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GOA vs MUM Match Result - ISL 2018-19
5 - 0
Mumbai City
Coro (P) 6'
J. Singh 55'
Edu Bedia 61'
Palanca 84'
Palanca 90'
At the end of a stunning night at a partying Fatorda, Goa go top of the table, at least for now. NorthEast United or Jamshedpur will take that spot tomorrow night, when they face each other in Guwahati. Do join us for that one. Until then, this is Aaditya Narayan signing off. Good night!
FC Goa 5-0 Mumbai City FC

A five-star performance from what really is a five-star attacking team. Coro got Goa up and running early in the first half with a panenka from the spot in the first half. Mumbai had their chances to draw level right through the first half, but were profligate and they were made to pay the price in the second half. 

Jackichand Singh began the second half goal deluge with a neat finish off Seriton's cross. Edu Bedia made it 3-0 with a worldie, after being set up by Coro. Miguel Palanca then came off the bench and put the cherry on the Goa cake, as the Gaurs sent their fans home happy. 
90+4' PEEEEPPPPP!!! That's it from a partying Fatorda, where Goa have been rampant and soared through to the top of the table. 

FC Goa 5-0 Mumbai City FC
90+3' WHAT A SAVE FROM NAWAZ! Brilliantly executed free-kick from Machado to get it up and down from such a short distance. Nawaz has flung himself to his left and tipped this one over the bar. 
90+3' Fall brings down Sougou and concedes a free-kick right on the edge of his area. Machado will take the free-kick.
90+1' Four minutes of added time at the end of this Fatorda party

Jahouh has done magnificently in midfield there. Just as Mumbai were about to get away from defense, Jahouh slides in to win the ball. And then he plays a stunning cross to Palanca, who makes no mistake to slot past Ravi, who is helpless. 
88' Mumbai are tired, having only played a few days ago. Goa look like a team playing a competitive fixture after 18 days. They've just upped the tempo in the last few minutes, and Mumbai are finding it difficult to live with them. 
86' What a strike from Pena! Goa have once again taken a pop from a distance after brilliant counter-attacking play. Pena unleashes a strike with his left foot, and that is definitely not a million miles away. 

That is a gift from Subhasish Bose. He's given it straight to the onrushing Manvir, who has run straight towards Ravi's goal. Instead of shooting, he plays the square ball to Palanca, who has the easy task of slotting into a virtually empty net.
83' Mumbai are making their final change, taking their goalkeeper off. Amrinder looks like he's down with a groin problem. Hopefully for Mumbai, it isn't too serious. 

ON - Ravi Kumar
OFF - Amrinder Singh
82' That was Coro's last action of the game, as he's been taken off after another Fatorda goal. 

ON - Miguel Palanca
OFF - Ferran Corominas
81' Coro! That's cleared off the line by Shouvik! Carlos Pena plays a beautiful through-ball to Coro, and he's done everything right to dink it over the onrushing Amrinder, but there's not enough pace on the ball. The retreating Shouvik can easily sweep it away. 
80' Bedia with the inside of his foot this time! Brilliant ball in-field from Pena towards Coro, who again lays it off to Bedia. This time, the first-time shot is off his in-step and that has whistled just wide of Amrinder's goal. 
78' Goa make another change, as Jackichand makes his way off after scoring his first Goa goal. 

ON - Manvir Singh
OFF - Jackichand Singh
76' Coro wants a penalty! Mr. Thakur has waved his claims away. Subhasish has hacked Coro down, and that is an absolutely nailed on penalty. Mumbai go up the other end and win a corner, though. 
74' Nawaz is booked for time-wasting. His third yellow card in three games. 
74' Sougou misses a free header! More good play from Mumbai, and that results in Souvik being set free on the right flank. His cross into the box is lovely, and Sougou finds himself in space between the two centre-backs. He puts his header off target though. 
72' Oooh, nearly! Mumbai move the ball forward at pace, and Bastos looks to play it through to Issoko, but that is cut out in the nick of time by Fall. Lovely idea for a through-ball from Bastos.
70' Everytime Goa break on the counter-attack, they look like they will score, but they need just that little bit more quality in that final third. 
69' Goa make their first change, as Boumous makes his way off the field. 

