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KOR vs MEX Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
Korea Republic
1 - 2
Son Heung-Min 90'+3'
26' C. Vela (P)
66' J. Hernández

Mexico have won this with an authoritative display - apart from that Heung Min Son screamer they never looked like they'd concede. 

That's all from an exhausted Anirudh Menon - I need a lie down, but Germany Sweden promises to be soooo good, so I'm not getting a minute of shut eye. 

Thank you for reading, Anirudh Menon signing out. 

90' + 5' That's adios to the Korea Republic. 
90' + 4' Chicha wins a foul, but the Mexicans give the ball away immediately. Korea are 60 seconds away from elimination
Son shifts the ball inside, takes a touch and curls the ball in the single most beautiful arc you'll see - around everyone and then past Ochoa. WOOF! WHAT A GOAL!
90' + 2' The freekick's straight at Jo. Korea move forward...
90' + 1' Kim goes in hard on Herrera down the right flank - the fall's a touch theatrical, the foul undebatable. Jesus Corona and Gio Dos Santos stand over the dead ball
90' Layun outmuscles Hong and then wins a clever foul off him. There'll be FIVE additional minutes added on.
89' The Koreans continue to patiently probe and pry. They are getting absolutely nowhere with this
88' Salcedo sends Hwang sliding into Disney World with a lovely, lovely feint at the edge of his own box. OLE OLE OLE go the jubilant Mexicans. 
86' Korea are trying, down the left, down the right, but they are running into walls (no more Trump jokes, I promise). Lee Seung-Woo sees this and looks to release Son with a chip down the middle; but it's a hopeless ball. Ochoa collects without breaking a sweat

84' Mexico move forward at pace - Koreas see this one, through, but Marquez leads the men in white with regal calm. 
83' The last change for Korea as attacking midfielder Hong Cho comes on for left back Kim Min Woo; Korea have nothing more to lose now. 
81' Son wins the ball and releases Hwang down the left - the winger loses himself and the ball as he spins around on the spot like a top - but recovers well ti win the ball back and ghost past Alvarez. Salcedo, though, gets in the way with another superb tackle. He's been immense all evening - converted to centre-back after starting against Germany at rightback
80' Jung Wooyoung, who's been on the pitch for a sum total of three minutes gets into the ref's book for smashing a forearm across the face of poor ol' Hector Herrera.
79' Jesus Corona - the greatest name you will hear - gets the ball and looks to twist past Lee Yong on the Mexican left, but the veteran sees him off and sets Korea on the counter - there's no space for that, though. The Mexicans have stood in a line of five right outside their box. They WANT this win
76' Subs abound as Giovanni Dos Santos (remember him?) replaces the excellent Carlos Vela and Moon is replaced by Jung as the Koreans go for it. They should have had one back already, though. 
75' OH MY LORD! OH! MY! LORD! WHAT MADNESS! Initially Marquez sold Ochoa short with the single most ludicrous passes you'll see on a football pitch. Hwang screeches onto it, looks to have rounded Ochoa then with the goal gaping - he inexplicably backheels it to Son, who's shot is blocked by a combination of Salcedo and Ochoa. For the loose ball, Ochoa scrambles to get there ahead of Ki - who then smashes into him. OUCH!
73' Lee and Son exchange some neat passes at the edge of the box before they get turned back by that Mexican wall (ahem, Donald) Ki has a whack from well out. Ochoa has a giggle, brews himself a coffee - and saves
72' Layun runs easily out on the counter - Lee Seung Woo's irritated and he hacks him down. Yellow that for the young man
71' A beaming Hirving Lozano jogs off to be replaced by Corona
69' ... which is taken short; Son feeds it to Lee Seung-Woo at the edge of the box; where his shot at goal is well saved by Ochoa. Tame shot, actually
68' Korea win a corner...
67' That grand ol' man Rafa Marquez comes on for the immense Andres Guadrado. Batten down them hatches
Mexico broke with supreme intent. The electric Lozano runs superbly at the Korean box, he then feed Hernandez on the left -- Chicha sits Jang down and sends him sliding into Seoul, before slipping the ball past Jo with a lovely finish. That's Chicha's 50th goal for his nation
65' Heung Min Son looks to run around Hector Moreno -- but the centre back holds his ground, and bullies Son off the ball... 
63' Ju Se-Jong is taken off for that Asian Messi - Lee Seung-Woo. Can he spark a revival? 
61' This is become superbly end-to-end now. At one, Son has an almighty thwack - Salcedo blocks with his face. That's officially his millionth block of the evening. At the other end, Vela smashes a lay off from Layun deep into Row Z. If these Mexicans learn how to finish...
60' Guadrado then pings a delightful ball out to Lozano - whose on the right - but Kim Min Woo times his tackle to perfection 
59' The corner, as ever, is rubbish. Korea break forward with Moon, who's touch is sumptuous, but the move breaks down. 
58' WOOF! WHAT A SAVE, JO! WHAT A SHOT, GUADRADO! The Mexican captain has a thump at it - it deflects of Jang back onto his path, and this time off the left he curls one with power at the far post - Jo flies out to tip it around the post for a corner. Superb, superb play from both.
56'... OH! KI Sung-Yeung! After a lovely move that included a backheel from Ki and a burst of space from Son, the Korea captain absolutely leathers it at goal. Ochoa does well to bat it down and hold it on the rebound
55' Guadrado curls it into the six yard box, but it's comfortable for Jo Hyun-Woo. The keeper then pumps it forward to the feet of Hwang - his delivery has been excellent all tournament - and Korea move forward.... 
54' Mexico's quiet, patient style is rather delightful. Lozano looks to speed things up with a turn, but Ju catches him on the half-turn and that's a freekick. 
52' OH! Hwang is released into the box by a lovely ball from Moon -- he turns on a six-pence and smashes a shot at goal that Salcedo throws himself at and blocks away for a corner. Hwang cries for a pen - but the defender's arm was tucked in and on his chest, no way that's a pen. 
51' EI CHICHARITO! EI CHICHA! Vela lays the ball off to him with another lovely turn; Hernandez doesn't look up - hence can't see Layun's lovely run into the box - and then smashes it into space. Sputnik's got company
50' Mexico move forward with supreme confidence -- Vela then leaves Ki for dead with a lovely turn and he feeds Lozano; who smashes it into row Z
49' The Mexicans have erected a wall in front of their goal now. Donald, learn. 
47' They do not build a good move. 
46' Mexico continue on the front foot -- but Vela smashes a useless pass into the stands and Korea can have a go at building a move of their own

