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JAM vs MUM Match Result - ISL 2019-20
1 - 2
Mumbai City
Tiri 37'
15' Paulo Machado
56' R. Fernandes
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90+7' PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! A long ball punted down the left towards Mobashir is blocked by Sarthak and the referee blows his full-time whistle. It has finished 2-1 in favour of Mumbai City FC and the Islanders end another unbeaten home run in Hero ISL 2019-20. 
90+6' Paulo Machado is adjudged the Hero of The Match. 
90+5' Modou Sougou is having the ball in a dangerous position but he slows down and takes the ball to the corner flag before committing a foul. Another minute goes past. 
90+4' Robin Gurung with a floating ball down the right flank but Amrinder flaps in the air to collect the ball. 
90+3' Diego Carlos earns a foul in the attacking third after he teases Aitor Monroy to make a challenge. Another minute on the clock goes. 
90+2' Diego Carlos with a high boot on Narender Gahlot and the referee gives a foul to Jamshedpur near their own penalty box. 
90+1' Now, Subhasish Bose is down, mostly playacting. Mumbai City are doing everything to delay the game. 
90' Six Minutes have been added on. 
89' Narender with another whipping delivery at the centre of the box but Aniket controls the ball with his hands and the referee spots it. 
88' Mumbai City are slowing things down. There full-backs are staying firm in their line and Jamshedpur is finding it tough to penetrate through the wings. Piti's absence after he got substituted has played a detrimental role in Jamshedpur's attacking instincts. 
87' Now, Diego Carlos goes in the book for a needless foul. 
86' Aitor Monroy remonstrates to the referee for that decision and goes in the book. He becomes the sixth player to get a yellow card tonight. 
84' Narender Gahlot floats a lovely cross from left flank and Farukh's acrobatic skewed effort is fisted by Amrinder. Seeing an empty net, Mobashir tries to bundle the ball into the back of net but it is blocked by a Mumbai City player. The referee brought the game to halt nonetheless as he deems Farukh obstructed Amrinder when he fisted the ball. 
81' Aniket Jhadhav takes a long-range shot but it hits the legs of a Mumbai City defender before going safely between the hands of Amrinder Singh. 
80' Mobashir Rahman with a chipped long ball trying to find Farukh at the open space behind Sarthak. But, the Mumbai City defender gets there first and clears the ball out for a throw-in. 
79' Diego Carlos dashes around 40 yards in the center of the pitch on the counter. Narender Gahlot pulls his jersey from behind at the centre circle and the referee puts his name in the book. 
78' Mumbai City FC make their final change.

OFF- Paulo Machado
ON- Sourav Das
76' Paulo Machado is down clutching his ankles. I don't think that was something serious. Looks like Mumbai City FC are taking every tricks out of the book to see the game off. 
75' Farukh Choudhary dashes in the left wing and swings a low cross across the face of goal. But again, there is no Jamshedpur FC player to tap the ball home and after Raynier Ferandes shields the ball, Amrinder collects it. 
73' CHANCE! A host of Jamshedpur FC players try to find goal but the entire Mumbai City defense was behind and the shots ricochet off Mumbai defenders' foot before it is cleared long and high by Paulo Machado. 
72' Jamshedpur FC make their second change.

