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KER vs ATK Match Result - ISL 2018-19
Kerala Blasters
1 - 1
Gerson (OG) 88'
85' Edu García
FT 1-1.
And what an ending that was.
ATK take the lead through Edu Garcia five minutes before time but Kerala Blasters equalise within two minutes.
Unfortunate for the visitors considering they worked really hard to get that and then ended up scoring an own goal. Poplatnik got a header in but the last touch was from Gerson Vieira, who was rushing in to prevent the Kerala striker from shooting.
Three points were important for ATK to move up the ISL table but they remain sixth with 17 points in 13 games.
Kerala, on the other hand, will be happy with that point given that they are not in contention for a spot in the ISL playoffs anymore.
That's it from us. Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the game.
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Three minutes added.

Edu Garcia scores on his ATK debut but Kerala Blasters fight back
88' KERALA RETALIATE! And it's Poplatnik who has got the equaliser. Or is it an own goal by Gerson?
Cyril Kali drops it into the box from the right and it's aimed at Poplatnik.
There are a flurry of defenders around him, including John Johnson.
But Poplatnik gets the header in and it wouldn't have really been powerful if not for that deflection from Gerson Vieira, who comes running in to save ATK. But he might have ended up putting the ball into his net here.
Dear, oh Dear!
87' Substitution - ATK
And the goalscorer is off to celebrate his night.
OFF - Edu Garcia
ON - Eugeneson Lyngdoh
And it's a dream debut for Edu Garcia in this ISL season and for ATK.
The free-kick is from Edu Garcia territory, just at the edge of the box.
Garcia doesn't try anything fancy. He just slots it into the bottom-right, a flat attempt and even though Dheeraj stretches to make the save, it moves into the goal. The wall is of no use.
Garcia runs to the touchline to celebrate and Dheeraj punches the post in frustration.
84' Second yellow of the day and it's Kerala again. Lalruatthara with a clumsy challenge on Edu Garcia.
Yellow - Lalruatthara (Kerala Blasters)
82' In a minute, there were two counter-attacks. Both of them were broken down before the players could even reach the box.
80' A clear footfall. Nikola earns himself a booking for a rash tackle on Hitesh.
Yellow - Nikola Krcmarevic (Kerala Blasters)
78' And Kerala make their first change.
OFF - Seiminlen Doungel
ON - Baoringdao Bodo
An exciting opportunity for the youngster.
75' Missing.
That striker's instinct.
Kerala Blasters are clearly missing that tonight.
Because yet another cross by Prasanth is not put away. Poplatnik had to find himself in front of the ATK defender but it's almost like he's falling behind the ATK defenders and hoping for the mistake.
Doungel has a go at the goal again but his header off the cross by Sahal only finds the side-netting.
How many chances have Kerala not put away in this game?
72' Substitution - ATK.
OFF - Jayesh Rane
ON - Komal Thatal
And it's Doungel who is really troubling the ATK defence tonight.
Poplatnik heads it down nicely to set up Doungel for the shot and the winger hits it powerfully with his laces.
But it just goes over the bar.
68' Substitution - ATK.
Kalu goes off and you can't blame Steve Coppell for taking him off.
He has looked really miserable on the pitch really.
OFF - Kalu Uche
ON - Everton Santos
Poplatnik runs after a long ball along with Bikey. The ATK defender doesn't really attempt to clear it and Poplatnik wins the ball, but before he could get a shot in, Ricky comes flying.
61' Two in two minutes.
Prasanth lays it up first time off the volley by Prasanth to Poplatnik but the forward's flick is tipped up by the highly reactive Arindam.
Great save by the ATK goalkeeper. 
60' POOR! REALLY POOR FROM Slavisa Stojanovic!
Seiminlen Doungel delivers the dream cross for Stojanovic, who has retreated to ward off his marker.
And the Kerala Blasters forward has enough time to control it and pick his spot but he fires it way above the bar.
What a miss!
59' No activity from the bench yet as we approach the hour mark in Kochi. 
All it needed was someone to just get in front of the ball and push it in.
Dheeraj was displaced, Sandesh was beaten.
And the ball flows in front of Hitesh. But he doesn't get to the end of it and the fine cross by Jayesh Rane goes out mildly for a throw-in.