Korea have had their chances; but Mexico's been the better side and they do deserve the 1-0 lead. 
46' Vela dribbles at the Koreans - Moon Son Min quite literally pulls him back by his shirttails. Freekick Mexico - which Layun takes - and Layun wastes. 
45' From it, Mexico look to counter, but Hernandez is pulled up for a foul on Hwang just as it looked like the West Ham striker was going to run into green grass. ONE MINUTE TO BE ADDED ON!
44' Moon looks to have a shot, he feints before smashing one at goal. Moreno throws himself at it, and the ball deflects out to Son. He has a go -but this time Salcedo blocks; and that's a corner.
43' WOOF! LOZANO, my boy! The exciting little winger leaves THREE Korean markers for dead with a sudden shuffle of his hips and a burst of acceleration -- before he smashes a rather useless shot right into the River Don. SIX!
42' Mexico move inexorably forward -- and Vela plays a couple of neat one-twos as he swans into the Korean third, but Lee Jae Sung times his tackle well
41' From the corner, Ochoa comes out bravely and punches the ball well clear of the danger zone. 
40' ... OH SON! The Spurs superstar leaves the Mexican centre-backs dead with a quite amazing burst of pace - and he screams into the box, but Ochoa's up to the task and scrams of his line to smother it out for a corner. That pace, though. WOOF *does that hand shaking universal symbol 'dinho did when Pirlo curled in a screamer some years ago at Milan*
39' OH MY LORD! LEE JAE SUNG! The midfielder collects the ball just outside his own box and inexplicably starts dribbling back into it to escape the attentions of Vela. Chicharito seems to have caught him out - but Jo sprints off his line and his thump forward sets Son free....
37' From 0-100 in the swoosh of a boot go Mexico as Hector Herrera's unbelievable crossfield smack sets Layun off on the right. The one-time Porto mates go a long way back, and their understanding is so evident here - Herrera's barely looked up before pinging those 50-60 yard crossfields. This time, Layun's cross into the box is just too much for Vela, and Kim clears
36' That is till Gallardo gives it away with an ambitious ball out to Hernandez. Jang intercepts and sends Son on his way. The Spurs man in-turn finds Moon - who's lovely looking dink into Hwang is well read by Salcedo. 
35' After a fair bit of treatment, and generous application of the 'magic spray', Lee Yong jogs back on. Mexico continue with their death by a thousand passes routine
33' A give away from the rather shaky Alvarez allows Korea to steam forward on the counter; but Lee's run into the box is blocked off by Gallardo. He stays down after that; and the medical staff have been called on. Let's hope it's nothing serious
32' Ole Ole go the Mexicans as their team passes the ball around themselves with comfortable ease. 
31' Son leathers it high over Ochoa's goal - it had the power, and the latitude, but not the longitude. No dip, in other words
30' Moon Son Min looks to run at Gallardo, he jinks hither and then thither in the hoping of drawing a tackle from the Mexican left back - but nothing doing. Moon recycles the ball and some 30 odd yards out Hwang ends up winning a freekick. It's dead center, and Son Heung Min looks very, very, interested
28' Layun's corner, though, is rubbish. Mexico have raised the tempo, and the fans are feeling the love. It's loud in the Rostov Arena.
27' OH! Lozano runs at Lee, and the Koreans seems to have bundled him over, but the ref adjudges it to be a fair challenge. He gets pissed off, picks himself up and wins the ball back. He then feeds it to Vela - who squares it to Layun at the edge of the box; WOOF! HE THUMPS IT AT GOAL, WHERE JO HAS TO BE ALERT TO TIP IT OVER. GREAT SAVE
The little trequartista keeps his head, sends Jo the other way and caresses it into the bottom far corner
