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GOA vs MUM Match Result - ISL 2019-20
5 - 2
Mumbai City
Coro 21'
H. Boumous 37'
J. Singh 39'
Coro 80'
M. Rafique (OG) 86'
19' R. Borges
57' Bipin Singh
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage and do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest news, scores and updates from the ISL! Also, do join us as Hyderabad FC take on Jamshedpur FC tomorrow!

Till then, this is Shashwat Kumar signing off! Goodbye and goodnight!
Peeeeeeeeeppppppp!!! The referee blows the whistle and ends Mumbai's misery! Goa win 5-2!

Mumbai began the game brightly and they immediately imposed their identity on the game. Subsequently, they surged ahead after Rowllin made the most of some slack defending. However, after that goal, it was one-way traffic as Goa dug deep into their attacking reserves and unfurled a string of sublime tricks. 

Coro bagged a brace, thereby continuing his rich vein of form against Mumbai, while Boumous popped up with his customary strike. Jacki too got in on the act before Rafique unfortunately, put through his own net to compound the Islanders' woes. 

In between though, the visitors put the hosts under the cosh for a while, especially when Bipin when it 2-3. Yet, in the end, the Gaurs' attacking pedigree proved too hot to handle for the Islanders as the former consolidated its position at the perch of the table.
90+5' Rafique whips in a cross that is cleared by Pena first. Then, Mumbai get the ball back into the box and it requires a goal-line clearance by Sougou
90+3' Goa are keeping the ball well and they suddenly switch play towards the right, where Doungel gathers the pace well. However, his cross is cleared easily and Mumbai limit the damage
Coro has been named the ISL Hero of the Match!
90+2' Edu finds himself in acres of space in midfield and he picks out Coro. But, the latter is challenged on the edge of the box and Coro has to wait further for his hat-trick
A minimum of five minutes to be added on!
89' Jahouh shoots wide, not a surprise!
Jahouh again tries his luck from distance and again, he misses his mark. However, it must be said, that this attempt was a lot closer than his previous ones, although that wouldn't have taken much doing anyway
88' Subhasish is the latest to go into the book!
Final change for Mumbai! Diego is coming off and Surchandra replaces him!
Smart change considering the Brazilian is also just a yellow card away from missing their next game
86! GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!!!! Rafique puts into his own net to make it 5 for Goa!
The attack begins by Lenny marching down the right flank. He then finds Coro, via a deflection who is then brought down inside the area. The referee waives away the penalty claim but in the meantime, Lenny rasps one into Rafique, who can't get out of the way and inadvertently turns one into his own net. A comedy of errors and the game is well beyond Mumbai now!
85' Goa just over-elaborate things a touch in their own half and give away a cheap throw in. But, Mumbai give the ball away from the throw in and Goa are on the attack
Change for Goa! Boumous is off and he is replaced by Edu Bedia!
What a luxury for Goa!
82' Seriton gets booked!
Seriton seems to get the ball but he goes in from behind on Pranjal. The referee instantly awards the free-kick and the Indian then daftly tries to manhandle the referee. Lucky to escape a straight red for his antics. 

