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GOA vs NOR Match Result - ISL 2019-20
2 - 0
NorthEast United
M. Komorski (OG) 68'
Coro (P) 82'
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There is the full-time whistle as Ahmed Jahouh clears Nikhil Kadam's corner. It has finished FC Goa 2-0 NorthEast United FC as the Gaurs pick up a win in their 100th game in ISL. Here is your host Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56) saying good-bye. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian Football news. 
90+4' Nikhil Kadam swings a cross but Carlos Pena heads it out of play for a NorthEast United FC corner-kick. 
90+3' FC Goa has a 5-vs-3 advantage from the centre. But, Ahmed Jahouh takes the ball near the corner flag and winds down the clock. 
90+1' FC Goa are passing the ball amongst themselves in their defensive third before Hugo Boumous has a joy upfront. But, he commits a clumsy foul in the end and concedes possession. 
90' Four Minutes have been added on. 
90' Chaves sends a cross from distance but Mourtada Fall clears the ball with his weaker foot and NorthEast United FC win a corner. Nikhil Kadam takes it but Mourtada Fall makes up for his mistake by towering with his Himalayan figure to head the ball away. 
89' Coro has dropped down in the hole and he feeds a brilliant through ball to Manvir Singh. However, Pawan Kumar comes off his line to collect the ball. 
88' SHOT! Len Doungel crosses the ball at the far post to Manvir Singh and the substitute chests it for Brandon Fernandes who takes a first-time shot from the outside of the box. But, his effort is scuffed and it sails over the crossbar. The Indian international needs to improve on his finishing skills. Otherwise, he is perfect in everything. 
87' FC Goa make their final change. Sergio Lobera takes out another one of his players who has three yellow cards to his name.

OFF- Lenny Rodrigues
ON- Seiminlen Doungel
86' That is a good sliding tackle by Wayne Vaz, preventing Mandar to get to the final ball in the attacking third. 
84' And, now FC Goa make their second change. Sergio Lobera doesn't want another one of his players to miss their next game who is already on three yellow cards. 

OFF- Seriton Fernandes
ON- Amey Ranawade
83' NorthEast United FC make their final change. They are bringing on a center-back.

OFF- Redeem Tlang
ON- Wayne Vaz
82' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL! Ferran Corominas buries the ball past the goalkeeper to score his 49th goal for FC Goa. 

Coro goes to the 'keeper's right and Pawan Kumar gets his hand to it but the shot had too much venom in it. 
81' The referee Crystal John gives a yellow card to Federico Gallego who was sitting on the bench. He is baffled but he gladly accepts it. 
80' PENALTY to FC Goa! And, Jose Leudo is sent off for bringing down Coro inside the box when he was one-on-one with Pawan Kumar. That is his second red card this season. 
79' SAVE! Milan Singh flicks his boot after dashing between the two central defenders but Nawaz with a top notch save collects the ball from a point-blank range. 
78' FC Goa make their first change of the game.

OFF- Jackichand Singh
ON- Manvir Singh
77' The referee gives a yellow card to Mandar Rao Dessai for a challenge from behind on Redeem Tlang. The referee plays the advantage before Martin Chaves bottles it with a wild cross that defenders are happy to see it go out all day long. 
76' Seriton Fernandes concedes a free-kick near the sidelines. Martin Chaves sends it wide but Nawaz catches it before Komorski can get his head to it. 
74' Mourtada Fall and Carlos Pena are inviting the NorthEast United FC players to come forward but there is no one apart from Rupert Nongrum pressing them. The duo is toying with him by playing passes with each other. 
73' SHOT! Ahmed Jahouh makes a mispass and Martin Chaves gets it thankfully. He gives a forward pass to Rupert Nongrum and seeing no one close him down goes for distance. Nawaz is off his line but the shot sails over the crossbar. 
71' FC Goa are slowing things down by playing back-passes amongst themselves. They want NorthEast United FC to come forward but then they don't have a striker to press them. 
68' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAL! And, all of NorthEast United FC's hard work is undone by that own goal by Mislav Komorski

