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NOR vs CHE Match Result - ISL 2018-19
NorthEast United
1 - 0
B. Ogbeche 87'
That's all from us for this evening. Republic Day cheer for NorthEast, more despair for Chennaiyin, and a tenth goal of the season for Ogbeche. We'll be back with the ISL coverage tomorrow when Bengaluru FC travel to Mumbai for a top of the table clash. My colleague, Aravind Suchindran, will take you through that one. 

Until then, though, this is Aaditya Narayan signing off. Toodle-oo!
FULL-TIME: NorthEast United 1-0 Chennaiyin FC

You cannot say NorthEast didn't deserve that one. It was a stunning goal from Ogbeche that gave them the win, and it was a win they deserved given the number of chances they created. 

Their shooting was ragged for most part of the night, but when it mattered, right at the death, Ogbeche pulled out an absolutely beautiful rabbit out of his hat, with a thunderbolt from 35 yards out that gave Karanjit no chance. 

Chennaiyin were awful, to put it mildly. Augusto tried to create chances, but had no support. Eli Sabia stood tall at the back, but in the end, it took one moment of absolute inspiration to hand NorthEast the win. 
90+5' PEEEEPPP! NorthEast United beat Chennaiyin FC with a stunner from Bartholomew Ogbeche!
90+5' Narzary! He's suddenly found himself in space down the left and unleashed a shot, but it's gone well wide. That should be that. 
90+4' Thapa puts it in the box, and Sabia wins the first header, but it's rolled straight to Rehenesh, and NorthEast can hold the ball.
90+3' Reagan has absolutely taken out Narzary, and that's a free-kick for Chennaiyin. Can they put this into the box, and make something out of this?
90+1' Raphael has skinned Keegan and Komorski there! That is a superb  piece of skill from the Brazilian, who then cuts it back into the six-yard box, where Nelson is there, but the NorthEast rearguard deals with it. 
90+1' Four minutes added time at the end of the game. 
90' Leudo fancies his chances! He takes it 35 yards from goal, and smashed it with his right foot, but it's well over the bar. 

The skipper's turned up, said a resounding no to all that intricate play, and unleash what, in internet circles, might be known as thunderb***ard! 

He's taken that around 30 yards from goal, and absolutely smashed one into the top right corner with his left foot. Absolutely no chance for Karanjit!
86' Triadis takes the corner, and it's deep. Chennaiyin manage to clear it only towards the edge of the box, but Puitea smashes his volley wide. 
86' Brilliant persistence on the left wing from Triadis, before he puts a ball into the box towards Ogbeche, Sabia heads it behind for a corner. 
82' Ogbeche! He pulls his shot wide! Puitea finds him just inside the box, he spins past Dinliana, and then smashed a shot, but pulled it wide, and doesn't even trouble Karanjit. 
81' Borges's corner is met by Ogbeche, who pulls a save out of Karanjit! Chennaiyin survive again. 
80' Triadis! What a chance! That was a cross from  Reagan, which fell to the Greek, whose shot was deflected and then pushed wide by Karanjit. Corner to NorthEast. 
79' Lovely low cross from Borges, and Ogbeche looks to leave it for Triadis, but Zotea clears for the corner, which is taken short and then played towards Keegan, whose mishit volley falls to Redeem. Redeem's shot is blocked by Sabia, though! All NorthEast, this second half!
77' Vineeth, after having no touches in the second half, has been taken off. Chennaiyin's top scorer for this season, Thoi Singh, comes on.

ON - Thoi Singh
OFF - CK Vineeth
77' Triadis! That was a snapshot out of nothing. A little too high to trouble Karanjit, though. 
76' Karanjit flaps at another corner, but this time, he redeems himself, and gathers it safely on the second attempt. 
75' Schattorie has taken Gallego off, that is a huge surprise! Big debut, this, for Triadis. 

ON - Panagiotis Triadis
OFF - Federico Gallego
75' How have NorthEast missed that chance? Gallego's corner is palmed by Karanjit straight into the path of Redeem, whose shot towards goal is turned away by Tondonba on the line, NorthEast have another corner. 
74' NorthEast make their first change of the day, with Robert going off. 

