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GOA vs ATK Match Result - ISL 2019-20
2 - 1
M. Fall 60'
Coro 66'
64' J. Justin
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Do tune in to Sportskeeda for the post-match analysis and all the latest news, scores and updates regarding the ISL! 

Till then, this is Shashwat Kumar signing off! Goodbye and goodnight!
PEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!! Goa get the better of ATK 2-1!
Goa dominated the game for large swathes and were probably the deserving winners as their ability to keep pushing and probing kept ATK honest and also, put them to the sword. 

However, the hosts were accorded a scare when Jobby equalised instantly after Mourtada's opener only for Coro to pop up with the winner. The victory for the Gaurs means that they catapult at the perch of the ISL table while the visitors were consigned to their first loss since the opening day of the season
90+5' ATK lose the ball in midfield and Goa bring it away again, before keeping possession. Edu and Brandon pass it among themselves
90+4' Goa keep the ball after the corner and go all the way back to their keeper. ATK look tired to even close the keeper down and that eats a few more seconds until Mandar finally boots it out of play. Do ATK have time to churn out a chance?
90+3' Manvir and Doungel look for a quick counter but Edu just takes the sting out of the game with a composed passage of play. Brandon then gets on the ball on the right flank and takes it near the corner flag before winning a corner. Top game management by the Gaurs!
90+2' ATK concede another free-kick deep in Goa's territory and allow the hosts to kill a few more seconds
90+1' Brandon is down injured with what seems like cramp!
90' ATK launch a ball high into the box but Mourtada towers above everyone else to head the ball away to safety. Brandon then boots the ball into the stands as Goa ease a bit of pressure
A minimum of 4 minutes to be added on!
89' Edu Bedia replaces Boumous!
89' Lenny lines up a shot this time but akin to his countryman, Brandon, he too lashes his shot way over the bar. Goa haven't gotten their long-range shooting boots on today!
87' Boumous and Manvir again link up but Agus gets a foot in at the last moment to disable the Indian from progressing any further
86' Change for Goa! Len Doungel replaces Coro!
85' Manvir almost makes it 3-1 to Goa!
Manvir persists and perseveres to get the better of Pritam, who thinks the ball has gone out of play. He then cuts inside Agus too and bears down at Arindam's goal. But, the striker's shot is thwarted away by the keeper's outstretched left foot as ATK breathe a sigh of relief
84' ATK hoist a free-kick deep into the box but it is too close to Nawaz as the keeper comes out and comfortably claims it
84' Change for ATK! Balwant comes on for Javi!
82' Goa spurn another chance to double their advantage as they fail to make the most of a promising situation. Coro marches through midfield and finds Manvir, who just takes a touch too many before clipping the ball towards the back-post. The additional time allows Jayesh to get back and block the strike
80' This time, Jahouh gifts possession to the opposition but ATK make a meal of it as they kick the ball out for a goal-kick
79' Boumous again finds himself in acres of space in midfield and he rolls in a pass for Manvir. The striker tries to find Coro with a first-time cross but the delivery is way too far in front of the Spaniard as the chance comes to nothing
78' Change for ATK! Jayesh comes on for Sehnaj!
77' Sehnaj gives the ball away in midfield for the fourth time in as many minutes and Boumous strides forward. He plays in Manvir who cuts inside and then finds Brandon on the edge of the box. However, the midfielder skies his shot horribly over the bar
76' ATK come again and Krishna fires in a cross towards Williams. But, the Australian's shot is blocked at the last moment by Lenny
75' ATK again give the ball away in midfield and Goa continue on the attack, despite Jobby rolling around the floor. Eventually, they put the ball out. And, the referee books Jahouh!

