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JAM vs NOR Match Result - ISL 2019-20
1 - 1
NorthEast United
Sergio Castel 28'
90' P. Triadis
Till then, here is your host Abhishek Kundu signing off. Do stay tuned in to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian Football news. 
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! And, both NorthEast United FC and Jamshedpur FC miss a golden opportunity to go to the top of the table. The spoils are shared here at the JRD Tata Sports Complex. Jamshedpur FC took the lead in the 28th minute after Farukh Chaudhary drove a low cross inside the box and Sergio Castel made no mistake in tapping it home. The 2019-20 season of Hero ISL has neven been bereft of late goals and this time Panagiotis Triadis comes up with one as he smothered his shot on to the back of the net after Asamoah Gyan flicked his header in his path. It has finished 1-1 and that is the sixth consecutive draw in ISL fixtures. A streak neither of the teams would be proud of. 
90+4' Barreiro tries to find Rakesh Pradhan on the overlap but Narender comes up to the challenge and clears the line. 
90+2' Yellow card to Panagiotis Triadis after he took his shirt out in celebration. 
5 Minutes have been added on. Plenty of time for Jamshedpur FC or NorthEast United to find a winner. 
90' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Panagiotis Triadis gets his name in the scoresheet at the last minute of regulation time and gives NorthEast United the equaliser. 

A flick by NorthEast's Asamoah Gyan towards the penalty box with his head and Tiri is beaten. Jamshedpur's right back Robin Gurung is nowhere in the picture. Triadis controls it with a touch and smothers the ball past Subrata to make it 1-1. 
89' NorthEast United break on the counter. A cross from Rakesh Pradhan and Gyan gets at the end of it but it is not headed goalbound. 
88' Farukh almost gets his name in the scoresheet. He barges in the centre but NorthEast's defender lodges a sliding tackle in the last moment. The danger is not over as Aniket Jadhav has the ball in the right wing and he falls inside the box after Wayne Vaz mistimes his challenge. But, referee refuses to give a penalty. 
87' Passi wins the ball fair and square in the attacking third and Jamshedpur FC are almost through on goal but the referee deems a foul on him. 
86' Robin Gurung goes in the book for time-wasting as he takes a lot of time in taking his throw. 
85' Well, the Spaniard makes up for his mistake. Noe Acosta beats Reagan Singh in the foot race and drives a cross from the edge of the box from the left flank. But, there is no Jamshedpur FC player to bury the ball home. That should have been game, set, and match.
84' CHANCE! Triadis with a low cross from the left wing trying to find a NorthEast United shirt. But, Aitor Monroy cleans up the ball and initiates a counter which falls after Noe Acosta takes too much time with the ball. 
82' Jamshedpur FC are running down the clock by passing the ball backwards in the attacking third and go all the way back to Subrata. Noe Acosta to Narender to Jitendra to Memo to Subrata. How about that to waste two minutes?
80' Aniket Jadhav, the substitute, with an ambitious effort from the edge of the box but it is wayward and doesn't trouble NorthEast Untied goalkeeper at all. 
78' NorthEast United FC are pinging long balls but Jamshedpur FC defense is cool as a cucumber. There is no white shirt to pounce on the second ball either. The home side will be damned if they concede a goal here. They have been thoroughly the better side in this match. 
77' Sergio Castel punches the ground on the sidelines as the physio deems him unfit to continue. Jamshedpur FC makes their second change.

OFF- Sergio Castel
ON- Aniket Jadhav
75' A needless corner given by Jamshedpur's Memo. He had the control of the ball but instead of clearing it sideways concedes a corner. Triadis finds Gyan and the Ghanian towers above his marker to angle his header but it is high above the crossbar. 
73' A late challenge on Sergio Castel by NorthEast United's Reagan Singh. It looks like he wants to go out. That is not a good sign for Antonio Iriondo and Jamshedpur FC fans. 
72' CHANCE! Triadis lays it off for Chaves at the outside of the box. Gyan manages to keep himself onside but his cross is slightly powerful and the ball drizzles away for a goal-kick. 
70' Farukh Chaudhary initiates a Jamshedpur FC counter-attack but overcooks with his dribbling skills. The ball is still with them as Noe Acosta whoops in a good ball to Sumeet Passi. But, the substitute's header is off-target. 
68' Jamshedpur FC's captain Tiri gets at the end of a corner but his header is weak and it is comfortably collected by the NorthEast United goalkeeper. 
66' NorthEast United FC make a double change. 

