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Indian Super League 2020 Live Scoreboard: KBF vs FG Live Score

Rahul KP 57'
25' Jorge Ortiz Mendoza
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There is the referee's whistle and it has ended 1-1 here at Bambolim. The 'Hero of the Match' is awarded to Sandeep Singh by the broadcasters. Here is your host Abhishek Kundu signing off. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the updates of tomorrow's ISL double-header. 
90+6' Facundo Pereyra swings his free-kick to the far post and Naveen Kumar fists the ball out of danger. 
90+5' Mohamed Ali fouls Rahul KP. Kerala Blasters win a free-kick and this might be the last spell of play. 
90+4' Kerala Blasters are knocking on the door but they have only one minute left in their hand. They are fumbling in the final third so far. 
Five Minutes added on here. 
90' GREAT TACKLE BY Jeakson Singh! Alberto Noguera dispossesses Vicente Gomez at the halfway mark and dashes with the ball throughout the length of the pitch. He dribbles past two players, but a last ditch tackle by Jeakson Singh just outside the box saves the day. 
89' SHOT! Facundo Pereyra swings a free-kick from the halfway mark and Bakary Kone finds himself unmarked and on the end of it. However, instead of targeting his header goalbound, he directs it towards Puitea outside the box. However, the latter's shot sails high. 
88' Ranjit Bakshi is having no mercy here. He brandishes a yellow card to FC Goa's assistant coach Clifford Miranda
87' Now, FC Goa goalkeeper Naveen Kumar gets a yellow card for time-wasting in taking the goal-kick. 
85' MISS! Kerala Blasters lodge a long ball towards Rahul KP and the youngster is on the shoulders of Aiban Dohling. FC Goa goalkeeper Naveen Kumar comes out of his line but fails to clear his lines properly. Gary Hooper has an empty net in front of him but rather than taking a shot, he lays a pass to Puitea. It is away from goal and his final shot is off-target. 
84' GREAT DEFENDING BY Mohamed Ali! Sandeep Singh dribbles past Seriton Fernandes and tries to cut past Mohamed Ali. But, the latter comes with a timely tackle inside the box to win possession. 
83' OFFSIDE! Ortiz chips the ball above the Kerala Blasters defense and Igor Angulo gets his boot to the end of it. But, his shot is wayward. It doesn't matter anywhere as the linesman raises his flag. 
82' WASTEFUL! Ortiz tries to dribble past Kerala Blasters' defense but Jeakson covers his lines nicely. Seeing Saviour through on the left flank, he squares a pass to him. However, Saviour's cross is wayward and lets down an FC Goa attack. 
80' Kerala Blasters make a change.

OFF- Sahal Abdul Samad
ON- Lalthathanga Khawlhring
79' Princeton Rebello fouls Juande on the center of the pitch and Kerala Blasters get a free-kick. 
78' CHANCE! Ortiz finds himself through on goal after latching on to a long ball from Edu Bedia. However, Sandeep Singh tracks back and clears the ball out away for danger. Fantastic defending by Sandeep. 
75' Both teams pause play for the water break.
73' Gary Hooper dribbles past two players and lays the ball for Vicente Gomez. Mohamed Ali blocks the attempt by Gomez, but it ricochets off Rahul KP. However, Saviour Gama clears the danger once again. 
71' CHANCE! Sahal Abdul Samad does the hard work and finds Gary Hooper inside the box with a square pass. But, rather than taking a shot, he decides to pass it to Sandeep Singh. Saviour Gama is alert and clears the ball. That is a sign of a striker low on confidence. 
70' FC Goa make a change.