Jackichand Singh floats a cross but Mislav Komorski's clearance goes backwards. That is pathetic goalkeeping from Pawan Kumar too. How did he dive over the top of the ball? The ball squirmed between his hands. Sergio Lobera isn't celebrating much as he wants his players to play good football and won't be pleased to collect three points with gifts like that. He wants to win the game in a better fashion. 
67' NorthEast United FC make their second change. That is a surprising one. It looks like NorthEast United FC are trying to shut their shop. 
OFF- Federico Gallego
ON- Milan Singh
66' Redeem Tlang bombs down the centre but Seriton is right on his shadows and prevents him from getting a turn or lodge a cross. 
64' SHOT! That was the best effort NorthEast United FC had in the game so far. Gallego lunges at the near post in that corner but his glancing header is inches wide. Rupert, Leudo, and everyone including Robert Jarni have their hands on their head. 
63' SHOT! Redeem Tlang dances past his marker but Rupert Nongrum was a tad ahead and FC Goa's Lenny gets to the ball first. However, the rebound falls to Lalengmawia whose long-range effort on target gets an FC Goa touch before going out of play. 
62' NorthEast United FC break on the counter after Gallego drives a good through ball on their left flank. Nikhil Kadam gets to the end of it but Seriton Fernandes makes a timely sliding tackle to rob the ball off his feet. 
60' NorthEast United FC make their first change.

