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HYD vs KER Match Result - ISL 2019-20
2 - 1
Kerala Blasters
M. Stankovic (P) 54'
Marcelinho 81'
34' R. Praveen
FT : Hyderabad FC 2-1 Kerala Blasters

A second-half comeback from Hyderabad FC with goals from Marko Stankovic and Marcelinho Pereira have given them their first ever win in the short history of their team. Kerala Blasters took the lead through the youngster Rahul KP but a scrappy but dedicated performance from the home side did manage to overcome the Kerala challenge.

The highlight of the game is surely the classy free-kick from Marcelinho which found the top-right corner giving the home side the lead. Hyderabad FC move to 8th in the standings while Kerala Blasters stay on 7th.

Hyderabad FC now host NorthEast United on 6 November while Kerala Blasters will host new entrants Odisha FC on 8 November.

This is your host, Sayak Dipta Dey (@sierradeltax2) signing off. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the coverage of ISL and Indian Football. Thank You and Good Night. 
90+6' Sergio Cidoncha delivers in the ball from the free-kick towards the danger area but Hyderabad get it clear.
90+5' Free-kick to Kerala Blasters outside the box.
90+4' Holicharan Narzary delivers in a good cross from the left towards Ogbeche but Kamaljit Singh fists it away to safety.
12,114 is the attendance today for Hyderabad FC's maiden home game at the GMC Balyogi Athletic Stadium in Hyderabad.
Marcelinho Leite Pereira of Hyderabad FC announced as the 'Man of the Match' for today's game for his peach of a free-kick and the many chances he created for his side.
90+2' Jairo Rodrigues booked for sticking out a leg and bringing down Marcelinho Pereira in the centre of the field.
90' 5 Minutes added on.
89' Prashanth Kumar delivers in a long ball, Bouli heads it into the box, Tarif Akhand clears.
87' Tarif Akhand replaces Robin Singh for Hyderabad FC. Robin Singh came-off clutching his hamstring.
86' Kerala Blasters have committed almost all of their team up the field as they look for the equaliser in the final few minutes.
85' Couple of Hyderabad FC players down with cramps. Possible attempt to while away some seconds on the clock.
84' Bartholomew Ogbeche tries to find the bottom left corner with a shot from outside the box but his shot lacks both direction and power, and rolls out for just a Hyderabad FC goal-kick.
83' Holicharan Narzary goes for goal from distance. Kamaljit saves.
81' GOAL! Marcelinho scores with a brilliant free-kick from outside of the Kerala Blasters box. Right in the top corner as Rehenesh TP tries to save the ball with a full-stretched dive but to of no use. The home side lead.
80' Moustapha Gning booked for bringing down Nikhil Poojary with a heavy and untimed tackle. Free-kick to Hyderabad FC in a dangerous position.
79' Holicharan Narzary replaces Rahul KP for Kerala Blasters.
78' Gurtej Singh booked for bringing down Rahul KP.
77' Marcelinho misses the target by inches with his curled attempt from inside the Kerala box.
76' Mohammed Yasir tries to curl the ball in from the edge of the Kerala box. Rehenesh collects.
75' Messi Bouli finds Prashanth Kumar whose header lacks conviction and direction. Kamaljit Singh collects it.
74' CLOSE! Jessel Carneiro fires a bullet of a shot from distance after being played on from a Kerala Blasters corner. The shot wheezes past the Hyderabad FC goal by a few mere centimetres. Would have been a superhero finish if that would have went in. 
73' Shankar Sampingraj penalised for bringing down Messi Bouli.
72' The resultant corner is collected with ease by Kamaljit Singh cleanly.
71' Ogbeche looks for Messi in the box, swings in a cross, Kamaljit parries it away for a corner.
69' Cidoncha delivers in a great curling ball, Gurtej fists it away to safety and clatters into his defender, Kilgallon to prevent Jairo Rodrigues from heading it in.
68' Moustapha Gning brought down by Nikhil Poojary at the edge of the Hyderabad FC box in the left side.
66' Sergio Cidoncha delivers in a ball towards Ogbeche, Kilgallon heads it to safety.
65' Messi Bouli goes for goal on a volley, misses the target by not so much.
64' Marko Stankovic booked.
62' Rahul KP wriggles past two Hyderabad FC defenders, sets up Bartholomew Ogbeche in front of the goal who tries to be a bit too clever and flicks it off on to goal instead of tapping it home and has his shot saved on goal-line.
60' Abhishek Halder cuts the Hyderabad defenders near the left flank and crosses it towards his fellow player in the penalty area but it is too heavy and it goes past the diving keeper. It is outside.
58' Sahal Abdul Samad replaced by Messi Bouli for Kerala Blasters.
56' Marcelinho goes long and mighty from distance as he spots Rehenesh out of his line, the end result is a Kerala Blasters goal-kick.
54' GOAL! Marko Stankovic scores the first ever Hyderabad FC goal at the first ever home game of Hyderabad FC from the spot. He drives it low and straight after Rehenesh commits himself to the right. Game on here in Gachibowli!
53' Moustapha Gning brings down Mohammed Yaseer in the box from a Hyderabad corner. The home side get a penalty.
51' Abhishek Haldar with a wide ball forward to Robin Singh who takes one touch, too many and allows Kerala Blasters to get the ball back.
49' Robin Singh gets in an floated ball towards Marcelinho. Gaikwad heads it to safety.
48' Marcelinho drives in an accurate ball to Robin Singh who misses the ball completely and nutmegs himself.
47' Abdul Samad plays Prashanth Kumar whose shot is collected with ease by Gurtej.
Second-half kicks-off.
HALF TIME : Hyderabad FC 0-1 Kerala Blasters

