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KER vs MOH Match Result - Indian Super League
67' Roy Krishna
That's all we have from the opening game of ISL 2020-21, with a happy ending for the Mariners and their fans. Tomorrow, NorthEast United take on Mumbai City FC at the Tilak Maidan, do join our live coverage for that one. Until then, this is Aaditya Narayan signing off. Good night! 
Full-time: Kerala Blasters 0-1 ATK Mohun Bagan

Of course it had to be that man Roy Krishna to decide this ISL opener. In a game in which Kerala Blasters had the bulk of the possession, Bagan defended superbly throughout the game, with Tiri being a brick wall in defence. 

Eventually, it did take a defensive error to decide the game, with Cidoncha and Vicente Gomez attacking the same ball, and failing to clear it. It meant that the loose ball fell to Krishna, who fired past Albino Gomes to score what would be the eventual winner. 

Kerala Blasters had a couple of very presentable opportunities to score, which fell to Ritwik Das and Sahal Abdul Samad, but they could not make proper contact on the ball, when they were in dangerous positions. 

Eventually, it was the experience at the back for Bagan that prevailed and gave them a winning start to their ISL campaign. 
90 + 5" PEEEEPPPP!!! ATK Mohun Bagan win on their ISL debut! 
90 + 4' No we don't. Bagan have a free-kick, as Kone bumps into McHugh while trying to attack the corner. 
90 + 3' Puitea! Bagan don't deal with a long ball into the box, and clear it only as far as Puitea on the edge of the box. His strike is deflected behind for a corner. Do we have a late twist? 
90 + 1' Four minutes of stoppage time, as Kerala Blasters look to find this equaliser. 
90' Williams is so clever to win that free-kick there. Lalruatthara nudges the Australian on the back while challenging for a long-ball, and Bagan have a free-kick. 
89' Desperation is beginning to set in for the Kerala Blasters. Javi Hernandez has sucked Pereyra into making a challenge on him, but the Argentine catches the Spaniard's foot. Facundo Pereyra goes into the book
87' Seityasen! That's another chance for Kerala Blasters, as Kerala Blasters work the ball on the edge of the box, before finding Seityasen in space. His shot, though, is high and gives Arindam no worry. 
86' That's the final throw of the dice now from Vicuna, as attacker comes on for centre-back. A torrid evening for Sahal also comes to an end. 

On: Lalruatthara and Facundo Pereyra
Off: Sahal Abdul Samad and Bakary Kone
85' Subhasish's long ball sees Manvir run onto it, but he's stopped in his tracks by COsta, 
82' Chance for Murray! Seityasen's floated cross is met by the Aussie at the back-post, but his header is well-wide. If Murray had left the ball, it would have found Puitea in space inside the box. 
82' Bagan have swapped a hitman for another, as Krishna goes off to be replaced by Williams. 

On: David Williams
Off: Roy Krishna
81' The corner is well cleared, but it then comes out to Prasanth, who puts in a good cross, that is only cleared as far as Sahal. His attempted volley is skewed and goes well over the target. 
80' Tiri gives away a cheap corner now, as his attempted header back to Arindam goes behind. 
80' Ooohh Edu Garcia! Bagan boot one up to Krishna who chests it down for Garcia on the edge of the area. He hits his shot straight across the face of goal, and it ends up wide of the target. n
79' Sahal loses the ball again as he tries to dribble past a host of bodies that surrounded him when he was on the ball there. 
79' Hernandez takes a shot from distance, but Albino's behind the ball and collects comfortably. 
77' That is more sloppy play from Sahal in midfield, as he loses the ball to Javi Hernandez in midfield. The Kerala man then goes back to try and win it from the Spaniard, but Kone fouls and Bagan have a free-kick in a promising position. 
With fifteen minutes left in the game, there is a cooling break now. Can Vicuna find words of inspiration to get an equaliser here?
75' Two changes for the Blasters now, as Cidoncha and Ritwik Das come off to be replaced by Murray and Puitea. 

