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GOA vs BGL Match Result - Indian Super League
2 - 2
Angulo 66'
Angulo 69'
28' Cleiton Silva
57' Juanan
That's all from our coverage today from Fatorda. Join us tomorrow as Hyderabad FC face Odisha FC at the GMC Stadium in Bamolim. Until then, this is Aaditya Narayan saying goodbye. Good night. 
FULL-TIME: FC Goa 2-2 Bengaluru FC 

That was a sensational comeback from FC Goa after being 2-0 down. Cleiton Silva and Juanan put the Blues in command of the game, but Igor Angulo dragged Goa back in with two goals on his ISL debut. Coro, who? 

The points are shared between Goa and Bengaluru, but Cuadrat will be livid, with a three-minute implosion, that has cost his side two points in this game. 
90 + 4' PEEEEPPPP!!! The spoils are shared at Fatorda, after a superb Goa comeback. 
90 +3' Gonzalez has fouled Ashique on the halfway line, and Bengaluru have a free-kick. The Goa centre-back goes in the book. 
90 + 1' Ortiz! He finds space throigh the middle, and takes a shot which Gurpreet paws behind for a corner. The corner comes to nothing for Goa though. 
89' The corner is taken short to Ortiz, who tries to play it into the area, but it's hit Paartalu's stomach, for which FC Goa are appealing for a penalty, claiming handball. Nothing doing. 
89' Goa have a corner now, as Brandon looks to trick his way through a crowd of bodies, but the ball goes behind off Suresh. 
87' Brandon's free-kick slams Brown in the wall, who has taken a blow to the face, with the ball striking him flush there. 
86' Free-kick in a wonderful position for FC Goa, as Dimas is dispossessed by Noguera, and then fouls his opposite number. This is a big opportunity for Goa, with Brandon behind the ball.
85' Bengaluru make their final change of the game, with skipper Sunil Chhetri making way for young winger Leon Augustine

On: Leon Augustine
Off: Sunil Chhetri
84' Bengaluru have another corner now, as Nawaz gets a fingertip on Bheke's cross, with Brown lurking behind him. 
82' Dimas's corner is struck a bit too firmly, and goes beyond all the Bengaluru FC players in the box. 
81' Brown with the acrobatics! Bheke does well to advance down the left flank, and beat Seriton before crossing for Brown. The Jamaican's overhead kick goes behind with a touch off Aiban. 
79' Goa defend a Bengaluru attack superbly, and then they break superbly with Ortiz. He looks to find Angulo wide on the left flank, but he's offside. 
78' Suresh's shot has gone out for a Goa throw-in! Ashique finds the youngster in the box, and with Brown and Chhetri in decent areas, his shot is wild. 
77' Paartalu finds a nice pass through to Ashique on the right flank. The winger cuts in and tries to get a shot away, but he's charged down by the Goa defence, who block the shot. 
75' With that, we have the cooling break in the second half. The game has tilted on its head in the last few minutes, and it's now Cuadrat who has to find some answers. 
75' Edu Bedia has finally gone in referee Srikrishna's book, for a foul on Suresh this time. 
73' Dimas is straight into the action, as his free-kick finds Juanan, but the centre-back's header goes well wide of the target.
73' Another Bengaluru set-piece in a dangerous area now, as Bedia fouls Brown. 
72' Cleiton Silva and Fran Gonzalez have gone off now, with Dimas Delgado and Pratik Chadhari coming on.

On: Dimas Delgado and Pratik Chaudhari
Off: Fran Gonzalez and Cleiton Silva
69' GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!! Goa have come roaring back into this game! It's all square! 

Angulo has his second goal of the game. Bengaluru have been caught square, again, with Brandon sliding the ball through to Romario. His cross across the box is chested in by Angulo. The Spaniard did look offside though. 
68' Brown takes a shot from way out! He's found by Paartalu with a decent pass through the lines, 
66' GOOOAAALLL!!! Angulo puts Goa back in the game! 

Brandon finds Ortiz on the edge of the box. He threads one through to Angulo, who found the corner, with a superb finish past Gurpreet. Game on!
65' A double change for FC Goa, as Donachie and Lenny go off the pitch. 

