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GOA vs ODI Match Result - ISL 2019-20
3 - 0
Coro 19'
B. Fernandes 85'
Coro (P) 89'
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There is the full-time whistle and the scoreline reads 3-0 in favour of FC Goa. Tough luck for Odisha FC.

Ferran Corominas put the home side on lead with his strike in the first half before Brandon Fernandes doubled it with his effort from outside the box in the 85th minute. In the last minute of regulation time, Coro converted his penalty to triple the lead. Nawaz made a spectacular save when the scoreline read 1-0 and is the unsung hero of tonight's match. Here is Abhishek Kundu signing off. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian Football news. 
90+4' SHOT! Ferran Corominas has a shot at goal with a first time effort to the far post. But, Arshdeep stretches himself to parry away the danger. What a shot and what a save!
90+3' Odisha FC try to break on the left wing through Narayan Das but Lenny is on his shadows and concedes a throw-in. FC Goa get their men back. 
90+2' Xisco's free-kick direct at goal is inches wide. Nawaz had the lines covered nonetheless. 
90+1' Brandon Fernandes finally goes in the book for his persistent fouls. Xisco is the one who goes down this time. 
Four Minutes have been added on. 
90' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL! Coro triples FC Goa's lead. That is game, set, and match. 

Ferran Corominas goes for the top right corner and Arshdeep guesses correctly. But, the shot had too much venom in it for Arshdeep to get a hand at it. 
89' Arshdeep Singh almost concedes another goal as he drops Brandon's inswinging corner. FC Goa has a penalty nonetheless as Arshdeep pulled Coro down. 
88' FC Goa make their final change. The substitute comes off.

OFF- Seiminlen Doungel
ON- Manvir Singh
87' Seiminlen Doungel releases Mandar Rao Dessai on the overlap but there is no one to center the ball. Coro is down on the ground clutching himself after Carlos Delgado brought him down. 
85' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL! And, Brandon Fernandes seals the deal for FC Goa. 

The playmaker has a shot at goal from distance and the ball nestles in the back of a net after Arshdeep Singh fails to follow the line of his shot. It hit his hands before crossing the goal-line. That was a schoolboy error from the former Minerva Punjab player. Coro gets the assist for his pass that Brandon converted. 
84' Odisha FC again building their game slow. Looks like they have forgotten that they are behind by one goal. 
82' Brandon Fernandes with a long ball finds Coro on the counter. He sways past Gaurav Bora with a sudden burst of pace but his eventual cross is blocked by Shubham Sarangi. 
81' Brandon Fernandes' first corner is fisted away for another corner by Arshdeep Singh. His second attempt is cleared by Aridane Santana. 
80' Ferran Corominas takes an attempt at goal from outside the box after a one-two with Jahouh but it deflects off the legs of Gaurav Bora before going out for a corner-kick. 
79' The referee takes the card out of his pocket and writes Narayan Das' name on the book for a foul from behind on Edu Garcia in the final third. 
77' SHOT! Aridane sidesteps before giving the ball to Nandakumar Sekar who swings a deadly cross. Aridane saunters into the box and has a free header but the ball goes straight to the arms of Mohammed Nawaz. 
75' FC Goa looks dangerous on the counter but it comes to an end as Seiminlen Doungel concedes a foul on Martin Perez Guedes. 
74' MISS! What a miss from Edu Bedia! Odisha FC lose their defensive shape and Coro capitalizes on it with a splitting pass to Edu. With no one pressurizing him, he goes with the outside of his left foot in a one-on-one situation. But, it lacks power and Arshdeep sprawls himself to collect the ball. 
73' And, the substitute Edu Bedia gets a yellow card for conceding foul on Martin Perez Guedes in a harmless position on the pitch. 
70' Shubham Sarangi with a professional foul on Brandon Fernandes on the centre circle. The youngster needs to be cautious for not conceding silly fouls like that. 
69' Xisco releases Romeo on the far side of the pitch. No one closes him down but his crossing is awful and it lobs over everyone on the ground. 
67' FOUL! Gaurav Bora gets a yellow card in his first outing as he tugs the jersey of Ferran Corominas. Welcome to ISL, Gaurav!
66' Xisco gives a good pass to Aridane and the latter tries to turn past Carlos Pena but he fails to do so and the attack breaks down. 
64' Odisha FC get the ball running up front through Narayan Das on the overlap but he over-runs with it as the ball goes out for a goal-kick.

