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NIG vs ICE Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
2 - 0
A. Musa 49'
A. Musa 75'
83' G. Sigurðsson (PM)
After an eyesore in the first half, we've had a brilliant second half that has blown this group wide open! All teams are still in contention but Nigeria's win will give them the confidence to push the Argentinians in the final group game!

But what a performance in the second half by the Super Eagles! They played some brave and entertaining football and completely deserved the win. Iceland know they have their work cut out against Croatia.

Hope you liked the coverage of the game, ladies and gentlemen! This is
Amit Mishra signing off! 
Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Full time!
90+7' Ighalo and Iwobi nearly combine do make it three! Ighalo just released it a bit late and the chance went begging!
90+6' Moses is back on as he looks to see out the rest of the game with a grimace on his face. Warrior like. 
90+4' Obi Mikel is down here and it doesn't look good as it seems he might have tweaked a muscle...
90+3' Again! Iceland combine well but that final pass just isn't there as Sævarsson's attempted cross is cleared by Balogun! Important interception that. Finnbogason was there for the tap in!
90+2' The Nigerians need to keep the ball here. Nothing more. They've done it pretty well!
90+1' Sigurdarson nearly finds Finnbogason with a nice little flick but Ebuehi is there to intercept and set his team on the break...
Six minutes have been added on...This isn't over yet...
90' Substitution for Nigeria

Etebo is OFF
Iwobi is ON
88' Iceland nearly pull one back! Good combination play by the Iceland attackers and they get the lucky break off Ndidi. Sigurdsson them lays it off for Finnbogason, but the forward's shot is straight at the keeper!
87' Substitution for Iceland

Gunnarsson is OFF
Skúlason is ON
86' Iceland are trying, but to no avail. They switch it to the right as Sigurdsson tries to make up for his miss, but his cross is easily cleared by the Nigerian defence. 
85' Substitution for Nigeria

Iheanacho is OFF
Ighalo is ON
84' Nigeria break forward and nearly make it three! The passing at the edge of the box is suddenly irresistible! Iheanacho with the shot in the end after some good work by Musa again on the left, but it's just wide!
83' GOOOOOOOOOO ... OVER THE BAR! WOW! Sigurdsson is one player you would have bet on to score the winner! Amazing! Nigeria still have a two-goal lead!
81' PENALTY TO ICELAND! VAR STRIKES AGAIN! Did look like Ebuehi won the ball unfairly...
80' OOOH! Finnbogason takes a nudge in the back and the Iceland players are furious as they want the VAR to be used!
78' Corner to Nigeria! Jeez, they aren't stopping at two, are they? Doesn't seem like they should when they have Lionel Musa playing for them, eh?
77' Iceland try to break forward on the left, but Nigeria aren't letting this slip. Brilliant defended by Balogun who once again does well to win a freekick at the edge of the box...
Jeez, I've never seen Musa turn it on like this! From a hopeful long ball by Omeruo, Musa collected it brilliantly again. The pace was just too much for the Iceland defence to live with. He first gets past Arnason, then rounds the onrushing Halldórsson and smashes it into the back of the net! Sublime! They should see this through!
75' GOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! MUSA! His second of the game!
74' MUSA HITS THE BAR! Totally fooled the keeper with the way he shaped up while shooting! It went straight and hits the bar!
74' Excellently worked around in the midfield by Mikel and Ndidi who play a few quick one twos to get out of the Iceland press and get forward...
72' OH! Balogun! Nearly made it two for Nigeria! Leaped well to win the header from a perfect cross but just couldn't get it on target! Iceland breathe a heavy sigh of relief...
72' Again, Nigeria do well and win the second ball. Moses' cross is cleared away by Árnason for a corner!
71' Substitution for Iceland

Böðvarsson is OFF
Sigurdarson is ON
70' Nigeria get a corner but nothing comes at the end of it. They have pressed so well in the second half, the Nigerians...
68' A lot of shots from outside of the box here as Etebo this time tries his luck for Nigeria. It is blocked fairly easily by the Icelandic defence...
67' This has been a much better game in the second half already. The goal has helped get rid of the cagey approach by Iceland who break forward. Gislason's shot in the end is too high and Uzoho is untroubled...
66' Nigeria break forward again with Musa heavily involved. The ball falls to Moses who decides to shift it and take a shot! Way over!
65' Substitution for Iceland