On: Aiban Dohling and Alberto Noguera
Off: Lenny Rodrigues and James Donachie
64' Bengaluru scream for a penalty! Nothing doing, though. Cleiton's set-piece is towards Fran at the far-post, and he's wrestling with the Goa defender there, but the referee doesn't give the penalty. 
63' Ashique wins Bengaluru a free-kick in a dangerous position on the right, after a great pass to him from Suresh. Gonzalez has fouled Ashique, and the Bengaluru battalion are headed into the Goa box. 
62' That is poor from Chhetri! He is released into space by Suresh with a great pass, and then with Ashique and Cleiton on the other side, Chhetri's pass hits Gonzalez, and Goa get out of jail. 
60' Bengaluru FC make their second change of the game, as Udanta Singh goes off to be replaced by Bheke. 

On: Rahul Bheke
Off: Udanta Singh
59' Bengaluru have another corner now, as Udanta is found by a long pass from Suresh, but Gonzalez tackles him an concedes the corner, which comes to nothing, as Cleiton's pass to Fran is overhit. 
57' GOOOAAALLL!!!! Juanan has doubled Bengaluru's lead! 

From the second phase of a set-piece after a long throw-in from Khabra, Ashique's cross is met by Brown, who heads it across goal for Paartalu. The Aussie heads it back across to Juanan, who's in acres of space and a couple of yards away from goal. That's an easy finish for the Spanish defender. 
57' Goa have made two substitutions, and Len is off, along with Princeton 

On: Brandon Fernandes and Romario Jesuraj
Off: Seiminlen Doungel and Princeton Rebello
56' That is a crunching tackl from Seriton on Ashique, as he looks to make progress down the flank. Bengaluru have a throw-in. 
54' Edu Bedia has his first scream at the referee for the season. Fran heads Len's cross clear, and it falls to Brown, who is fouled by the Goa skipper, who is not happy with that decision. 
53' That corner has come to nothing. Edu Bedia takes the corner short to Princeton, but his return pass to the skipper catches him offside. 
53' Goa have a corner now, as Fran Gonzalez heads Sanson's cross behind. Bengaluru have a set-piece to defend this time. 
51' Goa work the ball nicely to Seriton on the right flank, and he puts in a low cross looking for Angulo. Gurpreet's big frame is behind the ball and he collects comfortably. 
50' The game has set into a similar pattern to the first half. Goa have all the possession, and Bengaluru are set up in their shape, putting the onus on the Gaurs to break them down. 
48' Sanson Pereira plays an aerial ball looking for Angulo, but the Bengaluru defence is well-organized and have caught the Goa striker offside. 
47' Igor Angulo goes in the book, for a foul on Fran Gonzalez. The Bengtaluru centre-back had cleared a cross from Ortiz, and then the striker caught him late. 
46' PEEPPP!! Goa get us back underway in the second half. 
Bengaluru have made a half-time substitution up-front. Opseth had an assist in the first-half, but he's been taken off. He only joined training a couple of weeks ago, so it is likely this change has been made from a fitness perspective. 

On: Deshorn Brown
Off: Kristian Opseth
Welcome back to our coverage of the third game of this ISL season. What do Goa change in the second-half? They need to play quicker in the final third and get Bengaluru out of their defensive shape, which has been excellent in the first half. 
Half-Time: FC Goa 0-1 Bengaluru FC

Bengaluru have allowed Goa all the possession of the ball in the half, but they have had more shots and more shots on target than their opponents. The goal itself was a touch scrappy, but Bengaluru won't complain. 

Kristian Opseth got a touch from a long Khabra throw, and that gave Cleiton Silva the opportunity to score his first goal in India. 

Big second half coming up, and we'll be back with you in ten minutes. 
45 + 2" PEEEEPPP!! Bengaluru FC lead at half-time
45 + 2' Chance for Angulo! That's a nice cross from Seriton. Angulo gets in front of Fran Gonzalez, and gets the outside of his left boot to it, but it goes straight through to Gurpreet. 
45 +1' Another spell of Goa possession culminates with an attempted through-ball going straight through to a Bengaluru defender. 
45+1' There will be two minutes of time added on at the end of the first half. 
43' Chance for Chhetri! Ashique plays a nice low cross into Cleiton, who plays nice back-heel through to Chhetri. But the captain is crowded out and his shot is snuffed by the sheer weight of numbers in the Goa defence. 
42' That's another foul by Len on Ashique. He must be careful, the fouls are totting up against his name. 
40' Once again, the Goa build-up sees Ortiz with the ball on the left flank. He dribbles past Khabra and looks to put a cross in but that has gone behind and Bengaluru have a goal-kick. 
37' Goa are still struggling to build on their attacks after reaching the final third. They have been denied space by Bengaluru, who have been stubborn defensively. 
34' Suresh Wangjam is the first player in the book, as he gets done by a fantastic skill by Ortiz. The young Indian midfielder hacks down the Spaniard. That is a clear booking. 
33' Chhetri is penalised this time for impeding Len. That seemed a bit harsh on first viewing, Chhetri did get a large chunk of the ball. 
31' And it's now time for the first-half cooling break. Cuadrat will be pleased with how Bengaluru FC have performed so far. 
30' That is a dangerous ball in from Ortiz, which goes through a raft of bodies, but there is no contact made by anyone. Gurpreet is relieved to catch it comfortably. 
30' Goa have a free-kick in a dangerous area now, as Ortiz tries to cut inside from the left flank, but he's impeded by Udanta. 
27' GOOOAAAALLLL!!! Cleiton Silva puts Bengaluru FC ahead with a goal on debut!