OFF- Jose Leudo, Redeem Tlang
ON- Maximiliano Barreiro, Milan Singh
65' CHANCE! Memo makes a rare mistake and gives the ball straight at the feet of Gyan. The three-time World Cupper goes in the right flank and lays it back to Chaves. The Uruguayan with a chip and finds Triadis but instead of a volley, the Greek playmaker takes a touch and his shot is wide ultimately. 
64' NorthEast United FC put lots of bodies upfront trying to make something from this attack. But, it comes to nothing as Rakesh Pradhan's cross is too near to Subrata Paul. 
63' CHANCE! Farukh with a cross from the right flank trying to find Sergio Castel once more. But, Wayne Vaz has held on to his line brilliantly and heads it towards the goalkeeper Subhasish Roy Chaudhary. 
61' Jamshedpur has been composed on the back and breaks on the counter with Sergio Castel galloping down the left flank. He tries to find Sumeet Passi but the ball touches his ankle and NorthEast United clears his line. 
60' Jamshedpur FC make their first change. A former Indian international for a former Indian international.

OFF- CK Vineeth
ON- Sumeet Passi
56' Another chance for NorthEast United! A long ball from Wayne Vaz finally finds a white shirt. Triadis gets at the end of it and flicks it on to the path of Asamoah Gyan. Tiri closes him down brilliantly and great goalkeeping by Subrata Paul to come off his line to collect it. Had he been a millisecond late, the ball would have ended up in the back of the net. 
55' CHANCE! Gyan had a glorious chance to equalize but Jamshedpur's Memo saves the day. The free-kick is cleared by Jamshedpur players but the rebound falls to Martin Chaves. The Uruguayan pings a long ball and the Ghanian is onside and goes for the control with his first touch. But, Memo recovers brilliantly.  
54' Triadis is fouled by Robin Gurung near the sidelines. NorthEast United win a free-kick. What can they get from this?
52' SHOT! Aitor Monroy with a brilliant free-kick and finds Narender Gehlot wide inside of the penalty box. The youngster's looping header is high and safely goes away for Jamshedpur FC. 
51' A nasty foul by Jose Leudo on Noe Acosta. The Spaniard is remonstrating for a yellow card but the referee is not heeding to the demands. Leudo, meanwhile, hobbles away with a niggle. Not a good sign for NorthEast United's head coach Robert Jarni. 
48' Aitor Monroy lobs a long ball trying to find Sergio Castel through on goal but Wayne Vaz reaches to the ball first and gives it back to his goalkeeper. 
47' And, Memo is down with a niggle high on the thigh. A time-wasting tactic or is that something serious?
46' PEEP! NorthEast United FC gets us going from the left to right of our idiot box here at the JRD Tata Sports Complex. 
Jamshedpur FC has dominated NorthEast United FC in every department of the game, possession, successful passes, and chances created. Can they hold on to the lead?
That tweet sums up my thought on Farukh Chaudhary's performance so far in this game.
PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle blown by referee Senthil Nathan S. It is 1-0 in favour of the home side Jamshedpur FC courtesy of a goal by Sergio Castel. He now becomes the sole top scorer in ISL 2019-20 season with five goals from six matches. And, an interesting stat for the Jamshedpur FC fans. Whenever they have scored first this season, they have gone on to win the match. NorthEast United's unbeaten run looks to end here at the Furnace. 
45+1' Triadis with a wonderful corner kick and Subrata Paul with an awful attempt to parry the ball by smashing it with both his hand downwards. Thankfully for him, the referee spotted an infringement and blows the whistle. 
44' MISS! That is a sitter missed by Martin Chaves. NorthEast United FC head coach Robert Jarni has his hand on his head seeing that awful attempt. Triadis with a wonderful curling freekick and Subrata tries to get a hand to the ball but misses it completely. Chaves tries to sneak the ball into the top corner after towering above his marker but he gets his head under the ball and it goes agonizingly wide. Jamshedpur FC protect the lead and breath a sigh of relief. 
43' Jamshedpur FC have won a free-kick right at the edge of the penalty box after the ball touches Robin Gurung's hand as Rakesh Pradhan tries to cross the ball. 
42' NorthEast United FC finally get their first shot on target through Triadis but his shot is a feeble one and is no worries for Subrata. Wayne Vaz was waiting to have the ball in the overlap and later make a cross but he tries to go for glory out of frustration. 
38' Wayne Vaz mispasses the ball straight to Sergio Castel and he squares it to Farukh Chaudhary in his right. He releases Noe Acosta in his opposite flank and he goes into the penalty box with the ball. The Spaniard takes a shot at goal but NorthEast United's Reagan Singh gets a foot to it and the ball goes out for a corner-kick. 
35' NorthEast United had a good chance with Redeem Tlang crossing the ball in the danger area. But, Jamshedpur FC defenders clear the ball and NorthEast find themselves one goal behind with ten minutes left in the first half. 
