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JAM vs CHE Match Result - ISL 2019-20
1 - 1
I. Vanmalsawma 89'
26' N. Valskis

Nerijus Valskis scores Chennaiyin's goal in the 1-1 draw against Jamshedpur FC
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! That's it. Referee Crystal John blows his final whistle and it has finished 1-1 here at the JRD Tata Sports Complex in Jamshedpur. Nerijus Valskis gave Chennaiyin the lead but Isaac Vanmalsawma got the equalizer at the dying minutes of regulation time, although the visitors would not be happy with it as it deflected off Farukh Chaudhary's hand.

Ultimately, I get my prediction right. Here is Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56) signing off. Do follow Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and other Indian Football updates. 
90+8' That could have gone in.  Aniket Jhadav takes a shot from inside the box, after winning the second ball, but Farukh tries to deflect it in with his header. Vishal Kaith is caught wrong-footed again but Lucian Goian covered the post to ensure the ball doesn't crosses the goal-line. 
90+7' Jamshedpur win a free-kick as Eli Sabia brings down Sumeet Passi. That should be the last kick of the ball. 
90+6' Firtulescu has been stretchered off. Not a good sign for Chennaiyin's new coach. 
90+4' Chennaiyin have put all their men in their own half. It is all for Jamshedpur to grab the winner. 
90+2' Lucian Goian goes in the book for bringing down Farukh Choudhary at the edge of the center-circle. 
90' Six minutes have been added on. 
89' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL! It is Isaac Vanmalsawma who gets the equalizer for Jamshedpur.

Actually, they got away with that. The shot hit the hand of Farukh before going in. Aniket Jhadhav with quick feet goes past Eli Sabia and Edwin Vanspaul inside the penalty box and lays it off for Sumeet Passi. He lays it off for Isaac and his shot at goal hits the hand of Farukh before swerving the other way round, completely wrong-footing Vishal Kaith, and going in. Chennaiyin are remonstrating but the referee buys nothing there.  
87' Aitor Monroy takes the ground route. He was looking for Farukh Chaudhary but Sumeet Passi gets to the end of it and the ball ends up being tangled in his feet. 
86' Handball. Silky skills from Aitor Monroy and he gives the ball to Farukh Chaudhari. It seems he has lost control of the ball but he lays it off for Isaac. His attempted cross meets the hand of Andre Schembri and Jamshedpur has a free-kick at a dangerous situation. Are we set for another late drama?
85' Germanpreet loses the ball to Farukh Chaudhary but Lucian Goian tidies it up with a class sliding tackle. 
83' Chennaiyin make their final change. And, it is not a defensive one. Owen Coyle is not shutting shop here.

OFF- Rafael Crivellaro
ON- Dragos Firtulescu
80' Goian goes for a ground pass from a free-kick from his own half and Nerijus Valskis does a dummy and Chhangte is free on the left wing. The former Delhi Dynamos player just has to keep his calm and roll the ball to Andre Schembri. But, he goes for power in the cross and gets a scolding from the frustrated Maltese.  
78' Chennaiyin make another change. They are back with five foreigners on the pitch.

OFF- Thoi Singh
ON- Andre Schembri
76' Aitor Monroy lunges towards Anirudh Thapa trying to win the ball in the attacking third but it is a tad late. Luckily, the Spaniard doesn't go into the book. 
74' Anirudh Thapa with a brilliant ball trying to find Thoi Singh on the right wing. But, Narender is up to the challenge and with a sliding tackle cleans it up. Now, Thoi is down. Is it a hamstring? No, just a cramp. He gets up.
71' Aitor Monroy's corner gets at the end of a Chennaiyin head first but the rebound falls only as far as Aniket Jhadav. The youngster takes a shot at goal from outside the box. It was going in but Germanpreet, who left his marker, gets a foot to it and Jamshedpur have another corner. 
70' Chennaiyin make a change. A former Indian international who made it to India's AFC Asian Cup squad is on.

OFF- Masih Saighani
ON- Germanpreet Singh
69' Seeing no one closing down, Aitor goes forward through the centre and gives a square pass to Isaac on the left flank. He chips the ball and it looks like the ball will end up on the back of the net. But, Vishal Kaith flaps his hand in the air to get something on it. Jamshedpur have a corner here with twenty minutes of regulation time left. 
67' Valskis wins a header and gives it to the playmaker for tonight, Rafael Crivellaro. The Brazilian dummies Memo but his final shot is blocked by Aitor Monroy as the ball rolls out for a corner. 
64' Jamshedpur break on the counter and Aniket Jhadav has a shot at goal right at the outside of the penalty box. Anirudh Thapa gets a foot to it and Vishal Kaith jumps in the air to clear the danger. 
63' SHOT! Chennaiyin get a shot on goal but Subrata Paul is up to the challenge to collect it. Crivellaro wins the ball on the counter and releases Chhangte through on the left flank. Jitendra commits for a sliding challenge early on but Chhangte jumps over it and is one-on-one with the goalkeeper. However, he goes for a shot rather than giving it to Valskis who was free at the penalty box and that is easy collection for the experienced veteran. 
62' Jamshedpur make the final change of the game at the hour mark.