Khabra's long throw creates confusion in the Goa box, and they don't clear it well enough. Paartalu, Juanan and Opseth all create nuisances of themselves, but it eventually falls to Cleiton who powers a header past Nawaz. 

That got a touch off Opseth before going through to Cleiton. So one new boy sets up another, that's a great start for Bengaluru. 
27' That is the first period of reasonable Bengaluru FC possession, as Suresh and Chhetri do well in midfield to put the wide to Udanta, who passes it back to Khabra. His looping cross is missed by Chhetri but reaches Ashique, whose cross is blocked by Seriton. 
25' Goa have their first shot of the game through Edu Bedia, but that has gone well over the bar from a distance. The ball fell to him, after Juanan cleared a cross from Sanson. 
23' This is becoming a pattern for Goa now. They have another period of possession, where they move the ball really well. But eventually, the longer ball is overhit, and goes straight through to Gurpreet. 
21' Len concedes another free-kick, as he indulges in a foot-race with Ashique, trying to get on the end of a pass from Princeton. He pulls the Benglauru man down, and concedes a silly foul. 
20' That's more good play from Suresh under pressure. He takes the ball out from the back, and drives a short distance, before having his shirt tugged by Princeton. 
18' Goa have a free-kick on the halfway line, as Paartalu and Juanan together sandwich Ortiz. Clear foul, and Goa will restart their build-up from the halfway line. 
17' The Goa game-plan has been clear thus far. They have been patient in possession, and are trying to draw Benglauru out before playing a pass in behind, but they have been just a bit off with their radars, as expected this early in the game. 
15' This time, Cleiton looks for Chhetri at the far-post, and he heads it into the danger area, towards Fran Gonzalez. But Goa deal with it well enough, and Nawaz can eventually collect under no pressure. 
14' Bengaluru have another set-piece, as Donachie rises with Opseth but fouls the Norwegian. Do Cuadrat's men have a trick up their sleeve here? Cleiton to deliver. 
12' Cleiton Pereira takes the corner, and looks for the near-post, but that is cleared by the first-man in the Goa defence. 
11' Bengaluru have the first corner of the game. Suresh breaks the lines in midfield with a nice pass to Chhetri, who releases Ashique on the wing. Seriton does well to stop the wing-back but concedes the corner. 
9' Patient Goa play in possession again, and Seriton tries to release Angulo in behind, but the Bengaluru line is immaculate and the Spanish striker is offside. 
7' That's good play from Ashique! He collects a cross-field pass from Cleiton, and dribbles past a few Goa defenders cutting in from the left. His right-footed shot is on target, but it is a comfortable catch for Nawaz. 
7' Goa look comfortable in possession in these early exchanges of the game, but Bengaluru look comfortable in their shape so far, with no penetration being allowed so far. 
5' Ortiz makes progress down the left flank, after Cleiton and Udanta have a misunderstanding, and give the ball. Fran Gonzalez cleans up and concedes the throw-in. 
3' It looks like Bengaluru have lined up in a 3-4-3 formation, with Khabra playing as a third centre-back, alongside Juanan and Fran Gonzalez. Udanta and Ashique are the wing-backs. 
2' Chhetri! That's not far away from the Bengaluru FC skipper. Paartalu keeps a ball alive in the final third after Opseth makes a nuisance of himself. Chhetri's shot from outside the box is wide of Nawaz's goal, but that is an encouraging start for Bengaluru. 
1' There's a free-kick for Goa on the halfway line straightaway, as Suresh catches Ortiz on the ankle. 
1' PEEEPPP!! And we're off at Fatorda, as referee CR Srikrishna blows his whistle for Bengaluru FC to get us underway
The coin has been tossed and it is now time for the ball to be set in motion at Fatorda. Kick-off next! 
The anthem has been sung, and it is now time for Bengaluru FC and FC Goa to take their team photographs taken. 
It's time for the national anthems now at Fatorda
Sunil Chhetri leads Bengaluru out first, with the Edu Bedia-led FC Goa set to follow them. 
The teams are making their way into the tunnel, as they prepare to walk out to Fatorda for this venue's first game of this ISL season. 
Sunil Chhetri is nine goals off Ferran Corominas, in the race to be the ISL's all-time top-scorer. Can the Bengaluru skipper get the job done for his side, as he always seems to do? 
Remember, FC Goa have not beaten Bengaluru FC in the last six encounters between the sides. It's been three years since they won 4-3 at Fatorda with a Coro hat-trick. They have lost five out of six games since. 
`We're 25 minutes away from kick-off in Goa, with both teams being put through their warm-ups ahead of the ball being set in motion at 7:30pm. 
Donachie and Gonzalez at the back will need to form a solid partnership for Goa straightaway, with the threat of Opseth and Silva lurking along with Chhetri. On the other side, too, Juanan will have to be at his best for Bengaluru FC, as he shepherds Fran Gonzalez through his debut against a pedigreed striker in Igor Angulo. 
This will be Erik Paartalu's 50th ISL appearance for Bengaluru FC. As he begins his fourth season in BFC blue, the much-loved Aussie delivered a line I loved in an interview with Sportskeeda, saying that he was paid to keep fit in the off-season. 
Brandon Fernandes started pre-season training late due to an injury, according to Marcus Mergulhao. So that's the reason he hasn't made the starting XI. 
Cuadrat has tried to address his side's lack of goals from last season with that formation. Both Cleiton Silva and Kristian Opseth make their way straight into the Blues starting XI, with Fran Gonzalez also making his club debut. 
Two big surprises, one each on either side. Brandon Fernandes and Rahul Bheke only find spots on the bench for this big game at the Fatorda.
Starting XIs