Ragnar Sigurdsson is OFF
Ingason is ON
63' Just a bit to deep, the delivery and Uzoho collects it safely. Gunnarsson had made the run at the far post, but Sigurdsson's freekick was a tad overhit...
62' Foul by Ndidi on Bjarnason! Dangerous position this for Gylfi Sigurdsson to whip one in...
61' The game is suddenly so much more open as Iceland push for the leveler. Nigeria though are always a threat on the break as they showed for the goal...
60' The corner creates all sorts of problems for the Nigerian defence who just about get it away. Iceland win the second ball but Bjarnason fouls in the process and the ref blows his whistle for a freekick...
59' A lot better from Iceland as they probe for an opening from the wide areas. The lef-tback, Magnússon, makes a good run and his delivery into the box is defected for a corner...
58' Safely away from the set-piece and Iceland now break down the left. Well, the Argentinians watching this will be loving it as they need it to stay as it is. Nigeria win, Messi and co. still have a good chance to go through...
57' Ndidi absolutely leathers on from around 25 yards! Saved well by Halldórsson as it took a deflection. Nigeria win a corner!
56' Sigurdsson is quality, but one thing he doesn't have is pace. Iceland win the second ball at the end of the previous play and continue the pressure, but he just isn't able to get past the fullback on the right...
55' Iceland now with a spell of possession as they try to hit back immediately Sigurdsson tries to make something happen on the right but Nigeria do well to get it away...
53' Ragnar or Ragnarock? You decide. Split wide open, he carries on with a head bandage and a changed shirt to get rid of the spatter of blood. Heroic stuff...
52' That goal should open things up a bit here. Iceland have been very defensive as Nigeria have seen a lot of ball. A bit more pressing should make this more interesting... 
51' Ragnar Sigurdsson is down and it seems like a pretty nasty head injury. He could be coming off here...
HOLY MOLY! That's easily a contender for the goal of the tournament! The control, the shot! The calmness to do it all! Well, from a Gunnarsson throw, Nigeria broke forward with pace and Omeruo's clearance basically opened it up for them. Moses' run on the right was totally unchecked by Iceland and his cross was excellently controlled by Musa. Jeez, what a talent this guy is!
48' A chance for throw by Gunnarsson. He does have some juice in those powerful arms and we wait for that darting throw into the box...
47' Nigeria again are pretty comfortable on the ball. Not real incision, but as long as they are on the ball, Iceland can't score. Simple, really...
46' And immediately, Nigeria maraud forward and take a shot! Good shot by Etebo who's shot is saved pretty easily by Halldórsson!
Peeeeeeeeeeep! Kickoff! The second half is underway!
Substitution for Nigeria

Idowu is OFF
Ebuehi is ON
Story of the first half: Nigeria have dominated possession, Iceland have created better openings. But the keepers have been relatively untested thus far. Slow burner, this one...