OFF- CK Vineeth
ON- Mobashir Rahman
70' MISS! That's three misses in a row from Jamshedpur FC players. Farukh misconnects his first-time shot. He went for power instead of precision but it falls to CK Vineeth inside the box. His overhead attempt gets connected by his ankle and it results in a lateral pass inside the box to Isaac. He is one-on-one with the goalkeeper but he too mishits the ball as the ball trickles away from the touchline. 
68' Both Jamshedpur and Mumbai are taking the wing route to find a goal. But, the final cross is being intercepted by the opposing defenders. 
66' CK Vineeth fools his marker Pratik Chaudhari and he lodges a flying cross but there is no one on the far post to head the ball home. On the counter, Diego Carlos tries to feed the ball to Modou Sougou but Subrata Paul comes off his line and averts the danger. 
65' End-to-end action as the ball swings from the attacking third of one side to another. But, both the sides are fumbling at crucial junctures. 
64' Memo put his body ahead of Modou Sougou and the Senegalese's shoulder check on the Brazilian is adjudged as a foul by the referee. 
62' What a save from Amrinder! CK Vineeth takes a first-time shot after going past his marker. But, Amrinder is positioned perfectly to have a touch at the ball and he collects the ball between his arms in the follow-through. 
60' The referee is showing no qualms in dishing out yellow cards in the second half. Sumeet Passi with an off the ball awful tackle on Raynier Fernandes and he gets cautioned. 
59' Jamshedpur FC make their first change. Their Spanish playmaker is out injured.

OFF- Piti
ON- Aniket Jhadhav
58' Piti goes in the book for time-wasting in going out of play. 
56' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLL! Raynier Fernandes puts Mumbai City FC back in the lead.

Paulo Machado finds Modou Sougou at the outside of the box and the Senegalese lays it off behind for Raynier. With a peach of the shot, he insteps before rocketing the ball into the back of the net. Subrata had dived full-stretch but couldn't get a hand to it. 
52' Subhasish Bose puts his legs straight in the shin of Piti with a bone-crunching tackle. That stud show should have been a straight red. Antonio Iriondo's face in the face says everything. Piti limps and leaves the field of play. 
50' SHOT! Machado with a beautiful cross through a free-kick but Mato Grgic's flicked header is straight in the arms of Subrata Paul. 
49' And, Rowllin Borges goes in the book for persistently fouling Piti. That is his fourth yellow card in the competition. He will miss the next match. 
48' Mato Grgic goes on the book and Jamshedpur wins a free-kick at a dangerous position. Isaac goes for the near post with a venomous free-kick but Amrinder uses his reflexes to full use to ensure he doesn't concede a goal in the same manner as which Subrata conceded. 
46' The second half kicks off. 
Mumbai City FC makes their second change at half-time.

OFF- Bipin Singh 
ON- Raynier Fernandes
45+5' There is the half-time whistle from the referee R Venkatesh. Both the sides go into the tunnel with the scoreline reading one-all. 
45+3' Machado swings a free-kick after Diego Carlos was fouled by Narender. But, Pratik Chaudhari put his body above his marker and the referee adjudges a foul on him. 
45+1' Farukh Choudhary wins the ball in the defensive third from Mato Grgic. The Croatian's costly error comes to nothing as CK Vineeth loses the ball following a series of lateral passes. 
45' Five Minutes have been added on. 
44' Mumbai City FC makes their first change. The Tunisian goes out on a stretcher. He is Mumbai's leading goalscorer and the Islanders fans should be worried about it.

ON- Diego Carlos
OFF- Amine Chermiti
41' Paulo Machado takes the corner kick and a clash of head ensues between Sumeet Passi and Amine Chermiti. The referee stops play as both the players receive treatment. 
38' Isaac Vanmalsawma takes the corner kick from the other end but his in-swinging cross is fisted away by Amrinder Singh. It is met by CK Vineeth at the outside of the box but his effort blazes sideways from goal. 
37' GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL! Tiri restores the parity for Jamshedpur FC.