Jahouh gets a yellow card!
72' Change for Goa! Jacki goes off and Manvir replaces him!
71' Javi's header is saved by Nawaz!
Edu curls in a corner from the right and Javi gets on the end of it. He powers his header into the ground and that draws a save from Nawaz. Not the most difficult save he'll ever make but one that he needed to
69' Goa have another set-piece!
Jahouh whips it in after a bit of theatrics and the ball falls to Mourtada, who is again unmarked at the far post. But, this time, his cross fails to find a Goa player as ATK clear the ball
68' ATK have a corner on the right flank but nothing comes of it as Goa pinch the ball and surge forward again
66' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!! Coro again puts Goa ahead!
Goa apply the pressure almost instantly and capitalise on the second phase of a set-piece. The ball falls to Boumous on the right flank and Coro gets across his man before clinically finishing the ball past Arindam at his near post. What a response by Goa!
65' GOOOAAAAALLLLLL!!! Jobby gets ATK level!
ATK win the ball in midfield and set Krishna on his way. The striker is tackled superbly by Mourtada but the deflection is sent towards Nawaz, who only parries it into Jobby's path. The latter does the rest and restores parity
63' Jobby Justin comes on!
61' Soosairaj seems to have gone down with a suspected leg injury and the stretcher is out. Is that the last we see of him tonight? 
60' GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!! Mourtada raises the roof at Fatorda!!
Brandon clips in a delightful delivery off the right wing and expertly picks out Mourtada near the six-yard box. The defender outmuscles Agus and powers his header into the bottom corner
59' Brandon whips in a corner from the right flank but it is cleared. The ball then falls to Jacki, whose cross is intercepted by Prabir, albeit courtesy his hand. Goa have a free-kick near the right edge of the box. Can they make this count?
57' The game has become a lot scrappier after the break and Goa haven't been able to get into a passing rhythm. ATK have done rather well to keep the hosts' offensive passing in check so far after the break
56' Seriton lunges in rashly on Soosairaj near the half-way line and the referee awards a foul. The ATK players swarm the officials asking for a second yellow but the Goa full-back gets away with what seems like a final warning
55' A rare misplaced pass by Boumous cuts short a good spell of possession for Goa. They have looked accomplished on the ball but have threatened to really test Arindam in ATK's goal
52' Jacki gets into a good crossing position yet again but Pritam tracks him diligently before getting a block in. ATK have shuffled their central defenders with Pritam playing as the left-sided centre-back
A strong challenge by Mourtada has left Krishna in a heap. He is receiving treatment but seems fine to continue
49' Jacki finds Coro on the right channel of the box and the Spaniard returns the favour. The winger then gets into the box and picks out Boumous, who loops his shot well over the bar
48' Goa again play their way out of trouble before a neat interchange of passes between Brandon and Boumous. The latter then plays in Jacki, who just loses track of the ball and fails to control
47' Jacki tries a fancy bit of skill and fails, thereby putting his team under a bit of pressure. But, Jahouh is in the right place at the right time to nick the ball off Krishna
46' Lenny tries to play a long ball towards Boumous but his pass goes astray as it bounces into touch on the left wing
PEEEEPPPP!! Goa get us underway!
Peeeepp!! The referee blows the whistle and the teams are deadlocked at 0-0 at the break!

FC Goa have been completely dominant in the first half and at times, ATK have been chasing shadows. Moreover, the visitors failed to display any composure on the ball and gave it away needlessly on several occasions. In the process, they kept inviting pressure and were fortunate to not go into the tunnel staring at a deficit. 

Tactically, the hosts got the better of the away side on the flanks with Jacki causing plenty of problems and that could be an area ATK would want to rectify after the restart. Having said that though, they still are very much in the game and Goa would hope to arrest their wastefulness and conjure an end product in the final third. 