OFF- CK Vineeth
ON- Isaac Vanmalsawma
61' Jamshedpur win a free-kick in a dangerous position. They committed men forward and Aniket turns from Chhangte and the Indian international brings him down. 
59' Jamshedpur try to move the ball through the right wing through Memo, Jitendra, and Aniket. The latter tries to cut through Goian but the Romanian says not tonight, boy. 
57' Jamshedpur break on the counter as Narender gives a cross-field pass to Aniket Jhadav. The youngster tries to find CK Vineeth through but his pass is a tad late and the assistant raises the flag. 
54' Both the sides are getting the ball in the attacking third but both sets of defenders are winning the individual battles. As a result, we are seeing less of goalmouth action in the second half. 
52' Tiri with a forward pass to Aniket Jhadav and with his swift touch he releases Robin Gurung on the overlap. But, Chhangte cleans up the ball and Chennaiyin regain possession. 
50' Tiri with a long ball trying to find Farukh Chaudhary, who switched to the left flank. Jamshedpur are doing everything to exploit the short stature of Edwin Vanspaul but the Tamil Nadu local wins the aerial duel this time. 
49' A silly challenge by Rafael Crivellaro on Aitor Monroy. He won the ball clean before and trying to take revenge makes a clumsy challenge. 
47' Crivellaro has the ball in the attacking third and he feeds it to Tondonba Singh on the overlap. But, his cross is too much for any Chennaiyin player on the box. 
46' Jamshedpur FC meanwhile have made a change at the break. Antonio Iriondo has brought in an attacking player for a defensive midfielder.

OFF- Mobashir Rahman
ON- Aniket Jhadav
46' Jamshedpur gets us going from right to left of our idiot box. 
There is the half-time whistle from referee Crystal John. The scoreline reads 1-0 in favour of Chennaiyin so far. Nerijus Valskis gave the visitors the lead after getting at the end of a delectable ball amongst a host of Jamshedpur legs and slamming the ball past the goalkeeper. Jamshedpur looked lively through Farukh Chaudhary's runs in the right wing but he failed to trouble the scorecard holders. The home side is missing Sergio Castel badly. Lallianzuala Chhangte is also getting in good positions but his final delivery isn't up to the mark. 
45+2' Chance for Chennaiyin break on the counter. Valskis drops deep to collect the ball and gives a forward pass to Chhangte, who switched to the right flank, to take a shot. But, his effort is a feeble one and comfortably collected by Subrata Paul. 
45+1' Robin Gurung has acres of space ahead of himself but decides to give a first-time cross. No Jamshedpur player was inside the box to head it home. 
45' Two Minutes have been added on. 
42' Chhangte darts down the left wing and swings in a cross. There were three Chennaiyin players inside the box but Narender with a diving header clears the danger. 
41' Farukh traps Memo's long ball down the right and he  manages to keep the ball from going out of play. Robin Gurung gets a foot to the ball and he passes it to Mobashir Rahman. He frees Farukh on the right wing and the Indian international swings another cross in the box. But, Vishal Kaith gets a hold to the ball first. 
38' A long ball from Aitor Monroy is controlled brilliantly by Farukh Chaudhary on the right flank. He looks up and bends a low cross for Sumeet Passi. But, he is half a yard shy as Eli Sabia makes a timely interception. Lucian Goian kicks the ball despite being down on the ground and Anirudh Thapa clears the subsequent ball. 
36' Narender takes a long throw and Tiri heads it towards for Sumeet Passi. He lays it behind for Farukh Chaudhary but the youngsters' effort fails to find the target. 
35' That's it for the veteran Spaniard. That's a massive blow for the home side.

OFF- Noe Acosta
ON- Jitendra Singh
34' Masih Saighani goes into the book with his first foul of the game. He makes contact with the heels of Noe Acosta and the Spaniard is down receiving treatment on his shoulders. 
33' Crivellaro sends a swinging corner-kick but Tiri stoops low to head the ball in the near post. 
32' Mobashir pulls down Chhangte in a dangerous position. What can Chennaiyin get from here? Crivellaro's free-kick is met by no one but Chennaiyin get a corner from that one. 
31' CK Vineeth is offside for the third time in the game. Aitor Monroy chips a long ball trying to find him in the far left flank but he mistimed his run once again. 
26' GOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Nerijus Valskis gives Chennaiyin the lead.