On: Jordan Murray and Lalthathanga Khawlhring
Off: Sergio Cidoncha and Ritwik Das
73' Play has momentarily stopped, after a clash of heads in the Kerala Blasters box sees McHugh on the floor. 
72' That is superb from Tiri again, as he rises highest to clear Cidoncha's corner. The ball goes back to the Spaniard, whose attempted cross is poor. Edu Garcia springs forward on the break, and plays it square to Krishna who draws the foul. 
71' Cidoncha's corner is headed behind by Tiri for another corner, which the Spaniard will reload. 
70' That's good defending from Tiri. Hooper receives the ball on the edge of the box, and looks to work a yard for the shot, but the Spanish centre-back stays close to him, and deflects the shot away for a corner. 
69' Vicuna is responding straightaway to going behind. The Australian Jordan Murray is getting ready to come on. 
67' GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!! It's that man Roy Krishna! 

Bagan's Fijian hitman has opened his account for the season! Manvir does well to run through the left, his cross is not cleared well enough by Kerala Blasters, as two players clash for the same ball. Krishna pounces on the loose ball, and smashes it past Albino, who had no chance. 
65' Nice cross from Seityasen! That is a nice bit of play down the left flank from Vicente Gomez, Cidoncha and Seityasen. His cross is punched away by Arindam, who then collides with Jhingan. No harm done to anyone physically though. 
64' Another decent move from Kerala Blasters breaks down for want of a quality pass in the final third. Sahal finds Ritwik in space on the right flank, but his cross floats straight through to Arindam. 
63' Manvir Singh comes on to replace Pronay Halder. Edu Garcia and Javi Hernandez will move to deeper roles, alongside McHugh in midfield. 

On: Manvir Singh
Off: Pronay Halder
62' The answer is now, as Manvir Singh is getting his instructions from the Bagan coaching staff, prior to coming on for his club debut. 
61' ATK Mohun Bagan have been unable to string together any moves of note since the beginning of the second half. When does Habas turn to his bench? 
59' It is not Ritwik Das who goes off, as Kibu Vicuna decides that Nongdamba Naorem has played enough on his ISL debut. 

On: Seityasen Singh
Off: Nongdamba Naorem
57' It looks like Kerala Blasters are getting Seityasen Singh ready to come on, you would think Ritwik Das would be the one he replaces. 
56' That is a scrappy passage of play, with tackles flying in from the midfielders. Eventually, though, referee Crystal John does not blow for a foul, even though he had his whistle in his mouth on a couple of occasions. 
54' That is another promising move from Kerala Blasters that ends up with a poor final pass. Cidoncha slipped Hooper through, but the Englishman was forced wide. Eventually, Naorem found himself in a good crossing position but that is woefully overhit. 
53' Sahal picks up the ball on the left flank, and looks to run at the Bagan defence. But he tries to take on one defender too many, before McHugh steals the ball off him. 
50' What a chance for Sahal! Jessel is found in space on the left flank, and he puts in a decent cross into the box that Bagan fail to clear. The ball falls to Sahal in space in the box. His shot is miscued though, as it skews off the outside off his boot and out for a goal-kick. 
50' Sloppy from Sandesh. Under no pressure, he mishits a clearance straight up into the sky, Pritam Kotal cannot control it, Kerala Blasters have a throw-in.
49' Garcia whips the ball in but it is too close to Albino, who convincingly punches the ball out of danger. 
48' Straight up at the other end, Bagan have themselves a free-kick, after a clumsy tackle from Kone on Edu Garcia. The Spaniard himself will take this free-kick - an in-swinger from the left flank. 
47' That's a half-chance for Kerala Blasters. Jessel whips a ball into Sahal at the edge of the box. The midfielder tries to cushion a header through to Hooper first-time, but overhits it, and the ball rolls out. 
46' That is another sloppy moment from Jessel to begin this half, as he fails to control a pass from Costa, to give Bagan a throw-in. But the Blasters defend the throw-in well enough to snuff out any danger. 
46' PEEEEPPPP! And we are back underway, with Krishna getting the ball rolling for the second half in this ISL 2020-21 opener. 
The players are back on the field for the start of the second half, which ATK Mohun Bagan will get underway. 
Half-Time: Kerala Blasters 0-0 ATK Mohun Bagan

As you'd expect with a shorter pre-season than usual, this match has not yet hit peak intensity levels. Kerala Blasters have had the bulk of the possession, but they have hardly been in areas that have threatened ATK Mohun Bagan, who have had the three best chances of the game. 

All those chances fell to the man they'd have wanted it to fall to, in Roy Krishna, but the Fijian was once denied by a superb Costa Nhamoinesu tackle, and put a couple of shot off target. 

