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MUM vs KER Match Result - ISL 2019-20
Mumbai City
1 - 1
Kerala Blasters
A. Chermiti 77'
75' R. Bouli
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! That's it. It has finished 1-1 here at the Mumbai Football Arena. And, that result helps no one actually. Kerala Blasters took the lead courtesy of a strike from Raphael Messi Bouli but Amine Chermiti equalized just minutes after and the scoreline remained the same. This is Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56) saying good-bye from all of us at Sportskeeda. Good night and take care!
90+3' Mohamed Rakip with a game-saving tackle. Serge Kevyn is through on goal but Rakip tracked back well enough to lunge a sliding tackle inside the box. Mumbai City guys are pleading for a penalty but the referee is not to be fooled here. 
90+2' Bipin Singh whips a delicious through ball behind Kerala Blasters. But, Serge Kevyn fails to get at the end of it and the Kerala Blasters defense clear their lines. 
Three minutes have been added on. 
90' Mumbai win a corner after Vlatko Drobarov clears the ball. 
88' Cido with a brilliant cross from right wing and Halicharan controls the ball before going inside the box and take a shot. But, Amrinder was spot on with his positioning and collects the ball. 
87' Raju Gaekwad takes a long throw but the assistant raises the flag for a foul throw.
Kerala Blasters made a substitution in the 80th minute which we missed.

ON- Halicharan Narzary
OFF- Prasanth K
85' Messi Bouli towers above Pratik Chaudhari but his header isn't angled properly. A glorious chance missed by Kerala Blasters 
84' Kerala Blasters win a free-kick after Rowllin drags down Messi Bouli. What can they get from this situation?
83' Subhasish misses the ball and Rakip gallops up front. But, Mato Grgic pounces on his heavy touch and Mumbai City survive the scare. 
81' Mumbai City break on the counter as Rowllin Borges' clearance is straight to Sougou. The Senegalese with a crossfield pass to Bipin who hares down the left wing. But, his cross towards the centre is a tame one and Raju Gaekwad clears the danger on the other end. 
80' That is the brave goalkeeping from Rehenesh TP. Sougou was only few seconds behind the ball but Rehenesh came off the line to collect it. 
78' And, the goalscorer is taken off.

OFF- Amine Chermiti
ON- Serge Kevyn
77' Mumbai City FC come back into the game through Amine Chermiti.

Sarthak Golui, who had gone up on the overlap, dinks a cross. Larbi gets to the end of it and heads it goalbound. Rehenesh gets a touch to it but the rebound falls only as far as the other Tunisian and he rolls the ball past the goal-line. 
75' GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL! Raphael Messi Bouli finally gives Kerala Blasters the lead.

Jeakson with a sweet little one-two with Samuel but Amrinder closes the angle and makes a brilliant save. But, the rebound goes to Jessel Carneiro in the left wing and his cross is straight to Raphael Messi who makes no mistake to give them the lead. 
74' Bipin goes in the byline as Rakip is on his shadows. He cuts the ball back brilliantly to Larbi. But, instead of taking a first-time shot, he goes for the control and Mumbai City lose the ball. 
71' Cido wins the ball at the centre of the field and passes it to Samuel. He takes a shot from distance but Grgic blocks it and the rebound falls to Prasanth. His cross is blocked once again this time by Sarthak Golui
69' Chermiti gives the ball to Bipin in the wide area but he fails to control the ball and it goes out of play. 
67' SHOT! Raphael Messi does a one-two with Seityasen and goes for a shot from a tight angle. Samuel and Prasanth were asking for the ball and his shot is wide and high. 
64' Mumbai City FC is now playing in a 4-4-2 formation. Sougou and Bipin Singh are the two guys upfront. Larbi and Chermiti have dropped in the midfield, as a result of which they are dominating the midfield proceedings. 
63' Kerala Blasters make their first change. There is another debutant.

OFF- Sahal Abdul Samad
ON- Samuel Lalmuanpuia
62' SAVE! TP Rehenesh saves the day for him again. Rakip had gone ahead and fails to track back after Sergio Cidoncha gave the ball away cheaply. Rowllin Borges finds Bipin Singh through but his effort from one-on-one position is saved as Rehenesh had closed the angle. 
60' Mohamed Larbi takes a shot from distance. It looks as if the Tunisian's effort is going in but it is inches wide. 
59' Jessel flies a cross and Messi Bouli tries an acrobatic effort once more but mistimes it this time. 
58' And, Chermiti is flagged offside once again. Rakip has held his line well. Kerala Blasters are playing a risky high-line but it has paid the dues well so far. 
56' Chermiti with an exquisite pass this time trying to find Bipin Singh. But, Rehenesh comes off his line to clear the danger. Sensing him out of line, Sougou takes a shot from distance but the Senegalese's effort is high. 
54' Mumbai City FC makes their first change. Looks like Mohamed Larbi is dropping in the midfield. 