53' Edu Garcia fires into the bottom-left corner now and suddenly, it seems like the Kerala Blasters' defenders are unable to cope with his pace.
At this moment though, Dheeraj has it covered with a comfortable save.
50' After that initial burst of energy from ATK, Kerala Blasters have forced them back. ATK are now catching up.
Doungel gushes through the midfield and fires one from outside the box. But the angle is tight and the attempt is right at Arindam
ATK resume the action from the half-line and Gerson Vieira has a poke at the goal from 35 yards out.
It's strong and aimed at Dheeraj but it's easily pushed out.
Phew! There were moments when you thought this was it and either Kerala Blasters or ATK are going to take the lead.
But no, both sides have had someone own up to it and neutralise the threat.
Whether it was Dheeraj Singh's full stretch save to deny Edu Garcia or John Johnson timely tackles at the ATK box, the hosts and the travellers go into the break wondering whether their attackers could have done more.
But no worry, there's another 45 minutes to go in this game and looking at the way the game is progressing, the one who scores first will have the mighty advantage.
Stay tuned to find out what happens in the second half. 
45+1' Only one minute of added time but the action seems to have already ended.
0-0 at half-time between Kerala Blasters and ATK.
Doungel is through but just as he is about to pick his spot in the goal, Johnson brushes him aside and takes control of the ball.
And that's full control, mind you, making Doungel wonder whether he's missed a golden opportunity.
42' SAVE!
What a shot by Garcia.
He turns, makes a mockery of Sandesh Jhingan, and flicks it to the top-right corner.
You might think that this much was enough but no.
Dheeraj Singh swings in with a full stretch dive to tip it out for a corner.
And a mighty save at that.
39' ATK have a second corner but the counter is on from Kerala Blasters. 
Sahal tries to control the ball for one extra second at the edge of the ATK box, which prompts John Johnson to come out with a tackle.
That was a promising break and it's quite unfortunate that Blasters couldn't make the most of it.
Sandesh Jhingan was nowhere close to the ball but he slides into Ricky to give away a foul in the box.
Fortunately, this is ATK's box and it's only a free-kick from the other side.
35' SAVE!
That header by Poplatnik may have gone wide but Arindam makes a full stretch anyway to give Kerala a corner.
Off the corner, Blasters force a shot in but it's blocked by Pritam Kotal.
33' Big rescue effort.
John Johnson sprints ahead of Sahal Samad to stop that fantastic cross by Prasanth from costing ATK dear.
If not for that essential tackle, Sahal would have had the entire goal in front of him to score. He did get a touch but the attempt was drifted wide by Johnson.
31' BIKEY!
And all that experience comes to the fore as Andre Bikey, the big defender from Cameroon, shields the ball to prevent Seiminlen Doungel from scoring.
Cyril floats another deadly cross from the right to Poplatnik but Arindam pushes himself up and picks up the cross before there's any real problem.
26' And that's a scramble.
A poor header from Sandesh Jhingan gifts the ball inside the box to Jayesh Rane. Kalu Uche rises but cannot direct the ball anywhere close to the goal.
Blasters hurry to get the ball away from their box.
23' Down the right and in the Kerala Blasters' half, Nemanja Lakic-Pesic concedes unnecessarily.
Edu Garcia drops it down to the left of the box but the chance is diffused.
19' Soft spot.
Kerala Blasters have a free-kick outside the box after a challenge by Pronay Halder
Poplatnik's attempt ironically takes a deflection off Pronay to be neutralised.
Seimilen Doungel keeps the ball, controls the possession at the edge of the box and chips it nicely to Prasanth but the attempt from the tight angle is deflected for a corner.
14' The battle is on in the midfield and Sandesh Jhingan is unable to push out Kalu Uche with his tackle.
Dheeraj ventures out to pocket it but it slips from him and before there's any real trouble, he collects it comfortably.
11' Edu Garcia picks out his man but his cross is blocked and ATK have a corner.
Garcia floats the cross to John Johnson but the header flows way wide.
Neither side has really threatened so far.
8' Kerala Blasters threaten.
But the corner is played deep and long and it's whipped away easily.
Hitesh collides with Cyril Kali at the half-line and there's a stoppage of play here.
The commitment is absolutely amazing.

