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Indian Super League 2020 Live Scoreboard: JF vs HF Live Score

That's it from your host Abhishek Kundu. It has ended 0-0 between Jamshedpur FC and Hyderabad FC here at the Tilak Maidan Stadium in Vasco. In case you want to follow today's second ISL live blog between Bengaluru FC and Odisha FC, you can catch it here
90+5' PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! And, the referee blows his final whistle as it ends 0-0 here at Vasco. 
90+4' Hitesh Sharma swings a free-kick to the penalty box, but Rehenesh TP is fouled and the referee awards a free-kick to Jamshedpur FC. 
90+2' WRONG SIDE OF THE NET! Aitor Monroy lofts a chipped pass towards Farukh Choudhary on the left flank and the Indian international beats Asish Rai with his first touch. He is one-on-one with Hyderabad FC goalkeeper and he tries to dink the ball past him. However, his effort hits the side-netting. 
90+1' Aitor Monroy swings his sixth corner kick into the penalty spot and Eze once again gets his head to it. However, his connection wasn't smooth. The referee blows his whistle to pause play as Aridane Santana and Asish Rai collided with each other and find themselves down on the ground. 
90' Akash Mishra concedes a corner to Jamshedpur FC as Aniket Jadhav troubles him. 
89' Halicharan Narzary swings a cross to the far post, but Liston Colaco fails to time his volley properly. The scoreline remains goalless here at Vasco. 
88' SHOT ON TARGET! Farukh Choudhary drives a cross from the left flank and Nerijus Valskis towers above his marker to thump the ball. The ball bounces off the pitch before being collected safely by Hyderabad FC goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani. 
87' Aitor Monroy swings a delicious cross from the corner flag, but Stephen Eze fails to connect the ball smoothly. The ball skidded across his forehead before going out of play. 
86' Farukh Choudhary wins a corner for Jamshedpur FC after his cross is blocked by Asish Rai in the left channel. 
85' Odei Onaindia hoofs a long ball but it ends straight on the feet of Jamshedpur FC goalkeeper Rehenesh TP. 
83' Liston Colaco receives a crossfield pass and tries to dribble past Ricky. But, Aitor tracks back and blocks his path and regains possession. 
82' Hyderabad FC make another change.

ON- Fran Sandaza
OFF- Joel Chianese
81' Mishra wins the ball in his defensive third by dispossessing Mobashir and dashes till the halfway mark. He goes past the challenge of Joyner Lourenco, but Jamshedpur FC goalkeeper Rehenesh TP comes out of his line to get a touch with his feet and save the day. 
80' Ten minutes of regulation time left here at Tilak Maidan Stadium in Vasco. The game has seen plenty of high-octane drama but lacked goals so far. Will it continue like that?
79' Liston Colaco releases the ball for Sahil Tavora, but Peter Hartley makes a timely intervention to block the latter's cross. 
78' SHOT and WIDE! Hitesh Sharma swings a delicious free-kick into the box, but Stephen Eze half-clears the ball. It ends only as far as Aridane Santana inside the box, whose rasping shot fails to end on target. 
76' Jamshedpur FC's substitute Joyner Lourenco gets a yellow card for tugging the shirt of Aridane Santana. That was taking one for the team as the Spaniard would have been through on goal. 
75' Chianese looks threatening on the counter-attack but pulls his cramp muscles. Hyderabad FC loses the momentum and the ball. 
73' Aitor Monroy swings his corner-kick this time to the near post and it seems like the ball has struck the hand of a Hyderabad FC player. However, the referee shows no interest and continues play. The replays show the ball hit Chinglensana's bottom of the bicep. That was away from the body. Jamshedpur FC will be gutted that they weren't awarded a penalty here. 
71' Jamshedpur FC wins a corner as Ricky's cross from the left channel is blocked by Asish Rai. 
69' Jamshedpur FC make a double change.

OFF- Seiminlen Doungel, Narender Gehlot
ON- Aniket Jadhav, Joyner Lourenco
67' Hyderabad FC make a double change.

ON- Liston Colaco, Sahil Tavora
OFF- Mohammed Yasir, Roland Alberg
66' Ricky delivers a cross from the left channel, but Odei Onaindia heads it out for safety. 
65' Akash Mishra goes on the overlap and lodges a cross, but Narender Gehlot blocks his attempt. 
64' Asish Rai makes a faint contact on Farukh Choudhary and the latter goes down in the pitch. Free-kick to Jamshedpur FC. 
62' Alexandre Lima breaks on the counter and skips past the challenge of Asish Rai. However, Odei Onaindia comes with a timely tackle to take him down and avert the danger for Hyderabad FC. 