ON - Carlos Pena
OFF - Hugo Boumous
68' The corner is delivered deep by Machado, and evades everybody, before eventually falling to Bastos on the edge of the area. His curling effort is straight at Nawaz, who has a comfortable catch. 
67' Pranjal! That's another big chance for Mumbai, as Fall blocks a goal-bound shot. It was brilliant interplay between Machado and Issoko to set up the chance for Pranjal, who got a shot away after Bastos set it up for him. Mumbai have a corner. 
66' Bedia takes the free-kick, but that is high, wide and not at all handsome
65' Goa have a free-kick on the edge of the box, as Subhasish tugs at Boumous and brings him down. 
64' Mumbai make their second change, as Pranjal Bhumij, scorer of an earlier wonder goal, comes on. 

ON - Pranjal Bhumij
OFF - Sehnaj Singh
64' Machado has hit the side-netting from three yards out, literally! That is beautifully played by Bastos, who has then immediately laid it off for Machado on the left flank. He charges towards Nawaz, and with the goal at his mercy, hits the side-netting at the near post. He should have shot at the far post. 

Stunning from Bedia, he's received the ball in midfield, and flicked it to Coro first time. The striker has played it back to Bedia who has taken a first-time shot with the outside of his left-foot, and smacks it into the left top corner of Amrinder's goal. The goalkeeper had no chance at all. That is a stunning strike, awesome goal from Bedia, and Goa now have comfort. 
59' Machado has been booked for an off-the-ball incident, as he takes Edu Bedia out, shielding Sehnaj who was in possession. 
57' Mumbai make their first change of the game, as Mohammad Rafique comes on

ON - Mohammad Rafique
OFF - Milan Singh
55' GOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL!!! JACKICHAND SINGH HAS HIS FIRST GOAL FOR GOA! Goa have their breathing space, and that is a brilliant goal. 

Seriton does brilliantly on the right flank, to get past both Bastos and Shouvik. He then puts a brilliant ball into the six-yard box, where Jacki darts across Souvik and in front of him to guide the ball past Amrinder. Goa should have the points wrapped up now. 
51' Ooohhh, Lenny is a lucky boy! His pass back to Sana is right in between the centre-back and Jahouh, and Issoko has nicked in. But by the time he can get a shot away, Jahouh has shut the angle down. Goa are shooting themselves in the foot a little too often for comfort here.
50' What a ball from Bastos! Mumbai this time, work it brilliantly down their left flank. Bastos has found joy against Seriton this time, and takes it to the by-line, and puts in a dangerous ball across the face of goal, which is pleading to be bundled in, but no one makes contact on it!
49' What a chance, what a break from Goa! That was beautifully worked from Coro towards Mandar who ran in behind and straight on goal. With Boumous waiting to tap it in, Mandar's low cross is well behind him, and although Goa kept the ball, the move had broken down as it gave Mumbai time to get men behind the ball. 
48' Boumous! He's dallied on it for too long, and his indecision costs him. Again. Jacki played the ball into him inside the area, and after his instant control, he couldn't decide what to do. By the time he did, there were four men around him, and he could only stab it straight to Amrinder. 
47' Goa have started the half in the manner that they, no doubt, mean to go on, keeping possession and passing it around with conviction. 
46' PEEEEEPPPP! Coro gets the ball rolling, and we're back underway here at Fatorda
If I were a betting man, my money would definitely not be on this finishing 1-0 to Goa. Join us in ten minutes, as we find out if I should be a betting man or not. 
45+1' PEEEEEEEEPPP! That's half-time, and it's FC Goa 1-0 Mumbai City FC

It's been a really entertaining first half here in Fatorda, as the Gaurs head into the break with an advantage given to them by Coro from the penalty spot. 

The Gaurs have had other opportunities to extend their lead after that, but have not taken them, with Hugo Boumous being the chief culprit among the profligate bunch. 

It hasn't been like Mumbai have been outplayed. The Islanders have had plenty of chances of their own, as Goa have looked vulnerable everytime Machado has put a set-piece into their box. A combination of poor finishing and last-ditch Mourtada Fall defending has kept Goa's lead intact. 