OFF- Alexander Romario Jesuraj
ON- Aiban Dohling
69' Kerala Blasters win the ball in the final third. Gary Hooper releases the ball to Rahul KP, but the latter slips in the penalty box. FC Goa breathes a sigh of relief. 
66' RED CARD! Ivan Gonzalez puts his hand on the referee for protesting. The referee has enough of it and brandishes a second yellow card to him. 
65' Ivan Gonzalez gets a yellow card for a foul on Gary Hooper. 
63' Jeakson Singh goes on the book for his repeated fouls on Edu Bedia. It was long time coming. He misses Kerala Blasters' next match. 
62' Jorge Ortiz Mendoza crosses the ball low from inside the box, but Alexander Romario Jesuraj fails to get a clean touch. Sahal Abdul Samad clears the resultant loose ball. 
61' Saviour Gama releases a cross but Jeakson Singh makes a last-ditched sliding tackle to clear the ball for safety. Igor Angulo was waiting to tap the ball home.
60' CHANCE! It is three vs two on the counter. But, Sahal Abdul Samad tried to dribble past Ivan Gonzalez rather than passing to Rahul KP. 
57' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAL! Rahul KP equalizes for Kerala Blasters. 

Facundo Pereyra loops his corner-kick to the far post and Rahul KP bursts from behind to get his head to the end of it. His thumping header bounces off the pitch before touching the roof of the net. FC Goa's defense was in sixes and sevens as the shortest man on the pitch scored through a header. Saviour Gama lost his marker here. 
56' Kerala Blasters win another corner-kick as Saviour Gama clears the ball. FC Goa coach Juan Ferrando looks worried. 
53' Rahul KP dribbles past two players but is blocked ahead. Kerala Blasters require more players upfront. 
49' SHOT! Facundo Pereyra takes a free-kick and Sahal Abdul Samad gets his foot to the end of it. However, his shot is blocked away for a corner-kick. 
46' FC Goa have made a change here at half-time.

OFF- Devendra Murgaokar
ON- Igor Angulo
46' PEEP! We are back underway here at Bambolim. 
PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle by the referee Ranjit Bakshi as the first half ends 1-0 in favour of FC Goa. 
45+3' Denechandra Meetei goes up on the overlap but his final cross is tame and goes out of play. Kerala Blasters are lacking creativity in the final third. 
45+2' Jorge Ortiz Mendoza swings his corner-kick and Albino Gomes fists the ball out of danger. 
45+1' Edu Bedia takes the free-kick short and Alberto Noguera releases a dangerous looking cross from the inside of the penalty box. However, his effort flashes across the face of the goal before going out of play. 
Three Minutes added on.
45' Kerala Blasters' Jeakson Singh commits a clumsy and late sliding tackle on Jorge Ortiz Mendoza and is lucky to not get a yellow card. 
44' Kerala Blasters' coach Kibu Vicuna gets a yellow card for his continuous protest. Their assistant coach Ishfaq Ahmed follows suits. Kerala Blasters' bench needs to calm themselves down. 
43' Sahal Abdul Samad dances past three FC Goa players but loses the ball in the end to Alberto Noguera. 
41' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAA-NO! Bakary Kone thumps the ball into the back of the net after Naveen Kumar fails to collect the corner-kick. However, it struck the hands of Bakary Kone before crossing the goal-line. Great decision by the assistant referee as the replays confirm so. 
40' Kerala Blasters win a corner as Mohamed Ali heads the ball away. 
36' Good closing down by Bakary Kone to ensure Alexander Romario Jesuraj doesn't get to the end of a through pass. Albino Gomes collects the ball comfortably to stop another FC Goa attack. 
35' Rahul KP goes in the book for a behind-the-ball challenge on Edu Bedia. That is his fourth yellow card this season and it means he will miss Kerala Blasters' next match. 
34' Sahal Abdul Samad swings the free-kick, but Mohamed Ali heads it out to clear the danger. 
33' Handball by Seriton Fernandes as he fails to control a long pass from Kerala Blasters goalkeeper Albino Gomes. It's a great opportunity for Kerala Blasters to equalize things. 
30' Both sides take a much-needed water break as the referee pauses play. 
29' Seriton Fernandes releases a pass towards Alexander Romario Jesuraj on the right flank, but Albino Gomes comes out of his line bravely to clear the danger. FC Goa look threatening here. 
26' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAL! FC Goa takes the lead.