24' PENALTY FOR MEXICO! El Tri break with furious pace. Vela plays a crossfield out to Layun... who's ball into the box almost finds Lozano as he throws himself at it. Guadrado recovers and wins a penalty as Lee handles the ball clearly - right in front of the ref
23' Son takes this, and Ki thumps an emphatic header goalward - where Ochoa acrobatically tips over. From the second one, Mexico counter....
22' OH! OH! OH! SON! He screams into the box, cuts in and lashes a shot that's superbly blocked by Salcedo. He then has another go -- and this time it's Moreno who throws himself at it. WOOF! Corner, Korea.
21' Herrera superbly pings a lovely ball out to Layun but the Mexican move breaks down when Guadrado's pass is intercepted; Ki immediately releases Son into the opposition half and he's 1 v 2 vs the Mexican centre backs...
20' Oh, Ki. The Vinnie Jones of our times. He smashes into Alvarez this time as Mexico recover possession - you can't fault the Asians for the passion on show. The ref gives a stern talking to - finger wagging, last warning types
19' Gallardo and Vela almost combine to stab a ball into Lozano inside the box -- but Lee reads their intentions and clears. Korea move forward, and Son wins a clever freeekick off Salcedo to push the Koreans further forward
18' Woo looks to break forward ahead of Alvarez, but the young right back redeems himself with a good tackle. He then immediately looks to set Chicarito off, but Jo comes off his line and clears comfortably
16' Quite like Salma Hayek and that boa constrictor, the squeeze works and Mexico win a corner - from which a header is looped comfortably into the hands of Jo.
15' Hwang looks to break forward once again; Gallardo matches him stride for stride and that's that for the Korean attack. Mexico begin their slow, rhythmic squeeze once again. 
13' OH! OH! OH! OH! HWAAAAAAANG, YOU BEAUTY! A couple of stepovers sends Alvarez to fetch a cup of tea before he squares one into Lee who looks to have a free shot at goal before Lozano screams in from behind and nips it away. Magnificent defending from the winger, he's saved Mexico there. 
12' OOOO! Much better, Chicharito peels off his marker and looks to powerfully head it into the far post; but the ball loops wide. 
11' Vela gets smashed into by Ki this time and again the Mexicans have a chance to lump it in
10' Layun swings it deep into the far post - but the Koreans are defending corners much better today than they did against Sweden (helped by the fact that the Latin Americans aren't 7 foot Vikings, of course) - and they see it off
9' At the other end, Ki smashes into Andres Guardado - it's his 150th cap - and Mexico have another freekick in a decent position; from which Korea Republic concede a corner
8' OH! Smashing tackle Lozano. The winger, on guard duty from the corner, gives chase as Hwang counters at pace -- and puts in a superb tackle to stop what was promising to be an interesting looking counter
7' The ref takes an age to calm everyone down -- and the Koreans do superbly to head the corner powerfully away and break at pace...
6' OOO lovely. Chicharito touches a superb pass out to Vela, who runs at the box - and lifts it deep into Layun. Too deep and all the right winger can do is win a corner 
5' OOOO! Lozano runs at Lee, but the veteran Korean sees him off; and then does superbly to win the foul at the edge of the box
4' Layun's ball in is punched clear by Jo and Mexico have to start all over again
3' Hirving Lozano watch: Lee plows into him and Mexico have a freekick in a promising enough position. Layun will look to swing it in. 
2' Guadrado looks to mix it up by pumping it into the mixer - as they say it - but the ball leaps off the slick Rostov grass and rolls comfortably into the hands of Jo
1' Hirving Lozano watch: intercepts a Lee ball to give Korea a throw-in near the halfway line early on. The Mexicans, though, win it back and immediately start pinging it around - the Mexicans in the Rostov Arena are already Ole-ing it . 