The second half promises to be a cracker. 
45+1' Mumbai miss another headed opportunity! It's Sehnaj this time. Machado's free-kick from the right flank is deflected kindly into the path of Sehnaj, who gets clean contact with his head, but the ball has gone well wide of Nawaz's goal. 
45' Mumbai have another free-kick, as Goa are threatening to lose their discipline. It's Jacki the offender this time, as he clearly nudges Issoko in the back. Goa are incensed and the referee's assistant is bearing the brunt of their displeasure. Why they all are angry is anyone's guess though. The officials have got most things spot on thus far. 
43' Cleared off the line by Fall! Machado's corner is flicked on by Milan at the near post towards Subhasish at the penalty spot. His header is heading for the bottom corner, but Fall is there and the big Senegalese can hack it away easily. 
43' Mumbai have a free-kick of their own now, and that is taken by Machado. It is a deep ball towards Goian, but Fall is there to head it away for a corner!
41' Boumous misses an absolutely gaping goal! Brilliant play from Goa, as they played Jacki in space on the left flank. His pull-back was slightly behind Boumous, who is right in front of goal. His touch is a little too heavy, and that is caught easily by Amrinder.
39' Jahouh gives away a cheap free-kick in the Mumbai half, that ends a brilliant Goa move. That ball kept bobbling around in the Mumbai penalty area, and Goian had to step in multiple times to clear the ball away. 
36' Jahouh is a lucky boy. He's tried to play a pass to Lenny without looking, and Bastos is there to intercept. He tries to play Milan through, but that is an absolutely needless back-flick that he's tried and gotten horribly wrong. This is getting a little embarrassing for Bastos. 
34' Bedia takes the free-kick, and clears the wall with a clean strike. But he just couldn't get enough dip on it to trouble Amrinder. 
33' Coro is upended by Subhasish, and Goa have another free-kick in a useful area - pretty much on the edge of the penalty area this time. 
31' What a chance for Bastos! He's one-on-one almost, and the ball has gone for a throw-in. What on earth was that? That is an embarrassing miss. Beautiful ball over thee top from Subhasish, and Mandar has switched off, allowing Bastos to run into the space. He sets himself up and gets his shot away, but that shot is rubbish. 
26' Nothing comes off Boumous's corner, as Subhasish wins the first header before Milan can clear further away. 
25' Amrinder saves off Jacki! That is a fabulous move from Goa. It started from Sana at the back. He found Coro in a central area. The Spaniard played it quickly to Boumous on the left flank, he advances before placing it onto Jacki's feet at the edge of the box. The little winger tries to curl one beyond Amrinder's left, but the big man gets across and tips it away, for a Goa corner. 
24' Oh Bastos! That is a superb pass out of the back from Subhasish. He finds Bastos in a central position, and he charged at the Goa defence, and a shimmy ensured Lenny was out of the game. As he was faced by Fall, he had a poke at it, and got decent power on it. But the ball goes just wide of Nawaz's upright, with the young goalkeeper left sprawling. 
22' Another poor cross from Seriton, and it ruins a lovely move from Goa. Beautiful interplay between Bedia and Boumous had got the Gaurs into the final third, when the Moroccan played a lovely through-ball to Seriton. His cross from the by-line has too much on it for Mandar to pose a threat with it. 
21' Bedia's smacked his free-kick against the wall, from where it rebounds to Seriton on the right wing. His cross into the box is weak, and comfortably cleared away by Sehnaj. 
20' Goa have a free-kick in a dangerous position after a clumsy foul from Sehnaj. But well, clumsy fouls are Sehnaj's pet peeve on a football pitch, can't really blame him for something he's done throughout his career. 
18' For the first time in this match, Goa have decided to play keep-ball without really affecting play in the final third. Some really pretty passing patterns, but very little penetration. 
16' The corner is taken short before Mandar is played in for a cross into the box. The referee has pulled play back though, for a foul by Fall.
16' Goa have a corner, as Milan takes no prisoners with his challenge on Boumous. The Mumbai man won the ball cleanly though. Edu Bedia will take. 
15' Goian has missed another golden opportunity! Mumbai have troubled Goa with their crosses all game so far, and that is another peach of a delivery from Issoko on the right flank. With the outside of his right boot, he's put it into the back-post area, where Goian has won the header but put it high. How's he that high up the pitch in open play?
13' Sana looks like he's been unlucky there. As Mumbai once again have a decent spell of possession, the Goa centre-back has slid into a challenge on Issoko, and been called for a foul. That's harsh to give Mumbai a free-kick for that. 
12' Nice spell of Mumbai possession, as they penned Goa back with some nice, patient passing. That move is broken down by a shot from 40 yards out from Sehnaj. Needless to say, Nawaz can watch that harmlessly sail past his bar.
9' GOIAN! That is another big chance off a set-piece for Mumbai. Another superb delivery into the box from Machado, and the big Romanian rose high at the back-post only to put his header wide of Nawaz's bar. 
8' Mumbai now win a free-kick of their own, after Jahouh brings down Machado on a Mumbai attack. There's also some afters, as Machado shoves Jahouh. There's no reaction from the Moroccan though. 
7' GOOOOOOAAAAALLLLL!!! It's that man Coro with a cheeky Panenka!