The Lithuanian picks the ball from Thoi Singh and gives it to Rafael Crivellaro. The Brazilian finds Valskis and he pivots around Memo to send the ball past the goalkeeper. The ball hits the far post before rolling past the goal-line. He was offside momentarily but wasn't when the ball was played to him. 
24' Chhangte loses the ball to Farukh Chaudhary in the attacking third and the youngster breaks on the counter. He tries to find CK Vineeth with a ground pass on the far side of the pitch but Edwin, who has been on the shadow of Vineeth since the start of the game, intercepts the ball. 
22' Jamshedpur trying to go forward for a long ball. Tiri and Aitor Monroy's chip have been delectable so far. Chennaiyin, meanwhile, are looking to exploit the space in between Memo and Robin Gurung. Chhangte has been in dangerous positions a couple of times but Tiri has bailed them everytime.  
19' Plenty of goalmouth action but both the goalkeepers yet to be tested here at the JRD Tata Sports Complex in Jamshedpur. 
17' CHANCE! This time Noe Acosta with a low ball for Jamshedpur. from the left wing. Vineeth and Passi are both waiting for it but it falls to Farukh. He takes the shot first time but Tondonba closes him down and with a very important sliding tackle ensures the effort is not goalbound. 
16' CHANCE! Lallianzuala Chhangte again breaks on the left flank and gives an incisive low ball across the face of goal. Thoi Singh was dashing to meet the ball but Tiri with a sliding tackle rescues the day for Jamshedpur. 
13' CHANCE! CK Vineeth latches on to a cross from Aitor Monroy after Edwin Vanspaul misses his header to intercept the ball. The former Indian international swings the cross towards the far post but there is no one. Farukh was overcrowded by Eli Sabia and Lucian Goian and he too failed to meet the ball. 
11' Farukh Chaudhary tries to reach for goal with a darting run but four Chennaiyin players surround him and he eventually loses the ball in the penalty box. 
10' A marvellous touch from Valskis to Chhangte after Tondonba gave him the ball. The Indian international outruns Robin Gurung on the foot race and whips in a low cross but it is straight to Subrata Paul. 
9' A deep ball from Aitor Monroy looking for Farukh Chaudhary. He was through on goal but Vishal Kaith had come off his line to clear the danger. 
7' A clumsy challenge on Thoi by Narender in Chennaiyin's half. Chennaiyin have to re-do their attack here. 
5' Narender with a shoulder-to-shoulder with Thoi Singh and the 18-year-old wins the duel this time. That should be an interesting duel in the flanks. 
3' Chennaiyin with a lovely play. The ball is pierced between the right full back and centre back and Chhangte finds himself in a crossing position. But, his low cross is blocked by Memo. 
2' Faurkh bombs down the right wing and makes a cross in the centre of the box. But, Edwin Vanspaul gets to the ball first. 
1' PEEP! Chennaiyin gets us going from right to left of our idiot box. 
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56), your host for tonight at Sportskeeda. The teams are out of the tunnel and the action should get going after that. 
Talking Tactics- Chennaiyin FC (4-1-4-1)

Lucian Goian and Eli Sabia will form the centre-back partnership with Tondonba Singh and Edwin Vanspaul flanking on the left and right side respectively. Masih Saighani will act as a screen ahead of the defenders slotting in the back as the full-backs go on the overlap. Anirudh Thapa and Rafael Crivellaro will be the two attacking midfielders in their ranks helping Lallianzuala Chhangte and Thoi Singh in the wings. Nerijus Valskis is the lone striker for Chennaiyin to start up front. 
Talking Tactics- Jamshedpur FC (4-2-3-1)