OFF- Lalthathanga Khawlhring
ON- Nikhil Kadam
59' Jose Leudo fouls Coro at the outside of the box and it is a great opportunity for FC Goa to get their noses upfront. Brandon takes it but in the end, it is collected comfortably by Pawan Kumar after the shot lacked height. 
58' This time Jackichand Singh lays the ball wide for Lenny but his final low cross is straight to the hands of Pawan Kumar. In the same minute, Jackichand Singh flies a cross from inside the box but Leudo towers above everyone to ensure Coro doesn't get his head to it. 
57' FC Goa come forward one more time this time from the left flank but Hugo Boumous loses the control of the ball and it goes out of play. 
56' Mandar Rao Dessai collects the ball in the far side of the pitch this time but the assistant raises his flag. That was close. Ahmed Jahouh almost measured the pass perfectly. 
55' Mourtada Fall chests the ball at the outside of the box but his attempted shot from the narrow-angle is wide and is no trouble for the NorthEast United FC guys. 
53' FC Goa are attacking the wings now that they have realized they won't be able to beat the five-man midfield in the middle. The plan is simple, lodge the ball to the far side of the pitch and hit the ball hard when the final ball is flown across the face of the goal. 
52' What was that from Martin Chaves? NorthEast United FC try to break on the counter for the first time in the second half but Martin Chaves try to control the ball with his thigh when the ball landed in his feet and Robert Jarni is livid with it. 
51' Coro feeds the ball to Mandar, who cut inside the box, but his shot-pass is misconnected and the ball goes out of play. 
50' Redeem with a push on Jacki who has enjoyed most of the ball for FC Goa tonight. 
48' SAVE! That was a top-class save from Pawan Kumar. Lenny slips the ball past Komorski and Coro has a shot at goal from just outside the six-yard box. But, Pawan Kumar positioned himself perfectly to avert the danger. But, the rebound falls straight to Jackichand Singh and from seven yards out, his shot is blocked by Reagan Singh at the goal-line. NorthEast United FC survive the early scare here in the second half. 
47' Hugo Boumous tries to release Jackichand with a quick-and-go from Lenny Rodrigues in the final third but the pass is intercepted. NorthEast United FC is sitting deep and waiting to pounce on the counter. 
46' PEEEEEEP! We are underway here again in Goa. 
In case you missed that Coro's acrobatic effort, you can catch it here!
PEEP! PEEP! Martin Chaves takes a free-kick but his cross to the far post is miscued and the referee blows his half-time whistle. NorthEast United FC have succeeded in frustrating the free-scoring FC Goa as the scoreline remains the same, nil-nil. Don't go anywhere as we will be back with the second-half action. 
45+2' NorthEast United FC have done their homework and FC Goa needs to change something when the teams change sides after the 15-minute break. FC Goa's head coach Sergio Lobera has to do lots of work. 
45+1' FC Goa with another siege of their own but Lalengmawia breaks it again. The reason why the home side's cannon isn't firing tonight is because of that young man playing ahead of the back-four. 
45' Two Minutes have been added on. 
44' CHANCE! Hugo Boumous hoodwinks Reagan Singh with a heavy touch and drives a good cross. But, Coro is inches behind and fails to make a contact. The ball ends safely in the hands of the goalkeeper Pawan Kumar. 
43' CHANCE! Mandar gets at the end of a beautiful pass from Brandon but his final ball is met by no one. Lalengmawia ultimately clears the line after some ping pong. 
41' CHANCE! Mandar Rao Dessai with a curling cross from the far side of the pitch but Komorski makes a vital interception at the dying minutes to ensure Coro doesn't have a tap-in. 
40' SAVE! NorthEast United FC again try to find Rupert Nongrum with a long ball but Mohammad Nawaz punches the ball to clear the lines. 
38' And, Brandon Fernandes is booked for a simulation at the outside of the box. He nutmegs past one NorthEast United FC player but goes down hoping to win a foul from Lalengmawia. But, he did his acting right in front of the referee and he awards him a yellow card for his Filmfare-nominated dive. That is his fourth yellow card of the competition and he will miss the next crucial game against ATK. 
36' Lalengmawia is having a good game. India's youth system has mined another gem in the form of a defensive midfielder. This time the youngster wins a foul off Ahmed Jahouh.
33' One thing which NorthEast United FC have succeeded in doing so is preventing FC Goa exploiting the centre. Whenever they have gone through the centre, their plans have been foiled. But, they are yet to stop their moves from the wings. 
31' SHOT! That's a sitter missed by Carlos Pena. Ahmed Jahouh crosses a good long ball from that free-kick at the far post and Pena beats Komorski to get a touch at the ball. He just needs to poke the ball in the right direction but the shot goes wide. If Carlos Pena had got that ball on his left foot instead of his right, that shot would have rippled the back of the net. 
30' FOUL! Reagan Singh goes in the book for a mistimed challenge on Coro. The referee thought of playing advantage but NorthEast United FC regained the ball. 
28' CHANCE! Seriton fails to intercept Gallego's through ball and it falls to Puitea inside the box. After seeing, he can't cut past him, he goes for a shot but Seriton makes a vital block and the ball goes out for a throw-in. 
27' Brandon robs the ball off Reagan Singh's feet and tries to lodge a through ball for Hugo Boumous from the left channel. But, it is overhit and the ball goes straight to Pawan Kumar. 
26' Rupert finally traps a long ball but instead of going goalbound he goes away from it. Carlos Pena closes the angle and the attack fizzles away with an FC Goa goal-kick. 
24' Brandon drives a low cross trying to find Coro at the near post but his effort is blocked and NorthEast United FC survive another scare. 
23' CHANCE! Jacki this time drives a high cross from inside the box trying to find Brandon at the centre. But, Leudo towers above him to clear the ball momentarily for a corner. Brandon would have been offside anyways. 