FC Goa make their second change.
OFF- Hugo Boumous
ON- Edu Bedia
62' SHOT! Seiminlen Doungel is one-on-one with the 'keeper but he shoots straight at Arshdeep. Coro fed a brilliant ball at him but instead of placing the ball at the far post, he went for power. 
61' Xisco with a brilliant floating ball but FC Goa's Carlos Pena clears the line this time. 
60' Marin Perez Guedes releases Nandhakumar inside the box but his shot is blocked by Seriton. 
58' SAVE! That was a top notch save from Mohammad Nawaz that even gets applause from Josep Gombau. Narayan Das with a swinging cross and Xisco flicks his head to keep the ball on the bottom corner. But, Nawaz kept his eye on the ball and dived full stretch to parry the ball away for a corner-kick. 
57' Nandakumar Sekar swings a high cross but it is nowhere. The Tamil Nadu lad is known for his ability to take shots but isn't getting in good positions. And, his crossing has been awful so far in the game. 
55' Nandakumar and Narayan try to attempt a cross through the left flank but Seriton and Doungel don't allow them so and FC Goa wins the possession again. They surge on the counter from the opposite flank. But, Mandar loses the ball to Shubham Sarangi. 
53' SHOT! FC Goa with a 3v3 situation and Coro lays the ball to Brandon Fernandes just outside the box. He turns with one touch and takes a shot with another but Arshdeep positions himself perfectly to get a hold at the ball. 
52' FC Goa take too much time with their passes in the final third and Odisha FC regroup themselves. They went all the way to the opposition box before going all the way back. 
51' CHANCE! Hugo Boumous with another low cross from just outside the six yard box after Doungel feeds him through. But, it had too much power for Coro to connect. 
50' Odisha FC make their final change with forty minutes left on the pitch. Will this haunt Odisha FC later in the game?

OFF- Jerry Mawihmingthanga
ON- Romeo Fernandes
49' Seiminlen Doungel runs all the way from his own half to the other half. But, it comes to nothing as Martin Perez Guedes cleans the ball from him. 
48' Mourtada Fall with a tackle this time on Jerry. FC Goa again win the ball this time. I think that is their strategy to hold Jerry. 
47' Jerry tries to break through the left wing with Jerry bombing but Seriton with a brilliant sliding tackle takes the ball as well as the man. 
46' Odisha FC make two changes in the half-time.

OFF- Diawandou Diagne, Daniel Lalhlimpuia
ON- Xisco Hernandez, Gaurav Bora
46' PEEP! The second half kicks off. 
Halftime: FC Goa 1-0 Odisha FC