FC Goa (4-3-3):
Mohammad Nawaz; Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Sanson Pereira; Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues; Seiminlen Doungel, Princeton Rebello, Jorge Ortiz Mendoza; Igor Angulo

Substitutes: Naveen Kumar, Aiban Dohling, Mohammed Ali, Alberto Noguera, Brandon Fernandes, Alexander Jesuraj, Phrangki Buam, Redeem Tlang, Nestor Dias

Bengaluru FC (4-2-3-1): Gurpreet Singh Sandhu; Harmanjot Singh Khabra, Fran Gonzalez, Juanan Gonzalez, Ashique Kuruniyan; Erik Paartalu, Suresh Singh Wangjam; Udanta Singh, Cleiton Silva, Sunil Chhetri; Kristian Opseth

Substitutes: Lalthuammawia Ralte, Rahul Bheke, Pratik Chaudhari, Wungngayam Muirang, Dimas Delgado, Amay Morajkar, Semboi Haokip, Deshorn Brown, Leon Augustine
TEAM NEWS! Rahul Bheke does not start for Bengaluru FC! Brandon Fernandes misses out for FC Goa! 
This is a big season for Udanta Singh, and in an exclusive chat with Sportskeeda, the Manipuri did acknowledged that the last season was poor for him. He wants to correct that, and help Bengaluru win the ISL this year. 
Before we get confirmed team news, here are my Predicted XIs for these two teams for this game. 

FC Goa Predicted XI (4-3-3): Mohammad Nawaz; Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Saviour Gama; Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues; Seiminlen Doungel, Brandon Fernandes, Jorge Ortiz Mendoza; Igor Angulo

Bengaluru FC Predicted XI (4-2-3-1): Gurpreet Singh Sandhu; Rahul Bheke, Fran Gonzalez, Juanan Gonzalez, Ashique Kuruniyan; Erik Paartalu, Suresh Singh Wangjam; Udanta Singh, Cleiton Silva, Sunil Chhetri; Kristian Opseth
Some intriguing individual duels are sure to be on their way in this game. Juanan vs Igor Angulo, Sunil Chhetri vs Seriton Fernandes, Erik Paartalu vs Edu Bedia. Mouthwatering! 
We are less than half an hour away from receiving confirmed team news from Fatorda. Juan Ferrando's first FC Goa lineup is on its way, while it will be interesting to see how much Carles Cuadrat changes from last season. 
Full Bengaluru FC squad for ISL 2020-21