21' CHANCE! Nawaz comes out again to clear the long ball but that wasn't a challenge you should have come out for, young man. Luckily for him, Mandar Rao Dessai is a symbol of composure in the FC Goa back-line and clears the ball. 
20' Hugo Boumous goes out of the field in what looks like an elbow spasm. That doesn't look good for the FC Goa fans. 
18' SHOT! What an effort that was from Coro! Jackichand Singh drifts wide at the sidelines and swings a dangerous looking cross. Ferran Corominas performs an acrobatic bicycle kick but it isn't connected properly. The ball hit his shin instead of the foot and the ball trickles out of play. That would have been some way to get FC Goa's 100th goal. 
17' SAVE! Martin Chaves plays a one-two with Redeem Tlang and the Uruguayan takes a shot from distance. Unlike Puitea's previous effort, this one is low and is on target. But, Mohammad Nawaz is alert to hold the ball. That's routine save from the 19-year-old. 
16' SHOT! NorthEast United's Puitea takes a long-range effort with no one closing him. But, his sloppy effort is nowhere in the frame of the goal. 
14' That space between Mislav Komorski and Rakesh Pradhan looks extremely vulnerable as a worried Robert Jarni looks on. This time Coro looked to get a touch at the ball but the previous pass had too much weight on it. 
12' CHANCE! That is the best chance so far in the game. Boumous controls the ball and delivers a good through pass to Jackichand who cut inside. However, instead of taking a first-time effort, the Manipuri lad takes a touch and Pawan Kumar sprawls himself to get a touch and avert the danger. 
11' Gallego with an incisive pass right through the centre and it looks like Rupert will get to the ball first before Mourtada Fall. But, Nawaz comes out like a sweeper keeper and makes a timely sliding tackle to clear FC Goa's lines. 
10' CHANCE! Another low cross from FC Goa's right flank. This time Seriton drives the ball but Komorski tidies Boumous' effort to reach at the ball first.  
9' CHANCE! Jacki dances past two players and Coro smartly checks his run and stays behind. The Indian international lays a low cross for the Spaniard but his touch takes the ball wide. That was a golden opportunity for the home side to take the lead in the opening ten minutes of the game. 
8' FC Goa restart their attack after Hugo Boumous wins the second ball. 
7' FC Goa frustrate NorthEast United FC as Coro falls down after Lalengmawia grabs his waist. Ahmed Jahouh is ready to take the free-kick. 
5' NorthEast United FC win the first corner of the contest. Komorski punts a long ball and Mourtada Fall takes no risk as he clears the ball with Rupert Nongrum lurking from behind. Martin Chaves loops the ball to the far post but Rupert Nongrum's header is wide. 
3' That is a good ball by Gallego but Nawaz sprawls himself in the ground to collect the ball. 
2' Early nerves from Pawan Kumar! The NorthEast United FC goalkeeper with an awful ground pass straight to Ahmed Jahouh and the Moroccan tries to find Ferran Corominas with a through pass. But, it is straight to Pawan Kumar again. 
Can NorthEast United FC take inspiration from Manchester City's victory last night against Manchester United? It looks like they will take the field with a six-man midfield with Chaves, Gallego, and Redeem Tlang having a shot at goal. Well, personal opinion, do not try such an experiment against FC Goa. And, NorthEast United might learn that the hard way. 
Greetings exchanged and photographs clicked! It's time for kick-off at the other end of the commercial break. 
Both the sides are out of the tunnel. FC Goa are wearing their traditional oranges and NorthEast United FC are donning their away blacks. Next up is the National Anthem of India. 
Well, the commentators are saying NorthEast United FC will play in a 4-1-4-1 with Rupert Nongrum playing as a False No. 9. Let's see!
Sergio Lobera returns back to the touchline after serving his one-match suspension against Bengaluru FC. He cuts a very animated figure. Do keep an eye on the 42-year-old too. 
NorthEast United FC have augured just two points in the absence of Asamoah Gyan. That is how inspirational the Ghanian three-time World Cupper is for the Highlanders. Let's see how they fare tonight. 
NorthEast United FC have three away trips on their hand after this match where they travel to Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai. 
Well, Vaibhav I have got a lot of my predictions right but have lost track of the number. I am there with you, but I say FC Goa will score one more!
Lalengmawia and Lalthathanga Khawlhring will have huge shoes to fill as the two defensive midfielders need to ensure FC Goa don't play their free-flowing brand of football. Rupert Nongrum and Redeem Tlang will be a threat from the wings doubling up as second strikers. Expect Martin Chaves to don the same role which Brandon dons for Goa. NorthEast United's overlapping fullbacks Reagan Singh and Rakesh Pradhan have made the most number of touches for their side and are known for their whipping crosses. But, the Himalayan figure of Mourtada Fall will stand in between them and should win the aerial duels comfortable
FC Goa's tactics are simple and predictable but equally ruthless. The four midfielders Brandon Fernandes, Lenny Rodrigues, Ahmed Jahouh, and Hugo Boumous are the chief architects of their unit with their slick passing. Jahouh can feed intelligent long balls and Lenny likes to keep things composed at the back. Do watch out for Brandon and Boumous' through balls and Jackichand's crosses as Coro awaits them to pounce like a vulture and smash the ball home. 
Looks like Jose Leudo will partner Mislav Komorski at the heart of the defense. There is no way NorthEast United FC will play with three at the back against a merciless side like FC Goa. 
Huge responsibilities lie on the shoulders of youngster Rupert Nongrum. The 23-year-old came through the Shillong Lajong unit and played as a winger with Delhi Dynamos and ATK but failed to create any impact. He has represented India in his U-19 days. 
Here are the highlights from the last match between the two sides. 
No offence to the NorthEast United FC management, but there looks to be a massive gulf in the quality between the two sides. FC Goa are too strong at their home and with the likes of Gyan and Kai Heerings missing alongside their first-choice goalkeeper, this seems to be a second-string NorthEast United FC side.

