. Griez plays Pogs and the latter spreads the ball out to the left flank with a lovely diagonal. But France have to check their movement and ultimately lose the chance to conjure anything of note in the final third.
38' Dembele loses the ball in midfield once again and France break. Mbappe lays off the ball to Griezmann but his shot is blocked. However, France have a great chance as Mbappe subsequently plays in Pavard into the box with a lovely threaded pass but Pavard's shot is parried for a corner by Courtois. Corner brings nothing of note though.
36' Meanwhile, Giroud is on the ground and it looks like he picked up a knock. Nothing serious.
36' Griezmann breaks for France and drives through the centre but ends up ignoring all his options and takes a poor speculative shot with his left foot which goes way wide off the mark.
35' Griezmann lunges into Hazard from behind and Belgium have a freekick in their defensive half.
33' France are now feeling their way into the game and Mbappe tries to sidefoot a diagonal ball into the path of Giroud but Alderweireld gets there in time to thwart the danger.
32' Griezmann gets a shot away with his right foot but it sails over the crossbar.
31' Hazard embarks on a dream run down the left side and sells Pavard a carrot and has him collapsing, confuses Pogba and leaves him flatfooted, and then flip flaps his way into the box only to have his last touch let him down. But what a run that was!
30' Griezmann spreads the ball out and plays in Pavard on the right side. The change of the source of delivery unsettles the Belgian defence and meets Pavard's ball with a header but it goes wide of the mark.
29' Vertonghen clips Mbappe from behind as the latter tries to make a run after playing a deft backheel pass. France have a freekick, 35 yards away from goal. Griezmann will take it.
27' KDB be up for it, bud.

He whips in another fizzing ball from the left side of the box and it travels past the near post but Umtiti intervenes to send it out for a corner. However, corner comes to nothing.
26' Alderweireld plays an awkward diagonal that does not fall kindly for Chadli. He misses it and Belgium's attacking plan is foiled.
24' France play some neat football involving Lucas Hernandez, Paul Pogba and Griezmann, on the edge of the area and win a corner. Corner comes to nothing though.
22' Umtiti picks out Giroud's run into the area and serves a long ball into the tall striker's path. But the Chelsea striker can't trap it and the ball takes a touch off him and goes out for a goalkick.
21' Chadli takes the corner and immediately, the whistle goes. Kompany manhandled Pogba and France have a freekick. They can breathe now. 
It's an okay delivery and the ball falls to Alderweireld, who takes a shot with his left foot, on the turn. But Lloris throws himself at it and palms it away for a corner.
20' De Bruyne whips in an early ball from the left side and Varane is up for it! He heads it away for yet another corner. The corner count is rising for Belgium. Chadli will, once again, take it.
19' De Bruyne nearly causes havoc inside the box with a neat little dinked ball but Lloris charges out and punches it clear before Hazard could get to the end of it.
19' Not a good corner from Chadli but Belgium keep the ball.
18' Goodness me! Eden Hazard cuts in and beats Pavard and goes for the roof of the net but Varane intervenes to flick it over the crossbar for a corner. Chadli will take it.
17' Kylian Mbappe needs to be sent to the juvie for this filth! Don't get me wrong, the man sells Vertonghen a sandwich before trying to dart into the box. He is stopped and France have a throw-in. The ball is ultimately shuffled back to Matuidi who tries to leather one past Lloris and gets the connection to go with it. But it is hit straight at Lloris.
16' Olivier Giroud sseals the ball from Toby Alderweireld, sprints to the left wing and tucks one into the path of Matuidi inside the box but the latter could not bring the ball under control and the ball goes out off him for a goalkick.
15' KDB! HAZARD! But no goal.
De Bruyne dinks the ball over Varane and into the box for Hazard. Hazard takes it and whips a shot across the face of goal and it's only inches away from the far post.
14' Belgium break with De Bruyne but Lukaku's decoy run is not read well by the City man who plays the ball awkwardly into a retreating Lukaku's path and sees the chance scuppered.
12' Paul Pogba shimmies past Dembele in the centre and then plays a threaded pass to Mbappe. However, Courtois comes out to collect it ahead of the youngster and queers his pitch. Pogs has already played 2 key passes.
10' Pogba lobs the ball into the box and it falls dangerously for Mbappe, who is almost free in the centre. But his control is poor and Belgium see it clear.
9' A long spell of Belgian possession is broken as Pavard robs the ball and forays into the attacking half. However, his pass is misdirected and Kevin De Bruyne offers a glimpse of his genius with a shoulder drop followed by a nearly sumptuous pass to Hazard. However, Raphael Varane motors ahead of him and guards the ball as it rolls out of play for a goalkick.
7' Belgium are dominating possession in the opening minutes and are looking comfortable in the centre.
6' Chadli sends his corner, overpowered and it swings away from relevance for a goalkick.
5' Eden Hazard darts past Pavard and whips one in to the danger area but Umtiti covers and sends it out for a corner. Nacer Chadli will take this one.
3' De Bruyne digs one in and fizzes into a good area but nobody attacks it. However, Fellaini chases it down and keep the attack going. Chadli tries to drive into the box from the right side but can't quite get the light touches he needed to make something happen.
2' France trying to gain a feel of the ball, a feel of the occasion as they pass the ball around in search of space. But Vertonghen steals the ball from Pavard and Belgium break. De Bruyne, ultimately, spreads the ball out to Chadli who gets a deflection on his cross and will have to content with a throw-in.
1' Mbappe! Mbappe! Behave yourself.

