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HYD vs ODI Match Result - ISL 2019-20
1 - 2
Marcelinho 1'
Bobô (PM) 33'
15' Aridane
45'+4' Aridane (P)
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! It has finished Hyderabad FC 1-2 Odisha FC here at the GMC Stadium in Hyderabad and the away side consolidate their fourth spot in the points table with this win. They are now level on points with ATK. I had predicted the same if you followed the live blog from the beginning. Here is your host, Abhishek Kundu, bidding adieu. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian Football news. 
90+4' Kilgallon drives a cross but Odisha FC's defenders head the ball out for a corner kick. Marcelinho takes it and even Kamaljit Singh is up front but the away side holds on to the lines and that's it. 
90+3' SHOT! Adil Khan takes a shot from distance and with eight players in front of him, the ball misses everyone, the goalkeeper, and the crossbar. 
90+2' Francisco Dorronsoro gets a yellow card for delaying in taking the goal-kick. 
90+1' MISS! If there was an award for the Miss of the Season, Bobo is proving himself to be a strong contender of that. Adil Khan lobbed the ball upfront from the byline and with the entire goal gaping at him, the Brazilian heads the ball above the crossbar. Bobo is down lying on his back and should be cursing himself. 
90' Four Minutes have been added on. 
89' SAVE! Giles Barnes connects a Marcelinho's cross from inside the box but Dorronsoro kept his eyes to the ball and makes a brilliant save. He is the Man of the Match for me. 
88' Albert Roca is in the stands sitting beside their owner Varun Tripuraneni. He doesn't seem happy with his players. Looks like he is demanding the shopping list for the next season.  
86' MISS! Bobo, what have you done? Yasir flies a good cross from the left flank and Bobo towers above his marker to meet his head with the ball from close range. But, he misses the goal from close range. Looks like the Brazilian is not having his day. His confidence level has dropped significantly after that missed penalty. 
84' Hyderabad FC make their final change.

OFF- Nestor Gordillo
ON- Mohammed Yasir
83' Odisha FC make another surge through the wings, this time from the left by Fanai. But, the Hyderabad FC defenders were alert this time. 
82' Odisha FC's Marcos Tebar lobs a long ball and Martin Perez Guedes almost scored the third goal for Odisha FC as no-one marked him and he was through at goal. But, Kamaljit Singh comes out of his line to punch the ball away. 
80' Odisha FC surges forward collectively and Aridane Santana swings a low cross at the near post. But, Jerry dummies it and the ball goes out of play after getting a touch off Gurtej Singh's foot. The corner is wasted.  
77' SHOT! Nestor Gordillo gets the better of Shubham Sarangi again and lays it for Sahil Tavora at the edge of the box. The youngster makes an effort from distance but it is wide. 
76' Hyderabad FC make their second change.

OFF- Nikhil Poojary
ON- Giles Barnes
75' Fanai beats Nikhil Poojary with a heavy touch and even goes past Kilgallon who drifted left to maintain the balance. But, there is no Odisha FC player to meet his final cross. 
73' Lalchhuanmawia takes a shot. But, he got his technique and everything all right. 
71' Daniel Lalhlimpuia takes a shot from distance but his shot kisses the sky. The former Bengaluru FC striker got the opportunity after Aridane Santana won the ball in the middle of the pitch. 
69' A brilliant through ball by Nestor Gordillo. But, neither Bobo nor Marcelinho fail to get at the end of it. That pass pierced Odisha FC defence as a knife cuts butter. 
67' Odisha FC have all the time in the world to play passes among themselves. They are showing no signs of urgency. The stats show they have made 305 passes versus 107 of Hyderabad FC as of this writing. 
65' Nestor Gordillo gets around Shubham Sarangi and curls a corner from the right flank to the far post. But, Asish Rai fails to get there and the ball goes out of play. 
62' Marcelinho goes from the distance and tries to keep his shot at the far post. But, is agonizingly high and wide. He apologizes to his entire Hyderabad FC team. 
61' Shubham Sarangi makes a mistimed challenge on Sahil Tavora and Hyderabad FC win a free-kick in a dangerous situation. 
57' Odisha FC make a double change. Josep Gombau has played all his cards. This could be risky and backfire as more than thirty minutes of play are remaining.