Well, you can stop Piti from open play by fouling him but how can you stop him from delivering deadly crosses from a corner-kick. He swings the ball to the second post and after Tiri goes past his marker Rowllin Borges has a free-header and he makes no mistake in bundling the ball into the back of the net. 
35' Bipin Singh goes all the way from his own half to the final third but his attempted through ball to Amine Chermiti goes to the hands of Subrata Paul first. 
34' Piti is brought down after he tries to twist past Bipin Singh. Jamshedpur FC take the free-kick quickly but Robin Gurung's cross is met by no one. 
32' SHOT! Tiri has acres of space in front of him and gives a defense-splitting through ball to Farukh. He is one-on-one with Amrinder and sees him coming off the line takes a shot from outside the box, trying to catch him off guard at the far post. But, his effort is inches wide and the ball rolls past the touchline. 
31' Modou Sougou tries to find Amine Chermiti through with a through pass but Tiri gets a hold to the running ball and gives a backpass to Subrata Paul. 
28' SHOT! CK Vineeth collects a mispass from Paulo Machado and cuts inside the penalty box from left hand side. His shot is blocked by Sarthak Golui and the rebound effort from Piti from outside the box is agonizingly wide. It rattles the sticks holding the net and goes out of play. 
27' SHOT! Robin Gurung plays a brilliant one-two with Sumeet Passi and the former finds himself inside the box after nutmegging Mumbai's Subhasish Bose. But, his shot is cleared and the rebound from Isaac is wide. 
24' Jamshedpur have done their homework. Bring down Piti at every instance. This time, it is Bipin Singh who does the dirty work and Memo's header from Aitor Monroy's free-kick at the far post is mistimed. Mumbai City FC have a goal-kick. 
21' Bipin Singh tracks back to stop a cross from Robin Gurung and from the resultant corner, Jamshedpur FC players fail to keep their effort on target. After some pinball, Modou Sougou ultimately clears the ball long and high. 
18' Mumbai City FC are bringing down Piti and Aitor Monroy. They are not afraid of committing high fouls. They did that against ATK and are now doing the same to Jamshedpur. The referee needs to dish out cards in that case.  
15' GOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! Paulo Machado gives Mumbai City FC the goal. 

Neither of Jamshedpur FC players on the first post, Narender Gahlot and Sumeet Passi, fails to read Machado's direct free-kick. Subrata Paul was blinded by the duo and he fails to get a hand to it at time. That was an intelligent free-kick from the Portuguese. 
14' Mumbai City FC win a free-kick after Bipin Singh's attempted cross hits the arm of Robin Gurung. Remember, Mumbai are dangerous through crosses. 
12' A play of scrappy field at the centre of the field as both Mumbai City FC and Jamshedpur FC midfielders give the ball away to each other. 
10' The corner is awful as Larbi's inswinging floater nestles the roof of the net. Piti wins a foul on Mumbai's half after Machado cleaned his ankle from behind. Aitor Monroy takes the free-kick and it meets no one as Mumbai City FC get the goal-kick. 
9' CHANCE! Mohamed Larbi feeds the ball to Modou Sougou near the byline and the Senegalese whips in a dangerous looking cross. Bipin Singh heads it but Robin Gurung gets a touch to the ball first and it goes out for a corner-kick. 
6' SAVE! A double save from Amrinder Singh. A long ball from Piti releases Farukh on the right wing. He takes a shot from a tight angle but Amrinder dives full stretch to deflect the ball. It falls to Robin Gurung whose cross is connected by CK Vineeth after taking a touch to control. But, Amrinder is positioned perfectly to catch the ball. 
4' Farukh Choudhary this time goes into the box from the right flank but he slips. As a result, his pass is misdirected and a feeble one and Subhasish tidies up the ball. 
3' CHANCE! Modou Sougou with a lobbing cross from the right flank but Bipin Singh's first-time effort is misconnected as it hit his knee. Subrata Paul has no trouble whatsoever in collecting the ball. 
2' Isaac looks dangerous with the ball on the left flank and releases CK Vineeth upfront. He lays it behind trying to find Piti but Rowllin Borges intercepts the pass. 
1' PEEP! Mumbai gets us going from right to left of our TV screens. 
Both Jamshedpur FC and Mumbai City FC are out of the tunnel. The home side is wearing their home reds whereas the away team is donning the Blues. Time for the National Anthem at the JRD Tata Sports Complex. 
Will Jamshedpur play in a 4-4-2 diamond? Well, they certainly can with Vineeth and Passi leading the line. Monroy and Piti could play the central roles and Farukh and Isaac can cover the wings. 
Key battles to watch out:

Amine Chermiti vs Tiri- Will the Tunisian add another goal to his tally of four? The Spanish centre-back has a huge role to ensure he doesn't.
Piti vs Rowllin Borges-
This should be an interesting battle at the centre of the park. Piti had the number of most of the defensive midfielders in this season of ISL but can he go past India's Rowllin Borges?
The fans should not take their eyes off former Indian international Subrata Paul. He has not yet hung his gloves from international matches but found himself behind in the pecking order. India's #2 Amrinder Singh will be in Mumbai City FC's corner and Subrata needs to give a better account of himself in this encounter to prove his worth to India's head coach Igor Stimac. 
Read Sportskeeda's official preview of tonight's Jamshedpur FC vs Mumbai City FC match. 
Predicted Scoreline: Well, I think the match will end 1-1 at full-time. I just don't think Mumbai City FC will be able to maintain their clean sheet. And, with the goalscoring form Mumbai City FC have found themselves in, it is difficult to see how they will not score a goal. 
Antonio Iriondo has taken a player who has played as a defensive midfielder for most of the season, Jitendra Singh, and brought in a poacher CK Vineeth. Of the matches we have seen till now, Vineeth doesn't look 100% fit. Perhaps, that is a tactic to eke out goals against a fragile Mumbai City FC defense. We might hate Vineeth for his ability to not help in the defense but at the moment, he is the best striker Jamshedpur have got and is their best best to find the back of the net. 
Mumbai City FC, on the other hand, has fielded an unchanged side to the one that ended Bengaluru FC's unbeaten run at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium. Man, looks like Jorge Costa is confident that the team can end Jamshedpur's home unbeaten streak as well with the same set of players. 
Jamshedpur FC has made only one change to the side that held Kerala Blasters 2-2 in Kochi. Jitendra Singh is relegated to the bench as he makes way for CK Vineeth. 
Mumbai City FC: Amrinder Singh (GK), Sarthak Golui, Pratik Chaudhari, Mato Grgic, Subhasish Bose, Bipin Singh, Paulo Machado, Rowllin Borges, Mohamed Larbi, Modou Sougou, Amine Chermiti

Subs: Ravi Kumar (GK), Sauvik Chakrabarti, Diego Carlos, Serge Kevyn, Mohammed Rafique, Raynier Fernandes, Sourav Das
Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul (GK), Tiri, Memo Moura, Robin Gurung, Narender Gehlot, Piti, Aitor Monroy, Isaac Vanmalsawma, CK Vineeth, Farukh Choudhary, Sumeet Passi

Subs: Rafique Ali (GK), Augustin Fernandes, Jitendra Singh, Karan Amin, Keegan Pereira, Mobashir Rahman, Aniket Jadhav
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sportskeeda's live blog of Match #41 of the Indian Super League 2019-20 between Jamshedpur FC and Mumbai City FC. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The live blog should be up at any time from now. 
Keep an eye on Farukh Choudhary. The youngster has improved leaps and bounds from the past season and is one of the 'Top 5 Most improved Indian players in ISL 2019-20.'
Mumbai City FC, on the other hand, have scored six goals past the 75-minute mark and have conceded four goals. So, don't switch off your TV in the last moments of the game as that is where most of the goalmouth action takes place. 
Jamshedpur FC have scored four goals in the last quarter of the game as well as conceded the same number of goals. But, three of the four goals given away have come in their last three matches. 
Mumbai City FC are yet to lose a game away from home having picked up nine points from their five outings. But, Jamshedpur FC are equally formidable at home having collected the same number of points from the same number of matches. 
What happened in Mumbai City FC's last fixture?

Mumbai City FC pipped Bengaluru FC 3-2 at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium after Rowllin Borges flicked the ball past the goalkeeper with the last kick of the ball. Subhasish Bose put the away side on a one-goal lead before Mato Grgic's own goal levelled things up. Diego Carlos' diving header from close range put Mumbai's noses upfront again but the celebrations were cut short once Sunil Chhetri calmly converted his spot-kick. In the dying embers of the game, Rowllin Borges scored a goal to ensure Mumbai City FC walked out of Bengaluru with a win. 
What happened in Jamshedpur FC's last fixture?