Do join us in a short while for the second half!
45+1' Jahouh chips the ball into space for Brandon, who beats the off-side line. However, he fails to pick out his teammates as the cross is hit with too much power
45' ATK finally spring a good counter and Soosairaj passes it to Krishna near the half-way line. The latter finds Williams on the left before the Australian is shrugged off the ball by a combination of Seriton and Pena
44' Jahouh clips the ball forward for Mandar but the full-back passes into a congested midfield area as Jahouh gets his pocket picked. ATK try to make something happen but again, they concede possession
42' ATK look tired and they give the ball away again. But, this time, Goa opt to pass it backwards and build from the bac. Eventually, they decide to play it forward but the final ball is lacking as the ball intended for Boumous goes behind for a goal-kick
40' Lenny strides through midfield and finds Jacki on the right. Salam again leaves Soorairaj isolated with the attacker but Soosairaj just about does his job as he applies a bit of pressure and forces Jacki to carry the ball into touch
38' Brandon tries to maneuver his way into the box but he goes down a little too easily and relinquishes possession
35' Mourtada makes an important clearance, although the keeper might've been well-placed to clear the ball away
33' Jacki turns Soosairaj inside out and then clips the ball in for Boumous. But, the latter scuffs his shot entirely and fails to make the requisite contact to get a shot at goal
32' Another miscommunication on the left flank for ATK and they concede another corner. Brandon whips it in but is is cleared towards Mandar. The full-back plays in Pena, who finds Brandon, with a bit of help from Williams. The midfielder then lines up his shot and blazes it well over the bar
30' The referee brandishes another yellow card! This time, it's Sehnaj! 
He jumps high with Boumous and crashes his knee into the Goa player's back
27' Brandon whips in the corner and the ball falls to Boumous on the edge of the box. The midfielder lines up his shot but thumps it high and wide
26' Boumous again rolls in a through-ball for Jacki and the winger again gets in behind the defence. However, akin to countless occasions, the Indian can't find the adequate cross as he plays it into the near post, despite his teammates waiting for it near the penalty spot
24' Goa don't make the most of the corner but recycle it on the left flank. Mandar then attempts a slide-rule pass for Boumous but it is a tad heavy and goes out of play for a goal-kick
23' Brandon pings the ball towards Jacki on the right flank but the latter's touch lets him down slightly. However, Soosairaj decides to return the favour as he dribbles the ball out for a corner
21' Jahouh strongly wins the ball in midfield and advances down the right flank. He is fed by Boumous and the Moroccan whips in a cross for Coro. But, it is just a little too close to Arindam as he gobbles it up
20' Krishna battles against Mourtada and gets the better of the defender to retain the ball. But, Prabir launches a needless long ball forward to hand Goa possession. Edu Garcia is absolutely livid with the choice of the pass and understandably so
19' Pena pinches the ball in midfield and marches towards goal. He gets to the left edge and lines up a shot but his strike is charged down by Kotal
16' ATK try to play a ball down the channel to Krishna and he outpaces Pena. But, the Spaniard recovers to regain possession and Goa expertly pass their way out of trouble
14' Second booking of the night! Seriton gets booked!
Javi gets goal-side of Seriton and the full-back clumsily hacks the Spaniard down, thereby earning himself a booking
13' Lenny feeds Seriton on the right flank and the right-back whips in a beautiful cross into the box. But, the delivery just evades Boumous and ATK come away with the ball
12' Boumous dances past a couple of challenges and finds himself bearing down on the penalty area. He then tries to release Jacki on the right wing but a vital interception by Edu Garcia puts paid to those hopes
11' From the resulting passage of play, Goa play a long ball towards Jacki, who takes it out of the air splendidly and then turns Salam inside out. But then, the winger just overdoes his tricks and takes the ball out of play
11' Goa again work the ball in midfield and try to open up space on the right. But, ATK get a vital tackle in to win the ball before hoofing the ball up-field to concede possession
9' Goa originally make a mess of their short corner routine but they recycle the ball efficiently as Brandon finds himself in space on the right flank. He moves into the box and then blasts the ball just over the bar from a tight angle. Probably could've crossed there. Anyway, the closest either team has come so far
8' First booking of the night! Agus goes into the book!
7' Wonderful interplay between Boumous and Coro as the pair scythe through midfield. The former then slides in a pass for Jacki. However, the winger musters a tame cross as it is cleared for a corner by Pritam Kotal
6' Brandon plays it forward for Coro but the Spaniard's first-time pass for Mandar is just a touch behind the Goa skipper
5' A tidy touch by Soosairaj feeds Krishna near the half-way line and the latter tries to return the compliment. But, he overhits his pass as it slides out for a throw-in
4' Boumous advances down the left flank and cuts inside a challenge before squaring the ball into the box. Unfortunately, the pass is just behind Jackichand. In response, ATK spring a break immediately and Williams runs at goal from the left side. He unleashes a shot but it is straight at Nawaz
3' Goa press the ball high and force Arindam to launch the ball erroneously forward, handing the hosts possession
2' Williams wins the ball and finds Krishna. But, the latter is dispossessed courtesy a crunching challenge by Mourtada. Goa have the ball and they build in midfield before switching play to Seriton on the right
1' Mourtada with the first clearance of the day as he gets ahead of Krishna and slices the ball into touch
Peeeeepppp!!! ATK get us underway!
The Indian national anthem is done! We are just moments away from the start of the contest! 

Here we go!
Head to Head Record!
The pair has clashed 12 times previously, with 7 of those ending deadlocked whereas ATK enjoy a slight edge over their western rivals, courtesy their record of 3 wins as opposed to Goa's 2 victories.

Can Goa make it three wins apiece tonight? We are just moments away from the start! Don't go anywhere!
FC Goa are welcoming back Coro into their starting line-up and that will certainly act as a massive boost for the hosts. Despite Manvir Singh impressing in his absence, the Spaniard just brings more to the table in terms of his creativity and movement off the ball
Team News!! Coro starts for FC Goa!