ON - Keegan Pereira
OFF - Robert Lalthlamuana

74' Puitea teases Dinliana, and then smashes a cross into the Chennaiyin full-back for another NorthEast corner.
73' NorthEast's new signing Panagiotis Triadis is stripped up, and ready to make his ISL bow. Can he get that elusive breakthrough?
72' NorthEast have set up camp in the Chennaiyin half, and are getting a particularly good amount of joy from their right flank. Both Reagan and Redeem have mishit a fair few crosses thus far, though. 
70' CK Vineeth, by my calculations, has had a grand total of ZERO touches in this second half. Mind you, it wasn't a particularly difficult calculation to make. 
66' The corner comes to nothing, as Narzary clears, and takes a whack on the shoulder after tripping over Ogbeche. 
65' The corner is cleared to Reagan on the right wing, he crosses towards Ogbeche, and Zotea puts it out for a corner, with a superb defensive header. 
65' NorthEast corner. Zotea puts it behind with Gallego pressurising him. Cheap corner to give away, when the pass to Karanjit was definitely on . 
62' That wasn't too far away! Gallego has got that up and down over the wall, but it's just wide of a scrambling Karanjit's post!
61' NorthEast have another free-kick in a very similar position the last one. Germanpreet and Sabia, between them, sandwiched Gallego, and brought the Uruguayan down. The Highlanders are knocking on the door again. 
61' John Gregory makes his first change of the evening, as Orlandi goes off, to be replaced by Anirudh Thapa. 

ON - Anirudh Thapa
OFF - Andrea Orlandi
60' Ogbeche has missed a free header! Superb delivery from Gallego, and Ogbeche arrives from deep to meet it, but he's put it over the bar. 
60' Gallego goes low, but it's deflected behind! It was fiercely struck, but Zotea got in the way, and NorthEast have a corner. 
58' NorthEast have a free-kick in a good area, just outside their own area. Germanpreet is pulled pu for having a tug at Ogbeche's shorts. 
57' More good play in and around the penalty area from NorthEast, but in the end there's no harm done to Karanjit's goal, as the ball bobbles straight to the 'keeper after a ricochet off Gallego. 
55' Another big chance for NorthEast, and they have missed it! Gallego gets the better of Zotea to get on the end of a high ball, and with Karanjit in no man's lland, he tries to lob it towards Ogbeche who has an empty net in front of him. But the NorthEast skipper is shouldered away by Tondonba. And Chennaiyin survive. Again. 
53' Borges has missed a chance. Nothing to see here, good chance for NorthEast, and they have clanged it. Nice cross from Reagan towards Ogbeche, who's touched that towards Borges, who's skewed the shot while trying to smack the leather out of it. 
52' Oh what is Rehenesh doing? He's come out to collect that ball, but it's been taken away from him by Raphael. The Chennaiyin captain on the night can't hook it towards the target. 
52' The answer is no. Ogbeche and Puitea combine to clear at the near-post. 
51' Chennaiyin have a corner, as Narzary runs it off Reagan. Orlandi will take, can he provide some quality?
48' Three minutes of true eye-bleed football at the start of the second period here. More quality, please, from both sides? It's possible, you know?
46' PEEEEEPP! Chennaiyin get us back underway for the second period. 
Both teams are back on the pitch for the second half here in Guwahati. Will we see a goal in this one?
HALF-TIME: NorthEast United 0-0 Chennaiyin FC

Three chances for Ogbeche, one for Redeem, one for Puitea, one stonewall penalty denied to Gallego, one sitter missed by Rowllin. Get the drift? Yeah, NorthEast have been all over Chennaiyin, who are lucky their opponents haven't gone out of sight. 

But they're still in it, and that's encouragement for John Gregory, who will look to infuse some fight and desire with his half-time team talk. Not sure he can infuse defensive solidity at half-time, though. His side really needs that. 