Jamshedpur FC locked horns against Kerala Blasters in their last fixture and they let slip a two-goal cushion to end the match in a tied fashion. Piti was furious at the Jamshedpur FC staff as he was taken out in the hour mark despite playing an influential role in the game and scoring a penalty. Substitute CK Vineeth added another goal to his tally in Kochi. But, a brace from Raphael Messi Bouli in the last quarter ended things in a sour note for the away team.  
Both the sides have kept only two clean sheets in their ISL campaign so far. While Jamshedpur is a more stable side having conceded only nine goals in eight matches, Mumbai has a porous defense as they have conceded 15 goals so far. 
Mumbai City FC are yet to pick up a victory over Jamshedpur FC. In the four meetings between the two sides, the Men of Steel have won three contests with the other match ending in a draw. Jamshedpur have scored seven goals in those matches whereas Mumbai have scored only once. 
Welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL 2019-20 match between Jamshedpur FC and Mumbai City FC here at the JRD Tata Sports Complex. The match will kick-off at 7:30 PM.

Jamshedpur FC is coming on the back of three successive draws against NorthEast United, Chennaiyin, and Kerala Blasters. The Red Miners haven't lost a single match post the international break but have picked up only six points from four matches, which has put them on the brink of losing their fourth-placed spot on the points table.

Mumbai City FC, too, has collected the same number of points after the players resumed their club duties. However, they will be on a roll as they ended table-toppers Bengaluru FC's unbeaten run in the competition.

Jamshedpur FC likes to play in a 4-2-3-1 formation and Antonio Iriondo is unlikely to tinker with it. Piti is expected to play in the hole flanked by Farukh Choudhary and Isaac Vanmalsawma. With Sergio Castel injured, Sumeet Passi is likely to don the role of the central striker. Noe Acosta is another influential player who will miss the tie as the Spaniard is still recovering from his injury.

Mumbai City FC, on the other hand, is most likely to be deployed in a 4-3-3 formation with the trio of Bipin Singh, Amine Chermiti, and Modou Sougou leading the charge. The fans should also keep an eye on Indian international Rowllin Borges who will do all the dirty work at the midfield. 

Mumbai City FC's threat, however, lies from the crosses. With tall players at their disposal and as many as ten players bulging the back of the net, the away fans can expect goals to come from all the players on the pitch. 

Will Antonio Iriondo finally manage a way to pick up three points without Sergio Castel or Jorge Costa's tactics put water at the Furnace?  Stay tuned at Sportskeeda to find out.  
Aitor Monroy
N. Gahlot
S. Das
Paulo Machado
M. Rahman
C. Vineeth
S. Passi
A. Jhadav
R. Fernandes
assist: M. Sougou
R. Borges
M. Grgić
R. Fernandes
Bipin Singh
A. Chermiti
assist: Piti
Paulo Machado
Mumbai City (4-3-3)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
S. Pal
N. Gahlot
R. Gurung
I. Vanmalsawma
Aitor Monroy
S. Passi
F. Choudhary
C. Vineeth
A. Singh
S. Bose
M. Grgić
P. Chowdhary
S. Golui
M. Larbi
R. Borges
Paulo Machado
Bipin Singh
A. Chermiti
M. Sougou
Mumbai City (4-3-3)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
Jamshedpur Subs
M. Sardar
K. Amin
A. Fernandes
A. Jhadav
M. Rahman
K. Pereira
J. Singh
Mumbai City Subs
S. Aboue
S. Chakraborty
S. Das
R. Fernandes
R. Kumar
M. Rafique
18 SHOTS 7
14 FOULS 25
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
2 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
3 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 9
Stadium JRD Tata Sports Complex
Match time Thu, 19 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 19, 2019 21:30 PM | Published: Dec 19, 2019 17:08 PM