FC Goa goes on the break with their noses up front. Ferran Corominas scored the solitary goal of the contest so far after he connected Hugo Boumous' pass from the right flank. Don't go anywhere as we will be back with our coverage in the second half. 
45+2' Odisha FC win a free-kick as Brandon Fernandes brings down Diawandou Diagne. Aridane Santana goes directly for the goal. His shot clears the wall but also clears the crossbar. 
45+1' Odisha FC try to break on the counter but Martin Perez Guedes' cross is headed away by Mourtada Fall again. Odisha FC has failed to win a single aerial duel in their attacking third. 
Two Minutes have been added on. 
43' Oscar to Coro! He himself fell down after colliding with Carlos Delgado and was playacting. The referee consults his assistant and gives a yellow card to Carlos Delgado for an alleged foul on the FC Goa player. Every Odisha FC player is bemused. 
42' Ferran Corominas is down with his hands holding his heart but the play continues. An FC Goa player clears the ball out of play as Coro receives treatment. 
40' FC Goa again break on the counter as Brandon's visionary pass is met by Hugo Boumous. But, with no one else to help, he gives the ball all the way back and it ultimately reaches their own 'keeper Mohammed Nawaz. 
39' Odisha FC are holding their lines tight and Carlos Pena's long ball to find Coro fails as Arshdeep comes off his line to collect it. 
37' Martin Perez Guedes' awful free-kick is straight to the wall. And, Mandar Rao Dessai gets the ball rolling for a counter. Hugo Boumous' chipped effort is blocked by Delgado's feet before ricocheting off his arm. But, the referee doesn't award the penalty as he deems it to be non-intentional. 
36' FC Goa concedes a cheap foul just outside the box after Diawandou Diagne lodged ahead from his own half with a slow run. Hugo Boumous pushes him from behind and is lucky not to see a yellow. He was nowhere near the ball. 
34' The game is turning out to be scrappy one in the final third as both sets of players are overdoing with the passes. But, whenever they have given the final ball, it has almost turned out to be a goal. 
31' Shubham Sarangi cuts between two FC Goa players before giving a side pass to Jerry. The latter with a high cross trying to find Daniel Lalhlimpuia but Mourtada Fall with his Himalayan figure heads the ball away. 
29' SHOT! Martin Perez Guedes has a look at the goal after Aridane Santana's defense splitting pass. But, his shot is deflected by an FC Goa player before trickling out for a corner-kick. That is the closest Odisha FC came to finding an equalizer. The Argentine went too far from the goal, however. 
28' Hugo Boumous goes for route-one football but the ball reaches the arms of Arshdeep Singh before Coro.
26' SHOT! Brandon Fernandes finally finds Mourtada Fall through his corner-kick but he is crowded by Carlos Delgado and his header is astray. 
25' Arshdeep Singh with a mispass straight to the feed of Coro. He gives the ball to Seiminlen Doungel on the right flank and his shot from a tight angle is blocked by the 'keeper. 
24' No one closes Brandon Fernandes on the left wing and he swings a mesmerising cross but Carlos Delgado again doesn't allow Coro to have a head to the ball. 
23' Daniel Lalhlimpuia drops down and passes the ball laterally to Jerry but he fails to keep the ball in play. The youngster is not having the best of his games tonight. 
22' Odisha FC are trying to slow down the tempo of the game by playing the ball amongst themselves in the defensive third. FC Goa are too fast for their passing game. 
20' FC Goa makes their first change. The player is coming out on the stretcher. Let's hope that is not something serious.

OFF- Jackichand Singh
ON- Seiminlen Doungel
18' GOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Ferran Corominas gives the home side the lead.

Jackichand Singh gives the ball to Hugo Boumous on the right flank and he cuts a brilliant ball. The two center backs are busy marking Brandon Fernandes and Coro ghosts from behind to tap the ball home. 
16' SHOT! Narayan Das comes up on the pitch on the overlap and gives the ball to Nandakumar Sekar on the far side. He finds Aridane Santana with an open header but the Spaniard's effort is agonizingly high. That is the best chance so far in the game. 
14' Tebar with a long ball finds Nandakumar with acres of space. He swings a low cross in the centre but Carlos Pena picks up the pieces and turns it into an FC Goa counter. However, it comes to halt as the home side loses the ball in the final third and Coro fouls Diagne trying to win the ball. 
12' CHANCE! FC Goa break on the counter with some quick passes after Odisha FC's long-range shot is well held by the home side. Ferran Corominas gives the ball to Jackichand Singh on the counter and the latter tries to cut through Narayan Das. But, the former Indian international denies him the luxury. 
11' Martin Perez Guedes with a wavy run in the center of the pitch and takes a shot at goal from distance. But, he gets his technique all wrong and that turns out to be an easy clearance for Mourtada Fall. 
10' Brandon's swinging cross is cleared by Odisha FC's Carlos Delgado. Mandar Rao Dessai releases Brandon on the rebound but his cross from the byline fails to find Mourtada Fall again. The Senegalese is the usual target from the set-pieces for the Goan. 
9' Boumous with a diagonal long ball releases Brandon in the right wing. Shubham Sarangi commits the first foul of his game with a late challenge on the Goan playmaker. FC Goa with another free-kick from a dangerous position. 
8' Nandakumar Sekar centers the ball from the left flank with a cross but Mourtada Fall clears the ball first-time. 
7' Brandon looks to find Mourtada Fall on the far post but Carlos Delgado gets his head to the ball first. Hugo Boumous wins the second ball and he cuts inside the box before lodging a low cross. But, Odisha FC defenders get to the ball again. FC Goa looking dangerous in the opening exchanges of the game. 
5' FOUL! FC Goa win a free-kick just at the edge of the box after Narayan fouls Jackichand from behind. What can the home side get from here?
3' Brandon's corner is cleared at the first post but FC Goa regains the possession. Hugo Boumous swings his boot from outside the box but it is deflected by Diawandou Diagne as the ball rolls out for another corner kick. The subsequent corner-kick is well blocked by Odisha FC. 
2' CHANCE! Jahouh with a scintillating pass in the middle finds Brandon and he chips the ball to Mandar Rao Dessai on the overlap. The FC Goa captain centers the ball with a low cross but it blazes across the face of goal before Odisha FC players kick the ball out for a corner-kick. 
1' PEEP! We are here at the Fatorda Stadium in Goa. 
Hands shaken and photographs clicked. We will be back with kick-off on the other side of the commercial break.
Both the sides are out of the tunnel. FC Goa are wearing their All-Orange jerseys with Odisha donning their away black kits. 
The likes of FC Goa's Manvir Singh and Odisha FC's Xisco Hernandez can make an impact off the bench. Both are valuable commodities for their respective teams and an extra man in the attack in the dying stages of the game can change the complexion of the game. 
Ferran Corominas' ability to ghost behind the defenders and slamming the ball past the 'keeper can come handy. Odisha are a composed defensive unit but someone of the calibre of Coro can break their concentration.
Watch out for Jerry Mawihminghthanga. Almost every team in the ISL so far has targetted FC Goa's left flank which is guarded by Mandar Rao Dessai. Jerry will be playing in Odisha's right-wing tonight and expect him to lodge a lot of crosses in the match. 
Talking Tactics- Odisha FC