32' MISS! Jamshedpur FC come ever so close to double the lead. Farukh takes a free-kick and sends it to the far post to Memo. He lays a low cross and in the second attempt gets Sergio Castel. The goalscorer tries to backflick the ball into the back of the net but the shot is inches wide. 
30' CHANCE! Martin Chaves carries the ball a long-long way from his own half to the penalty box and side passes it to Redeem Tlang. The Highlander has a bad first touch and takes it to the byline. Narender has closed him down brilliantly and he tries for a cross at the near post but Subrata Paul stoops to collect the ball. 
27' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL! Sergio Castel gives Jamshedpur FC the lead. Aitor Monroy with a long pass and Jitendra wins the second ball. Martin Chaves closes him down and he gives it back to Aitor Monroy. The Spaniard spots Farukh Chaudhary's run down the left flank and he crosses it for Sergio Castel in the six-yard box. The Atletico Madrid loaned player controls the ball and takes a shot from point blank range to send the home fans in euphoria. 
25' NorthEast United' Asamoah Gyan has been completely cut-off so far. He has just 9 touches and made only two successful passes. Jamshedpur FC have done a great job to thwart the danger of their marquee player. 
23' Aitor Monroy's free-kick is wayward. It is towards no one. Perhaps, that is the reason why they haven't scored from a set-piece. 
22' Northeast United's Martin Chaves is having a torrid game. He goes into the book for a clumsy challenge on Tiri just ahead of the centre-circle. 
21' SHOT! Martin Chaves with a lovely break having a break in the centre of the park as no Jamshedpur FC midfielders close him down. Tiri comes in front of him and the Uruguayan selfishly, instead of passing it to Gyan on the wings, takes a shot from distance. And, that is high and wide. 
20' Jamshedpur FC have dominated the possession totally in the early exchanges of the game. They are leading 66-34 so far. 
18' CHANCE! Farukh Chaudhary with an exquisite touch and turn, saying bye-bye to Jose Leudo, and lays it off for Sergio Castel in the right flank. The 24-year-old foreigner tries to find Noe Acosta in the penalty spot but Wayne Vaz tracks his marker brilliantly and clears the ball. 
16' NorthEast United's Rakesh Pradhan goes on the overlap and nutmegs Jitendra Singh. But, the ball is straight to the feet of Jamshedpur FC defender Memo and he clears the danger. 
15' Jamshedpur FC is lodging a long ball and winning the second ball to have a break. It has yielded success to some effort in the opening exchanges of the game but that plan has dried off now. 
13' Puitea flies a belter from outside the box but Jamshedpur FC goalkeeper Subrata Paul has no trouble seeing the ball go out of play. 
12' NorthEast United FC break on the counter. Lalthathanga Khawlhring's initial pass is cleared but Jose Leudo recycles the ball and gives it to Triadis on the left wing. The Greek tries to find Gyan with a long cross but that is comfortably collected by Subrata Paul. 
10' Jitendra Singh wins a huffed clearance from NorthEast United FC and he runs down the right wing and flies in a cross. But, Mislav Komorski is up to the challenge once again and he heads the ball away. 
8' CHANCE! CK Vineeth fools his marker and lays it off for Farukh Chaudhary at the byline. The Indian international tries to find Sergio Castel at the penalty spot but Rakesh Pradhan comes to clear the danger. 
6' SHOT! A terrific attempt from Farukh but his shot is inches high. Noe Acosta runs down the byline in the left flank and Jose Leudo is chasing him. The Spaniard manages to give a cross nonetheless and Jamshedpur's Farukh with an acrobatic overhead kick tries to keep his shot goalbound but Subhasish Roy Chaudhari has no troubles seeing that go out for a goal-kick. 
4' Jamshedpur FC have diverted all of their attacks down their right wing through Farukh. It looks like their favoured outlet to score goals. 
2' Jamshedpur FC win a foul in the left wing after Rakesh Pradhan mistimed his challenge on Farukh. A dangerous position for Jamshedpur FC to take the lead. Remember, they are yet to score from set-pieces. All their goals have come from open play. 
1' Jamshedpur FC gets us going from left to right of our idiot box here in Match #30 of ISL. 
National Anthems sung, Photographs taken, Hands shaken, and starting line-ups exchanged. All the formalities are done. It is time to get the ball rolling in the other side of the commercial break. 
And, both the teams are out. Jamshedpur FC are wearing their brick red while NorthEast United FC are donning their away white. That clears up the confusion in jersey colours one might have had looking at the picture!
Here is a Did You Know fact to make Jamshedpur FC happy. We are fifteen minutes away from kickoff. 
NorthEast United FC's route in ISL so far has been a draw followed by a win. Last time, they drew against Mumbai City FC 2-2. So, by that trend, they will pick up a win today! Let's find out. 
Here is NorthEast United FC wishing everyone a happy Asom Divas to commemorate the advent of the first king of the Ahom kingdom in Assam after his journey over the Patkai Hills, Chaolung Sukhapaa!
Talking Tactics- NorthEast United FC (4-1-3-2)