Jorge Ortiz Mendoza
takes a free-kick and it takes a deflection off Sahal Abdul Samad's head before looping into the far post. Albino came out of his line to collect it, but the header changed the trajectory of the ball and made it impossible for the Kerala Blasters goalkeeper to save it. 
25' FC Goa make their first change!

OFF- James Donachie
ON- Mohamed Ali
23' MISS! How did Alexander Romario Jesuraj miss that?

Ivan Gonzalez dashes with the ball around 40 yards out and lays a pass to Devendra Muragaokar on the far side. The latter crosses the ball to Jorge Ortiz Mendoza in the far post and the Spaniard acrobatically connects it. However, the shot is misdirected and the loose ball falls towards Alexander Romario Jesuraj. The Goan lad fails to tap the ball home from a hand-shaking distance. 
21' Vicente Gomez flies a shot from 30 yards out with his left foot. But, his shot is high and wide. No danger whatsoever for FC Goa goalkeeper Naveen Kumar. 
17' SHOT and SAVE! Alberto Noguera drives a cross and Devendra Murgaokar towers above Sandeep Singh to head the ball. However, his former Salgaocar teammate Albino Gomes catches it comfortably. 
13' Gary Hooper squares a pass to Sandeep Singh and, the right-back unleashes a looping cross. However, it is too wide for any Kerala Blasters to get their foot and Seriton Fernandes clears the ball. 
10' A chipped long ball from Noguera ends with Jorge Ortiz Mendoza. However, the latter's cross is blocked by Bakary Kone. 
6' End-to-End action here. Alexander Romario Jesuraj bursts down the right flank on the long pass and feeds a square pass to Princeton Rebello. The latter passes it to Alberto Noguera, who flicks the ball with his first touch. Jorge Ortiz Mendoza finds himself one-on-one with the Kerala Blasters' goalkeeper and unleashes a shot at the near post. However, it hits all three parts of the woodwork before continuing in play. Noguera fails to poke the ball home. 
5' CHANCE! Naveen Kumar comes out of his line to clear the ball. But, he fails to do so. Gary Hooper has the ball in his feet and an empty net gaping at him. But, FC Goa's James Donachie closes him down and Ivan Gonzalez clears the subsequent loose ball. Hearts on the mouth for FC Goa there. 
4' Great pressing from Kerala Blasters. FC Goa has to go all the way to their goalkeeper to build again. 
2' Rahul KP commits a clumsy foul on Edu Bedia at the center of the park. 
1' PEEP! FC Goa get us underway at the GMC Stadium in Bambolim. 
For those wondering about Ishan Pandita, he too is down with an injury. A big blow to FC Goa!
Referee: Ranjit Baksi
Stadium: GMC Stadium Bambolim
FC Goa is the first team to come out on the field. They are wearing their away black and orange stripes. They are followed by Kerala Blasters, who are donning their home yellow shirts with blue sleeves. 
The official formation shows Kerala Blasters fielded in a 4-4-1-1 lineup while FC Goa set up on a 4-2-3-1. Rahul KP will be playing as the lead striker for Kerala Blasters, while Jorge Ortiz Mendoza will take a similar charge for FC Goa.
A win for Kerala Blasters will take them to the fifth spot. They currently have 13 points from 12 matches and occupy the ninth position. A draw will take them only as far as the seventh position. FC Goa's position in the points table won't be affected if they win, lose, or draw. However, they will be eager to get the three points to maintain distance with the rest of the pack and close the gap with ATK Mohun Bagan and Mumbai City FC. 
In the previous meeting between the two sides, FC Goa beat Kerala Blasters 3-1. Igor Angulo scored a brace while Jorge Ortiz Mendoza scored the other goal for the Gaurs. For Kerala Blasters, it was Vicente Gomez who found his name in the scoresheet. Costa Nhamoinesu also saw a red card in the match. 
Kerala Blasters' Jeakson Singh and Rahul KP need to be careful as they have already been booked three times this season. Another yellow card will lead them to a one-match suspension. The same applies to FC Goa's Ivan Gonzalez and Edu Bedia. 
Kerala Blasters have made one change to the side that beat Bengaluru FC 2-1 in their last encounter. Jordan Murray is out of the matchday squad while Facundo Pereyra returns to starting line-up. It looks like Murray is still nursing his injury which he sustained in the last match. 