Mbappe, turns on his afterburners and darts past two players before finding space on the right side of the box and whipping in a driven ball. However, Kompany clears before it could cause them some real pain in the opening stages of the game.
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Griezmann rolls the ball from the spot and we're off. France will attack from left to right on the TV screen.
We're going to actually see how they spread out on the field to know what shape Belgium are taking up tonight. Their official Twitter handle suggests that Mousa Dembele could start as the right wing back. Apart from that, there are players in the centre who can facilitate fluidity in attack without any hassle.

France are looking set for this crunch encounter. The teams are lined up and making their way out of the tunnels and out to the St. Petersburg Arena. 

Belgium are in their Red kit while France are wearing Blue.

Belgium who knocked out Brazil vs France who knocked out Argentina. Woof!
What a night this is going to be! A mouthwatering matchup which will feature some of the biggest names in European football. On one side, there is the death dealing company of Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappe, Paul Pogba and N'Golo Kante. 

On the other, we have Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini (yes, in the same breath now).

Neither team can afford to go napping at any point tonight. This is the World Cup. This is the first semi-final of this World Cup. And it doesn't get any more high-profile than this. It really does not. Which set of midfielders will win the battle? Can the French defence keep the deadly Belgians at bay? Can the Belgian defence deal with the threat of Mbappe and Griezmann?

We'll have all these answers in 2 hours. Meanwhile, if you want to bounce off a few ideas, predictions, opinions, or anything at all, you can find me on twitter- @goddamnhunter. Or you can mail me-

Lads, this is a special, special night. Get in!
France vs Belgium: Confirmed lineups

France: Hugo Lloris; Benjamin Pavard, Raphael Varane, Samuel Umtiti, Lucas Hernandez; N’Golo Kante, Paul Pogba; Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Blaise Matuidi; Olivier Giroud

Belgium: Thibaut Courtois; Toby Alderweireld, Vincent Kompany, Jan Vertonghen; Nacer Chadli, Axel Witsel, Marouane Fellaini; Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku
France vs Belgium: Kickoff information

Date: 10th July 2018
Kickoff time: 19:00 pm (BST), 23:30 pm (IST)
Venue: Saint Petersburg Stadium

France vs Belgium: Team News

Blaise Matuidi is back from suspension and presents Didier Deschamps with a problem. Corentin Tolisso, who filled in ably, could yet find himself sitting on the bench as a result.

Other than that, there are no injury concerns for France. Kylian Mbappe, Olivier Giroud and Antoine Griezmann are expected to start up top.