Josep Gombau, too, will field his side in a 4-2-3-1 formation with Shubham Sarangi, Diawandou Diagne, Carlos Delgado, and Narayan Das forming the back-four. Martin Guedes and Marcos Tebar will form the defensive midfield partnership. The trio of Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Aridane Santana, and Nandhakumar Sekar will play a line ahead of them creating chances for their striker Daniel Lalhlimpuia. 
Talking Tactics- FC Goa

FC Goa is expected to continue their relationship in a 4-2-3-1 formation. The back four of Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Carlos Pena, and Mandar Rao Dessai will take charge of the defensive proceedings of the game from their right to the left side. Lenny Rodrigues and Ahmed Jahouh will sit ahead of them allowing Hugo Boumous to foray forward. The likes of Brandon Fernandes and Jackichand will be threatening from the wings feeding balls to their lone striker Ferran Corominas. 
Odisha FC, on the other hand, has made two changes to the side that defeated Hyderabad FC 3-2. Vinit Rai is omitted from the matchday squad owing to a suspension and Martin Perez Guedes takes his place in the starting line-up. To not exceed the foreign quota, Xisco Hernandez has been sacrificed allowing Daniel Lalhlimpuia to have his taste of ISL football from the first minute. 
FC Goa has made no changes to the side that defeated ATK 2-1 in their last home match. The Gaurs are looking forward to continue their winning combination. 
Odisha FC: Arshdeep Singh (GK), Shubham Sarangi, Diawandou Diagne, Carlos Delgado, Narayan Das, Martin Perez Guedes, Marcos Tebar, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Nandakumar Sekar, Aridane Santana, Daniel Lalhlimpuia

Subs: Francisco Dorronsoro (GK), Mohammed Sajid Dhot, Gaurav Bora, Rana Gharami, Bikramjit Singh, Xisco Hernandez, Romeo Fernandes
FC Goa: Mohammad Nawaz (GK), Seriton Fernandes, Mourtada Fall, Carlos Pena, Mandar Rao Dessai, Lenny Rodrigues, Ahmed Jahouh, Brandon Fernandes, Hugo Boumous, Jackichand Singh, Ferran Corominas