OFF- Raynier Fernandes
ON- Bipin Singh
52' Machado with a great ball and Larbi gets to the end of it this time. He whips a low cross but Raju Gaekwad sticks his leg out and Drobarov gets the ball ahead. 
51' Sahal with a mazy run dribbles past Rowllin but Pratik Chaudhari gets in the way and clears the ball. 
50' Machado with a delightful pass trying to find Chermiti up front with a long ball. But, Rehenesh comes off his line like a sweeper-keeper and clears the danger. 
48' Mumbai City capitalize on the space behind the full-backs again and Chermiti tries to find Raynier Fernandes in the centre. But, he was a tad ahead and Kerala Blasters clear the line. 
47' Cido takes the free-kick short and Sahal loses the ball to Machado. He breaks on the counter but Raju Gaekwad tackles the ball brilliantly to avert the danger. 
46' PEEP! We are underway for the second half at the Mumbai Football Arena. 
Kerala Blasters have depended too much on their full-backs to attack. This has led to a lot of space behind them and Jessel and Rakip are having a torrid time defending the Mumbai wingers. Also, they are bypassing Sahal Abdul Samad while attacking. That needs to stop. He is playing in the hole tonight, not as a defensive midfielder. The Kerala Blasters players need to know that. 
45+1' Sarthak Golui tries to lob a cross but Seityasen Singh gets a block to it and that should be it. 
One minute has been added on. 
44' Rowllin Borges gets a yellow card for a challenge from behind right at the heels of Sergio Cidoncha. A needless one too. 
43' That is the fifth offside for Mumbai City FC and this time it is Modou Sougou as the Islanders again go route one. 
42' SAVE! Mumbai City break on the counter and Chermiti squares the ball for Sougou. Jessel failed to track back after going forwards. It was in the Senegalese's weak foot and his feeble shot is collected safely by Rehenesh TP
40' Larbi takes a wonderful inswinging corner and Chermiti outmuscles every Kerala Blasters player to get at the end of the ball. But, his header is misdirected and the effort is high. 
39' Mumbai win a corner here. After some good display of passing in the final third, the ball ends with Sogou's feet. He whips in a cross but Jeakson Singh gets a crucial block. 
36' MISS! Sougou gets at the end of a diagonal ball and crosses it at the centre. Rehenesh flaps his hand in the air and Larbi gets close there but it is high for him too. 
34' SAVE! Now, that is a top save from Rehenesh TP. Larbi gets the ball past the feet of two Kerala Blasters players and Rowllin collects the second ball. Sougou was playing at the shoulders of Jessel but times his run perfectly this time. He whips in a low cross but Rehenesh TP dives full stretch to ensure Amine Chermiti doesn't have a tap-in. 
33' CHANCE! That was a glorious chance for Kerala Blasters to take the lead. Jessel dinks the ball past the entire Mumbai City defense that was sitting deep and the ball bounces in front of Seityasen Singh but he fails to get a touch to it and the ball ends up safely in the hands of Amrinder Singh. 
32' Mato Grgic is having a wonderful game tonight. Prasanth looks free ahead but the Croatian drifts to the left-back position and lunges a sliding tackle to prevent him crossing the ball into the box. 
30' Another corner taken not directly. Whatever is Schattorie's plan, it hasn't worked. That is the fourth time in a row tonight. 
29' Messi Bouli again using his pace, this time to exploit the left wing after going past Pratik and Sarthak. But, his final cross is blocked. 
28' Rakip flies a cross this time from Kerala Blasters but Mato Grgic averts the danger this time. 
25' SAVE! What a save from Amrinder Singh to deny an acrobatic bicycle kick from Raphael Messi Bouli. A cross from the left flank by Jessel Carneiro sees the Cameroonian control the ball with his left foot, turn behind Grgic and Sarthak, and unleash a bicycle attempt. Full points to Messi for his technique but full points also to Amrinder for his save. 
24' Raynier Fernandes goes in the book. He pulls the shirt of Seityasen Singh from behind who was looking dangerous on the counter. 
22' Raju Gaekwad brings down Modou Sougou at the byline and that is straight in front of the assistant referee. Mumbai City FC win a foul in a good position. 
20' OFFSIDE! This time Chermiti is offside after Mato Grgic tried to find him through with a long ball from the back. 
18' The referee stops play for an earlier foul on Chermiti. He had given advantage to Mumbai City but they failed to capitalize on it. Vlatko Drobarov gets booked for a tackle from behind on the Tunisian. 
15' In the opening fifteen minutes of the game, Kerala have the game by the scruff of the neck. They have 77% possession and looked dangerous. 
14' OFFSIDE! And, Modou Sougou is offside. Raynier tries to find him through but the Senegalese didn't check his run. Going by his record in the previous season, don't be surprised if we see more of that. 
12' Chermiti tries to find Machado in the centre with a lobbed cross but Kerala Blasters' Vlatko Drobarov gets a head to the ball first and they clear the danger. Mumbai City FC finally gets the ball in the final third for the first time of the game. 
10' CHANCE! Messi Bouli goes past Pratik Chaudhari and drifts to the centre. He gives a pass in the centre but there is absolutely nobody to collect it and at the end of the day, it is easy clearance for Subhasish Bose
8' Paulo Machado with a delightful ball trying to find Chermiti with a through pass but Raju Gaekwad lunges a sliding tackle correctly to win the ball. Machado fouls Cido trying to win possession in the follow-through. 
7' Rakip lobs a cross from the right flank but Sarthak Golui flicks the ball wide. Jessel swings a cross from the left flank but Mumbai City FC defenders clear the danger once again. 
3' What was that? Jessel gives a back pass to Cido who gives it to Rakip who goes all the way back to the goalkeeper. I don't understand what Kerala Blasters' plan was there. 
2' Kerala win a corner early in the game. Raju Gaekwad punts a long ball trying to find Messi Bouli but Mato Grgic gets his head to the ball first and concedes a corner. 
1' PEEP! Raphael Messi Bouli gets Kerala Blasters going from left to right of our idiot box. 
On paper, Kerala Blasters have fielded themselves in a 4-4-1-1 formation. Sahal Abdul Samad is playing just behind the striker Raphael Messi Bouli, which is his favoured position. Time for the youngster to shine tonight. 
Kerala Blasters have a poor record while defending set-pieces.