FC Goa XI:
Mohammad Nawaz, Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Carlos Pena, Mandar Rao Dessai; Lenny Rodrigues, Ahmed Jahouh; Brandon Fernandes, Jackichand Singh, Hugo Boumous; Ferran Corominas

ATK XI: Arindam Bhattacharja, David Williams, Edu Garcia, Agustin Iniguez, Javier Hernandez, Pritam Kotal, Roy Krishna, Michael Soosairaj, Salam Singh, Sehnaj Singh, Prabir Das
Having said that though, ATK have relatively enjoyed the rub of the green as far as fixtures are concerned and while there are easy games in the ISL, they certainly have more difficult propositions to tackle in the upcoming weeks. 

Thus, the Kolkata-based outfit would want to underline its credentials as a genuine title contender and prove their mettle against the big-boys of the league. And, hence, the game against FC Goa represents the ideal opportunity for them to do so. 

Consequently, the game which pits two sides in the higher echelons against each other, has more than enough sub-plots revolving around it to make the contest a riveting affair. 

And, even if those narratives don’t particularly pan out as envisioned, the pedigree of teams of the ilk of ATK and Goa would ensure that there are rarely any dull moments on the field when the behemoths of Indian football clash.
The visitors, on the other hand, have gone from strength to strength with each passing encounter and look primed to mount another sustained assault on the ISL crown. 

Their ploy of playing three at the back has worked a charm whereas their midfield has also held their own, even against tough opposition. Most promisingly though, their foreign imports, namely David Williams and Roy Krishna have taken to the ISL like ducks to water, meaning that goals haven’t been a source of concern.
However, after their success against Chennaiyin, the Gaurs have slightly seemed sluggish in their offensive play whereas they’ve also shipped in rather avoidable goals. Thus, with most of their star names in line to start against ATK, Goa would want to correct that particular aspect.
Moreover, their discipline (or lack thereof) has come under immense scrutiny with several of their key players already having served their suspension. And, though a full complement on that front is available for Saturday, they would hope to not indulge in similar misdemeanours, especially considering the stop-start nature of their campaign. 

Fortunately for them though, Hugu Boumous has returned to the fold, a prospect that would ease a lot of tension in the Goa camp, in light of the impending absence of a certain Ferran Corominas. And, more encouragingly, their fringe players have so far stood up to be counted and have fulfilled whatever roles asked of them.
On the 23rd of October, 2019, FC Goa rattled past a hapless Chennaiyin outfit as they laid down their marker and subsequently, signalled their intention of redeeming themselves after the heartbreak of the ISL final. 

Since then though, they’ve looked extremely patchy and have won just 2 of their 6 fixtures. More alarmingly though, they’ve not managed a single victory at Fatorda post their opening encounter, a stat that has somewhat been masked by their away triumphs in Hyderabad and Mumbai.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL fixture between FC Goa and ATK! I am Shashwat Kumar and I will be taking you through the build-up and the entirety of the encounter! Do stay tuned as these two giants of Indian football collide!
Edu Bedia
H. Boumous
S. Doungel
B. Singh
Javi Hernández
J. Rane
S. Singh
A. Jahouh
M. Singh
J. Singh
assist: H. Boumous
J. Justin
J. Justin
M. Soosairaj
M. Fall
assist: B. Fernandes
S. Singh
S. Fernandes
ATK (3-4-1-2)
Antonio López Habas (Manager)
M. Nawaz
M. Desai
M. Fall
S. Fernandes
A. Jahouh
L. Rodrigues
B. Fernandes
H. Boumous
J. Singh
A. Bhattacharya
Salam Singh
P. Kotal
M. Soosairaj
Javi Hernández
S. Singh
P. Das
Edu García
D. Williams
R. Krishna
ATK (3-4-1-2)
Antonio López Habas (Manager)
Goa Subs
Edu Bedia
S. Doungel
S. Gama
N. Kumar
A. Ranawade
K. Singh
M. Singh
ATK Subs
J. Justin
R. Lallawmawma
D. Moirangthem
J. Rane
S. Rathi
B. Singh
K. Thatal
15 SHOTS 3
11 FOULS 4
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 FC Goa 15 9 3 3 12 30
2 ATK 14 8 3 3 14 27
3 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
4 Odisha FC 15 6 3 6 -2 21
5 Mumbai City FC 14 5 5 4 -2 20
6 Chennaiyin FC 13 5 3 5 0 18
7 Jamshedpur FC 13 4 4 5 -4 16
8 Kerala Blasters FC 14 3 5 6 -1 14
9 NorthEast United FC 12 2 5 5 -8 11
10 Hyderabad FC 14 1 3 10 -18 6
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 8
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Fatorda Stadium)
Match time Sat, 14 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 14, 2019 21:36 PM | Published: Dec 14, 2019 17:43 PM