Schattorie will call for more of the same, for sure. I am only calling for a few more goals in the second half, would be a nice way to end Republic Day. Back in 10 minutes. 
45+1' PEEEEPP! That's half-time, and it's still goalless. I'm wondering how it still is goalless. I'm sure that's what Eelco Schattorie is wondering too. 
45+1' Puitea misses the target with a volley! Great play from Gallego, who runs the channel, keeps the ball in play and then lays it off to Redeem on the right flank. His deep cross is met on the volley by Puitea, by he's skied it 
45+1' Narzary has gone down holding the back of his thigh. 
45' One minute to be added on at the end the first half. 
44' Ogbeche has missed another chance! That was a stunning pass from Borges to find Gallego on the right flank, and the Urugauyan's low cut-back is perfect for Ogbeche, but the skipper's missed his kick. 
43' The game's just gone a little scrappy, and as a result, a battle in midfield. There's very little quality we've seen in the last few minutes, as Leudo and Raphael have been in battle with each other. 
36' Ogbeche! What a turn that is, he's left Dinliana for dead on the byline! He cuts it back for Borges, whose layoff to Redeem is skied. NorthEast aren't helping themselves with the number of chances they're missing. 
35' It's THAT MAN SABIA again! Lovely interplay in the NorthEast midfield frees up Reagan on the right side. His low cross is stabbed behind at the near post by the big Brazilian. 
32' Ogbeche has missed another big chance! That's a lovely cross into the near post from Puitea, but the skipper's touch is a little uncertain under pressure from Eli Sabia, off whom it deflects for a corner. 
31' Oh that was lovely one-touch passing between Ogbeche and Rowllin! Just as the skipper was headed into the box, his touch lets him down, and the ball rolls away easily to Karanjit. 
29' Superb delivery from Orlandi, and as Rehenesh comes out to punch, he's fouled by Eli Sabia. 
29' Orlandi's corner is headed behind at the near-post for another Chennaiyin corner, which the Italian is again in charge of. 
28' Chennaiyin now have a corner of their own, as Orlandi's cross towards Gregory Nelson is headed behind by Robert. 
27' What a chance for Rowllin Borges! He's missed a free-header from six yards out! How are NorthEast not ahead yet? The ball comes back to Puitea, who took the corner. He puts in a delicious ball to Borges at the near-post, but he gets next to no contact on the header. It flicks off his head, and goes wide. 
26' Grgic wins the first header off the corner, but it flicks off a Chennaiyin head, and NorthEast have another corner. 
25' Ogbeche's persistence causes panic in the Chennaiyin back four! He's harried Sabia into giving the ball away, but Zotea is on hand to cover up and concede another corner, which Gallego will take. 
24' How on earth has Gallego missed that one?! That is a superb training ground routine, as Puitea finds Gallego with a superb through-ball after the corner. Gallego slips past his man easily, and then smashed it left footed, and skied it. He really should have kept that on target. 
23' Corner for NorthEast, as Leudo finds Ogbeche running the channel, and then the skipper wins the corner after playing it off Sabia. 
22' Ogbeche! Super block from Eli Sabia! That is suicidal from Zotea, who's had a complete air-kick, with Ogbeche lurking around him. The NorthEast captain took the ball on and shifted it on to his right-foot, before hitting it straight at Sabia. Gallego was right by him on the right, but he didn't slide it into the Uruguayan. 
19' OH THAT WAS A PENALTY! How has the referee not seen that? Gallego gets into the box in the second phase of play after Sabia cleared the free-kick. He was away from Germanpreet, who dived in, and certainly caught the Uruguayan. If that isn't a penalty, we might as well stop having referees. 
18' Free-kick to NorthEast in a threatening position, as Puitea is fouled by Dinliana. Ogbeche set off Puitea on the left flank, after being found by a superb pass between the lines from Grgic. 
16' Orlandi! Skies it! Dinliana plays a cross into the box towards Vineeth, but Komorski wins the first header, only for it to fall to Nelson, who lays it off the Italian to strike. Orlandi lent back and smashed it over Rehenesh's crossbar though.
14' NorthEast have done precious little of note in the final third. They need to try and get Gallego on the ball a little bit more, to make things happen. Ogbeche has barely had a touch since he kicked us off a few minutes ago. 
12' AH THE SHARPNESS FROM VINEETH! He's absolutely pounced on that loose ball on the halfway line, and Komorski is late in getting to it, to bring him down. Komorski goes in the book. 
9' Ohh nice from Vineeth! He tries to play a clever exchange with Orlandi, and almost gets on the end of the Italian's return pass, but Komorski is on hand, again, to see off the danger. 
8' Nothing comes off Orlandi's deep delivery, as Komorski is on hand to head it away, with Sabia in close attendance. 
8' Chennaiyin have a corner, and Raphael might be a little unfortunate here! He's gotten clipped by Leudo, but the Brazilian stayed on his feet, and looked to beat Rehenesh at his near-post, but the ball deflects behind off Reagan. 
7' Raphael brings Rehenesh's goal-kick down and kills it stone-dead with his first touch, before finding Nelson on the right flank, but that cross is deflected and loops into Rehenesh's arms. 
6' Orlandi has an early yellow card! NorthEast were away on the break through Redeem, and the Italian brought him down cynically. 
4' Puitea scythes down Dinliana to cap off a string of sloppy play from the NorthEast left winger. He'd first run the ball out of play under no pressure, and then fouled the Chennaiyin right-back from the resulting throw-in. 
3' NorthEast have almost monopolised possession in the early stages of the game. But they've done absolutely nothing meaningful with it, in an offensive sense. 
Nelson on the right. Narzary on the left. Vineeth as the lone striker, with Augusto as the no.10 for Chennaiyin. 
1' PEEEEEPPP! Off we go, as Ogbeche gets the game underway for NorthEast.
We're all set for kick-off here in Guwahati! NorthEast, in all-red, kicking from left to right, as we see it on the idiot box. Chennaiyin, if it needed spelling out, will kick from right to left, in their all-white kit. 
Anthem sung, hands shook, team photos taken. Ogbeche and Augusto with the officials for the toss. NorthEast will kick us off, as Raphael wins the toss. 
Raphael Augusto and Ogbeche have led their teams out and they're now lined up. Time for Jana Gana Mana! Sung extra-vociferously on Republic Day!
From the looks of what I see on the screen, there are not more than 200 fans at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Guwahati. On a holiday, that is a shocking turnout in Guwahati tonight. 
Remember, the last game for NorthEast before the break ended in a 1-5 defeat for the Highlanders against FC Goa at the Fatorda. So, this is rather belated, but they need a reaction tonight.
Just heading closer to kickoff here in Guwahati, here we go! NorthEast want to rebuild momentum, Chennaiyin want resurrection, and need momentum ahead of the AFC Cup. Which way will this go?
The big surprise, from a NorthEast perspective, comes in goal. Rehenesh comes in for his first start since the Highlanders' second game of the season against ATK, after which he was handed a suspension for punching Gerson Viera. Pawan Kumar did his cause no harm but Schattorie has put his faith in the experienced Rehenesh. 
Of course, there's no Mailson because he's serving the first of his three-match suspension for a scuffle with a Delhi Dynamos player in Chennaiyn's previous game. 
Right. So, debuts for Vineeth and Narzary. No Mailson, no Jeje, no Thapa. John Gregory has played his cards here, including giving another debut, for Zotea Ralte at the back. 