Kerala Blasters have conceded seven goals in the six matches so far and five of them have come from set-pieces. Eelco Schattorie's NorthEast United had the best set-piece defensive recording last season but this season with a new side at his disposal, his man-management skills have failed miserably. 
Mumbai City FC are a threat from set-pieces

Mumbai City FC have scored a goal each in their last four games. The goals have come from Sarthak Golui, Amine Chermiti, Pratik Chaudhari, and Mohamed Larbi either from free-kicks, corners, or penalties. 
Huge responsibility on the shoulder of Messi Bouli

In the absence of Ogbeche, the burden of scoring goals fall on the shoulders of Cameroon's Raphael Messi Bouli. He plays in the same position as Ogbeche and didn't get enough chance in the first couple of games. But, today is the day the spotlight will be completely on him.
Late goals have hurt both Mumbai City and Kerala Blasters

Kerala Blasters have conceded three goals after the 75th minute, one of them which came from Mumbai City FC'S Amine Chermiti. Mumbai City has conceded twice but scored three times also. Both the coaches will be desperate to see the game out without mistakes in the dying stages of the game. 
Talking Tactics- Kerala Blasters

It is difficult to predict how Kerala Blasters will field themselves in the absence of Bartholomew Ogbeche. Eelco Schattorie tries to start his team with a back-four. If that is the case, Macedonian Vlatko Drobarov will partner Raju Gaekwad at the heart of the defense flanked by Jessel Carneiro and Mohamed Rakip. Jeakson Singh will take care of the defensive proceedings of the game in midfield. Prasanth Karuthadathkuni will attack down the left whereas Seityasen Singh will do the same from the right. Raphael Messi Bouli seems to lead the pack as the lone wolf. The role of Sahal Abdul Samad and Sergio Cidoncha remains in doubt. Both are attacking midfielders by nature but have been forced to play in a withdrawn role recently. 
Talking Tactics- Mumbai City FC 

Mumbai City FC is likely to continue fielding themselves in the 4-3-3 formation. Grgic will partner Pratik Chaudhari or Sarthak Golui in the centre allowing the other to operate at the right back position. Subhasish will play in left-back. Rowllin Borges will be tasked to do the dirty job in the midfield allowing Raynier Fernandes and Paulo Machado to surge forward. The three-pronged attack will see Mohamed Larbi and Modou Sougou gallop down the left and right respectively, and Amine Chermiti go centrally. 
Mato Grgic finds himself back in the playing XI.