Ritwik Das had Kerala Blasters's best chance of the match so far, but he could not make proper contact with the ball while he was two yards from goal. 
45 + 3' PEEEEPPP! That's half-time, from a largely uneventful half in Bambolim. 
45 + 3' Bagan look to build through Edu Garcia and he tries to play a through-ball to Krishna, but the Fijian is offside. 
45 + 2' That's good play from Prasanth and Ritwik on the right flank, but they cannot combine to set either up in a crossing position. Eventually, Sahal fouls McHugh and concedes a free-kick. 
45' As the half has gone on, ATK Mohun Bagan are committing more niggly fouls in midfield, as they look to find their rhythm back. 
44' The corner comes to nothing, as Kone rises with Jhingan and fouls the Bagan man. 
43' Cidoncha plays the free-kick short to Jessel, who is in a central area. Jessel takes a long shot, which is deflected behind for a corner, which Cidoncha will take. 
42' Another yellow card, and this time it is Edu Garcia. He steps on Vicente Gomez's left foot. Kerala Blasters free-kick in a decent position. 
40' Wide. Javi's corner is towards Krishna at the back-post, but Prasanth does enough to put the Fijian off. Krishna doesn't make good enough contact, and the ball dribbles wide of Albino's net. 
39' That is an atrocious pass from Jessel. He tries to find Albino with a back-pass from a long distance, but that pass is misdirected, and Bagan have a cheap corner. Javi will take an in-swinger from the right. 
That is the first yellow card of the season. Pronay Halder goes into the referee's book, for an awful challenge on Cidoncha in midfield. 
37' How has Ritwik Das missed that? This was the first real period of sustained pressure from the Kerala Blasters. Nongdamba Naorem's cross is intended for Hooper, but Subhasish does enough to prevent the Englishman from getting a header away. Ritwik finds the ball landing at his feet two yards away form goal, but he has not made enough contact on it to steer it home. 
35' Brilliant intervention from Costa! That's another sloppy mistake in midfield from Kerala Blasters, as Javi Hernandez easily intercepts a pass. He tries to slot Garcia through, but the Spaniard's first touch is not great, and it allows Costa to slide in and clear. 
34' Chance for Krishna! That is sloppy play in midfield from Cidoncha, as he play his pass straight to Pronay Halder. The India international plays Krishna through, and the Fijian hits a shot from the edge of the area. Albino sees it flash high and past his crossbar. 
33' As play restarts, Kerala Blasters have a free-kick on the halfway line for a foul by Subhasish on Prasanth. 
30' On the half-hour mark, there is a stoppage in play as the teams take a cooling break. This will be a regular feature this season. Given the humidity of Goa and the shorter pre-season, this seems a sensible move from the league. 
29' Better from Kerala Blasters! Hooper and Sahal link up nicely to create a promising attacking situation. Eventually the ball falls to Prasanth on the right flank, and he tries to play Sahal through but a combination of Tiri and Jhingan clears for ATK. 
27' Chance! Garcia's near-post corner is met by McHugh, but he's headed that wide of the target. That needed a flicked header, but McHugh met it too well. 
26' Bagan have a corner now, as a Prabir Das cross is skewed behind by Costa. Edu Garcia will take. 
24' The corner is looking for Kone at the back-post, but Tiri rises with him, and the Kerala Blasters man is adjudged to have committed a foul. 
24' Kerala Blasters have their first corner of the game. Prasanth looks to find Ritwik Das in the Bagan box, but Jhingan sticks out a big left boot and concedes the corner. 
22' Kerala need to inject some urgency into their passing. They have done well to retain possession thus far, but a Habas side loves the ball being passed in front of them. Bagan are comfortable here so far, and have created the better chances so far as well. 
21' Bagan have been given a free-kick after tussling with Cidoncha. That looked harsh on Cidoncha. Javi floats the free-kick to Edu Garcia at far post, but nothing comes off it, as Kerala Blasters manage to clear their lines eventually. 
19' This time, it is Kone's turn to prevent Krishna from getting through on goal. Edu Garcia's long pass is looking fo the Fijian's run in behind, but he is well-marshalled by the Kerala Blasters centre-back.  
18' Brilliant defending from Costa! Kone plays an awful square ball straight to Krishna. The Fijian looks to run past Costa and powers a right-footed shot on goal, but Costa is there to block it, and even wins a goal kick off Krishna. 
17' Sahal finds space in the middle of the park, after running onto a flick-on from Hooper. He plays it wide on the right to Prasanth. The right-back cuts in and looks for a left-footed shot, but that rolls through to Arindam. 
14' That injury means Soosairaj's evening is done. He has been stretchered off, and does not look especially comfortable. He's replaced by Subhasish Bose.