Nim Dorjee Tamang didn't impress much in his central defensive role and Reagan Singh will slot at his position alongside Mislav Komorski. Wayne Vaz and Rakesh Pradhan, both of whom who jumped the gun from I-League this season, will flank the defense. Jose Leudo will act as a shield ahead of the back-four winning the second balls, allowing the likes of Redeem Tlang, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, and Panagiotis Triadis to attack. Martin Chaves would be raring to get off the mark in ISL 2019-20 season and the Ghanian legend Asamoah Gyan will forever be a threat to the Jamshedpur FC defense. Now, both Puitea (Khawlhring) and Redeem are more comfortable playing in the right-wing. While the former is dangerous with his crosses, the latter likes to have a shot at goal and has already found his name twice in the scoresheet. Is it a tactic to exploit the weak left flank of Jamshedpur FC, as mentioned earlier? We will get the answers once the match kicks off. 
Talking Tactics- Jamshedpur FC (4-4-2)

It looks like Antonio Iriondo will field his side in a 4-4-2 formation. Tiri and Memo will form the central defensive partnership flanked by Robin Gurung and Narender Gehlot. Jitendra Singh and Aitor Monroy will form the double pivot, making way for Noe Acosta and CK Vineeth to attack down the wings. Farukh Choudhary will shoulder the responsibilities of scoring goals with ISL's leading goalscorer Sergio Castel. In the previous game, we saw CK Vineeth failing to track back and help his defense. That created an overload of attacks on their left flank and undue pressure on Narender. Farukh will be extremely useful in dropping down at either wing. 
Prediction: This is a very evenly balanced side and my prediction is it will end 1-1. Very little to separate these two sides. 
And, we have NorthEast United's line-up as well. They make two changes to the side that held Mumbai City FC 2-2.

NorthEast United FC: Subhasish Roy (GK), Mislav Komorski, Wayne Vaz, Rakesh Pradhan, Reagan Singh, Jose Leudo (c), Panagiotis Triadis, Redeem Tlang, Martin Chaves, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Asamoah Gyan

Subs: Pawan Kumar (GK), Nim Dorjee Tamang, Lalengmawia, Maximiliano Barreiro, Nikhil Kadam, Milan Singh, Provat Lakra
And, we have the Starting Line-up of Jamshedpur FC. It is an unchanged one which defeated FC Goa 0-1.

Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul (GK), Tiri (c), Noe Acosta, Memo Moura, Jitendra Singh, Narendra Gehlot, Aitor Monroy, Robin Gurung, Farukh Choudhary, CK Vineeth, Sergio Castel

Subs: Rafique Ali, Karan Amin, Keegan Perreira, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Mobashir Rahman, Aniket Jadhav, Sumeet Passi
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your host Abhishek Kundu from Sportskeeda. The line-ups should be out in any moment. 
Whichever NorthEast United FC player their social media admin has featured on their Instagram page has gone on to score. Today it is about Martin Chaves. Will the Uruguayan finally break his duck tonight against Jamshedpur FC?
Well, we have some good news for the national team fans. Amarjit Singh Kiyam is back at training with Jamshedpur FC after he suffered an injury in the build-up to India's World Cup Qualifying match against Oman. Will he start tonight? 
The first two weeks were difficult: Farukh Choudhary

Indian international Farukh Choudhary opened up to ISL's official website ahead of their encounter against NorthEast United FC. Here is what he had to say: 

