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KER vs PUN Match Result -
Kerala Blasters
0 - 1
Pune City
20' Marcelinho
Well, well, well. They claimed they deserved better when they drew 1-1 against Jamshedpur. They've been given worse, as their team has lost 1-0 tonight. Another night of despair in Kochi, another night of not winning in Kochi, more trouble for David James and Kerala Blasters. That's it from me, Aaditya Narayan, tonight. I hope you enjoyed the coverage. Tomorrow, NorthEast United host ATK. Do join us for that. 

Until then, here's wishing you a happy start to your weekend!
Full Time: Kerala Blasters 0-1 FC Pune City

That's ten games without a win for Kerala now, after another frustrating night in their own backyard. Marcelinho gave Pune the lead in the 20th minute, and then Pune held on for dear life, even though Kerala had their chances in the second half. 

Vineeth made a difference with his directness and speed, Sahal was superb in the middle of the park, but somehow there really was no pattern of play for Kerala, who kept getting found out in the final third. Kamaljit made a couple of crucial saves, Vineeth was denied by the post, and Pune held on. 

Pune should've killed the game off much before it finished though, as both Vila and Stankovic had golden opportunities to put the game beyond doubt. 

In the end though, Pune held on for the win, and moved above Chennaiyin FC into 8th place. They're now just a point behind the Blasters. 
90+6' PEEEEEPPPP PEEEEEEPPP PEEEEEEPPPPP! Pune have won it! Despair for Kerala, despair for David James, despair in Kochi. 
90+4' He's smashed the upright, so unlucky for Vineeth! Lovely pass from Sahal into the path of Vineeth, and he's made superb contact on his near post shot. Kamaljit was beaten, but that's cannoned into the upright. 
90+3' Kerala have another corner, as Rawat gallops on the overlap, and then plays it out off Golui. 
90+2' Saved! What a save! Anas floats one up at the far post, and Jhingan has once again met it with a firm touch, and he's headed it back where it came from. But Kamaljit has spread himself well to push it away. Pune survive!
90+1' We'll have five minutes of added time at the end of this game here in Kochi. 
90' Another chance for Kerala, another chance that goes begging. Lovely ball towards the far-post from Sahal, and Jhingan has met it with a firm header, but that's well off target. 
88' Kerala have made their final change of the day, with Suraj Rawat making his ISL debut tonight. 

ON - Suraj Rawat
OFF - Holicharan Narzary
87' Narzary! Sahal busted a gut to keep that in play, and put it in the box for Stojanovic, who lays it off to Narzary on the edge of the box. He smashes it with his left foot but that's gone over the bar. 
86' Kamaljit saves! That is won back by Vineeth deep in Pune territory, and then played to Prasanth, who takes a shot that is fisted away by Kamaljit, and played out for another Kerala corner. 
84' Hume! That is how good he is! He's absolutely killed a long ball with a lovely touch to cushion it to Stankovic, and then he's run forward to receive the return pass. He looks to curl it into the far corner, but it's deflected wide for a corner. 
82' Lucky for Pune! The corner is met Stojanovic, and has smashed Mills on the back before looping over goal, another corner. Nothing comes off the last in that sequence. 
81' Kerala have won themselves a succession of corners, but the only thing they're leading to are more corners. Kamaljit hasn't been under any trouble yet
77' Pune make their final change of the day, as Martin Diaz replaces Nim Dorjee Tamang. 

ON - Martin Diaz
OFF - Nim Dorjee Tamang
76' Zakeer's corner is met by Vineeth, whose header is high and doesn't trouble Kamaljit. The corner was a little too high for Vineeth to make proper contact on it though. 
75' Sarthak saves the day! Sahal is alive to the second ball, and then unleashes a shot at goal, but Sarthak is there to block. Kerala have another corner. 
74' Prasanth is now coming on to the pitch to replace Pekuson. 