Northeast United FC: TP Rehenesh (GK), Reagan Singh, Mato Grgic, Mislav Komorski, Robert Lalthlamuana, Redeem Tlang, Rowllin Borges, Jose Leudo, Lalthathanga Khawlhring, Federico Gallego, Bartholomew Ogbeche

Substitutes: Pawan Kumar, Gurwinder Singh, Keegan Pereira, Pawan Kumar, Nikhil Kadam, Panagiotis Triadis, Juan Mascia

Chennaiyin FC: Karanjit Singh (GK), Laldinliana Renthlei, Zohmingliana Ralte, Eli Sabia. Tondonba Singh, Germanpreet Singh, Halicharan Narzary, Raphael Augusto, Andrea Orlandi, Gregory Nelson, CK Vineeth

Substitutes: Sanjiban Ghosh, Anirudh Thapa, Francis Fernandes, Isaac Vanmalsawma, Thoi Singh, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Mohammed Rafi
We're less than an hour away from the arrival of team news from Guwahati. Can NorthEast further strengthen their grip of one of the top four places? Can Chennaiyin finally break out of the rut they have found themselves in this season, as they head towards their maiden AFC Cup campaign? We'll have answers to these questions by the end of the night. Welcome to Sportskeeda's continuing live coverage of the ISL. I'm Aaditya Narayan and I'll be taking you through all the action from Guwahati. 
The reverse fixture was one of the game of this ISL season, when a Bartholomew Ogbeche hat-trick saw NorthEast United come back from 3-1 down, to win 4-3 with Rowllin Borges scoring what turned out to be the winner. If we're as entertained tonight, then we've got a Republic Day cracker coming up. 
Probable XI:
Northeast United FC: Pawan Kumar (GK), Reagan Singh, Mato Grgic, Gurwinder Singh, Robert Lalthlamuana, Redeem Tlang, Rowllin Borges, Jose Leudo, Federico Gallego, Juan Mascia, Bartholomew Ogbeche (C)

Chennaiyin FC: Karanjit Singh (GK), Mailson Alves (C), Eli Sabia, Laldinliana Renthlei, Tondonba Singh, Germanpreet Singh, CK Vineeth, Raphael Augusto, Anirudh Thapa, Gregory Nelson, Jeje Lalpekhlua
NorthEast United vs Chennaiyin FC preview:
NorthEast United will kick-start their second phase of the Indian Super League (ISL) and push for a spot in the top four when they take on defending champions Chennaiyin FC at the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati on Saturday.