There was danger at the Kerala Blasters' box with Edu Garcia moving close to the target but Sandesh Jhingan steps in, nicely blocks Garcia from proceeding further.
Edu Garcia, the former Bengaluru FC winger, joined ATK in the winter transfer window.
Cyril floats in a cross which is put out and then Prasanth immediately follows it up with a better cross but Poplatnik's header is just wide!
ATK get an early throw-in but the more worrying aspect is the number of fans that have turned up. The stands look empty and the sounds of the drums are echoing throughout.
Could the poor attendance be attributed to Kerala no longer being in the contention for a spot in the playoffs?
Hmm.. Seems like a longer commercial break than usual.. But we'll get underway soon..
Two teams with a defensive mindset are up. What's going to happen?
Time for #LetsFootball again. But National Anthem first.
Jana Gana Mana....
Talking about Kerala's changes, Zakeer Mundampara is suspended and Anas Edathodika has an injury. Courage Pekuson is benched for defender Cyril Kali.
Prasanth K and Matej Poplatnik also come in.
Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's Live coverage of the Kerala Blasters vs ATK game.
This is Aravind Suchindran and we've a cracker of a contest lined up.
Kick-off in 20 minutes.
Kerala Blasters have not kept a clean sheet at home this season - the only ISL side with that record. 
They have not won at home yet with their only victory of the season coming in the ISL opener against ATK in Kolkata.
No Lanzarote?
What on earth is this?
Oh Yeah! Manuel Lanzarote, the ATK captain, is suspended.
Kerala Blasters XI: Dheeraj Singh, Cyril Kali, Sandesh Jhingan, Nemanja Lakic Pesic, Lalrutthara, Sahal Abdul Samad, Nikola Krcmarevic, Seiminlen Doungel, Prasnth K, Matej Poplatnik, Slavisa Stojanovic

Substitutes: Lalthuammawia Ralte, Pritam singh, Baoringdao Bodo, Courage Pekuson, Hrishi Dhath, Keziron Kizito, Suraj Rawat

ATK XI: Arindam Bhattacharja, Pritam Kotal, Andre Bikey, John Johnson, Ricky Lallawmawma, Gerson Vieira, Jayesh Rane, Pronay Halder, Edu Garcia, Hitesh Sharma, Kalu Uche

Substitutes: Debjit Majumder, Arnab Mondal, Ankit Mukherjee, Sena Ralte, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Komal Thatal, Everton Santos
As a result of Blasters conceding late in the game, they have dropped 8 points this season.
Well forget about all that now.
The line-ups next.
Blasters have conceded as many as 10 goals in the last 30 half-hour of the their matches. Delhi Dynamos are second worst with 13.
A little about Vingada.
The Portuguese was the NorthEast United manager in 2016 and could only guide them to a fifth-place finish. He joins Kerala Blasters from the Malaysian National team.
Under Vingada, NorthEast conceded just 14 goals in 2016. They won 3 of their opening 4 games but lost their way then on.
Kerala Blasters won 3 of their final 6 matches last season to finish on a high. David James had taken over just then and now it's Nelo Vingada. Can they repeat that again?
Edu Garcia, with BFC last season, scored twice and provided 5 assists in 14 games. Six of his seven goal contributions helped Bengaluru win. Can he be the game-changer for ATK?
Cautious approach
Steve Coppell, the ATK coach, feels Kerala won't be easy to break down given they have new set of faces. 
"I am always mindful of what is going on in Kerala. I look at them as a team who have a got a new coach.  It is inevitable that the players would everything to impress their new coach. They are a team with very good individuals,” said Coppell.
Target - Wins
Kerala Blasters' new coach Nelo Vingada aims to make it six out of six wins in the remaining fixtures.
“In the remaining six games, we have to win. We have to win our confidence and the respect of our fans. Opponents must feel that they are playing a team with another attitude,” said Vingada before the game.
New faces.
We could see a different ATK tonight at the JN Stadium in Kochi. The Kolkata club has bought Edu Garcia (former Bengaluru FC winger) and Pritam Kotal into the side. There's talk that Kalu Uche is fit to make the Playing XI as well.
ATK have scored just 10 goals in 12 matches this season. Out of those 10, six have come in away matches, which means they have a better record of scoring outside Kolkata.
Familiar territory
ATK have won 3 matches at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi - the most by any visiting side.
Can they make it 4 victories tonight?
New dawn?
Kerala have scored only 12 goals in 12 matches in the first phase of the ISL. They could maintain only 2 clean sheets and have just one win. Could that change under new coach Nelo Vingada?
Probable XI:
Kerala Blasters (4-4-2): Dheeraj Singh, Sandesh Jhingan, Anas Edathodika, Nemanja Lakic Pesic, Lalrutthara, Courage Pekuson, Sahal Abdul Samad, Nikola Krcmarevic, Seiminlen Doungel, Matej Poplatnik, Slavisa Stojanovic