61' Peter Hartley flails his arms across the face of Mohammed Yasir. The referee gives a foul to Hyderabad FC and cautions Hartley. He is already on a yellow card and playing very roughly. 
60' The referee blows the whistle and stops play as Narender Gehlot is down on the pitch. It is Aridane Santana who nudged him this time. 
58' Asish Rai fouls Farukh Choudhary and Jamshedpur FC wins another free-kick. Aitor Monroy hoists the ball into the far post, but Rehenesh TP fists it away before Stephen Eze can get his head to it this time. 
57' Narender Gehlot takes a long throw-in but Hyderabad FC defenders clear the line. 
56' Aridane goes down very easily and the referee gives a free-kick to Jamshedpur FC for playacting. 
54' Chianese cuts past two Jamshedpur FC players before going into the box. But, Aitor Monroy clears the ball away for safety.
52' We have seen a scrappy play in the second half, with both the sides losing possession in the final third. 
50' The ball hits the arm of Peter Hartley and he gets a yellow card. That is his fourth yellow card of the season. As a result, he will miss Jamshedpur FC's next match. 
48' Chinglensana Singh now attempts a long ball bypassing the midfield. But, it is wayward. 
46' Narender Gehlot tries to deliver a long ball, but it is angled wide and Hyderabad FC get a goal-kick. 
46' PEEP! Hyderabad FC get us underway here for the second half in Vasco. 
Watch out for Liston Colaco! The youngster has scored a brace against NorthEast United FC coming off the bench. 
Hyderabad FC's Aridane Santana has dropped in the hole countless times and dragged Stephen Eze out of his position. He has created a lot of chances for his team like that, but Hyderabad FC has failed to make the most of it and score goals. 
PEEP! PEEP! There is the referee's whistle and the first half ends 0-0. Hyderabad FC's Halicharan Narzary hit the crossbar after Rehenesh TP tipped his effort. Later in the game, Stephen Eze connected the ball with his stooping header at the far post. However, it kissed the woodwork. Don't go anywhere as we will be back with the second half action. 
45+2' Roland Alberg spots the run of Mohammed Yasir and plays a long ball to him. He lays a back-pass to Asish Rai and the youngster's pass to the far post fails to find Aridane Santana. Narender Gehlot got the last touch of the ball before it went out of play, but the referee awards a free-kick to Jamshedpur FC as he deems Santana to have fouled Narender in an attempt to win the aerial duel. 
45+1' Alex Lima releases a through pass for Nerijus Valskis, but the Lithuanian is flagged offside. He fails to beat the high line of Hyderabad FC. 
45' Two minutes added on.
44' Peter Hartley mistimes his sliding tackle on Roland Alberg on the opposite penalty box. The referee awards a free-kick to Hyderabad FC. 
43' Aitor Monroy takes another corner to the far post and this time Stephen Eze gets the connection. The Nigerian thumps a solid header but it hits the crossbar. Asish Rai clears the resultant loose ball with an acrobatic bicycle kick. 
42' Jamshedpur FC win another corner-kick as Asish Rai blocks Nerijus Valskis' low cross from inside the box. 
41' Aitor Monroy's cross from the corner-kick is wasteful as his inswinging effort is too wide of the far post. There was nothing Peter Hartley could have done to keep it in play. 
40' Odei's long legs ensure only a corner for Jamshedpur FC as Nerijus Valskis was lurking to tap the ball home. 
39' JUST WIDE! Alex Lima does the hard job by skedaddling through the center of the field, going past the challenge of Roland Alberg. He lays the ball for Farukh Choudhary and the latter takes a shot from outside the box. However, his shot is just inches wide. Hyderabad FC goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani was rooted to the spot there. 
38' HIGH! Mohammed Yasir takes it, but the shot sails harmlessly out of play. 
37' Hyderabad FC win a free-kick at the edge of the box. Aitor Monroy and Peter Hartley double up to nudge Joel Chianese and bring him down. 
35' Hyderabad FC float an inswinging corner-kick and Narender Gehlot clears the danger with his headed effort. Rehenesh goes down on the ground clumsily. He is receiving treatment down there. 
34' SHOT! Chianese continues to be the danger man for Hyderabad FC. He controls a lofted pass from Halicharan Narzary and takes a shot from inside the box. But, it takes a deflection from Stephen Eze before going out for a corner. 
33' A great sliding tackle by Peter Hartley to stop Mohammed Yasir on his tracks. 
32' Rehenesh TP kicks the ball hard and Valskis glances the ball into the final third. But, Akash Mishra comes up with a timely clearance. 
30' Play is resumed as both Hyderabad FC and Jamshedpur FC take a water break. Hyderabad FC has had 53% of possession and registered two shots on target already. 
29' Len Doungel crosses the ball from the right channel, but Hyderabad FC goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani plucks the ball out of the air. 