: Gurpreet Singh Sandhu, Lara Sharma, Dipesh Chauhan, Lalthuammawia Ralte
Defenders: Juanan, Rahul Bheke, Fran Gonzalez, Harmanjot Khabra, Ajith Kumar, Joe Zoherliana, Biswa Darjee, Namgyal Bhutia, Parag Srivas, Pratik Chaudhari, Wungngayam Muirang
Midfielders: Dimas Delgado, Erik Paartalu, Suresh Wangjam, Thoi Singh, Ajay Chhetri, Naorem Roshan Singh, Emanuel Lalchhanchhuaha, Amay Morajkar
Forwards: Sunil Chhetri, Kristian Opseth, Cleiton Silva, Ashique Kuruniyan, Deshorn Brown, Udanta Singh, Edmund Lalrindika, Leon Augustin, Semboi Haokip
Full FC Goa squad for ISL 2020-21

Goalkeepers: Mohammad Nawaz, Naveen Kumar, Dylan D'Silva, Shubham Dhas
Defenders: Ivan Gonzalez, James Donachie, Seriton Fernandes, Aibanbha Dohling, Leander D'Cunha, Mohamed Ali, Sanson Pereira, Sarineo Fernandes, Saviour Gama.
Midfielders: Edu Bedia, Flan Gomes, Jorge Ortiz, Brandon Fernandes, Alberto Noguera, Lenny Rodrigues, Redeem Tlang, Seiminlen Doungel, Nestor Dias, Phrangki Buam, Princeton Rebello, Alexander Jesuraj, Makan Chothe.
Forwards: Igor Angulo, Ishan Pandita, Aaren D'Silva, Devendra Murgaonkar.
It is weird to say that Bengaluru FC are looking for redemption from a poor season after they finished in the semifinal last season, but such are the standards they have set for themselves. Can Carles Cuadrat repay the faith the club have shown in him?
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the Indian Super League game between FC Goa and Bengaluru FC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Fatorda, Goa. I am Aaditya Narayan, and I will keep you company throughout the day for all the LIVE updates from what promises to be an absolute cracker of a contest, between last year's beaten semifinalists. 
Ivan Garrido Gonzalez
Leon Agustine Asokan
Sunil Chhetri
Edu Bedia
Pratik Chowdhary
Cleiton Silva
Dimas Delgado
Fran Gonzalez
assist: Alexander Jesuraj
assist: Alberto Noguera
Aiban Dohling
Lenny Rodrigues
Alberto Noguera
James Donachie
Rahul Bheke
Udanta Singh
assist: Erik Paartalu
Alexander Jesuraj
Seminlen Doungel
Brandon Fernandes
Princeton Rebello
Deshorn Brown
Kristian Opseth
Seminlen Doungel
Suresh Singh
Cleiton Silva
Bengaluru FC (3-4-3)
Carles Cuadrat (Manager)
Mohammad Nawaz
Seriton Fernandes
James Donachie
Ivan Garrido Gonzalez
Sanson Pereira
Lenny Rodrigues
Edu Bedia
Seminlen Doungel
Princeton Rebello
Jorge Ortiz Mendoza
Gurpreet Singh Sandhu
Harmanjot Khabra
Fran Gonzalez
Udanta Singh
Suresh Singh
Erik Paartalu
Muhammed Ashique Kuruniyan
Cleiton Silva
Kristian Opseth
Sunil Chhetri
Bengaluru FC (3-4-3)
Carles Cuadrat (Manager)
FC Goa Subs
Naveen Kumar
Mohamed Ali
Alberto Noguera
Phrangki Buam
Aiban Dohling
Nestor Dias
Alexander Jesuraj
Redeem Tlang
Brandon Fernandes
Bengaluru FC Subs
Lalthuammawia Ralte
Pratik Chowdhary
Leon Agustine Asokan
Wungngayam Muirang
Amay Morajkar
Deshorn Brown
Thongkhosiem Haokip
Dimas Delgado
Rahul Bheke
13 FOULS 9
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK Mohun Bagan 2 2 0 0 3 6
2 Northeast United FC 2 1 1 0 1 4
3 Hyderabad FC 2 1 1 0 1 4
4 Chennaiyin FC 1 1 0 0 1 3
5 Mumbai City FC 2 1 0 1 0 3
6 Bengaluru FC 2 0 2 0 0 2
7 FC Goa 2 0 1 1 -1 1
7 Kerala Blasters FC 2 0 1 1 -1 1
9 Jamshedpur FC 1 0 0 1 -1 0
10 Odisha FC 1 0 0 1 -1 0
11 SC East Bengal 1 0 0 1 -2 0
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament Indian Super League - Week
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium
Match time Sun, 22 Nov 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Nov 22, 2020 21:30 PM | Published: Oct 24, 52864 10:00 AM
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