Prediction: FC Goa 4-1 NorthEast United FC. 
Pawan Kumar and Rupert Nongrum get their first start of the season with Jose Leudo and Federico Gallego finding their name back on the starting line-up to help a beleaguered NorthEast United FC unit. 
NorthEast United FC, on the other hand, have made four changes to the side that held Kerala Blasters 1-1. Asamoah Gyan and Kai Heerings don't even find themselves in the bench. One can only wonder if they have sustained an injury. Panagiotis Triadis' contract has been expired and the Highlanders decided against renewing it. Subhasish Roy Chowdhury, as mentioned earlier, is suspended for the contest. 
FC Goa have made no changes to the side that lost 1-2 to Bengaluru FC. And, with the quality in their ranks, I don't blame them either. 
NorthEast United FC (4-2-3-1): Pawan Kumar (GK), Rakesh Pradhan, Mislav Komorski, Reagan Singh, Rupert Nongrum, Lalengmawia, Jose Leudo, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Redeem Tlang, Martin Chaves, Federico Gallego

Subs: Soram Poirei (GK), Nim Dorjee, Provat Lakra, Wayne Vaz, Ninthoingamba Meetei, Milan Singh, Nikhil Kadam
FC Goa (4-4-2): Mohammad Nawaz (GK), Seriton Fernandes, Carlos Pena, Mourtada Fall, Mandar Rao Dessai, Lenny Rodrigues, Ahmed Jahouh, Brandon Fernandes, Jackichand Singh, Hugo Boumous, Carlos Pena

Subs: Naveen Kumar (GK), Amey Ranawade, Chinglensana Singh, Saviour Gama, Edu Bedia, Seiminlen Doungel, Manvir Singh
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to tonight's ISL live blog of the FC Goa vs NorthEast United FC match. This is your host Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56) and the line-ups should be out at any moment from now.
A win tonight would make FC Goa the undisputed leader of the pack, pipping ATK with whom they are level at the points table. A victory for the away side, NorthEast United FC, however, will leapfrog them two places to the sixth spot. They are the only team to have played only nine matches so far and that could prove to be an advantage in the later stages of the competition. 
Hugo Boumous sounded optimistic despite losing their previous encounter against Bengaluru FC. Read his thoughts about that match here. 
Here is an interesting statistical preview of tonight's game between FC Goa and NorthEast United FC. 
Ferran Corominas has scored just two goals less than the entire NorthEast United FC team this season. That does ring a bell or two about the lack of firepower upfront. 
“I don't think we could have asked more of ourselves in the Bengaluru match. Now, we have to get ready for the next match. We have to give our 100% to get the three points. I’m trying to do my best with the team on the pitch," said FC Goa's creative midfielder Hugo Boumous. 
“For me, the main aim is to win the league. In my first season here, Goa were 10 points below Bengaluru and in the second season, we lost the trophy to them in the final minutes. Now, we are two points above them and that is the important thing for me. The last match, we lost against Bengaluru but it was maybe one of the best matches for FC Goa. We lost the match because of their set-pieces. I am very proud of how my players played in the last match," said FC Goa head coach Sergio Lobera at the pre-match press conference. 
“I have this opportunity to play. I’ve played against FC Goa in the past. The match will be good. We will try and win against FC Goa. I am feeling good. The mood inside the camp is good. Looking at the table, we think that any team can go inside the top four with two consecutive wins. We have nine games in hand. If we win some of them, we can go up,” said NorthEast United FC goalkeeper Pawan Kumar. 
“There’s still nine matches left (for us). We are taking it one match at a time. Every player is different and they have different roles. All in all, we are very pleased with the Indian players. In our previous match against Kerala, we played a really good game, but didn’t score. We were much better than Kerala," said NorthEast United FC head coach Robert Jarni at the pre-match press conference. 
FC Goa are doing a great job to keep their stadium a zero-waste one. 
NorthEast United FC are coming on the back of an insipid 1-1 draw with Kerala Blasters away from home. Both the goals were scored through penalty with Asamoah Gyan doing the honors for the Highlanders. 
What happened the last time these two sides met?