Seriton would also miss the next game!
80' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! Coro puts the final nail in Mumbai's coffin!
Goa pull off another sumptuous move to cap off a stunning attacking display. Coro strides towards goal and then finds Boumous on the edge. The latter returns the favour with an exceptionally brilliant through ball, which Coro latches onto and then the Spaniard smashes it past Amrinder for Goa's fourth of the evening
80' Raynier skips past a challenge in midfield and then spreads the play to Rafique on the right. But, he doesn't have enough options and Mumbai eventually give the ball away
Change for Mumbai! Pranjal replaces Bidya!
Bidya also seems to be struggling now. It looks like a cramp and the medical staff have signalled for a change
78' Grgic gets a yellow card for blocking Boumous in the build-up to that attack!
Goa earn a corner on the left flank after Rafique puts the ball out of play
77' Boumous loses the ball in midfield and there could be a chance to break for Mumbai. But, Fall reads the pass out wide and he cuts it out before playing it back to his keeper
76' Bidya strides through midfield and picks out Raynier on the left. But, nothing comes of it as Gama just about gets the ball away
Change for Mumbai! Raynier comes on for Bipin!
Change for Goa! Mandar has been replaced by Saviour Gama!
73' A massive clash of heads between Fall and Bipin and the Indian has stayed down. Let's hope the Mumbai City winger is fine and fit to continue. Looked quite nasty at first sight
71' Subhasish brings Boumous down near the half-way line and the Indian seems to have his arm raised while catching him. Could've been a yellow card but the full-backs escapes without a booking. Boumous is absolutely livid with the referee's decision to not brandish a yellow card
70' Rafique lines up a speculative shot from all of 30 yards and gets it horribly wrong as the ball just tamely lobs well over the goal
69' Jahouh loses the ball in midfield and Mumbai get the ball to Bipin. But, the Indian's touch lets him down as he dribbles it out of play
68' Boumous' shot is blocked
Doungel dances past two challenges and then sets up Boumous for the shot. But, the shot is blocked by Pratik. Massive intervention
65' Brandon is booked for time wasting!
And, he will miss Goa's last game, after accumulating 7 yellow cards
64' Boumous spins past Bidya in midfield and then finds Brandon on the left. The Indian whips in a deep cross, which is just cleared away in the nick of time by Subhasish. Corner for Goa
62' Nawaz to the rescue, part II!
Sougou towers above Jahouh at the back post and then heads it downwards towards the near post. But, Nawaz comes flying to his left and fists it away
61' Nawaz to the rescue!
Rowllin fires a shot from the edge of the box and Nawaz throws out a right palm to claw the ball away
60' Bidya slices his shot wide!
Bipin advances down the left and then feeds the ball to Larbi. The latter then waits for Bidya's run and then finds him on the edge of the box. But, the Indian opts for placement over power and horribly slices his shot beyond the far post
58' Jacki fluffs his lines!
Jacki gets on the end of Lenny's through ball and marches forward on the inside right channel. He gets a shooting chance and he pulls the trigger. Unfortunately, he drags his shot wide of the far post and Coro is incensed. Not sure what the Indian could've done there, to be honest
57' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!! Bipin reduces the deficit!
A high ball is hoisted into the box and Rowllin manages to keep it in on the right. The midfielder then cuts inside a challenge and picks out Bipin near the penalty spot. The latter showcases exemplary composure to smash the ball into the back of the net
56' Lenny catches Borges as the latter tries to turn on the left channel and the referee awards a free-kick. Can Mumbai make the most of it? Labri is behind the ball
55' Rowllin finds himself on the right flank after he is fed by Diego. The Indian whips in a devilish cross, which is headed away for a corner by Fall
54' Mumbai just get a little too cute in and around the box and lose their shooting opportunity. They then try to feed Sougou, with Larbi playing the flick. But, the Senegalese forward is marshaled by Jacki as the ball rolls out of play
53' Mumbai enjoy a spell of possession and they play it out to the left where Bipin fires it towards Diego. THe Brazilian unleashes a sharp shot which is saved nicely by Nawaz
52' Mumbai have looked to play the long ball in behind the full-backs in the opening few minutes of the second half. Another such attempt is undertaken by Bidya but Pena reads it and heads it away
51' And, now Rowllin is booked for incessant fouling!
Rowllin hacks Coro down on the touch-line and is booked for his challenge
50' Brandon plays a risky pass into the centre from the left and it causes Goa a bit of grief. Jahouh gets it away only to Diego on the right, who then nutmegs Brandon, before wildly blazing his cross over all his targets in the box
48' Bidya goes into the book!
is booked for ramming into Boumous
47' Diego shoots it wide!
Mumbai build up play well as Larbi finds himself in space on the edge of the box. He then finds Sougou, who lays it into the path of the onrushing Diego, on the right channel. But, the Brazilian drags his shot wide as Goa heave a sigh of relief
46' Mumbai look to attack down the right and Bidya finds Diego with a superbly weighted clipped ball. But, the defender is confronted by Mandar, who gets a toe in and then Jahouh brings it away
Peeeeeeeeppppp! Mumbai get us underway!
Peeeeeeeeppp!!! The referee blows the whistle and a manic half comes to an end! Goa lead 3-1!

Mumbai began the encounter beautifully and seemed to be executing Costa's game-plan to the tee. In fact, they even fashioned themselves an unlikely goal when Rowllin made the net bulge from inside the box. However, moments later, Goa equalised through Coro and the game wasn't the same thereafter. 

The hosts kept swarming the visitors' penalty area and bagged themselves two more goals, with Boumous and Jackichand getting in on the act. At times, it seemed that the Islanders were just waiting for the half-time whistle and they would be glad that they've entered the tunnel with just a two-goal deficit. 

Costa has a gargantuan task on his hands trying to turn this around but Goa's tendency to let teams into contests could provide a source of motivation for the visitors. 