ON - Prasanth Karuthadathkuni
OFF - Courage Pekuson
The official attendance in Kochi today is 8,659. That is a grand 208 more people who have turned up as compared to the previous game. So much for #FillTheStands
73' Pekuson is on the floor now, and it looks to be cramp for the Ghanaian. 
72' Vineeth! Lakic-Pesic drives forward and plays it through to Vineeth on the left flank, and he gets the strike away, but Kamaljit has his angles covered, and makes a comfortable save. 
71' Stankovic must score! But Dheeraj has bailed Kerala out! Kali has gotten out of jail, as his pass went straight to Stankovic on the edge of the penalty area. His shot was weak though, but Dheeraj has once again made a big save. 
68' The injured Ashique has gone off the pitch. Nikhil Poojary comes on. 

ON - Nikhil Poojary
OFF - Ashique Kuruniyan
67' Ashique is on the floor, and he's getting on a stretcher. It's not clear what's wrong with him, just yet.
65' Sahal! He has got to score! That's a super delivery from Zakeer towards the near-post, and Sahal has smashed his header wide, when he should have glanced it. 
65' More good play from Kerala, and they have another corner. Narzary looks to slip it through for Pekuson, but Mills slides in and concedes the corner 
64' Narzary takes the corner, and Kamaljit has taken command of that. He's come a long way off goal and caught that one unchallenged. 
63' That corner comes to nothing, and then Pekuson takes another long shot soon after that. Another deflection, another corner. 
62' Kerala have a corner, as Vineeth's attempted reverse pass is played behind and out of play by Golui.
61' Clumsy challenge from Adil, who's so lucky not to pick up a second booking. He has clattered into Jhingan, and the Kerala captain is fuming. 
60' Dear, oh dear, Jonathan Vila! He has got to score! Lovely corner whipped in by Stankovic, and Vila has a free header. But that's come off his shoulder and gone out of play. 
59' Stankovic! That is lovely play from Pune, with Robin central to it, just stitching everything together. Stankovic makes a yard for himself and then takes a shot from range, which kisses of Jhingan's toe and out for a corner. 
58' Yellow card for Stojanovic. He's pulled up for a foul, and then punches the ball away to compound things. 
56' That corner is brilliantly punched away by Kamaljit, and Pune hang on to their lead. 
55' Kerala have a corner, as the free-kick is played out by Ashique. 
54' Stankovic goes in the book this time, after he gave the ball away. He hauls Sahal down, and takes one for the team. 
Kerala look a different side in these opening exchanges of the second half. Vineeth has galvanised the men in yellow. 
52' Substitution for Pune, as Marcelinho, the goalscorer, is taken off. He'll be replaced by Stankovic. 

ON - Marko Stankovic
OFF - Marcelinho
51' Another chance for Kerala, who have Pune on the ropes here! Another lovely pass to Stojanovic, this time from Pekuson. With Vineeth and Sahal at the far-post, Stojanovic rolls one towards them. But that's gone a little too far ahead of both of them, and it's dribbled out for a goal-kick. 
50' Zakeer takes the free-kick and floats it into the box. Kamaljit has claimed that with not a soul in his vicinity. 
50' That's a yellow card for Sahil Panwar now. That's a rough challenge on Pekuson, it was a little mistimed from Sahil. 
49' Anas has really got away with one there! He's dwelt on it for too long, and Ashique has stolen it from him and got to the byline. His cross though lacks any conviction, and Dheeraj has claimed it. 
47' This is so much better from Kerala. Pekuson drives at speed from midfield, and then takes a shot but it's blocked and then hit Vineeth's knee straight before he knew it. 
46' Stojanovic! Kerala are on the attack straight away, and that's good ball into the box from Narzary. Stojanovic receives it and swivels to take a left-footed shot. But that's rolled into Kamaljit's arms. Their first shot on target.
46' PEEEEP! We're back underway as Kerala kick us off for the second period here in Kochi
46' CK Vineeth is warming up, and he's getting final instructions from Thanboi Singto and Hermann Hreidarsson. He'll replace Len. 

ON - CK Vineeth
OFF - Seiminlen Doungel
Kerala Blasters 0-1 FC Pune City

Kerala have played well. They've been shocking in the final third. Pune have defended really well, led by Mills. Adil and Vila have worked really hard in midfield. 