Jamshedpur should start with Tiri and Memo in the heart of the defense with Robin Gurung and Narendar in the right and left-back positions. Mobashir Rahman and Aitor Monroy will stop the opposition midfielders from surging attacks. Farukh Chaudhary, Noe Acosta, and CK Vineeth will feed balls to Sumeet Passi up front.
A reunion of sorts for Subrata Paul and Karanjit Singh. The two were India's #1 and #2 in Wim Koevarmans' era behind the sticks and will meet each other after a long time. The latter is Chennaiyin's goalkeeping coach and finds himself on the bench whereas the former is starting for Jamshedpur and would be eager to make into India's national team squad once again. 
Prediction: This is a close call. Chennaiyin can no longer be approached in the same way as they have a new manager in town. Jamshedpur, meanwhile, looks somewhat beleaguered with the absence of Sergio Castel. No one knows where the goals would come from. But, I go with Jamshedpur 1-1 Chennaiyin. 
Owen Coyle, in his first appointment, as Chennaiyin FC head coach has made no changes to the side that held Odisha FC 2-2 before John Gregory got the sack. 
So, for all the hype we generated, Jitendra Singh gets relegated to the bench. Mobashir Rahman will play in the defensive midfield role whereas Sumeet Passi will lead the attack for Jamshedpur in the absence of injured Sergio Castel. These are the two changes made by Antonio Iriondo for tonight's game against Chennaiyin. 
Chennaiyin FC Subs: Karanjit Singh (GK), Laldinliana Renthlei, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Rahim Ali, Andre Schembri, Germanpreet Singh, Dragos Firtulescu

Jamshedpur FC subs: Rafique Ali (GK), Keegan Pereira, Jitendra Singh, Augustin Fernandes, Bikash Jairu, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Aniket Jadhav
Chennaiyin FC: Vishal Kaith (GK), Tondonba Singh, Masih Saighani, Lucian Goian (c), Eli Sabia, Rafael Crivellaro, Anirudh Thapa, Edwin Vanspaul, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Thoi Singh, Nerijus Valskis

Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul (GK), Robin Gurung, Tiri (c), Narender Gahlot, Aitor Monroy, Memo Moura, Mobashir Rahman, Noe Acosta, Sumeet Passi, Farukh Choudhary, CK Vineeth
And, we have the starting line-up for tonight's game!
Three key battles to watch out:

Anirudh Thapa vs Jitendra Singh- In a battle of two U-22 Indian players at the middle of the park, Chennaiyin's Anirudh Thapa will take on Jamshedpur's Jitendra Singh. The former is known for transitioning his team from defense to attack quickly but Jamshedpur's Jitendra Singh will be tasked to stop him from doing so. 

Nerijus Valksis vs Tiri- Leading the line for Owen Coyle's side will be Lithuanian international Nerijus Valskis. After blanking in the first four games, Valskis found the back of the net thrice in two games including an injury-time winner in the dramatic game against Hyderabad FC. But, one of ISL's top defenders will man the Jamshedpur defense this season. This shapes up to be an interesting challenge.

Farukh Chaudhary vs Lucian Goian- Farukh Chaudhary might lead the line against Chennaiyin for Jamshedpur and up against him would be Lucian Goian. The Chennaiyin captain will be looking forward to redeeming himself after poor performances for his team in the previous game. 
Time for Anirudh Thapa and Lallianzuala Chhangte to step up their game

One of the many reasons why Chennaiyin is struggling at this season of ISL is the poor form of Indian internationals Anirudh Thapa and Lallianzuala Chhangte. Both of them have failed to score a goal or make an assist. 

Thapa has averaged 49.17 passes per game with an accuracy of 74.57% in the six games he has played. Chhangte, meanwhile, has 13 shots and 17 crosses to his name in six games. 
Influential young guns Narender Gahlot and Jitendra Singh to be a key ploy

Jamshedpur's defensive fortunes will lie largely on the back of Narender Gahlot and Jitendra Singh. The former Indian Arrows boys are playing in the left-back and defensive midfield positions respectively for Antonio Iriondo in the last two matches after returning from international duties with India U-19 team. 

Jitendra has managed to make six clearances, four interceptions, and four blocks and is elemental in stopping the opposition midfielders to surge forward. Narender Gahlot, meanwhile, has a passing accuracy of 76.81% and is helpful as his team like to play from the back. His 18 clearances and 7 tackles are a testament of his defensive capabilities. 
Can Chennaiyin's defense stand up to Jamshedpur test?

Chennaiyin FC has conceded ten goals in six matches, only behind Hyderabad and Mumbai City FC, both of whom have played an extra match. The duo of Eli Sabia and Lucian Goian need to up their game and not give away cheap goals. 

Jamshedpur, meanwhile, enjoys a prolific goal-scoring record at home. Of the eight goals they have scored, six have come at home.  
Can Farukh Chaudhary step up in the absence of Sergio Castel?

Jamshedpur FC have found the back of the net only eight times in seven matches, with five of them coming from the foot of the Atletico Madrid loaned player, Sergio Castel. However, after suffering an injury against NorthEast United, the Spaniard will miss the tie as confirmed by head coach Antonio Iriondo. 