An evenly poised first-half comes to an end. Both teams got an equal number of half-chances to score but failed. A good ball from Sahal allowed Rahul to put the visitors ahead. A similar tactical and close second-half on the other side. Stay tuned to Sportskeeda
45+3' Raju Gaikward stamps on Robin Singh outside the Kerala box but the referee allows play-on. Robin Singh looks hurt but is eventually up and running.
45+2' Prashanth Kumar delivers in a disappointing low ball from the right. Kilgallon intercepts.
46' 2 Minutes Added on.
43' Marcelinho goes for goal from distance, Kamaljit saves.
42' Ogbeche has a chance to burn pace and score, but his first touch lets him down.
39' Sahal Abdul Samad delivers in a floating ball towards Ogbeche but the latter fails to rise high and head the ball in.
38' Hyderabad FC burst on to counter, Nikhil Poojary races past the Kerala defence in the left wing, has Robin Singh at the centre waiting for the ball but Poojary takes too much time to take a decision and messes up the entire situation.
37' Kerala Blasters get a corner swung in, cleared by Hyderabad FC.
35' GOAL! Sahal Abdul Samad with a quality lofted ball towards Rahul KP who outfoxes the slow Hyderabad defence and finishes it first time. Gurtej Kumar comes-off his line but is too late. The visitors lead 1-0 in Hyderabad.
34' Jairo Rodrigues gives the ball to his keeper Rahanesh TP who almost misjudges the ball and allows Abhishek Haldar to get close to him and score. Somehow the danger is averted.
32' Bartholomew Ogbeche goes solo, shoots and misses the target.
30' Kerala Blasters try to hit Hyderabad. Rahul KP has the chance to deliver in a good ball to Ogbeche in the box but an on-rushing Gurtej Kumar tracks back in time and outmuscles the youngster to win the ball back.
28' Marcelinho and Robin Singh try to combine and get through the Kerala defence. However, Robin Singh takes an eternity to sort out his feet and give the ball to Marcelinho, and he is eventually dispossessed by the Kerala defence.
25' Bartholomew Ogbeche penalised for pushing down Marko Stankovic during a set-piece situation.
23' Midfield battle has intensified here at Hyderabad. Both teams indulged in exchanging quick possession among themselves at the centre of the park.
21' Rahul KP goes for goal, mishits the shot and misses the target. Kamaljit Singh had the corners covered though.
19' Barhtolomew Ogbeche plays Prashanth Kumar on the right wing who only had to give it inside the Hyderabad box but he misses the ball itself and it runs down for a Hyderabad FC goal-kick.
17' Marcelinho breaks on to counter, gets past two defenders but is eventually outnumbered in the Kerala box after finding no options to give the ball to.
15' Sergio Cidoncha and Moustapha Gning combine and allow Rahul KP to break through the Hyderabad defence. His shot is hurried and goes over the target.
14' Substitution for Kerala Blasters. Raju Gaikwad replaces an injured Gianni Zuiverloon.
13' Sahal Abdul Samad goes for goal from distance, Kamaljeet Singh collects.
12' Marcelinho swings in a good flat corner, Jairo Rodrigues heads it away for safety.
11' Gianni Zuiverloon is stretchered off the field as he looks seriously hurt.
8' Robin Singh is tasked to chase a stranded ball but is penalised for overpowering Carneiro with force.
7' A good ball from Moustapha towards Abdul Samad but Kilgallon is jolly on the spot to intercept the intended pass.
5' Too many fouls and stoppages early on. This is Rohit Kumar who brings down Moustapha Gning in the Hyderabad box near the centre of the field.
4' Sahal Abdul Samad elbowed down by Marko Stankovic while going for aerial ball.
2' Prashanth penalised early-on for bringing down Abhishek Haldar.
0' Kick-off. Kerala Blasters get us underway in their traditional yellow colours. Hyderabad have donned their home black kits.
Pre-Match Formalities done and dusted. Kick-off moments away.
The teams line up for the Indian National Anthem.
The teams are walking out to the middle of the pitch. Huge number of away fans here. A complete block in the middle of the stands is all yellow. Good support for the home side as well.
A historic night here in Hyderabad as Indian Top Division Football makes way to the City of Nizams for the first time since several decades. The city is out in good numbers at the stands. Expecting a cracker of a game here.
The teams are done with their training and are heading towards their dressing rooms for the match action on the other side.
The substitutes' list of both the teams are as follows :