Marcelinho, having been denied by Dheeraj earlier, popped up with a goal as he deepened that dagger in Kerala Blasters' hearts. Do that Blasters have a response? We'll be back in a bit with second-half action. I'm off to grab a little something for the groaning tummy. 
45+2' PEEEP PEEEEP PEEEEEEPPP! That's half-time.
45+2' David James is sullen on the Kerala bench. A few people might read that as the pose of a defeated man. But let's be honest, that's been his pose through the season, really. 
45' Pune are playing this half out to ensure they get to the break with the lead intact. Kerala, well, they're playing well for 2/3rds of the length of the pitch. They've been shocking in the one third that really matters. 
42' The Blasters have reduced their fans to a state where the only thing they're cheering is the poor Pune passes. To the fans' joy though, there have been plenty of those just recently. 
38' LEN! Why has he headed that? How has he missed that? Lovely cross from Jhingan, Len should've stood up and smashed it with his right foot, but instead, he stoops to head it and sends the ball well wide of the near post. 
37' Zakeer overhits the free-kick and that's a goal-kick for Pune. Kerala once again have been awful with that final pass. 
36' Pekuson wins a free-kick as Robin slyly catches his feet from behind. You can feign innocence all you want Robin, that is a foul. 
36' Lovely play from Kerala, once again the move breaks down in the final third though. That is an awful attempt of a cross from Stojanovic, after lovely interplay between him, Pekuson and Len. 
Pune have had two shots on target thus far. Kerala have had none. Is this when people drop those mics?
33' Better corner from Marcelinho, but Anas defends that well at the far post. 
33' ROBIN! That is a lovely run from Robin as he forces Adil to play it to him. He takes the shot, it hits Lakic-Pesic, and Pune have a corner. 
32' Marcelinho is seething at Ashique. He intercepted a pass and made strides towards the Kerala box before hitting it tamely from 30 yards out. The Brazilian was making a run down the left side. 
31' STOJANOVIC! A spell of Kerala possession ends with Stojanovic having a pop from range. It's always going wide of Kamaljit's far post, but the 'keeper is taking no chances as he puts in the dive even when he doesn't need to. 
29' Pune are keeping the ball well in these last few minutes, but are giving the ball away in the final third. They just need more imagination. 
26' Pune have a set-piece on the halfway line. Marcelinho takes. Do I have to complete the sequence of events, really? 

I will, the ball has gone straight to Dheeraj, and Marcelinho wastes another set-piece. 
24' With everyone from the back coming into the box, Marcelinho has wasted yet another set-piece. Surprise, surprise. That's gone well over everyone in the box. 
23' HUME! That is lovely from Marcelinho, who beats Jhingan on the left flank, and stands it up towards the penalty spot, Hume's header towards goal is meek, but it's taken a deflection and there's a corner for Pune. 
23' More good play from Ashique on the left wing, as he runs at Jhingan again, giving the skipper trouble. The big man gets in the way of the cross though, giving Pune a corner. 
20' GOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL!! Marcelinho gives FC Pune City the lead!