Subs: Naveen Kumar (GK), Amey Ranawade, Chinglensana Singh, Saviour Gama, Edu Bedia, Seiminlen Doungel, Manvir Singh
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to Sportskeeda's live blog of tonight's FC Goa vs Odisha FC ISL match. This is your host, Abhishek Kundu. The line-ups will be announced at any moment from now. 
Odisha FC has scored five goals through crosses, the joint-highest in ISL so far. 
Odisha FC's star striker has scored four goals in the tournament so far and all four of those came away from home. The center-back duo of FC Goa- Mourtada Fall and Carlos Pena- will have to be wary of his aerial threat. 
Vinit Rai will miss tonight's FC Goa vs Odisha FC encounter as he picked up a red card for his side in their last match against Hyderabad FC. Odisha won that contest 3-2, nonetheless. 
Want to know Sportskeeda's prediction of tonight's encounter and where to watch details? Read our official preview here.  
FC Goa's free-flowing brand of football does make them susceptible through the wings. The likes of Jerry Mawihmingthanga and Nandakumar Sekar can take advantage of it, with the former having four assists to his name already in the competition. 
Do watch out for late goals from FC Goa. The Gaurs have managed to find the back of the net in the last quarter of the game on five different occasions. Odisha FC, on the other hand, has given away four cheap goals in the same time period. 
FC Goa's set-piece abilities and Odisha FC's susceptibility can be a factor in tonight's game. Sergio Lobera's side has scored nine of the fifteen goals through set-pieces whereas Josep Gombau's side has conceded five goals. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL 2019-20 match between FC Goa and Odisha FC here at the Fatorda Stadium. The match will kick-off at 7:30 PM.
FC Goa is coming on the back of back-to-back victories over Hyderabad FC and ATK. They are sitting at the third place on the points table but a win would propel them to the summit at the halfway mark of the league stage of ISL. The Gaurs have lost just one match in their campaign so far, which was against an in-form Jamshedpur FC. 
Odisha FC won their last ISL match against bottom-placed Hyderabad FC in a five-goal thriller and ended their four-match winless streak. Their only other victory in the competition remains against Mumbai City FC.
FC Goa's Sergio Lobera like to play a free-flowing style of football, having made the most number of passes in the league stages of the competition so far. This season, they have also found the back of the net with set-pieces, something one normally doesn't associate with the Gaurs, with 60% of their goals coming from that manner.
Odisha FC, too, likes to pass around the ball but haven't been successful to dominate the game as their opponents do. They are the only side in ISL to have conceded as many goals as they have scored.
FC Goa's biggest asset is Brandon Fernandes. The local lad delivers the set-pieces and has already racked up five assists to his name. For Odisha FC, it is their striker Aridane Santana. His aerial threat, as well as the ability to drop deep, makes him a Perfect #9 for his team. It allows others like Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Xisco Hernandez, and Nandakumar Sekar to make inroads as well. 
In the battle of Spanish managers- Sergio Lobera and Josep Gombau- who will come on top? Follow this live blog to know more. 
B. Fernandes
Coro, Penalty
M. Singh
S. Doungel
B. Fernandes
assist: Coro
N. Das
Edu Bedia
G. Bora
Edu Bedia
H. Boumous
R. Fernandes
J. Mawihmingthanga
G. Bora
D. Lalhlimpuia
Xisco Hernández
D. Diagné
Carlos Delgado
S. Doungel
J. Singh
assist: H. Boumous
Odisha (4-2-3-1)
Josep Gombau Balague (Manager)
M. Nawaz
M. Desai
M. Fall
S. Fernandes
A. Jahouh
L. Rodrigues
B. Fernandes
H. Boumous
J. Singh
Arsh Saini
N. Das
Carlos Delgado
D. Diagné
S. Sarangi
Marcos Tébar
M. Pérez
N. Sekar
D. Lalhlimpuia
J. Mawihmingthanga
Odisha (4-2-3-1)
Josep Gombau Balague (Manager)
Goa Subs
Edu Bedia
S. Doungel
S. Gama
N. Kumar
A. Ranawade
K. Singh
M. Singh
Odisha Subs
G. Bora
M. Dhot
R. Fernandes
R. Gharami
Xisco Hernández
B. Singh
17 SHOTS 12
20 FOULS 13
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
2 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
3 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 9
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium (Fatorda Stadium)
Match time Sun, 22 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 22, 2019 21:26 PM | Published: Dec 22, 2019 18:04 PM