OFF- Xisco Hernandez, Vinit Rai
ON- Martin Perez Guedes, Daniel Lalhlimpuia
55' Odisha FC are playing too much square passes amongst themselves. They know Hyderabad FC will not press them high as they are a man down. 
53' Marcelinho with a disgusting elbow on Narayan Das. The referee stops the play and cautions the Brazilian. You do that one more time, you will go in the book. 
50' Xisco Hernandez goes in the book for a tackle from behind on Nestor Gordillo. That was a nasty attempt. I am surprised, how that is not a straight red card. 
49' SAVE, Goal-Line Clearance, and Crossbar! That is too much action in the first five minutes of the game in quick succession. 

With no one closing him down, Jerry flies a shot from inside the box but Kamaljit Singh makes a good dive to prevent the ball from bulging the back of the net. Aridane Santana pounces at the second ball but his header is meek and Asish Rai makes a goal-line clearance. Vinit Rai takes a shot from the outside of the box. Kamaljit is beaten but the shot rattles the crossbar. 
47' Hyderabad FC have shifted to a back-four with Gurtej Singh playing in the centre-back position alongside Matthew Kilgallon. Let's see how that fares. Nikhil Poojary and Asish Rai won't bomb forward much. 
46' PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! An entertaining second half awaits us here at the GMC Stadium in Hyderabad. 
PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle. It ends Hyderabad FC 1-2 Odisha FC. Marcelinho gave the home side the early lead but Aridane Santana made most of the shabby defending from the bottom-placed side and reversed the fortunes of his club. Also, he leads the ISL Golden Boot race with that goal.  
45+3' GOOOOOOOOOOAL! Aridane Santana doesn't miss like Bobo and finds the back of the net. He smothers the ball into Kamaljit's left after the goalkeeper dives to his right. 
45+2' Penalty to Odisha FC and Aridane Santana is ready to take it up. 
45+2' A second yellow card to Hyderabad FC's debutant Dimple Bhagat and the home side is reduced to ten men. He made a high boot challenge on Aridane Santana inside the box and the referee R Venkatesh is not listening to any mercy. 
Three Minutes have been added on. 
45' CROSSBAR! Hyderabad FC's Nestor Gordillo goes for glory from 40 yards out but it hits the upright and returns back to play. That would have been some wonder goal had that gone in. 
44' Odisha FC make a forced change.

OFF- Nandhakumar Sekar
ON- Lalchhuanmawia Fanai
42' Odisha FC's Vinit Rai pulls Marcelinho from behind. That tactical foul by the Indian international at the centre-circle earns him the sixth yellow card of the season. He is leading the yellow card charts. No prizes for guessing who is second. It is none other than Marcelinho. 
40' Nandhakumar Sekar flies a cross from the left flank but Kamaljit Singh parries the ball away. However, it falls only to Jerry on the right flank inside the box. Instead of going for glory from his first touch, he goes for the control and that concedes crucial minutes. Santana has a shot from outside the box, nonetheless but it is wide. 
36' Bobo flicks the ball in the left side of the pitch. Shubham Sarangi tries to shepherd the ball out of play but Nestor comes from behind and wins the ball right beneath his eyes. He takes a shot targetted at the near post but Dorronsoro had his lines covered and averts the danger. 

Narayan Das floats a brilliant cross from the left flank and Aridane Santana heads the ball into the goal. But, the assistant raises the flag. That was a 100% correct decision. Aridane pretended to be injured and didn't bother to track back. 
34' Kamaljit Singh gives away the ball to Odisha FC's Nandhakumar Sekar despite no one pressurizing for him. Luckily for Hyderabad FC, the team regains possession. 
33' MISS! Bobo goes towards Dorronsoro's right and the goalkeeper guesses it correctly. That is a top-notch save by the Spaniard to keep his side in the contest. 
32' Penalty to Hyderabad FC! Nestor Gordillo chips the ball from inside the box and it hits the arms of Shubham Sarangi. The winger-turned-defender is dejected with his awful effort. 
31' Dorronsoro comes out of his line to flick the ball away with his strong palms. 
30' Marcelinho goes for a long-range shot after neither of the Odisha FC defensive midfielders closes him down. But, Gaurav Bora makes a crucial block and the ball trickles out for a corner-kick. 
29' Matthew Kilgallon towers above his marker in this Hyderabad FC corner kick but his header isn't connected properly and the ball goes sideways rather than forward. 
27' Hyderabad FC's Nestor Gordillo cuts inside from the left and drives a low cross. Odisha FC's hasty clearance is met by a shot from distance by Bobo. But, his shot curved a little late and is well wide. 
26' And, Adil Khan tries for an ambitious shot near the centre circle after dispossessing Marcos Tebar. However, it balloons into the stand. 
25' Odisha FC make a mispass in the final third and Nestor Gordillo pings a through ball. But, it was intended to no one but Dorronsoro comes out of his line to get a foot to it. 
22' Hyderabad FC make a forced change.