Hyderabad FC : Laxmikant Kattimani (GK), Asish Rai, Tarif Akhand, Abhash Thapa, Deependra Negi, Sahil Tavora
Odisha FC : Bilal Khan (GK), Raju Gaikwad, Pritam Singh, Halicharan Narzary, Samuel Lalmuanpuia, Mohammed Rafi, Messi Bouli
Line-ups for today's game :

Hyderabad FC : Kamaljit Singh (GK/C), Matthew Kilgallon, Gurtej Singh, Mohammed Yasir, Nikhil Poojary, Rohit Kumar, Shankar Sampingraj, Marko Stankovic, Robin Singh, Abhishek Halder, Marcelo Pereira

Kerala Blasters : TP Rehenesh (GK), Mohamad Rakip, Jairo Rodrigues, Jessel Carneiro, Gianni Zuiverloon, Sergio Cidoncha, Sahal Abdul Samad, Rahul KP, Prasanth Karuthadathkuni, Mouhamadou Gning, Bartholomew Ogbeche (C).
Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's LIVE coverage of the ISL tie between Hyderabad FC and Kerala Blasters.
Hyderabad FC will play their first ever home game in the Indian Super League on Saturday evening, when they host Kerala Blasters at the GMC Balayogi Athletic Stadium in Gachibowli. The side coached by Phil Brown has endured a disastrous start to its debut season, losing their first two games, conceding eight goals in the process while only scoring one.The Blasters, on the other hand, will look to get back to winning ways, having lost their last game 1-0 to Mumbai City FC, at home in Kochi. That followed a win on the opening day, when they beat ATK 2-1.

The game will be kick-off at 7.30 PM IST.
T. Akhand
R. Singh
M. Gning
H. Narzary
R. Praveen
G. Singh
M. Stankovic
R. Bouli
S. Samad
M. Stankovic, Penalty
A. Halder
R. Praveen
assist: S. Samad
R. Gaikwad
G. Zuiverloon
Kerala Blasters (4-2-3-1)
Eelco Schattorie (Manager)
K. Singh
M. Kilgallon
S. Sampingiraj
G. Singh
M. Yasir
R. Kumar
M. Stankovic
N. Poojari
R. Singh
A. Halder
R. Paramba
J. Carneiro
G. Zuiverloon
M. Rakip
M. Gning
R. Praveen
S. Samad
P. Karuthadathkuni
B. Ogbeche
Kerala Blasters (4-2-3-1)
Eelco Schattorie (Manager)
Hyderabad Subs
T. Akhand
L. Kattimani
D. Negi
A. Rai
S. Tavora
A. Thapa
Kerala Blasters Subs
R. Gaikwad
B. Khan
S. Lalmuanpuia
R. Bouli
H. Narzary
M. Rafi
S. Singh
10 SHOTS 18
13 FOULS 9
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 4 3 0 1 7 9
2 FC Goa 4 2 2 0 5 8
3 NorthEast United FC 4 2 2 0 2 8
4 Jamshedpur FC 4 2 1 1 1 7
5 Bengaluru FC 4 1 3 0 3 6
6 Odisha FC 4 1 1 2 0 4
7 Kerala Blasters FC 4 1 1 2 -1 4
8 Mumbai City FC 4 1 1 2 -3 4
9 Hyderabad FC 4 1 0 3 -7 3
10 Chennaiyin FC 4 0 1 3 -7 1
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 3
Stadium GMC Balayogi Stadium
Match time Sat, 02 Nov 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Nov 02, 2019 21:29 PM | Published: Nov 02, 2019 18:57 PM