That is a cruel deflection that beats Dheeraj! Lovely play from Hume in midfield to lose Anas and play it to Adil, who gives it to Ashique. The winger cuts in, past Jhingan and then plays a lovely reverse pass to Marcelinho in the box. His left-footed shot deflects off Anas and loops over Dheeraj. More trouble for the Blasters. 
19' Pune have gotten away with that, as Mills stands strong to clear the free-kick away, and Pune can build. 
18' That is daft from Sahil. It's an easy pass for him to intercept on his chest, but somehow that's hit his hand as well. Kerala have a bonus free-kick in an inviting position. 
16' The game's grown a little scrappy in the last few minutes, as both teams have made a few wayward passes. 
13' Sahal! That is so good from the young man! Brilliant technical ability to easily jink past the challenges of Adil and Hume, and then looks to shoot from the edge of the area. But that's gone over the bar. 
11' Sarthak Golui is the first to go into the referee's book. He's pulled Len back after being beaten by the winger. Can have no complaints. 
9' Marcelinho shoots from 35-yards. Like Marcelinho always does with these free-kicks. Marcelinho hits the wall. Like Marcelinho always does with these free-kicks. Marcelinho is annoyed. As Marcelinho has mostly been this season. 
9' Free-kick for Pune, as the ref blows for a foul on Hume by Anas.
8' STOJANOVIC SHOULD SCORE, BUT DOESN'T! That is a lovely cross towards the far post from Pekuson, and it is met by the lunging right foot of Stojanovic. The Serbian has ended up poking that wide of Kamaljit's near-post.
7' DHEERAJ SAVES! And what a save! Marcelinho is played through on goal in a central area, and he's one-on-one with Dheeraj. He looks to open his body up and let fly on his left foot, but Dheeraj stands tall and repels it! Super save!
5' Len intercepts a stray Pune pass in his attacking third and drives at goal. Just as he's about to strike it, he slips and makes no significant contact on the ball. That's his 29th shot on goal this season. He's scored one. 
5' Short corner taken to Narzary, who jinks past his man and unleashes a left-footed drive that Adil blocks. It fell to Pekuson, whose shot is blocked by Vila. 
4' Kerala have a corner, as Narzary looks to dribble past Adil, but can only play it off the Pune man and out of play. Jhingan, Anas, Lakic-Pesic all lumber up. 
3' Marcelinho sprays it wide and it's pinged on to the feet of Ashique. The youngster gets it out of his feet, and hits a low cross into the box, but that is too close to Dheeraj and he can catch it unchallenged. 
3' Ashique! Picks the ball up in the middle of the park and drives down the left flank. With Robin and Hume waiting in the six yard box, the winger looks to beat Dheeraj at his near-post, but he hits the side-netting. 
2' Stojanovic is off on a run. Unfortunately for Kerala, he doesn't see those around him, before running into a Matt Mills-led cul de sac. Pune get it away
1' PEEEEEEEPPPP! We're underway! Pune in the all-white strip get us off, kicking from  left to right as we see it on the idiot box. Kerala, in the all-yellow, kicking the other way, in case there was any doubt. 
Jhingan wins the toss, chooses side, Pune will get us underway
Anthem sung, hands shook, team photographs taken, Jhingan and Mills are with the officials now. Toss time. 
The two teams have lined up on the pitch. It's time for Jana Gana Mana.
Jhingan and Mills lead the respective lines, in the tunnel, as the two teams wait to walk out to another underwhelming Kochi crowd. "Never changed passion for glory," screams a banner. Erm, we're not so sure passion leads to not turning up to the stadium. 
CK Vineeth, in an interview, has pleaded with the fans to stick by the club, the players and the coaching staff. Emotional plea, might not be enough to get the fans up in spirits though. 
Paul Masefield has chipped in with his words of wisdom on Kerala's home performances. With not much room for ceremony, he calls it embarrassing. 
"What we had in the last game was a good number of supporters," says David James. Was he watching the same game as we were? That was the Kerala Blasters' lowest ever attendance in their history. 
Our man on the ground in Kochi, Nived Zenith, is just telling me that the crowd is still nowhere near what we're used to in Kochi. So, Manjappada's call to #FillTheStadium has fallen on deaf ears?
Humettan, as he is lovingly known in Kerala, is back in Kochi tonight. 
Stop the press! David James hasn't tinkered with his starting XI too much. One change only, and even that is an enforced one. Kerala played well on boycott-day, so how much momentum will this side ride on tonight?

Kerala Blasters:
Dheeraj Singh Moirangthem, Sandesh Jhingan, Anas Edathodika, Cyril Kali, Zakeer Mundampara, Sahal Abdul Samad, Courage Pekuson, Seiminlen Doungel, Holicharan Narzary, Slavisa Stojanovic

Kerala Blasters Substitutes: Naveen Kumar, Lalruatthara, Mohammed Rakip, Suraj Rawat, Prasanth Karuthadathkuni, CK Vineeth, Matej Poplatnik

FC Pune City: Kamaljit Singh, Sarthak Golui, Nim Dorjee Tamang, Matt Mills, Sahil Panwar, Jonathan Vila, Adil Khan, Ashique Kuruniyan, Marcelinho, Robin Singh, Iain Hume

FC Pune City Substitutes: Vishal Kaith, Ashutosh Mehta, Martin Diaz, Marko Stankovic, Mohammed Yasir, Nikhil Poojary, Marko Stankovic

David James has made one change to his side, with Courage Pekuson coming in to replace the injured Keziron Kizito.