South Korea in their traditional red and blue will be kicking from left to right as you'd see it on the idiot box,  Mexico in their away white shirts and deep maroon shorts will be trying to move it the other way.
Javier Hernandez looks the happiest man on the planet as he belts out the Mexican national anthem. That happiness. The essence of this game. Playing up top for you country on the greatest stage of them all - does life really get any better?
The peace of a sleepy Saturday afternoon was shattered by Belgium absolutely pulverising Tunisia 5-2; Romelu Lukaku scoring twice, Eden Hazard doing the same and Michy Batshuayi smashing in a fifth to all but seal their progress in this year's competition. 

Now it's Mexico's turn. Having shocked Germany with a sterling display of counter attacking football they now sit in prime position to move forward; South Korea meanwhile need nothing short of a win to make sure they've a future in this tournament - and that may just play into the hands of Mexico.

This should be fun.   

South Korea XI (4-4-2): Jo Hyun-woo (GK); Lee Yong , Jang Hyun-Soo, Kim Young-Gwon, Kim Min-Woo; Moon Seon-MIn, Ju Se-Jong, Ki Sung-Yeung, Lee Jae-Sung; Hwang Hee-Chan, Son Heung-Min

Mexico XI (4-3-3): Guillermo Ochoa; Carlos Salcedo, E. Alvarez, Hector Moreno, Jesus Gallardo; Miguel Layun, Hector Herrera, Andres Guardado; Carlos Vela, Javier Hernandez, Hirving Lozano 

South Korea vs Mexico - Kickoff time, Venue, TV Schedule, Live Streaming details

Kickoff time: 6 PM Local Time | 4 PM UK | 8:30 PM IST (that's 2030 for you, soldier)
Venue: Rostov Arena, Rostov-on-don
TV Schedule: Ten 2, Ten 2 HD in India, ITV in the UK, SuperSport in Nigeria, Fox in the US
Live Stream: Sonyliv - or you could just follow it on the low right here!

South Korea vs Mexico - Team News

​Shin Tae-yong will be without his first choice left-back, Park Joo-ho, who limped off just before the half-hour mark in their tough opener against the Swedes. This means that Kim MIn-woo, who gave the penalty away (from which Granqvist scored) will get a chance to redeem himself.

Surprise starter Jo Hyun-woo should keep his place in goal after an impressive display against the Swedes. Tae-yong may be tempted to shuffle up his attack a touch after that lacklustre opening day display but considering how disappointing Jung Woo-young and Lee Seung-woo (the Asian Messi, for those who don't know - the man who reportedly broke all of Leo Messi's under-13, under-15 scoring records at La Masia)  were off the bench, he may not have much of a choice but to keep faith with his regular starters.

Juan Carlos Osorio, meanwhile, is not likely to tamper with the XI that beat Germany so comprehensively in their first match -- and although he'd admitted a flu bug that had hit the camp had affected his starting XI and substitutions plan ahead of the match, he's unlikely to want to change a winning combination.