Under Eelco Schattorie, NorthEast United have enjoyed their best season across five ISL campaigns. They are currently placed fourth on the table with 20 points in 12 matches, trailing leaders BFC by seven. Jamshedpur FC, who have amassed 19 points in 12 games, are high on their tails and ATK are also in the mix.

However, the season is over for Chennaiyin FC, who are bottom of the table with just five points. Chennai, the ISL holders, have performed poorly this season but have signed two players from Kerala Blasters for their AFC Cup campaign. It will be interesting to see if CK Vineeth and Halicharan Narzary, the two new signings, make their debut against NEUFC. 

John Gregory has been let down by his attackers Carlos Salom, Jeje Lalpekhlua and Mohammed Rafi. Vineeth will add a new dimension to the struggling attack and Thoi Singh, their top-scorer, will be rearing to have a go at NEUFC.

NorthEast also have roped in a Greek playmaker Panagiotis Triadis from Apollon Smyrnis. Triadis was signed in place of the injured Augustine Okrah and will add flair to the attack, led by Bartholomew Ogbeche and Federico Gallego.

NEUFC have also strengthened their defence with Shouvik Ghosh, who joins from Mumbai City FC. Ghosh was part of the Highlanders in 2016 as well.

NEUFC haven't won in their last 4 games but the long break came at the right time for them to get over the past and focus on what lies ahead.

They are the favourites against Chennaiyin FC and have a 5-2-2 head-to-head record against the Marina Machans.

The onus will be on captain Ogbeche to lead NorthEast in this second phase. Schattorie's brand of football has been exciting so far and the Highlanders' fans would hope that the show continues on Saturday.

When and where to watch: The Live Streaming of the match is available on Hotstar. TV Telecast on Star Sports Network. The kick-off is at 7.30 pm IST.
B. Ogbeche
assist: L. Khawlhring
N. Kadam
R. Tlang
T. Singh
C. Vineeth
P. Triadis
F. Gallego
K. Pereira
R. Lalthlamuana
A. Thapa
Andrea Orlandi
M. Komorski
Andrea Orlandi
Chennaiyin (4-2-3-1)
John Gregory (Manager)
R. Paramba
R. Lalthlamuana
M. Komorski
M. Grgić
R. Singh
L. Khawlhring
R. Borges
J. Leudo
R. Tlang
F. Gallego
B. Ogbeche
K. Singh
N. Singh
Eli Sabiá
Z. Ralte
L. Renthlei
Andrea Orlandi
G. Singh
H. Narzary
Raphael Augusto
G. Nelson
C. Vineeth
Chennaiyin (4-2-3-1)
John Gregory (Manager)
NorthEast United Subs
N. Kadam
Pawan Kumar II
Pawan Kumar I
J. Mascia
K. Pereira
Gurwinder Singh
P. Triadis
Chennaiyin Subs
F. Fernandes
S. Ghosh
J. Lalpekhlua
M. Rafi
T. Singh
A. Thapa
I. Vanmalsawma
24 SHOTS 7
12 FOULS 10
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 Bengaluru FC 15 9 4 2 9 31
2 FC Goa 15 8 4 3 15 28
3 NorthEast United FC 16 7 6 3 4 27
4 Mumbai City FC 16 8 3 5 4 27
5 Jamshedpur FC 16 5 8 3 4 23
6 ATK 16 5 6 5 -3 21
7 FC Pune City 15 5 3 7 -5 18
8 Kerala Blasters FC 16 2 8 6 -7 14
9 Delhi Dynamos FC 15 2 6 7 -6 12
10 Chennaiyin FC 16 2 2 12 -15 8
Tournament ISL 2018-19 - Week 13
Stadium Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium
Match time Sat, 26 Jan 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 26, 2019 21:26 PM | Published: Jan 25, 2019 13:38 PM
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