On: Subhasish Bose
Off: Michael Soosairaj
12' Soosairaj is writhing in pain now, after a tackle from Prasanth, which caught the Bagan man on the knee. Habas is furious that no foul has been awarded to his side. 
11' Soosairaj finds himself in space on the left flank, after being played through by an excellent Javi Hernandez pass. Soosairaj's attempted low cross only finds Albino though. It was just a tad overhit in an attempt find Edu Garcia. 
10' Kerala Blasters have a set-piece opportunity, which Cidoncha takes. Tiri clears for a throw-in, with Kone lurking behind him. 
9' Prabir Das finds his first crossing opportunity of the season, after finding some space on the right flank. Albino comes out and claims the cross easily. 
7' Kerala Blasters are dominating the possession in the early exchanges, but they have not yet put together a move to trouble the Bagan defence too much
4' What a chance! Javi's corner finds Krishna in acres of space in the box, but the Fijian's left-footed strike just finds air, and misses the ball. Prasanth was supposed to mark Krishna off that corner. 
3' Bagan have a corner early in the game. Krishna runs down the channel, and forces Bakary Kone to concede the corner. Great pressure from the Fijian!
1' Costa plays a curious pass back to Albino, but the goalkeeper manages to prevent the corner and plays it to Kone. No harm done for Kerala Blasters.
The set-up for ATK Mohun Bagan looks like it has Jhingan on the left side of the back three, with Tiri in the middle and Pritam on the right
1' PEEEEEPPPP! Off we go! ISL season 7 is underway!
The countdown to kickoff is underway in Bambolim, Hooper will have the first kick of the ball for the season
Team photos done, it is time for ISL 2020-21. Kerala Blasters will set the ball rolling in the first half. 
The anthem has been sung, but there will be no customary handshakes, thanks to COVID-19 protocols. The teams are lining up for photographs to be taken. 
As is tradition in the ISL, it is time for the Indian National Anthem. 
The commentator on the host broadcaster has just mentioned that David Williams has a minor foot injury, due to which he has not made the starting XI for ATK Mohun Bagan this evening.  
Remember, ATK Mohun Bagan played no pre-season friendlies this year, with coach Habas saying that they were "unnecessary". 
Right. Hooper vs Tiri. Krishna vs Costa. Vicente Gomez vs Cidoncha. It's almost go-time, as the teams are set to walk out onto the pitch at the GMC Stadium in Bambolim. 
Chairperson of FSDL, Nita Ambani, has just reeled off a list of achievements from the ISL in the last year, and commends all stakeholders for making it possible to host the ISL in India. 
Just about 20 minutes away from kick-off in Bambolim this evening, the two teams have just finished their warm-ups. It will soon be time for ball to be set rolling in ISL 2020-21. 
Roy Krishna on air now, and he has played down the importance of the Kolkata Derby, saying that it is just a matter of eleven players taking on eleven. 
The host broadcaster is now playing an interview with Sourav Ganguly, who has heralded a new era in Indian Football, and Kolkata Football, with the entries of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan into the ISL. 
Ritwik Das makes his ISL debut on the right wing for Kerala Blasters tonight. He has impressed in the I-League for Real Kashmir in the last couple of years, and deserves his ISL bow tonight. 
Remember, there are five substitutions allowed per side in this game. The stipulations of the rules means that the teams can make their five substitutions in three separate slots, not including the half-time break. 
It is still unclear whether Nishu Kumar has any issues with his fitness, so we're hoping that we can get clarification on that soon. Prasanth Karuthadathkuni has a massive role to play today. 
So we have our first surprise from Kibu Vicuna! Big-money signing Nishu Kumar fails to make the Kerala Blasters starting XI!