Do join us in a while for the second half!
45+2' Nawaz saves spectacularly!
Bidya lines up a shot from distance and gets it on target too. But, Nawaz goes flying to his right and palms it away from danger
45+1' Larbi stings Fall's head with a stunning shot but Goa are on the counter now. Jahouh finds Coro on the left, who marches towards goal before squaring the ball. Mumbai somehow get the ball away. Then, Goa win it back and Coro picks out Jacki on the far right, where the Indian tries an ambitious acrobatic kick towards goal. Crazy period. Crazy game. period.
A minimum of three minutes to be added on!
45' Goa are enjoying themselves as they keep the ball well and then find space to feed Mandar on the left. He drills it into the six-yard box and the ball eludes Jacki by the barest of margins. The ball is not dead though and the hosts come again, although Lenny scuffs his shot and hands Mumbai a lifeline
42' Bipin saves the day!
Goa spring the counter instantly after defending a set-piece as Boumous finds Coro in the centre circle. The Spaniard then picks out Jacki as the Indian looks to get goal-side of the defenders. But, a poor touch allows Bipin to track back and get in a toe to rid Jacki of possession. Massive tackle
41' Fall comes barging in through the crowd as Brandon lifts the set-piece into the box. But, in the process, he commits a foul and Mumbai breathe a sigh of relief
40' Jacki again gets into a crossing position and whips in his cross. But, this time, Grgic is on hand to clear it behind for a corner
39' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!! JAcki makes it three! Can you believe it!
Goa slice through Mumbai like a knife through butter and double their lead. They flow from midfield with Boumous finding Coro and then the Spaniard picking out Jacki on the overlap on the right. The Indian then allows Amrinder to come onto him and then deftly dinks it over the keeper to make it three for Goa. My word! That was some goal!
The resulting corner is headed on at the near post and Mumbai's marking is utterly shambolic. They allow the initial header to come in unchallenged and then Boumous has the freedom of the six-yard box to arch his neck and put it past Amrinder. Sloppy defending
37' Seriton bombs forward on the overlap and then cuts it back to Coro. The Spaniard tries to turn Grgic but the defender does enough to deflect it behind for corner
36' Fall goes past the press efficiently and then feeds Brandon. However, Goa fail to stitch together enough passes thereafter as Mumbai emerge with the ball. But, then they give it away. Scrappy past couple of minutes for both sides
33' Pratik raises his arms and stops Coro's run as the Spaniard turns him inside out. Inevitably, Pratik goes into the book!
33' Brandon does some defensive work, goes toe to toe with Diego and comes out on top. But, he then gives the ball away to Rowllin as Mumbai come again
30' Boumous turns in midfield after Coro is taken out by Grgic. The Frenchman then spots Jacki's run on the left and tries to feed him. But, the pass just lacks a touch of weight and Rafique is able to get his tackle in. In fact, he even plays it off Jacki to earn his side a goal kick
28' Boumous again dribbles unchallenged through midfield and picks out Jacki on the left. But, the Indian can't return the favour as Rafique clears it for a throw in
26' Jahouh takes the free kick and it again sails well over the bar. Not sure if Goa should persist with Jahouh taking potshots from such distances
25' Boumous twists and turns 25 yards out from goal centrally and induces the rash challenge from Bipin. The Indian hacks the Frenchman down and Goa have a free-kick in a promising position. Can they make the most of it?
23' Sougou is booked for a dive!
Larbi turns in midfield and then picks out Sougou, who is in acres of space in the inside right channel. He then marches towards goal before cutting inside Fall. However, the time taken by the forward allows Mandar to track back and get a toe in. The referee has blown his whistle meanwhile, and has booked the Mumbai forward for a dive. Brave decision but one that wasn't too unwarranted
Among all the goals, Lenny has returned onto the pitch and looks absolutely fine to continue
22' Subhasish lines up a shot from 25 yards after Nawaz clears the ball, post Seriton's untidy back pass. However, the shot is straight at the keeper as Nawaz holds onto it calmly
20' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!! Coro restores parity!
Boumous is again accorded space in the middle third and he strides forward before picking out Jacki. The Indian then clips his cross into the box, where Boumous heads on the ball for Coro, who is unmarked in the six-yard box. The Spaniard then hammers the ball into the back of the net and we are level, just like that!
18' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLL!!!! Rowllin scores! Mumbai are ahead!
A clipped ball is hoisted into the left channel and the ball is headed into the box, where Sougou and Subhasish hold it up. The latter then lays it onto Rowllin's path, who thumps his effort past the keeper, albeit via a slight deflection. Not the most convincing bit of defending by Goa but Mumbai wouldn't really mind
17' Lenny goes lunging in for a challenge on Diego and hyper extends his left knee just a tad. The referee awards a free kick for the foul but the Goan midfielder is down. Not a sight the Gaurs would want to witness at this juncture of the season
16' Brandon's corner is cleared away easily and the ball is recycled to Jahouh, would you believe it! He again tries to fire one at goal and though this one is on target, he doesn't get any power, thereby allowing the keeper an easy catch
15' Boumous strides purposefully through midfield and then feeds Seriton on the overlap. The full-back gets his cross in but it takes a deflection to go our for a corner on the right side
12' Another moment of indecision by Nawaz as he makes a meal of his punch from the cross that followed the resulting corner. However, Seriton is on hand to help out his keeper
12' Bipin whips in the free-kick towards the near post and Fall gets in ahead of his man to head it away for another corner
11' Diego proceeds down the right and controls Bidya's pass well. He then cuts inside Mandar and goes past Lenny too. But, the latter dangles a leg and brings the Brazilian down on the right edge of the box. Free kick for Mumbai
9' Goa give the ball away in their own half and then a bit of unconvincing play ensues with Seriton miscuing his clearance and Lenny not getting enough on his header. But, they come away with the ball eventually, before earning a throw-in
8' Brandon whips in the corner but it is cleared away by Sougou. The ball is then recycled towards Jahouh, who gets hold of the ball 30 yards out. He lines up a speculative effort and then blazes it over the bar
7' Boumous peels off to the left edge and Brandon finds him superbly. But, a lack of options force Goa to go backwards before they come again courtesy Mandar on the left flank. He gets his cross in but it is cleared away for a corner by Pratik
Replays indicate that the ball struck Rowllin's right arm but such claims fall under the 'we have seen them given' category, at best
5' Jahouh pinches the ball on midfield and Goa are on the attack. Pena feeds Brandon, who twists and turns before drilling in his cross. His delivery takes a deflection and Goa are crying out for a penalty but the referee is unmoved
3' Jahouh hoists a free kick towards the right edge of the box and Fall gets onto it. But, his knockdown is wayward and it goes out of bounds
2' Goa show plenty of confidence on the ball as they play their way out of the back. But, rather surprisingly, Jahouh misplaces his attempted pass to Seriton and the ball rolls into touch
1' Goa interchange passes expertly on the left flank and then play the ball inside to Brandon. However, the Indian is pulled back by Rowllin and Goa have an early free-kick near the centre circle
Peeeeeeeeeeppppppp!!! Goa get us underway!
The national anthem is done! The teams have taken their customary pre-match photographs! And, we are just a couple of minutes away from the start of play!