Second half in a few minutes...
Peeeeeeeeeeeep! Half time!
45+2' Bodvarsson with a looping header! Just wide! That could be it as half time approaches...
45+1' UFF! Good cross again Gislason but Bjarnason can't get close enough as Nigeria get it away for a corner...
2 minutes have been added on...
45' NOOOOO! It evades every damn player again! There were close to 18 players in the box and yet Sigurdsson's cross is harmlessly away for a goalkick! 
44' Yellow card for Idowu for a rash challenge on Gislason. Meh, iffy one that. Not the worst of tackles. Good freekick position for Iceland, though...
42' Musa and Halldórsson manage a brief little foot race and the former short of shoved him in the back and Iceland get a freekick. Jeez. It's a slow burner, this one...
41' Bjarnason with a good little turn on the left but his cross evades everyone! Jeez, that pretty much sums up the game. The teams have got into good positions, but the final pass has been lacking...
40' Ndidi did well to get forward after a marauding run by Moses. The winger found the Leicester man with time and space, but the cross is again woeful and Halldórsson safely collets it.
38' Sævarsson with the clearance! Not the best of freekicks. Again, Iceland are goddamn massive and it's not easy for even the best of freekick takers to find someone in the box...
38' Freekick to Nigeria! Dangerous position this and Iheanacho is on the ball...
36' Smashing cross by Gíslason who's cross was put into the far post. Bjarnason was there to tap it in but Balogun just about got the ball away with the slightest of touches! 
35' Moses make a marauding run on the right but his run is stopped well by Bjarnason. The Nigerians then break forward...
34' Half a shout for penalty by Sævarsson as he went down in the penalty box. Seemed like Idowu won the ball cleanly and the ref waves play on and has none of it...
32' 67 passes so far by Iceland, which is a little more than two passes a minute. Just to remind you, this is Nigeria they are playing, not Spain. The Africans have kept possession pretty well...
31' That was brilliant defending from the Nigerians who had to deal with a buccaneering Sigurdsson. Iceland didn't break with enough men and Sigurdsson can only do so much with no support. Nigeria regain possession...
30' Throw in to Nigeria who have dominated possession so far. Iceland get a lucky break in midfield following a bad pass by Moses and they break!
28' A lot of effort without any result whatsoever from Nigeria. You can't blame them though. This Iceland team stopped the likes of Di Maria and Messi a few days back. Not going to be easy breaching that defence...
26' Oh jeez. The ball again goes deep into the Icelandic half but it's so uninspiring at the moment. They are relying on headers, and Iceland simply get it away every time without any trouble. Need to alter their plan a bit here...
24' Freeick to Iceland at the half way line and they are going for it because of the man who is on the ball. The defenders made they way forward but Nigeria get it away as the freekick isn't the best. Rare sight, that, from Gylfi...
23' Good defending from both sides there. Nigeria do well to get the ball away and Musa does extremely well to hold the ball on the left. The You'd think the Iceland side will be a bit off their mark on the transition, but jeez, they had so many players back in the matter of a few seconds!
22' Another corner! Good pressure this from the Iceland side who've got good aerial presence about them in the penalty box...
21' Bjarnason with a good shot from the left but Moses was there to make the block. The Chelsea winger felt that! Iceland get a corner...
20' Beautiful turn by Gylfi in his own half to get away from Etebo to set his team on the counter. The pass was equally good to find Finnbogason and Iceland get it going on the right...
18' A lot of passing, more of sideways, with the Nigerians predominantly in possession. Both sides have pace on the wide areas, but lack the creativity down the middle...
16' The first noteworthy move by Nigeria as Iheanacho does well on the right to put in a mean cross into the box. Musa's control is pretty good but Gunnarsson is there to put in a thumping tackle on the lad and the chance is gone just like that!
15' Gunnarsson with a long, darting throw in from the left that the Nigerians clear away pretty well this time. The midfield again looks disjointed because of the sheer number of Nigerian players in there. They are playing with a 5-man midfield, lest we forget...
14' AH. The Viking clap. Love the sound of that. Probably the best thing we've had in this game yet...
13' The Iceland midfield just lack that bit of dynamism in midfield as the Nigerians look a lot more fluid in the midfield and at times, in attack. 
12' Nigeria again try to patiently build up from the back before Moses attempts to get the ball in his stride on the left. Bjarnason is there to make the block but the ball comes off him last and the Africans get a throw. Lost count of how many throw ins we've already had in the game!
10' The Nigerians pass it in their own half before Ndidi tries the long diagonal from his own half, trying to find Idowu on the left. It's not that it wasn't a bad ball, it's just that these Icelandic defenders are massive! You really expect to win a header against them?
9' The ball sort of ping pongs in the midfield and again, the continuity in play is stopped by a couple of throw ins. Come on lads, some good football on the deck please!
8' A few setpieces early on in the game but nothing yet to really trouble the keeper. Routine saves so far. No one has really gained control of the midfield yet which could be key to winning this game...
7' Corner to Nigeria as Moses's cross is intercepted by Magnússon. Good defensive work by the fullback who dealt well with Moses' pace...
6' Sigurdsson with a shot from the edge of the box! But Uzoho is there, well positioned, to collect it. This has been a pretty good start, with the Icelandic side testing the keeper more than the Nigerians... 
5' The Nigerians made inroads on the right as Musa and Moses combined well but Gunnarsson did well to intercept and set his side on the counter. Bjarnason's run on the left yields nothing but a throw though...
4' Safely collected this time by the custodian and the Nigerians have a bit of possession in their own half...
3' Nearly! Good freekick from the Everton star who's freekick was saved well by the keeper Uzoho. Corner to Iceland, though. They do have good height here...
2' Nigeria get it away but Idowu is penalised for a push on Sigurdsson. His namesake, Gylfi, will take the freekick from a dangerous position at the edge of the box...
1' Omeruo away as the Iceland side try to make inroads on the right straight away. Gunnarsson to take the long thrown into the box...
Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Kickoff! Nigeria get us underway, shooting from left to right in that lovely green kit. The Iceland side are in their blue kit!
The teams are out and kickoff is moments away as the national anthems ring out at the gorgeous Volgograd Arena!
The year was 1981. 1113, the strength of the crowd when Iceland last played Nigeria in Reykjavík. Safe to say that the two nations have come a long way since then. To be honest though, even 1113 fans doing the Viking clap would be a scary prospect for any opposition player!
Jeez, that was unexpected. The Nigerians have gone with a very attacking lineup with both Musa and Iheanacho starting. Obviously, they would have seen last night's result and playing for a draw or a cagey game is of no use, is it? Argentina and Iceland have just one point each and if the Super Eagles can pick up a win today, it'll make matters very interesting on the final round of group games.