Kerala Blasters (4-3-3): Albino Gomes; Prasanth Karuthadathkuni, Bakary Kone, Costa Nhamoinesu, Jessel Carneiro; Vicente Gomez, Sergio Cidoncha, Sahal Abdul Samad; Ritwik Das, Nongdamba Noarem, Gary Hooper

Substitutes: Prabhsukhan Singh Gill, Nishu Kumar, Lalruatthara, Seityasen Singh, Jeakson Singh, Rohit Kumar, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Jordan Murray, Facundo Pereyra

ATK Mohun Bagan (3-4-2-1): Arindam Bhattacharya; Pritam Kotal, Sandesh Jhingan, Tiri; Prabir Das, Pronay Halder, Carl McHugh, Michael Soosairaj; Javi Hernandez, Edu Garcia; Roy Krishna

Substitutes: Avilash Paul, Subhasish Bose, Sumit Rathi, Glan Martins, Bradden Inman, SK Sahil, Manvir Singh, David Williams, Jayesh Rane
Team News! David Williams does not start for ATK Mohun Bagan!
Kerala Blasters won the opening game in the last two years, against a Kolkata-based club at that. Last year, a Bartholomew Ogbeche brace gave them a 2-1 win in Kochi.  
There is also an interesting A-League connect between the two big strikers in this game. Gary Hooper replaced Roy Krishna at Wellington Phoenix last season, and now they both go head-to-head. Who will come out on top? 
We are 30 minutes away from the learning the first starting lineups for the season. Will Sandesh Jhingan start for ATK Mohun Bagan? How does Kibu Vicuna set up his first ever Kerala Blasters team? Answers coming up in half an hour. 
First off, for all the historical numbers in the build-up to this opener, Sportskeeda's Abhijit Raghunathan has you covered with this piece
It's go time! ISL opening day is here! Welcome to Sportskeeda's coverage of tonight's opening game of ISL 2020-21, with ATK Mohun Bagan facing Kerala Blasters at the GMC Stadium in Bambolim, Goa. My name is Aaditya Narayan, and I will take you through all the proceedings from what will hopefully be a game of football to remember. 
Facundo Pereyra
Facundo Pereyra
Bakary Kone
Sahal Abdul Samad
David Williams
Roy Krishna
Sahal Abdul Samad
Jordan Murray
Sergio Cidoncha
Lalthathanga Khawlhring
Ritwik Kumar Das
Roy Krishna
Manvir Singh
Pronay Halder
Seityasen Singh
Nongdamba Naorem
Edu Garcia
Subashish Bose
Michael Soosairaj
ATK Mohun Bagan (4-2-3-1)
Albino Gomes
Prasanth Karuthadathkuni
Jessel Carneiro
Bakary Kone
Costa Nhamoinesu
Vicente Gomez
Sergio Cidoncha
Nongdamba Naorem
Ritwik Kumar Das
Sahal Abdul Samad
Gary Hooper
Arindam Bhattacharja
Pritam Kotal
Sandesh Jhingan
Prabir Das
Pronay Halder
Carl McHugh
Javi Hernandez
Edu Garcia
Michael Soosairaj
Roy Krishna
ATK Mohun Bagan (4-2-3-1)
Kerala Blasters FC Subs
Prabhsukhan Gill
Lalthathanga Khawlhring
Jeakson Singh
Rohit Kumar
Facundo Pereyra
Seityasen Singh
Jordan Murray
Nishu Kumar
ATK Mohun Bagan Subs
Avilash Paul
Subashish Bose
Manvir Singh
David Williams
Sheikh Sahil
Sumit Rathi
Brad Inman
Jayesh Rane
Glan Martins
14 FOULS 8
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Mumbai City FC 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 ATK Mohun Bagan 2 2 0 0 3 6
3 Northeast United FC 3 1 2 0 1 5
4 Chennaiyin FC 2 1 1 0 1 4
5 Hyderabad FC 2 1 1 0 1 4
6 Bengaluru FC 2 0 2 0 0 2
7 FC Goa 3 0 2 1 -1 2
8 Kerala Blasters FC 3 0 2 1 -1 2
9 Jamshedpur FC 2 0 1 1 -1 1
10 Odisha FC 2 0 1 1 -1 1
11 SC East Bengal 2 0 0 2 -5 0
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament Indian Super League - Week
Stadium GMC Stadium Bambolim
Match time Fri, 20 Nov 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Nov 20, 2020 21:30 PM | Published: Jul 26, 52858 12:28 PM
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