ATK (4-2-3-1): Arindam Bhattacharja, Pritam Kotal, Andre Bikey, John Johnson, Ricky Lallawmawma, Jayesh Rane, Pronay Halder, Edu Garcia, Manuel Lanzarote, Komal Thatal, Kalu Uche
Kerala Blasters v ATK preview:
The reverse fixture of the Indian Super League (ISL) opener between Kerala Blasters and ATK will take place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi on Friday.

Kerala Blasters' only win of the season came in that fixture on September 29. However, a lot has changed since then for both sides.

For one, Blasters' are helmed by former NorthEast United FC coach Nelo Vingada, who will manage his first match for the Kochi outfit on Friday.

ATK, on the other hand, have brought in a lot of reinforcements. They have signed full-back Pritam Kotal from Delhi Dynamos but the bigger buy is that of Edu Garcia, a former Bengaluru FC winger who is expected to bring a lot of creativity in the attack for ATK.

ATK are placed sixth on the table with 16 points in 12 games and have a chance of making the top 4. On the other hand, Kerala Blasters are eighth with nine points and have fallen out of the contention for the ISL playoffs.

ATK coach Steve Coppell will eye revenge in the game on Friday and push for the spot in the ISL playoffs.

ATK have scored the least amount of goals in the ISL and have conceded only 11.

Manuel Lanzarote will be a key player in the midfield for ATK, while it remains to be seen who Blasters will field in the wings given they have loaned out two of their players - CK Vineeth and Halicharan Narzary - to Chennaiyin FC.

Kerala have also swapped goalkeepers with FC Goa. They have sent out Naveen Kumar to Sergio Lobera's side, while bringing in Lalthuammawia Ralte.

The troubling factor for Kerala will be the absence of Zakeer Mundampara, who has been suspended for six months for a disciplinary issue. Nongdamba Naorem and Baoringdao Bodo are the two new youngsters signed by Kerala.

ATK, on the other hand, have let go Noussai El Maimouni and Eli Babalj.

When and where to watch: The game will be live streamed on Hotstar. TV Telecast on the Star Sports Network. The kick-off is at 7.30 pm IST.
C. Pekuson
Slaviša Stojanović
S. Singh
C. Kali
Gerson (Own Goal)
E. Lyngdoh
Edu García
Edu García
N. Krčmarević
B. Bodo
S. Doungel
K. Thatal
J. Rane
Éverton Santos
K. Uche
ATK (4-2-3-1)
Steve Coppell (Manager)
D. Moirangthem
N. Lakić-Pešić
S. Jhingan
C. Kali
N. Krčmarević
S. Doungel
Slaviša Stojanović
S. Samad
P. Karuthadathkuni
M. Poplatnik
A. Bhattacharya
R. Lallawmawma
A. Bikey-Amougou
J. Johnson
P. Kotal
P. Halder
H. Sharma
Edu García
J. Rane
K. Uche
ATK (4-2-3-1)
Steve Coppell (Manager)
Kerala Blasters Subs
B. Bodo
H. Dhath
K. Keziron
C. Pekuson
Lalthuammawia Ralte
S. Rawat
S. Singh
ATK Subs
E. Lyngdoh
D. Majumder
A. Mondal
A. Mukherjee
L. Ralte
K. Thatal
Éverton Santos
20 SHOTS 10
14 FOULS 10
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 15 9 4 2 9 31
2 FC Goa 15 8 4 3 15 28
3 NorthEast United FC 16 7 6 3 4 27
4 Mumbai City FC 16 8 3 5 4 27
5 Jamshedpur FC 16 5 8 3 4 23
6 ATK 16 5 6 5 -3 21
7 FC Pune City 15 5 3 7 -5 18
8 Kerala Blasters FC 16 2 8 6 -7 14
9 Delhi Dynamos FC 15 2 6 7 -6 12
10 Chennaiyin FC 16 2 2 12 -15 8
Tournament ISL 2018-19 - Week 13
Stadium Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium
Match time Fri, 25 Jan 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 25, 2019 21:26 PM | Published: Jan 24, 2019 16:50 PM
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