South Korea vs Mexico - Probable Lineups

South Korea Predicted XI (4-3-3):
Jo Hyeonwoo; Lee Yong, Kim Younggwon, Jang Hyun--soo, Kim Min-woo; Ki Sung-yueng, Jung Woo-young, Lee Jae-sung; Hwang Hee-chan, Son Heung-min, Lee Seung-woo

Mexico Predicted XI (4-3-3): Guillermo Ochoa; Carlos Salcedo, Hugo Ayala, Hector Moreno, Jesus Gallardo; Miguel Layun, Hector Herrera, Andres Guardado; Carlos Vela, Javier Hernandez, Hirving Lozano

South Korea vs Mexico - Form Guide

(all competitions - most recent first)

South Korea: LLDLWL

The South Koreans are winless in their last seven World Cup matches (D2 L5), losing their last three in a row. Hell, they have failed to score in each of their last two World Cup games. Nothing they showed against the Swedes pointed to any sort of change in their fortunes; they must play much, much better if they are to get atleast a point out of this one

Most recent game: 18/06/18: Sweden 1 - 0 South Korea


El Tri have not won back to back matches at the World Cup since 2002, when they beat Croatia and Ecuador in their first two group matches that year, but if any match will give them confidence that times are changing, it'll be the last one. Having completely outplayed Germany - in all departments - the main danger to the squad will be a sense of complacency settling in; they can't afford that just yet

Most recent game: 17/06/18: Germany 0 - 1 Mexico

South Korea vs Mexico - Head to Head

Games Played:
South Korea Wins: 4
Mexico Wins: 5
Draws: That is but elementary [math], my dear Watson. Really, really, elementary

South Korea vs Mexico - Prediction

The only previous World Cup meeting between South Korea and Mexico was in 1998, with the Latin Americans running out 3-1 winners in the group stages and this shouldn't be all that different. Prediction? South Korea 1 - 2 Mexico​
Son Heung-Min
assist: Lee Jae-Sung
Hong Chul
Kim Min-Woo
Jung Woo-Young
G. dos Santos
C. Vela
Jung Woo-Young
Moon Seon-Min
Lee Seung-Woo
J. Corona
H. Lozano
R. Márquez
A. Guardado
J. Hernández
assist: H. Lozano
Lee Seung-Woo
Ju Se-Jong
Lee Yong
Kim Young-Gwon
C. Vela, Penalty
Mexico (4-2-3-1)
Juan Carlos Osorio Arbeláez (Manager)
Cho Hyun-Woo
Kim Min-Woo
Kim Young-Gwon
Jang Hyun-Soo
Lee Yong
Ki Sung-Yeung
Ju Se-Jong
Hwang Hee-Chan
Lee Jae-Sung
Moon Seon-Min
Son Heung-Min
G. Ochoa
J. Gallardo
H. Moreno
C. Salcedo
E. Álvarez
A. Guardado
H. Herrera
H. Lozano
C. Vela
M. Layún
J. Hernández
Mexico (4-2-3-1)
Juan Carlos Osorio Arbeláez (Manager)
Korea Republic Subs
Go Yo-Han
Hong Chul
Jung Woo-Young
Jung Seung-Hyun
Kim Shin-Wook
Kim Jin-Hyeon
Kim Seung-Gyu
Koo Ja-Cheol
Lee Seung-Woo
Oh Ban-Suk
Yun Young-Sun
Mexico Subs
J. Aquino
H. Ayala
J. Corona
J. Corona
M. Fabián
É. Gutiérrez
R. Jiménez
R. Márquez
O. Peralta
A. Talavera
G. dos Santos
J. dos Santos
17 SHOTS 13
24 FOULS 7
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
Group B
1 Spain 3 1 2 0 1 5
2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
Group C
1 France 3 2 1 0 2 7
2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group D
1 Croatia 3 3 0 0 6 9
2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group E
1 Brazil 3 2 1 0 4 7
2 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Serbia 3 1 0 2 -2 3
4 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group F
1 Sweden 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Mexico 3 2 0 1 -1 6
3 Korea Republic 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Germany 3 1 0 2 -2 3
Group G
1 Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 England 3 2 0 1 5 6
3 Tunisia 3 1 0 2 -3 3
4 Panama 3 0 0 3 -9 0
Group H
1 Colombia 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Japan 3 1 1 1 0 4
3 Senegal 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 -3 3
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - Week 2
Stadium Rostov Arena
Match time Sat, 23 Jun 2018, 08:30 PM
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