28' GOOD DEFENDING by Odei Onaindia! Jamshedpur FC looks threatening on the counter, with Alex Lima trying to release Nerijus Valskis wide on the left channel. However, Odei makes a crucial tackle to save the day for Hyderabad FC. 
26' Halicharan Narzary unleashes a shot from the outside of the box, but it hits Farukh Choudhary on the abdomen. Jamshedpur FC's new signing is down on the pitch receiving treatment. That pains a lot. 
25' Hyderabad FC launches a long ball and Rehenesh TP fists it away for a corner. Odei Onaindia was closing him down. 
24' Chianese cuts through the left channel but Jamshedpur FC's defender Peter Hartley lunges a timely tackle to block his shot. Corner to Hyderabad FC. 
23' Hitesh Sharma gets a yellow card for a foul on Farukh Choudhary. 
22' BIG SAVE by Rehenesh! Halicharan receives a pass from Chianese and dashes with the ball around 30 yards. He unleashes a shot with his left foot from the inside of the box, but Rehenesh gets his fingertip to the shot. The ball hits the woodwork before continuing in play. Jamshedpur FC survives once again. 
21' CHANCE! Hitesh wins the ball from Valskis in the center of the park and releases a pass to Mohamed Yasir in the right flank. He crosses the ball across the face of the goal, but Jamshedpur FC goalkeeper Rehenesh TP gets a hand to it and averts the danger. 
19' Jamshedpur FC fails to make the most of the free-kick as Aitor Monroy's cross is wide for everyone. 
18' Farukh Choudhary goes down in the ground easily. It was just a nudge from the back by Akash Mishra. But, Jamshedpur FC win a free-kick from a dangerous position. 
17' Mobashir goes past the challenge of Halicharan Narzary but a sliding tackle by Akash Mishra averts the danger momentarily for Hyderabad FC. 
14' Jamshedpur FC find themselves on the back foot in the first fifteen minutes of the game. They have no answers to Hyderabad FC's high press. 
12' Eze finds the ball tangled between his feet and gives a back-pass to Rehenesh TP. The Jamshedpur FC goalkeeper tries to clear it. But, it ends only as far as Chianese. However, Eze makes up for his previous mistake by getting at the end of the resultant shot. 
9' GOOD SAVE by Rehenesh! Santana releases Joel Chianese with a deadly through pass. Chianese played on the shoulders of Eze and gets to the end of it. However, his shot from a close range is saved by TP Rehenesh. 
8' Yasir tries to dribble past Monroy but Hartley takes him down. The referee doesn't award a foul to Hyderabad FC though. The bench is distraught with the decision. 
7' Len Doungel does well again to turn past Mishra and nudges a cross. But, it is too powerful for Valskis to connect. 
5' Aitor Monroy swings a ball to the far post, but no one is able to get a touch on it. Alexandre Lima receives the ball at the outside of the box and feeds a pass to Mobashir Rahman. The latter lofts the ball, but Hyderabad FC goalkeeper Laxmikant Kattimani collects it comfortably. 
4' Jamshedpur FC win the first corner of the game as Len Doungel's cross is intercepted by Mishra before going out of play. 
3' Mishra does the tough job of going past his marker but his final pass to Halicharan Narzary is wide. 
2' Chianese runs through Peter Hartley but Stephen Eze blocks his path and Jamshedpur FC goalkeeper Rehenes TP collects the ball in his hands. 
1' PEEP! We are underway here at the Tilak Maidan Stadium in Vasco. 
Up next is the National Anthem of India.
The next team to come up is Jamshedpur FC. They are donning full brick red with navy blue sleeves. 
Hyderabad FC is the first team to come out. They are wearing full yellow with a tinge of black across their chest. 
Jamshedpur FC, on the other hand, is on a three-game losing spree. They lost 2-3 to Kerala Blasters, where Nerijus Valskis scored a brace and were humbled by FC Goa 3-0 in their next fixture. Their last game ended in a 1-3 loss to NorthEast United FC. Peter Hartley was the goalscorer there. 
Hyderabad FC comes to this encounter on the back of a four-game unbeaten run. However, their last two matches ended in a stalemate. They were held to a goalless draw by league leaders Mumbai City FC and also shared the spoils in a 1-1 draw with bottom-placed Hyderabad FC. 
The last encounter between the two sides ended in a 1-1 draw. Hyderabad FC took the lead through Aridane Santana in the 50th minute before Jamshedpur FC equalized through Stephen Eze five minutes before the final whistle.  
Hyderabad FC is also expected to play in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Akash Mishra, Odei Onaindia, Chinglensana Singh, and Asish Rai will form the back four. Hitesh Sharma and Roland Alberg are expected to be deployed as the two holding midfielders. The attacking trio of Mohammed Yasir, Halicharan Narzary, and Joel Chianese will play behind the lone striker Aridane Santana. 