OFF- Rohit Kumar
ON- Sahil Tavora
20' Rohit Kumar is down again and the stretchers might be out. His time looks to be out. Sahil Tavora is preparing to replace him. 
17' Aridane Santana almost gave Odisha FC the lead here. The Spaniard connects the corner in the near post after Rohit Kumar lost him. However, his shot misfires and hits the side-netting. 
15' Debutant Dimple Bhagat gets a yellow card. Welcome to the ISL, young lad. 
14' GOOOOOOOAL! Aridane Santana restores the parity for Odisha FC.

Matthew Kilgallon misses to head the ball away from a looping throw-in by Shubham Sarangi and Carlos Delgado ends up taking a shot. But, Kamaljit sprawls himself to prevent the ball from crossing the goal-line. However, his efforts prove to be of no avail as Aridane Santana was lurking in behind to stick out his leg and make the most of the loose ball. That is school-boy error by someone of a calibre who has played in the English Premier League.  
13' Another long ball pinged this time by Carlos Delgado, but it was too fast for Jerry. 
12' And, as we say that Marcos Tebar lobs a long ball behind the Hyderabad FC defense all the way from his own half and Jerry traps the ball. He lays it off for Xisco who takes the shot first time from outside the box. But, his effort is high. 
11' Odisha FC are playing square passes in the back, showing very little urgency ahead. 
7' Odisha FC's left-back Narayan Das lodges a cross but Kilgallon gets his head to the ball first and the attack fizzles later. 
6' Odisha FC try build from behind but high press from Hyderabad FC  is preventing them to even reach the centre-circle. 
3' Well, we have the confirmation that it was the fastest goal in season 6 of ISL. The all-time record stands with Jerry Mawihmingthanga. 
1' GOOOOOOOOAL! Marcelinho gives an early lead for Hyderabad FC.

Nestor Gordillo drills a chipped cross from the right side of the pitch and it is not cleared properly by the Odisha FC defenders. Nikhil Poojary flies a shot but Dorronsoro saves it. However, the rebound falls to an unmarked Marcelinho just inside of the box and despite eight white jerseys in the box, none of them can make a block. The ball nestles into the back of the net catching Dorronsoro off-guard. 
National Anthems done, greetings exchanged, and photographs clicked. On the other side of the commercial break, we will be back with the kick-off. 
The home side is wearing their home All-Blacks jersey whereas the away side is donning All-Whites. Contrasting colours worn by the teams, will it also be contrasting fortunes for the teams on the pitch? Do stay tuned to find out. 
Hyderabad FC's assistant coach Mehrajuddin Wadoo will be calling the shots from the sidelines. 
Read our official preview of the game. 
The teams are about to come out from the tunnel. Prediction: Hyderabad FC 1-2 Odisha FC
Odisha FC have scored nine out of their seventeen goals from crosses. Seven of them have come from the right side of the field. Hyderabad FC's left midfielder Nikhil Poojary and Gurtej Singh, who plays as a left centre-back in the back-three need to be on their toes constantly. 
Odisha FC are set to continue with their balanced 4-2-3-1 formation. Carlos Delgado and Gaurav Bora will form the centre-back partnership with Shubham Sarangi and Narayan Das defending the wider areas of the pitch. Marcos Tebar and Vinit Rai will guard the centre of the midfield whereas Xisco Hernandez will take care of the attacking side of the pitch. Nandhakumar Sekar and Jerry Mawihmingthanga will bomb the wings with Aridane Santana dropping deep and scoring goals when being the farthest player up front.  
Hyderabad FC are likely to field themselves in a 3-4-3 formation. Dimple Bhagat, Gurtej Singh, and Matthew Kilgallon will form the back-three and Adil Khan and Rohit Kumar will dictate the proceedings of the defensive part of the game. Nikhil Poojary and Asish Rai will cover the wings and feed the balls to the front three of Marcelinho, Nestor Gordillo, and Bobo. 
Odisha FC have named an unchanged side that defeated Mumbai City FC 2-0. They are on a three-match winning streak and head coach Josep Gombau doesn't want to fix that is well-oiled. 
For those who don't know the credentials of Dimple Bhagat, he is a former India U-19 international and played for Peninsula Pune Football Academy and Pune FC Academy in his amateur days. He turned out for Gokulam Kerala in the previous season in the I-League.  
Hyderabad FC have made one change to the side that got hammered 1-3 by Chennaiyin FC in their last encounter. Marko Stankovic sits out of the contest after he got yellow carded four times in this competition. Dimple Bhagat makes his debut for the Nizams tonight. 
Odisha FC: Francisco Dorronsoro (GK), Shubham Sarangi, Carlos Delgado, Gaurav Bora, Narayan Das, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Vinit Rai, Marcos Tebar, Xisco Hernandez, Nandhakumar Sekar, Aridane Santana