"I have changed my mentality a lot in the past couple of games. All the coaches have told me not to overdo when you have the ball. When you are young, you don't understand it. But, as I grew up, I think I have realized it. The way the team plays, it really helps me to grow my game. I think we are all going to do great this season as we are feeling extremely confident. It was tough to adapt in the first two weeks. Then, everyone was like, 'Oh my God, what is happening?' But then, it all started to make sense and everyone played so well. The coach told us the first two weeks will be difficult to understand the plan. But after that, we would really enjoy playing football. The team is doing well in the defense. We have Spiderman in the back. Tiri and Memo and the Indian guys are doing their job perfectly in the back. When we talk about goals, we just think only of the game in front of us. The good thing about our coach is he doesn't like us to focus too much on the other teams. He tells us to concentrate on our strengths and hit the opposition." 
Battle of the strikers- Sergio Castel (Jamshedpur FC) vs Asamoah Gyan (NorthEast United FC)

Both the sides will rely on their star strikers up front in case they want to move to the top of the table. Here are the stats of both the players:

Sergio Castel                                                   Asamoah Gyan
Goals- 4                                                            Goals- 3
Minutes Played- 450                                         Minutes Played- 403
Key Passes- 10                                                 Key Passes- 6
Shots- 15                                                           Shots- 12 
Aerial Duels Won- 9                                           Aerial Duels Won- 14
Shot Accuracy- 33%                                          Shot Accuracy- 58%

The stadiums and fans in ISL are brilliant: Panagiotis Triadis

NorthEast United FC's Greek playmaker Panagiotis Triadis addressed the media with Robert Jarni in the customary pre-match press conference and is delighted with the way things are in the ISL, particularly with the stadiums and the fans.

“It’s a very different league. I’ve been playing in Europe all my life, same as the coach. It’s difficult to compare it to Europe but speaking about the general infrastructure and professionalism I have nothing to complain about. The stadiums and the fans are brilliant. I think they are doing a great job. Of course, they can improve a few things, but it has only been six seasons, so they still have a lot of time.”
Mood was a little down after the loss to ATK: Mobashir Rahman

Jamshedpur FC's rising star Mobashir Rahman took to the media in the customary pre-match press conference against NorthEast United FC and the youngster replied that they have regained their confidence after victory over FC Goa after the loss to ATK.

“After the loss against ATK, the mood was a little down but the win against FC Goa have brought the confidence back. We are working hard and will try to get the three points against NorthEast.”
Don't see any weak point in Jamshedpur FC: Robert Jarni

NorthEast United FC's head coach Robert Jarni has labelled Jamshedpur FC as the strongest team in the tournament owing to a balance between their attack and defense. Moreover, the Croatian also said that he doesn't see any weak point in his opponent. 

“I cannot really see any weak point really. They are a very good team. Antonio (Iriondo) is doing a very good job. I have seen three or four matches of Jamshedpur, and like I said, it’s the best team in the Hero ISL.”
I don't think there is a problem with teams focussing on defense in the second half: Antonio Iriondo

In the customary pre-match press conference ahead of the match, Jamshedpur FC head coach addressed the media and said that he doesn't find any problem with the team going in a defensive mode in the second half if they have taken a lead. 

“I don’t think there’s a problem in defending in the second half. It’s sometimes about handling the result. That’s not only happening to us but the other teams too. Like, with us against Goa, when you are winning 1-0, players sometimes feel its better to sit back, defend and absorb the pressure. I would love it if we can play the same way irrespective of whether we are winning by five goals or one. But I think we did well against Goa. We have to work on the mentality of players. It is not only us but the rest of the league too. You see the team winning the match tends to sit back and defend while the other team attacks and presses. In the last three matches, teams have scored late and a lot has changed in the final minutes."
When and Where to Watch: Jamshedpur FC vs NorthEast United FC will be telecasted at the Star Sports Network. The viewers can also live stream the ISL 2019-20 match on Hotstar and Jio TV.

Predicted Starting XI-

Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul (GK), Tiri (c), Noe Acosta, Memo Moura, Jitendra Singh, Narendra Gehlot, Aitor Monroy, Robin Gurung, Farukh Choudhary, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Sergio Castel

NorthEast United FC: Subhasish Roy (GK), Mislav Komorski, Nim Dorjee, Rakesh Pradhan, Reagan Singh, Jose Leudo (c), Panagiotis Triadis, Redeem Tlang, Martin Chaves, Milan Singh, Asamoah Gyan
ISL 2019 Live, Jamshedpur FC vs NorthEast United FC Preview:

Jamshedpur FC and NorthEast United FC will be eyeing the top spot when they go head-to-head in what is set to be an exciting ISL 2019-20 clash at the JRD Tata Sports Complex on Monday. The Red Miners are third on the points table with 10 points from five matches, while the Highlanders sit fourth, a point behind their opponents. 