This could well be a three-at-the-back formation with Balogun, Ekong and Omeruo forming the defence. Ndidi and Mikel should provide the stability in midfield and with Moses on the right, the pace will be there. Iheanacho and Musa have pace to burn as well, so watch out Iceland.

Heimir Hallgrímsson's side sure know how to defend, though, and pace alone won't be able to breach the back four. These Icelandic defenders, Sigurdsson and Arnason are built like tanks! Up ahead, Gylfi Sigurdsson will be the creative force and Finnbogason is in good form having scored against Argentina and had a good Bundesliga with Augsburg.

This is Amit Mishra, and I’ll be your host for the game! For feedbacks, you can reach me @DerStoic on Twitter or drop an email to Let’s hope for an open game, fellas! 
Nigeria vs Iceland - Confirmed Lineups

Nigeria confirmed XI: Uzoho; Omeruo, Ekong, Balogun, Idowu, Moses, Mikel, Ndidi, Etebo, Musa, Iheanacho.

Iceland confirmed XI: Halldorsson; Magnusson, R Sigurdsson, Arnason, Saevarsson; Bjarnason, Gunnarsson, G Sigurdsson, Gislason; Bodvarsson, Finnbogason
Nigeria vs Iceland - Kickoff Information

Date: 22st June 2018
Kickoff time: 16:00 (BST), 20:30 (IST)
Venue: Volgograd Arena

Nigeria vs Iceland - Team News

Group D, wow, it has been split wide open, hasn’t it? Nigeria and Iceland are in with a chance to qualify but it won’t be easy. Both the teams more or less have a full squad to choose from.

Johann Gudmundsson is the only one who will miss out. The Burnley winger has an issue with his calf and after putting in quite a shift against Argentina, it’s a shame he’ll miss out today. Iceland have pretty good depth, however, and we could see Gislason starting in place of him.

Nigeria were pretty below par against Croatia and could make a change up top. Iceland know how to defend, so Nigeria could start with Kelechi Iheanacho or Ahmed Musa up top. The duo are more mobile than Ighalo who had a disappointing outing against Croatia.

Moses and Iwobi will provide the pace on the wide areas and the Icelandic fullbacks will have their work cut out.

Nigeria vs Iceland - Probable Lineups

Nigeria probable XI: Uzoho, Idowu, Balogun, Troost-Ekong, Shehu, Etebo, Ndidi, Moses, Obi Mikel, Iwobi, Iheanacho

Iceland probable XI: Halldorsson, Magnusson, Sigurdsson, Arnason, Saevarsson, Bjarnason, Hallfredsson, Gunnarsson, Gislason, Sigurdsson, Finnbogason

Nigeria vs Iceland - Form Guide

Nigeria: L-D-L-L-L
Iceland: L-L-L-D-D

Nigeria vs Iceland - Head to Head

The last time these two played was in 1981, yes, a while ago. It was a friendly that Iceland, surprisingly, won with ease putting three past the Nigerians. That incidentally, happens to be the only time they’ve faced each other. 
A. Iwobi
O. Etebo
A. Skúlason
A. Gunnarsson
O. Ighalo
K. Iheanacho
G. Sigurðsson
A. Musa
assist: K. Omeruo
B. Sigurðarson
J. Böðvarsson
S. Ingason
R. Sigurðsson
A. Musa
assist: V. Moses
T. Ebuehi
B. Idowu
B. Idowu
Iceland (4-4-2)
Heimir Hallgrímsson (Manager)
F. Uzoho
K. Omeruo
W. Troost-Ekong
L. Balogun
B. Idowu
O. Etebo
J. Obi Mikel
W. Ndidi
V. Moses
K. Iheanacho
A. Musa
H. Halldórsson
H. Magnússon
R. Sigurðsson
K. Árnason
B. Sævarsson
B. Bjarnason
G. Sigurðsson
A. Gunnarsson
R. Gíslason
A. Finnbogason
J. Böðvarsson
Iceland (4-4-2)
Heimir Hallgrímsson (Manager)
Nigeria Subs
D. Akpeyi
J. Obi
C. Awaziem
T. Ebuehi
E. Echiejile
I. Ezenwa
O. Ighalo
A. Iwobi
J. Ogu
O. Onazi
A. Shehu
S. Nwankwo
Iceland Subs
F. Schram
J. Guðmunds­son
B. Sigurðarson
H. Eyjólfsson
S. Friðjónsson
A. Gudmundsson
E. Hallfreðsson
S. Ingason
R. Rúnarsson
Ó. Skúlason
A. Skúlason
A. Traustason
16 SHOTS 9
9 FOULS 10
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Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
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2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
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2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
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2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
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Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - Week 2
Stadium Volgograd Arena
Match time Fri, 22 Jun 2018, 08:30 PM
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