For Belgium, Thomas Meunier will have to sit this one out after having picked up a second yellow card in the game against Brazil. As a result, Belgium could revert to a back four of Toby Alderweireld, Thomas Vermaelen, Vincent Kompany and Jan Vertonghen.

Nacer Chadli and Yannick Carrasco will be manning the wings in that case.

France vs Belgium: Probable lineups

France: Hugo Lloris; Benjamin Pavard, Raphael Varane, Samuel Umtiti, Lucas Hernandez; N’Golo Kante, Paul Pogba; Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, Blaise Matuidi; Olivier Giroud 

Belgium: Thibaut Courtois; Toby Alderweireld, Vincent Kompany, Thomas Vermaelen, Jan Vertonghen; Nacer Chadli, Axel Witsel, Kevin De Bruyne, Yannick Carrasco; Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku

France vs Belgium: Form guide

France: W-W-D-W-W

The French have been playing some scintillating football and save for that one dull and inconsequential game against Denmark, they've looked like they have a lot of goals in them.

Belgium: W-W-W-W-W

Belgium's got it all, bro. They looked set to be deported against Japan but they flipped thescript on all of us, didn't they? And then they dismantled Brazil. If they can shore up that defence, there's every chance Belgium is going to be in the finals.

France vs Belgium: Head to Head

Games played:4
France wins: 3
Belgium wins: 1
Draws: 0

France vs Belgium: Key Players

As for France, Kylian Mbappe will be the key man. In midfield, they have Paul Pogba who has been absolutely immense alongside N'Golo Kante. However, it could be the lightning fast youngster who could prove to be the difference between the two sides.

Eden Hazard will be Belgium's main man. He is ably supported by Dries Mertens, Romelu Lukaku and a certain someone we refer to as KDB.

France vs Belgium: Prediction

Predicted scoreline: France 1-2 Belgium​
J. Vertonghen
K. Mbappé
M. Batshuayi
N. Chadli
N. Kanté
C. Tolisso
B. Matuidi
S. Nzonzi
O. Giroud
Y. Carrasco
M. Fellaini
T. Alderweireld
E. Hazard
D. Mertens
M. Dembélé
S. Umtiti
assist: A. Griezmann
Belgium (4-2-3-1)
Roberto Martínez Montoliú (Manager)
H. Lloris
L. Hernández
S. Umtiti
R. Varane
B. Pavard
P. Pogba
N. Kanté
B. Matuidi
A. Griezmann
K. Mbappé
O. Giroud
T. Courtois
J. Vertonghen
V. Kompany
T. Alderweireld
N. Chadli
M. Dembélé
A. Witsel
E. Hazard
M. Fellaini
K. De Bruyne
R. Lukaku
Belgium (4-2-3-1)
Roberto Martínez Montoliú (Manager)
France Subs
A. Areola
O. Dembélé
N. Fekir
P. Kimpembe
T. Lemar
S. Mandanda
B. Mendy
S. Nzonzi
A. Rami
D. Sidibé
F. Thauvin
C. Tolisso
Belgium Subs
M. Batshuayi
D. Boyata
K. Casteels
L. Dendoncker
Y. Carrasco
T. Hazard
A. Januzaj
D. Mertens
S. Mignolet
Y. Tielemans
T. Vermaelen
19 SHOTS 9
6 FOULS 16
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
Group B
1 Spain 3 1 2 0 1 5
2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
Group C
1 France 3 2 1 0 2 7
2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group D
1 Croatia 3 3 0 0 6 9
2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group E
1 Brazil 3 2 1 0 4 7
2 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Serbia 3 1 0 2 -2 3
4 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group F
1 Sweden 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Mexico 3 2 0 1 -1 6
3 Korea Republic 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Germany 3 1 0 2 -2 3
Group G
1 Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 England 3 2 0 1 5 6
3 Tunisia 3 1 0 2 -3 3
4 Panama 3 0 0 3 -9 0
Group H
1 Colombia 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Japan 3 1 1 1 0 4
3 Senegal 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 -3 3
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - Semi-finals
Stadium Saint-Petersburg Stadium
Match time Tue, 10 Jul 2018, 11:30 PM
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