Here we go!
The teams walk out onto the pitch! And, it is time for the Indian national anthem!
FC Goa usually like to play with an enormous amount of width, considering Mandar and Seriton's propensity to bomb forward at every opportunity. Thus, the game could well be decided on the flanks, an area where Mumbai are slightly susceptible. To put things into perspective. Rafique doesn't primarily operate as a full-back whereas Subhasish also didn't cover himself in any glory defensively against Jamshedpur FC.
FC Goa have stuck to their tried and tested formula and it would be intriguing to see how much freedom Boumous is accorded tonight. Hyderabad made the mistake of allowing him too much room and the Islanders would do well not to repeat the same errors.
It's interesting to note that Jorge Costa has preferred the pace of Bipin over the ball-playing abilities of Raynier. Could that be a sign that he intends to play on the counter tonight? 
Team News! Bidyananda Singh starts for Mumbai City FC! Bipin Singh earns a recall for the Islanders too!

FC Goa XI: 
Mohammad Nawaz; Seriton Fernandes, Carlos Pena, Mourtada Fall, Mandar Rao Dessai (C); Ahmed Jahouh, Lenny Rodirgues, Jackichand Singh, Brandon Fernandes, Hugo Boumous, Ferran Corominas

Mumbai City FC XI: Amrinder Singh (C); Mohammad Rafique, Pratik Chaudhari, Mato Grgic, Subhasish Bose; Bidyananda Singh, Rowllin Borges, Mohammed Larbi, Bipin Singh, Diego Carlos, Modou Sougou
Predicted Line-ups!

FC Goa don't have any pressing injury concerns nor do they have any suspensions to worry about, especially after Ahmed Jahouh completed his suspension recently. Thus, they wouldn't want to change something that's been working a charm so far and it wouldn't be a surprise if they field their first-choice eleven against the Islanders. 