A win on Monday will be enough for either Jamshedpur FC or NorthEast United FC to sit at the top the table. The incentive notwithstanding, both teams have plenty of quality in their ranks to ensure the fans are in for a spectacle. Jamshedpur FC are unbeaten at home this season, registering two wins and a draw from three matches. Their only defeat came away to ATK, but Antonio Iriondo’s team bounced back in style by defeating FC Goa in Goa and come into this clash high on confidence.

At the other end, NorthEast United FC are one of two sides yet to be defeated this season. The Highlanders, however, have not won back-to-back matches this season. They have drawn three games and won two. Robert Jarni will be hard-pressed to ensure NorthEast United FC start putting a run of victories together.

“Jamshedpur FC is a team that has a very good balance between defence and attack and for me, they are the best team in India. It is a difficult match for us. We have prepared well for this game and we want to win,” said NorthEast United FC head coach Robert Jarni in the pre-match press conference.

With two in-form strikers leading the frontlines of both the teams, a compelling watch is in the offing. Spanish forward Sergio Castel, who leads the scoring charts with four goals, is Jamshedpur FC’s ace while NorthEast United FC have Ghanaian Asamoah Gyan (three goals) as their trump card. Both men are in form, having scored in both teams’ previous games. 

Jamshedpur FC will look to enjoy most of the ball with technically gifted midfielders like Aitor Monroy and Noe Acosta pulling the strings. But Iriondo has shown that they can play according to situations and alter their tactics, as seen in their win over Goa where they enjoyed less possession than their counterparts.

“I am happy with the performance of the team. Having the ball possession is not important, our objective is to win matches and score goals. Sometimes you are not able to get the ball possession, there are a lot of phases in a match when you try to go in counter-attacks,” said Jamshedpur FC head coach Antonio Iriondo.

While the influential Piti is still doubtful, the return of Kerala-born winger CK Vineeth and the form of Farukh Chaudhury does provide more options for Jamshedpur FC upfront. NorthEast United FC will look towards Martin Chaves and Redeem Tlang to support Gyan. Panagiotis Triadis will also have a role to play, given his recent upturn in form. 

NorthEast United FC, however, have to shore up their defence. In the previous game against Mumbai City, defensive mistakes cost them a win and it has been the case throughout the season. It is an area Robert Jarni will want more consistency. 

Both Jamshedpur FC and NorthEast United FC are in good form and feature some brilliant players. It should make for an exciting watch.
P. Triadis
P. Triadis
assist: A. Gyan
R. Gurung
A. Jhadav
Sergio Castel
M. Singh
R. Tlang
M. Barreiro
J. Leudo
S. Passi
C. Vineeth
Sergio Castel
M. Cháves
NorthEast United (4-1-4-1)
Robert Jarni (Manager)
S. Pal
N. Gahlot
R. Gurung
Aitor Monroy
C. Vineeth
Noé Acosta
J. Singh
F. Choudhary
Sergio Castel
S. Chowdhury
R. Pradhan
M. Komorski
W. Vaz
R. Singh
J. Leudo
P. Triadis
L. Khawlhring
M. Cháves
R. Tlang
A. Gyan
NorthEast United (4-1-4-1)
Robert Jarni (Manager)
Jamshedpur Subs
M. Sardar
K. Amin
A. Jhadav
M. Rahman
S. Passi
K. Pereira
I. Vanmalsawma
NorthEast United Subs
M. Barreiro
N. Kadam
Pawan Kumar I
P. Lakra
M. Singh
20 FOULS 12
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 7 3 4 0 5 13
2 ATK 6 3 2 1 7 11
3 Jamshedpur FC 6 3 2 1 2 11
4 NorthEast United FC 6 2 4 0 2 10
5 FC Goa 6 2 3 1 4 9
6 Mumbai City FC 7 1 4 2 -3 7
7 Odisha FC 7 1 3 3 -1 6
8 Kerala Blasters FC 7 1 3 3 -2 6
9 Chennaiyin FC 6 1 2 3 -6 5
10 Hyderabad FC 6 1 1 4 -8 4
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 6
Stadium JRD Tata Sports Complex
Match time Mon, 02 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 02, 2019 21:29 PM | Published: Dec 02, 2019 17:02 PM