FC Goa and NorthEast United FC played an entertaining 2-2 draw at the Indira Gandhi Sports Complex in Guwahati where Redeem Tlang and Asamoah Gyan scored for the Highlanders after Hugo Boumous gave the Gaurs the lead. Manvir Singh scored with a header in the last touch of the ball to rescue a point for them. Read our minute-by-minute update of that match here. 
FC Goa are coming on the back of a 1-2 loss to Bengaluru FC where Hugo Boumous was the lone goal-scorer for their team. 
NorthEast United FC goalkeeper Subhasish Roy Chowdhury is suspended for this match as he has picked up four yellow cards already this season. Pawan Kumar might take his spot in the starting line-up tonight. Soram Poirei is the other goalkeeper in their ranks. 
Here is some interesting piece of trivia from our resident commentator Pulasta Dhar. 
FC Goa will look to put their minor blip behind as they take on NorthEast United FC in an Indian Super League (ISL) clash at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Goa on Wednesday. A win against NorthEast United FC will fire FC Goa to the top of the table. 
But first they must overcome a bunch of players who are desperate for a win as they last won a match more than two months ago. FC Goa had won four consecutive matches before their winning streak was broken by defending champions Bengaluru FC last week. FCGoa haven't lost a game when they have scored first and the onus will be on Kai Heerings and Mislav Komorski to contain Ferran Corominas who has already netted seven times in eight matches.
“NorthEast United FC is a very good team. If we do not play 100 percent, I'm sure it is not going to be easy,” said FC Goa coach Sergio Lobera. The Gaurs have been prolific with set-pieces as well and have already netted 10 goals from dead-ball situations. 
Robert Jarni's men are eighth on the table and goal scoring has been a major issue for them. They have only nine goals in their kitty, the lowest in the league. Although they have a talismanic striker in Asamoah Gyan, who remains their best scorer with four goals, other players haven’t really contributed. The return of Uruguayan striker Federico Gallego will be a major boost to their attack, and should he combine well with Gyan, it would resolve their woes upfront.
NorthEast United FC are yet to win an away match against FC Goa but Jarni hopes that his men can do the job and pick a much-needed win. "We have nine matches to go. We will go there to win. They are a good team but we are confident as we are (as good as FC Goa). 
The mood in the team is really great and we are ready for the match," said Jarni. While FC Goa will have their sight on displacing ATK from the pole position, NorthEast United FC will give their all to get three points and keep their hopes alive of a top-four berth.
S. Doungel
L. Rodrigues
A. Ranawade
S. Fernandes
W. Vaz
R. Tlang
F. Gallego
Coro, Penalty
J. Leudo
M. Singh
J. Singh
M. Desai
M. Komorski (Own Goal)
M. Singh
F. Gallego
N. Kadam
L. Khawlhring
B. Fernandes
R. Singh
NorthEast United (4-1-4-1)
Robert Jarni (Manager)
M. Nawaz
M. Desai
M. Fall
S. Fernandes
A. Jahouh
L. Rodrigues
B. Fernandes
H. Boumous
J. Singh
Pawan Kumar I
R. Pradhan
M. Komorski
J. Leudo
R. Singh
M. Cháves
L. Khawlhring
F. Gallego
R. Tlang
R. Nongrum
NorthEast United (4-1-4-1)
Robert Jarni (Manager)
Goa Subs
Edu Bedia
S. Doungel
S. Gama
N. Kumar
A. Ranawade
K. Singh
M. Singh
NorthEast United Subs
N. Kadam
P. Lakra
K. Meetei
S. Anganba
M. Singh
W. Vaz
12 SHOTS 9
10 FOULS 8
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
2 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
3 Bengaluru FC 13 6 4 3 6 22
4 Odisha FC 13 6 3 4 3 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 12
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Fatorda Stadium)
Match time Wed, 08 Jan 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 08, 2020 21:25 PM | Published: Jan 08, 2020 17:36 PM