After sustaining injury in Mumbai's first game against Kerala Blasters, Mato Grgic is back in the starting XI for the Islanders. He replaces Souvik Chakrabarti who has committed a lot of fouls in the previous games and even saw red against Chennaiyin. Raynier Fernandes also makes a return to the playing eleven replacing Diego Carlos, who got injured in Mumbai's last game against FC Goa. 
Bartholomew Ogbeche not in the squad!

Bartholomew Ogbeche is not even in the bench for Kerala Blasters. Looks like the Nigerian is the latest one to be bitten by the injury bug that has infected Kerala Blasters. Seityasen Singh gets promoted to the starting line-up after making an appearance off the bench in their previous game against FC Goa. 
And, we have the starting line-ups of Kerala Blasters!

Starting XI: Rehenesh TP (GK), Vlatko Drobarov, Jessel Carneiro, Mohamad Rakip, Raju Gaekwad, Jeakson Singh, Sergio Cidoncha, Prasanth Karuthadathkuni, Sahal Abdul Samad, Raphael Messi Bouli

Subs: Bilal Khan (GK), Abdul Hakku, Lalruatthara, Pritam Singh, Darren Caldeira, Halicharan Narzary, Samuel Lalmuanpuia
And, we have the starting line-up for Mumbai City FC!

Starting XI: Amrinder Singh (GK), Subhasish Bose, Pratik Chaudhari, Sarthak Golui, Mato Grgic, Rowllin Borges, Raynier Fernandes, Paulo Machado, Mohammed Larbi, Modou Sougou, Amine Chermiti

Subs: Ravi Kumar (GK), Hmingthanmawia, Bipin Singh, Bidyananda Singh, Mohammed Rafique, Serge Kevyn, Sauvik Chakrabarty
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL match between Mumbai City FC and Kerala Blasters. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The match will kick off at 7:30 p.m. IST but the starting line-ups should be out at any time soon. 
The City Football Group investment has brought on board a new sponsor to Mumbai City FC. No prizes for guessing who they are!
This won't be the first time Kerala Blasters and Mumbai City FC will be locking horns against each other at the 2019-20 season of ISL. In Kochi, Mumbai City won the contest 1-0 courtesy of a goal from Amine Chermiti. At the added time of second half, Bartholomew Ogbeche had a shot at goal from close range but Amrinder Singh's reflexes meant Kerala failed to get the equalizer. 
Wondering what happened the last time Kerala Blasters visited Mumbai? Well, Modou Sougou blasted four goals past the hapless defense as the Islanders won the contest 6-1. 
Bartholomew Ogbeche in search of his scoring boots

After getting a brace in their opening day encounter, Kerala Blasters captain and their ace striker Bartholomew Ogbeche's form has taken a dip. The Nigerian didn't get his name in the scoresheet in either of the next five matches, with goals shared between Raphael Messi Bouli, Sergio Cidoncha, and Rahul KP. He has taken 12 shots in those 5 matches but to no avail. 
Jorge Costa to continue to field an all-Indian backline?

Unlike most of the teams, Mumbai City FC bought only one foreign defender in the transfer market. But, with Mato Grgic injured, Jorge Costa has been forced to field an all-Indian backline for the last four games. The Islanders have conceded twelve goals in those four matches. But, that has also allowed Jorge Costa to play with five foreign players in the midfield or attack. As a result, the team has also scored eight goals in those four matches. With Grgic seemingly fit to start, will the Portuguese tactician stick to his tested run that has leaked goals but also scored many, or go for change? We have to find out.   
General Trivia for the fans:

-Mumbai City FC has scored only two goals out of nine in the first half. 
-Kerala Blasters have scored five out of their seven goals in the second half. 
-In the last four matches, Mumbai City FC has scored two or more goals. 
Live Streaming Details: The fans can watch the encounter between Mumbai City FC and Kerala Blasters at the Star Sports Network, Jio TV, and Hotstar

Predicted Starting XI

Mumbai City FC: Amrinder Singh (GK), Pratik Chaudhari, Subhasish Bose, Sarthak Golui, Sauvik Chakrabarti, Rowllin Borges, Paulo Machado, Modou Sougou, Mohamed Larbi, Amine Chermiti, Serge Kevyn