FC Goa XI (Probable): Mohammad Nawaz; Seriton Fernandes, Carlos Pena, Mourtada Fall, Mandar Rao Dessai (C); Ahmed Jahouh, Lenny Rodirgues, Jackichand Singh, Brandon Fernandes, Hugo Boumous, Ferran Corominas

Mumbai City FC, on the other hand, would be without Amine Chermiti, as the Tunisian serves his suspension while the likes of Paulo Machado and Sarthak Golui remain ruled out for the season. Elsewhere, Serge Kevyn is also expected to miss the rest of the season after picking up a hamstring injury against Jamshedpur FC, meaning that Raynier Fernandes could again start on the right, with Modou Sougou deputizing for Chermiti.

Mumbai City FC XI (Probable): Amrinder Singh (C); Mohammad Rafique, Pratik Chaudhari, Mato Grgic, Subhasish Bose; Sourav Das, Rowllin Borges, Mohammed Larbi, Raynier Fernandes, Diego Carlos, Modou Sougou 
Thus, the tussle at Fatorda promises to be as titanic as any this term, considering both sides' unbeaten streaks and the fact that both, despite having discernibly different objectives, need three points. In fact, a draw or a loss would benefit neither and while it would potentially put paid to the Islanders' hopes of qualifying altogether, it could also jeopardize Goa's dream of participating in the AFC Champions League next season. 
The Gaurs, akin to Mumbai, also come into the encounter on the back of four successive unbeaten matches, although they've collected victories on each occasion. During that period, they endured a monumental controversy and rather surprisingly, did away with Sergio Lobera's services, days after the match against Odisha FC. Yet, they didn't seem to feel the after-effects of the Spaniard's departure as Hugo Boumous &Co. blitzed past Hyderabad FC on the 5th of February.
More impressively though, despite being faced with adversity for much of the contest, the Islanders showcased immense composure to enable themselves to get the better of the Red Miners. Subsequently, Mumbai, courtesy their victory, stitched together a four-game unbeaten run, with that sequence beginning against Bengaluru FC at the Mumbai Football Arena. Thus, on form, the Islanders seem more than equipped to thwart whatever challenge is thrown at them. However, against FC Goa, a side that has often had the wood over Jorge Costa's men, that task becomes particularly tedious. 
A few days ago, Mumbai City FC stared down the barrel of a possible elimination at the group stages. For large swathes of their encounter against Jamshedpur FC, it seemed that the Islanders would have to forego three points and in the process, surrender the initiative to Chennaiyin FC. However, akin to many a time during the current campaign, Mumbai found a new Guardian Angel aka Bidyananda Singh to ensure that they remained ahead of the Marina Machans and retained control of their own destiny.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL fixture between FC Goa and Mumbai City! I am Shashwat Kumar and I will be taking you through the build-up and the entirety of the encounter! Do stay tuned!
Surchandra Singh
S. Bose
M. Rafique (Own Goal)
Edu Bedia
H. Boumous
S. Fernandes
assist: H. Boumous
P. Bhumij
B. Singh
M. Grgić
R. Fernandes
Bipin Singh
S. Gama
M. Desai
B. Fernandes
S. Doungel
J. Singh
Bipin Singh
assist: R. Borges
R. Borges
B. Singh
J. Singh
assist: Coro
H. Boumous
assist: Peña
P. Chowdhary
M. Sougou
R. Borges
assist: S. Bose
Mumbai City (4-2-3-1)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
M. Nawaz
M. Desai
M. Fall
S. Fernandes
A. Jahouh
L. Rodrigues
B. Fernandes
H. Boumous
J. Singh
A. Singh
S. Bose
M. Grgić
P. Chowdhary
M. Rafique
B. Singh
R. Borges
Bipin Singh
M. Larbi
M. Sougou
Mumbai City (4-2-3-1)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
Goa Subs
M. Ali
Edu Bedia
S. Doungel
S. Gama
N. Kumar
P. Rebello
M. Singh
Mumbai City Subs
K. Almeida
P. Bhumij
V. Dakshinamurthy
R. Fernandes
R. Kumar
H. Mawia
Surchandra Singh
17 SHOTS 19
12 FOULS 16
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 FC Goa 18 12 3 3 23 39
2 ATK 18 10 4 4 17 34
3 Bengaluru FC 18 8 6 4 9 30
4 Chennaiyin FC 18 8 5 5 6 29
5 Mumbai City FC 18 7 5 6 -4 26
6 Odisha FC 18 7 4 7 -3 25
7 Kerala Blasters FC 18 4 7 7 -3 19
8 Jamshedpur FC 18 4 6 8 -13 18
9 NorthEast United FC 18 2 8 8 -14 14
10 Hyderabad FC 18 2 4 12 -18 10
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 17
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Fatorda Stadium)
Match time Wed, 12 Feb 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Feb 12, 2020 21:29 PM | Published: Feb 12, 2020 17:52 PM