FC Goa has made two changes to the side that held ATK Mohun Bagan 1-1. Princeton Rebello and Devendra Murgaokar find themselves back in the starting line-up while Lenny Rodrigues is relegated to the substitute bench. Brandon Fernandes doesn't find his name in the matchday squad. It looks like the Indian international has suffered an injury in training. 
FC Goa Starting XI: Naveen Kumar (GK), Seriton Fernandes, Ivan Gonzalez, Saviour Gama, James Donachie, Alberto Noguera, Alexander Romario Jesuraj, Edu Bedia, Princeton Rebello, Jorge Ortiz Mendoza, Devendra Murgaokar

Subs: Dheeraj Singh (GK), Sanson Pereira, Leander D'Cunha, Aiban Dohling, Mohamed Ali, Redeem Tlang, Lenny Rodrigues, Igor Angulo, Makan Chothe
Kerala Blasters Starting XI: Albino Gomes (GK), Sandeep Singh, Jeakson Singh, Bakary Kone, Denechandra Meetei, Vicente Gomez, Rahul KP, Sahal Abdul Samad, Juande, Facundo Pereyra, Gary Hooper

Subs: Prabhsukhan Singh Gill (GK), Abdul Hakku, Lalruatthara, Prasanth Karuthadathkuni, Seityasen Singh, Rohit Kumar, Givson Singh, Ritwik Das, Lalthathanga Khawlhring
Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of tonight's ISL match between Kerala Blasters and FC Goa. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. I will be bringing live updates of the game. 
Naveen Kumar
Lalthathanga Khawlhring
Sahal Abdul Samad
Aiban Dohling
Alexander Jesuraj
Ivan Garrido Gonzalez
Ivan Garrido Gonzalez
Jeakson Singh
Rahul KP
assist: Facundo Pereyra
Devendra Murgaonkar
Rahul KP
Jorge Ortiz Mendoza
assist: Dominic Revan
Mohamed Ali
James Donachie
FC Goa (4-2-3-1)
Juan Ferrando (Manager)
Albino Gomes
Sandeep Singh
Jeakson Singh
Bakary Kone
Denechandra Meitei
Facundo Pereyra
Juan de Dios Lopez
Vicente Gomez
Sahal Abdul Samad
Gary Hooper
Rahul KP
Naveen Kumar
Seriton Fernandes
James Donachie
Ivan Garrido Gonzalez
Saviour Gama
Edu Bedia
Princeton Rebello
Alexander Jesuraj
Alberto Noguera
Devendra Murgaonkar
Jorge Ortiz Mendoza
FC Goa (4-2-3-1)
Juan Ferrando (Manager)
Kerala Blasters FC Subs
Prabhsukhan Gill
K Prasanth
Lalthathanga Khawlhring
Abdul Nediyodath
Rohit Kumar
Givson Singh
Ritwik Kumar Das
Seityasen Singh
FC Goa Subs
Mohamed Ali
Aiban Dohling
Leander D Cunha
Makan Chote
Sanson Pereira
Lenny Rodrigues
Redeem Tlang
19 FOULS 18
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Mumbai City FC 20 12 4 4 17 40
2 ATK Mohun Bagan 20 12 4 4 13 40
3 Northeast United FC 20 8 9 3 6 33
4 FC Goa 20 7 10 3 8 31
5 Hyderabad FC 20 6 11 3 8 29
6 Jamshedpur FC 20 7 6 7 -1 27
7 Bengaluru FC 20 5 7 8 -2 22
8 Chennaiyin FC 20 3 11 6 -6 20
9 SC East Bengal 20 3 8 9 -11 17
10 Kerala Blasters FC 20 3 8 9 -13 17
11 Odisha FC 20 2 6 12 -19 12
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament Indian Super League - Week
Stadium GMC Stadium Bambolim
Match time Sat, 23 Jan 2021, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 23, 2021 21:30 PM | Published: Oct 15, 53033 05:50 AM
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