Kerala Blasters: TP Rehenesh (GK), Mohamad Rakip, Raju Gaikwad, Jessel Carneiro, Vlatko Drobarov, Jeakson Singh, Sergio Cidoncha, Rahul KP, Prasanth Karuthadathkuni, Messi Bouli, Bartholomew Ogbeche
ISL 2019 Live, Mumbai City vs Kerala Blasters Preview:

Mumbai City and Kerala Blasters will be desperate to pick up their second win of the season when they meet at the Mumbai Football Arena on Thursday. Jorge Costa's side has now gone five matches without a win and their only win came against Kerala Blasters in Kochi in their first match of the season. 

While the performances have offered promise, Mumbai City has lacked killer instinct in games and have not been able to see off matches. Mumbai is seventh on the table with six points, one spot and a point better than what Kerala Blasters have managed.

Mumbai's all-Indian backline will need to improve as they have been caught out far too many times in recent matches. Their last outing saw ATK's Roy Krishna equaliser in the sixth minute of injury time to share the spoils with the match ending 2-2. Portuguese coach Costa admitted that Mumbai is under pressure to deliver victories but Kerala Blasters also face a similar situation.

“The pressure will be on both teams. We are playing under pressure because we need points. We need to be close to the part (in the table) we want and I think that we deserve it. Yes, we are playing under pressure and that’s okay. It is part of football,” Costa said.

“It is always a problem when you lose points because of an individual’s mistake, but the good thing that we must take away from the last two games is that we are playing as a team, we are playing good. We have a lot of quality in our game,” he added. 

In the other camp, Eelco Schattorie's bad run on the field remains unbroken. Following a draw against FC Goa despite dominating large parts of the ninety minutes in Kochi, Kerala Blasters are still chasing their second win of the season since an opening day triumph. Kerala Blasters have done better in away games rather than in front of their home crowd in the last few years and Schattorie will be hoping the fortunes will favour the visitors in Mumbai. 

Raphael Messi Bouli and Bartholomew Ogbeche played together up front for the team against Goa and the coach will expect the duo to combine effectively against the Mumbai City defence that has been prone to leaking goals.

“It's a simple reality and I'm a bit annoyed by the scoreboard analysis. We have played six games and every time I have to take a step forward, we have had to take two steps back. This has got to do a lot with the injuries,” said Schattorie. Kerala Blasters continue to be without the services of Gianni Zuiverloon in defence, Mario Arques and Moustapha Gning in midfield. Their replacements in the starting lineup have done reasonably well with Jeakson Singh being particularly composed and mature beyond his age.

“I still think that there has been a lot of progress from individual players. We still put up a good show against Bengaluru and last week against Goa, and we can only thank ourselves for not winning that game where there was a goal in the last minute of the game,” the Dutchman said. 

With both teams looking for their second win of the season, the fixture promises to be a competitive affair.
H. Narzary
P. Karuthadathkuni
S. Aboue
A. Chermiti
A. Chermiti
R. Bouli
assist: J. Carneiro
S. Lalmuanpuia
S. Samad
Bipin Singh
R. Fernandes
R. Borges
R. Fernandes
V. Drobarov
Kerala Blasters (4-2-3-1)
Eelco Schattorie (Manager)
A. Singh
S. Bose
M. Grgić
P. Chowdhary
S. Golui
R. Borges
Paulo Machado
M. Larbi
R. Fernandes
M. Sougou
A. Chermiti
R. Paramba
J. Carneiro
R. Gaikwad
V. Drobarov
M. Rakip
J. Thaunaojam
Seityasen Singh
S. Samad
P. Karuthadathkuni
R. Bouli
Kerala Blasters (4-2-3-1)
Eelco Schattorie (Manager)
Mumbai City Subs
S. Aboue
S. Chakraborty
R. Kumar
H. Mawia
M. Rafique
Bipin Singh
B. Singh
Kerala Blasters Subs
D. Caldeira
A. Hakku
B. Khan
S. Lalmuanpuia
H. Narzary
S. Singh
11 SHOTS 12
14 FOULS 8
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
2 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
3 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Chennaiyin FC 13 5 3 5 0 18
7 Jamshedpur FC 13 4 4 5 -4 16
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 7
Stadium Mumbai Football Arena
Match time Thu, 05 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 05, 2019 21:24 PM | Published: Dec 05, 2019 17:30 PM