Amrinder has dived to his left, but Coro has just calmly chipped this down the middle. It initially looked like he overcooked the chip, but that crossed the line underneath the bar, and Goa have the lead through their hitman. 

The corner fell towards Issoko who horribly skewed his volley, and that allowed Goa to break through Boumous, and he's played it through to Coro on the left side of the box. He's isolated Souvik, and as the full-back dives in, he's brought Coro down, and the ref is perfectly justified in giving Goa a penalty. 
5' What a chance for Subhasish! A much better delivery from Machado, and he's completely messed that opportunity after Jahouh flicked the ball on towards him. He failed to sort his feet out in time, and Seriton can clear the danger. 
4' Milan bullies Boumous off the ball before setting Issoko away on the right wing. Lenny catches him up but brings him down with an ungainly shove. 
2' Goa have a sniff! Once again, their patient build-up and quality possession nearly pays dividends. Boumous and Bedia exchange passes on the edge of the box, before Boumous play a through ball to Jacki, who runs to the by-line. His pull-back towards Coro is intercepted and cleared just in time, by Sehnaj. 
2' Machado takes the corner, but that is diabolical. He needed someone 12-feet tall in the box if he needed any hope of someone getting his head on that cross. 
1'  An early error from Goa at the back. Seriton overcooks his back-pass to Nawaz, and the young goalkeeper can't keep the ball in play. Mumbai have a corner. 
1' PEEEEEEEEEPPPPPP!!! We're off, and Mumbai have possession to begin proceedings
Referee Om Prakash Thakur tosses the coin, Mandar chooses side, Mumbai will kick us off. 
The anthem has been sung, and as is the norm with all Mumbai City games this season, the camera has panned to Lucian Goian belting it out with gusto. Lovely.
The teams line up in front of the main stand at the Fatorda, and it's time for Jana Gana Mana
Mandar and Machado head the queues, as Goa and Mumbai make their way out onto the turf at Fatorda.
In other ISL news, NorthEast United's TP Rehenesh has been handed an additional two-game ban for his punch on ATK's Gerson Viera
Remember, it's been 18 days since Goa last played a competitive game. They did play a friendly in the international break though, when they lost 2-1 to Churchill Brothers.
We're just about in position here at Fatorda. The two teams are in the tunnel, the Gaur Army is out in full force and we're set for some football. Kick-off in ten minutes. 
Lucian Goian is being interviewed on the host broadcaster, and he's just called Subhasish Bose the best defender in India. He says with Subhasish alongside, he's confident of keeping Coro at bay. 
Goa have the chance to join NorthEast and Bengaluru at the summit of the ISL table with seven points from three games. Mumbai would move up to seven points too, with a win, but they'd have played one game more than the two teams already at the top of the table. 
Half an hour to go for kick-off in Fatorda, and we're looking at a Goa side who are looking to wow their home support again. They will be lead by their talisman Coro who already has three goals in two matches. 
Much on expected lines, the two line-ups. Mumbai's change is interesting, with Milan replacing Raynier. That gives them an extra body in midfield, and maybe Jorge Costa wants to use that body as a counter to stop Goa from having easy possession in midfield
FC Goa v Mumbai City FC Starting XIs

FC Goa:
Mohammad Nawaz, Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Chinglensana Singh, Mandar Rao Desai, Ahmed Jahouh, Lenny Rodrigues, Edu Bedia, Hugo Boumous, Jackichand Singh, Ferran Corominas

Substitutes: Lalthuammawia Ralte, Nirmal Chettri, Mohammed Ali, Carlos Pena, Miguel Palanca, Liston Colaco, Manvir Singh

Mumbai City FC: Amrinder Singh, Souvik Chakraborty, Lucian Goian, Subhasish Bose, Shouvik Ghosh, Sehnaj Singh, Milan Singh, Paulo Machado, Arnold Issoko, Rafael Bastos, Modou Sougou

Substitutes: Ravi Kumar, Joyner Lourenco, Marko Klisura, Mohammad Rafique, Sanju Pradhan, Pranjal Bhumij, Bipin Singh