Subs: Arshdeep Singh (GK), Lalchhuanmawia Fanai, Mohammad Dhot, Bikramjit Singh, Diawandou Diagne, Martin Guedes, Daniel Lalhlimpuia
Hyderabad FC: Kamaljit Singh (GK), Gurtej Singh, Dimple Bhagat, Asish Rai, Matthew Kilgallon, Nikhil Poojary, Nestor Gordillo, Adil Khan, Rohit Kumar, Bobo, Marcelo Perreira

Subs: Laxmikant Kattimani, Mohammed Yasir, Sahil Panwar, Sahil Tavora, Abhishek Halder, Giles Barnes, Robin Singh
Hyderabad FC have sacked Phil Brown and have announced Albert Roca as his replacement. However, he will take charge of the team from the sidelines only from the next season. 
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of today's ISL match Hyderabad FC vs Odisha FC. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The line-ups should be out at any moment from now. 
M. Yasir
Néstor Gordillo
G. Barnes
N. Poojari
M. Pérez
Xisco Hernández
D. Lalhlimpuia
V. Rai
Xisco Hernández
Aridane, Penalty
D. Bhagat
L. Fanai
N. Sekar
V. Rai
S. Tavora
R. Kumar
D. Bhagat
Odisha (4-2-3-1)
Josep Gombau Balague (Manager)
K. Singh
D. Bhagat
M. Kilgallon
G. Singh
A. Rai
A. Khan
R. Kumar
N. Poojari
Néstor Gordillo
N. Das
Carlos Delgado
G. Bora
S. Sarangi
Marcos Tébar
V. Rai
N. Sekar
Xisco Hernández
J. Mawihmingthanga
Odisha (4-2-3-1)
Josep Gombau Balague (Manager)
Hyderabad Subs
G. Barnes
A. Halder
L. Kattimani
S. Panwar
R. Singh
S. Tavora
M. Yasir
Odisha Subs
M. Dhot
D. Diagné
L. Fanai
D. Lalhlimpuia
M. Pérez
B. Singh
Arsh Saini
17 SHOTS 13
8 FOULS 16
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 FC Goa 18 12 3 3 23 39
2 ATK 18 10 4 4 17 34
3 Bengaluru FC 18 8 6 4 9 30
4 Chennaiyin FC 18 8 5 5 6 29
5 Mumbai City FC 18 7 5 6 -4 26
6 Odisha FC 18 7 4 7 -3 25
7 Kerala Blasters FC 18 4 7 7 -3 19
8 Jamshedpur FC 18 4 6 8 -13 18
9 NorthEast United FC 18 2 8 8 -14 14
10 Hyderabad FC 18 2 4 12 -18 10
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 13
Stadium GMC Balayogi Stadium
Match time Wed, 15 Jan 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 15, 2020 21:29 PM | Published: Jan 15, 2020 17:53 PM