The responsibility of scoring goals will fall on the shoulder of Indian international Farukh Chaudhary tonight. He played behind Castel till now and has one goal and two assists. He might be promoted to lead the team. 
For those of whom you don't know, the match was originally scheduled to be held on Friday. But, Jharkhand elections postponed the tie to Monday. It is worrisome for both the teams as Chennaiyin will play NorthEast on Thursday whereas Jamshedpur will play Kerala Blasters on Friday. Will the teams be able to recuperate in time after this fixture?
When and Where to Watch: Jamshedpur vs Chennaiyin match will be live-streamed at the Star Sports Network, Hotstar, and Jio TV.

Predicted XI, Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul (GK), Tiri, Memo Moura, Jitendra Singh, Narender Gahlot, Aitor Monroy, Robin Gurung, Noe Acosta, Farukh Choudhary, CK Vineeth, Aniket Jadhav

Predicted XI, Chennaiyin FC: Vishal Kaith (GK), Lucian Goian, Eli Sabia, Edwin Vanspaul, Tondonba Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Rafael Crivellaro, Thoi Singh, Andre Schembri, Nerijus Valskis
ISL 2019, Jamshedpur vs Chennaiyin Preview:

Antonio Iriondo’s Jamshedpur FC are unbeaten in four Indian Super League matches on home soil and they will look to extend this run to five when they play hosts to Chennaiyin FC.

The Men of Steel have picked up two wins and as many draws at home and the Spanish coach will be keen for them to close the gap at the top. The bad news for Jamshedpur is that Sergio Castel, who has five goals to his name, hasn’t recovered in time after picking up a knock in the previous game against NorthEast United.

Midfielder Piti has started training but will not be part of the matchday squad. “We are going to keep trusting our players and the work they have done. I'm very happy with the situation at the moment. We have lost two of our foreign players (Sergio Castel and Piti) but the team is still performing good. I hope we continue with this kind of performance until we can recover both the players,” said Iriondo.

The former Indian Arrows boys, namely Narender Gehlot and Jitender Singh have taken to the Indian Super League like a fish to the water as they have fitted seamlessly into Iriondo’s system. Farukh Choudhary has impressed everyone with his tricks and flicks but it’s about time for him to be more clinical in front of goal.

Meanwhile, these are interesting times at Chennaiyin FC as they have a new coach in Owen Coyle, who is famous for his stints at Bolton and Wigan. This was after John Gregory put in his papers and parted ways with the club. Chennaiyin has just a single win to boast of and have conceded in every game, except one. Coyle’s immediate task would be to arrest their slide and sort out the defensive issues, both in terms of tactics and personnel.

“The first aim is to win games and do things systematically. I do recognize there are a lot of good opponents in the league. But we also have players with whom it is achievable to reach the play-offs. We are very respectful of our opponent (Jamshedpur) because they have great quality. But we don’t come with fear also. If we are at our best tomorrow, we can win the game,” observed the experienced Coyle.

Andre Schembri, who started their last game on the bench, is fit to start and it will be interesting to see if Coyle makes massive changes to the starting eleven or prefers the safer approach by fielding more or less the same players from the last match.
L. Goian
I. Vanmalsawma
assist: S. Passi
D. Firțulescu
A. Schembri
T. Singh
G. Singh
Masih Saighani
I. Vanmalsawma
C. Vineeth
A. Jhadav
M. Rahman
J. Singh
Noé Acosta
Masih Saighani
N. Valskis
assist: Crivellaro
Chennaiyin (4-1-4-1)
John Gregory (Manager)
S. Pal
N. Gahlot
R. Gurung
Aitor Monroy
C. Vineeth
Noé Acosta
M. Rahman
F. Choudhary
S. Passi
V. Kaith
N. Singh
L. Goian
Eli Sabiá
E. Vanspaul
Masih Saighani
L. Chhangte
A. Thapa
T. Singh
N. Valskis
Chennaiyin (4-1-4-1)
John Gregory (Manager)
Jamshedpur Subs
M. Sardar
A. Fernandes
B. Jairu
A. Jhadav
K. Pereira
J. Singh
I. Vanmalsawma
Chennaiyin Subs
R. Ali
D. Firțulescu
J. Lalrinzuala
L. Renthlei
A. Schembri
K. Singh
G. Singh
11 SHOTS 8
7 FOULS 12
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
2 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
3 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 14 5 5 4 -2 20
6 Chennaiyin FC 13 5 3 5 0 18
7 Jamshedpur FC 13 4 4 5 -4 16
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 14 1 3 10 -18 6
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 7
Stadium JRD Tata Sports Complex
Match time Mon, 09 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 09, 2019 21:34 PM | Published: Dec 09, 2019 17:39 PM