Jamshedpur FC are likely to field themselves in a 4-2-3-1 formation. The back four comprises Narender Gehlot, Stephen Eze, Ricky Lallawmawma, and Peter Hartley. Aitor Monroy and Mobashir Rahman will be the two defensive midfielders. Seiminlen Doungel and Farukh Choudhary will play as wide players with Alexandre Lima deployed behind the striker. Nerijus Valskis will be the lone man upfront. 
Hyderabad FC has made just two changes. Lluis Sastre and Liston Colaco are out of the first eleven as Roland Alberg and Joel Chianese find their names in. 
Jamshedpur FC has made four changes to the side that lost their last match 1-2 to NorthEast United FC. Aniket Jadhav, Amarjit Singh, and David Grande are out of favor while Jackichand Singh has been transferred to Mumbai City FC. The new signings Seiminlen Doungel and Farukh Choudhary find their names straight in the starting line-up. Alexandre Lima and Mohammed Mobashir are the other two Jamshedpur FC players making their way in. 
Hyderabad FC Starting XI: Laxmikant Kattimani (GK), Akash Mishra, Asish Rai, Odei Onaindia, Chinglensana Singh, Mohammed Yasir, Roland Alberg, Hitesh Sharma, Halicharan Narzary, Aridane Santana, Joel Chianese.

Subs: Lalbiakhlua Jongte (GK), Nikhil Prabhu, Kynsailang Khongsit, Sahil Panwar, Abhishek Halder, Sahil Tavora, Liston Colaco, Fran Sandaza, Rohit Danu
Jamshedpur FC Starting XI: TP Rehenesh (GK), Peter Hartley, Stephen Eze, Ricky Lallawmawma, Narender Gahlot, Seiminlen Doungel, Mohammad Mobashir, Alexandre Lima, Aitor Monroy, Nerijus Valskis, Farukh Choudhary.

Pawan Kumar (GK), Joyner Lourenco, Karan Amin, Amarjit Singh, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Jitendra Singh, Aniket Jadhav, John Fitzgerald, William Lalnunfela
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of today's ISL match between Jamshedpur FC and Hyderabad FC. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The match will kick-off at 5 PM IST. The line-ups should be out at any moment from now. 
Fran Sandaza
Joel Chianese
Joyner Lourenco
Aniket Jadhav
Seminlen Doungel
Joyner Lourenco
Narender Gahlot
Sahil Tavora
Roland Alberg
Liston Colaco
Mohammad Yasir
Peter Hartley
Hitesh Sharma
Hyderabad FC (4-2-3-1)
Manuel Marquez (Manager)
TP Rehenesh
Narender Gahlot
Stephen Eze
Peter Hartley
Ricky Lallawmawma
Mobashir Rahman
Aitor Monroy
Alexandre Lima
Seminlen Doungel
Nerijus Valskis
Farukh Choudhary
Laxmikant Kattimani
Asish Rai
Chinglensana Singh
Odei Onaindia
Akash Mishra
Roland Alberg
Hitesh Sharma
Mohammad Yasir
Joel Chianese
Halicharan Narzary
Aridane Santana
Hyderabad FC (4-2-3-1)
Manuel Marquez (Manager)
Jamshedpur FC Subs
Pawan Kumar
Isaac Vanmalsawma
William Lalnunfela
Jitendra Singh
Amarjit Singh
Aniket Jadhav
Karan Amin
John Fitzgerald
Joyner Lourenco
Hyderabad FC Subs
Lalbiakhlua Jongte
Liston Colaco
Sahil Tavora
Sahil Panwar
Kynsailang Khongsit
Nikhil Prabhu
Rohit Danu
Fran Sandaza
Abhishek Halder
16 FOULS 14
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Mumbai City FC 20 12 4 4 17 40
2 ATK Mohun Bagan 20 12 4 4 13 40
3 Northeast United FC 20 8 9 3 6 33
4 FC Goa 20 7 10 3 8 31
5 Hyderabad FC 20 6 11 3 8 29
6 Jamshedpur FC 20 7 6 7 -1 27
7 Bengaluru FC 20 5 7 8 -2 22
8 Chennaiyin FC 20 3 11 6 -6 20
9 SC East Bengal 20 3 8 9 -11 17
10 Kerala Blasters FC 20 3 8 9 -13 17
11 Odisha FC 20 2 6 12 -19 12
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament Indian Super League - Week
Stadium Tilak Maidan Stadium
Match time Sun, 24 Jan 2021, 05:00 PM
Updated: Jan 24, 2021 19:00 PM | Published: Mar 29, 53036 00:31 AM
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