Goa are unchanged
from their win against Chennaiyin. Mumbai have made one change, as Milan Singh replaces Raynier Fernandes
We're counting down the minutes to the arrival of team news from Fatorda. As soon as I have it in front of me, you shall have it too!
Both sides have no reason to change their lineups nor their style of play. Well, one might think Goa need to improve defensively, but Sergio Lobera has time and again proved he's a coach would would rather take a 5-4 victory than a 1-0. Speaking of 5-4, a scoreline like that tonight would mean some brilliant entertainment. Are we all game?
You can watch this game on Star Sports 3, or on Jio TV. If you don't have access to either, then I'm right here, and will be bringing you all the action as it happens at Fatorda. 
We've got less than an hour to go for teams news from Fatorda, as the Gaurs play their first home game of the season tonight. They have had a long break, and will be raring to go with their batteries recharged. Welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of FC Goa v Mumbai City FC. I'm Aaditya Narayan and I will take you through all the action from what promises to be an exciting encounter. 
FC Goa v Mumbai City FC Predicted XIs

FC Goa:
Mohammad Nawaz, Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Chinglensana Singh, Mandar Rao Desai, Ahmed Jahouh, Lenny Rodrigues, Edu Bedia, Hugo Boumous, Jackichand Singh, Ferran Corominas

Mumbai City FC: Amrinder Singh, Souvik Chakraborty, Lucian Goian, Subhasish Bose, Shouvik Ghosh, Sehnaj Singh, Pablo Machado, Arnold Issoko, Raynier Fernandes, Rafael Bastos, Modou Sougou

FC Goa v Mumbai City FC Preview

Having registered their first victory of the season against Chennaiyin FC last time around, FC Goa would look to keep the momentum going when they take on Mumbai City FC at home. 

Sergio Lobera's men would have been a little disappointed to walk away with a 2-2 draw in their opening game against NorthEast United at Guwahati, but rebounded brilliantly with a fabulous 3-1 win away against Chennaiyin FC.

Mumbai City, on the other hand, come into the game after an impressive 2-0 win over FC Pune City in the Maharashtra derby on Thursday.The Islanders had a stuttering start to their campaign with a home defeat against Jamshedpur FC followed by a 1-1 draw against Kerala Blasters.

But they will be looking to now build on a fabulous platform set by their performance against Pune. Modou Sougou and Rafael Bastos both got their goal accounts up and running against the Stallions, while Arnold Issoko has put in some encouraging performances in recent games as well. 

For the Gaurs, they'll only be looking to carry on from where they left off against Chennaiyin, as they purred with a fabulous team performance to slay the defending champions in their own backyard.
assist: A. Jahouh
assist: M. Singh
R. Kumar
A. Singh
M. Singh
J. Singh
M. Nawaz
H. Boumous
P. Bhumij
S. Singh
Edu Bedia
assist: Coro
Paulo Machado
M. Rafique
M. Singh
J. Singh
assist: S. Fernandes
M. Fall
S. Chakraborty
Coro, Penalty
Mumbai City (4-3-3)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
M. Nawaz
M. Desai
Konsham Singh
M. Fall
S. Fernandes
L. Rodrigues
A. Jahouh
J. Singh
Edu Bedia
H. Boumous
A. Singh
S. Ghosh
S. Bose
L. Goian
S. Chakraborty
Paulo Machado
S. Singh
M. Singh
Rafael Bastos
M. Sougou
A. Issoko
Mumbai City (4-3-3)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
Goa Subs
M. Ali
N. Chettri
L. Colaco
Lalthuammawia Ralte
M. Singh
Mumbai City Subs
P. Bhumij
M. Klisura
R. Kumar
J. Lourenco
S. Pradhan
M. Rafique
Bipin Singh
21 SHOTS 19
14 FOULS 15
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Goa 7 5 1 1 9 16
2 Bengaluru 5 4 1 0 6 13
3 Mumbai City 7 4 1 2 -1 13
4 Jamshedpur 7 2 5 0 5 11
5 NorthEast United 6 3 2 1 3 11
6 Atlético de Kolkata 7 3 1 3 -1 10
7 Kerala Blasters 7 1 4 2 -1 7
8 Chennaiyin 7 1 1 5 -4 4
9 Delhi Dynamos 8 0 4 4 -6 4
10 Pune City 7 0 2 5 -10 2
Tournament ISL 2018-19 - Week 4
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Fatorda Stadium)
Match time Wed, 24 Oct 2018, 07:30 PM
Updated: Oct 25, 2018 14:31 PM | Published: Oct 24, 2018 15:41 PM
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