Pradhyum Reddy has made a few changes as well, with Sarthak Golui, Sahil Panwar, Nim Dorjee Tamang and Iain Hume coming back into the starting XI.
Hello and Welcome to Sportskeeda's Live Coverage of the ISL fixture between Kerala Blasters and FC Pune City. I'm Aaditya Narayan, and I will take you through all of tonight's action. Kerala wants better from the Blasters. Will they get what only they think they deserve? We'll find out soon enough. Team news next!
The team that Kerala Blasters beat to end their six-game winless streak in 2015? Yes, you guessed it right. It was Pune City! Will their customers have some cheer tonight?!
Kerala have won 5 matches against Pune, their joint most number of wins against a team in ISL.
Pune have scored just twice in 4 matches at Kochi, making it the joint lowest scoring away venue for them in ISL.
FC Pune City have conceded 21 goals this season, out of which 12 have been conceded in the first half of games.
Pune City have played 22 matches in their ISL history against South Indian opposition - Bengaluru, Chennaiyin and Kerala Blasters. They've won one of those 22 games - a 3-2 win over the Blasters in 2015.
Kerala Blasters are winless in nine games since winning on the opening day against ATK. The only other time they've won their opening game of an ISL season was in 2015, when they went six games winless after that. Perhaps the lesson from that is for them not to win again on opening day?
After their boycott of the last home game, Manjappada have issued a rallying call to fill the stadium in Kochi today. Will the herd follow its leaders? After the inexplicable nature of their boycott, their reputation does need a bit for redemption. 
Kerala Blasters v FC Pune City Preview

Two teams hopeful for a revival will take the field against each other at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Kochi as FC Pune City face Kerala Blasters in the Friday encounter.

Kerala Blasters showed great improvement in their last match against Jamshedpur FC at home. Although the result was not satisfying for the little number that turned up, the performance was appreciated, even by the fan groups who inexplicably boycotted the match. 

Blasters are currently 7th on the points table with 9 matches. David James' team has played 10 matches, out of which they have tasted victory only once. Nothing less than the three points will be of any help in their playoff race, in their current predicament.

Pune City is just the opposite of who they were last season. In the 2017-18 season, they had conceded 21 goals in total. The Stallions have allowed the same number of goals already, from the 10 matches. Their last match, against Bengaluru FC kept the watching public engaged for the whole game, until a late winner from the Blues condemned Pune to yet another loss. Pune City has only 5 points, with one win and two draws and are 9th on the points table, behind champions Chennaiyin FC on goal difference. Even if it is a tough ask, Pune might be determined to keep the spirits alive.
When and where to watch 

Watch the Kerala Blasters v FC Pune City game on Hotstar and Jio TV. TV telecast on Star Sports Network. The kick off is at 7.30 pm IST.
S. Rawat
H. Narzary
M. Díaz
P. Karuthadathkuni
C. Pekuson
N. Poojari
A. Kuruniyan
S. Stojanović
M. Stankovic
M. Stankovic
S. Panwar
C. Vineeth
S. Doungel
A. Khan
assist: A. Kuruniyan
S. Golui
Pune City (3-4-3)
Pradyum Reddy (Manager)
D. Moirangthem
C. Kali
N. Lakić-Pešić
A. Edathodika
S. Jhingan
Z. Mundampara
S. Samad
S. Doungel
C. Pekuson
H. Narzary
S. Stojanović
K. Singh
S. Panwar
M. Mills
S. Golui
A. Kuruniyan
A. Khan
Jonathan Vila
R. Singh
I. Hume
Pune City (3-4-3)
Pradyum Reddy (Manager)
Kerala Blasters Subs
P. Karuthadathkuni
N. Kumar
M. Poplatnik
M. Rakip
S. Rawat
C. Vineeth
Pune City Subs
M. Díaz
V. Kaith
A. Mehta
N. Poojari
S. Sampingiraj
M. Stankovic
M. Yasir
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