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NOR vs ODI Match Result -
NorthEast United
1 - 1
B. Ogbeche (P) 70'
67' Marcos Tébar
That's all from Guwahati, tonight. My colleague, Aravind Suchindran, will bring you the action from Jamshedpur, as they host Mumbai City FC. Until then, this is Aaditya Narayan signing off. Sayonara, Adios, Arrivederci, Alvida, Thank You!
FULL-TIME: NorthEast United 1-1 Delhi Dynamos

After a rather drab first half, the second half was supremely entertaining! It was a stunning end-to-end affair in the second half. Both the skippers ended up with the goals on the night, as Tebar gave Delhi the lead after an error from Rehenesh. 

Soon after, NorthEast were awarded a contentious penalty, which was duly converted by Ogbeche. NorthEast finished the match strong though, and had plenty of chances, with Panagiotis Triadis featuring centrally in most good things that NorthEast did. 

In the end, though, Delhi hung on, even if just by the skin of their teeth, and they get another point. NorthEast now have only six points from their last six games, and they are putting themselves under a bit of pressure in the race for the playoffs. 
90+7' PEEEEP PEEEEP PEEEEEEEEEEEEP! That's full-time and it ends all-square in Guwahati. 
90+6' Zuiverloon is booked for a late challenge on Triadis
90+3' Another chance for NorthEast! Gallego gets the better of Narayan and fizzes a superb low cross and Triadis's stretch is not enough, as the ball eludes him by a stud's length. 

Gallego's pull back is met by Rowllin at the far post, and his shot is diverted onto the crossbar by Dorronsoro, and then the rebound has hit Triadis who knows nothing about that!
90+1' Lovely hold-up play from Mascia, before setting up Rowllin on the left flank, and his cross is met by Triadis who gets nowhere near enough contact on the header. 
90+1' There will be SIX minutes of added time
89' Delhi have been let out of jail, by Gallego trying to be too cute with the free-kick and not taking a shot. 
88' Dorronsoro has put Delhi under pressure with a poor clearance, and that has forced Tebar to haul Rowllin down and Delhi have a free-kick to defend. 
87' Schattorie has also readied another change, and it's Ogbeche who's going off. Mascia will come on. 

ON - Juan Mascia
OFF - Bartholomew Ogbeche
85' Rehenesh will go off now, with Pawan Kumar being readied to come on 

ON - Pawan Kumar
OFF - TP Rehenesh
84' Rehenesh has come out to punch a superb cross from Romeo, with Manchong lurking. But the NorthEast goalkeeper has gone down again, and this might his game done and dusted, for real. 
82' That's superb play from Delhi, as Manchong and Tebar combine, before playing it through to Romeo on the right. His cross towards Manchong is smashed behind by Gurwinder, and Mihelic will take the Delhi corner. 
80' Triadis teases Gharami on the left flank, and releases the cross again. Ogbeche's header has gone over the bar though. 
77' Rehenesh is on the floor, still not clear what happened. He is holding his thigh, and that could really be his game done. It's not, he stays on the pitch, at least for now. 
75' NorthEast have a corner now, as Dorronsoro fumbles a shot from Triadis, and lets the ball skip away from his hands for a corner. 
NorthEast have scored eight goals after the 75th minute. Delhi have conceded nine goals in the same time interval. Only one way this is going, then?
71' GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLL! Ogbeche has drawn level with Coro at the top of the goalscoring charts!

He's smashed that penalty into the bottom right corner, while Dorronsoro has gone the other way. 
70' PENALTY TO NORTHEAST UNITED! It's a lovely slipped ball from Puitea towards Ogbeche, Narayan's arm has come across and stopped the NorthEast skipper, who's on the floor. PENALTY!

It's a superb break from Delhi, Mihelic has laid it off for Tebar, who puts it wide to Romeo. His cross is parried by Rehenesh straight into the path of Tebar, who can just slot it into an empty net. 
66' Big chance for NorthEast! Puitea has flicked a header onto Gallego on the right flank, but his side-footed shot is saved by Dorronsoro, and straight into the feet of Puitea, who can't get it under his spell. It trickles through to Dorronsoro. 
65' Josep Gombau plays his last card of the night, as Davila goes off for Mihelic to come on. 

ON - Rene Mihelic
OFF - Ulises Davila
63' WHAT A CHANCE FOR DELHI! Nandha has raced in behind the defense to meet Davila's pass, but his pass across the face of the goal is a little to powerful for Manchong, who had the net gaping in front of him. Romeo met the cross at the far post, but it was an uncomfortable height for him to hit it from, and his shot has gone wide. 
61' Robert has received a booking from the referee, we're not yet sure why. 
61' Second Delhi change of the night, as Chhangte receives the rest of the night off, before heading off to Norway. 

ON - Romeo Fernandes
OFF - Lallianzuala Chhangte
61' Again, Triadis with some super work on the left flank. He's terrorised Gharami before putting in a cross that has whizzed across the post. Dorronsoro just let it go. 
59' Delhi make their first change of the night, as Daniel makes way after a below-par showing.

ON - Seiminmang Manchong
OFF - Daniel Lalhlimpuia
59' Tekkers from Triadis! He's left Zuiverloon for dead with a trick, and then a RABONA for a cross! Ogbeche's on the end of the cross, but his header is straight at Dorronsoro. 
55' Delhi have given the ball away catastrophically from the goal kick, as Ogbeche pinches it from Zuiverloon. He's laid it off to Gallego, whose shot towards the near post has gone wide. 
55' The corner from Gallego finds Leudo, but the Colombian's header has gone wide. 
54' NorthEast have a corner now, as Gallego's cross is blocked by Narayan.
52' That's a superb Delhi counter led by Zuiverloon, who then plays a nice one-two with Nandha. The Dutchman lays it off to Davila on the edge of the box, but the Mexican has had a total air shot. Big chance! Lively start to the second half. 
51' Gallego's corner goes towards Leudo, but that's superbly caught by Dorronsoro. 
51' Superb play on the right flank between Gallego and Triadis, and the Greek has found himself on the byline, trying to cut it back for Ogbeche. But Crespi has his angles sorted and can block it away for a NorthEast corner. 
49' OGBECHE HAS MISSED A SITTER! He's beaten the offside trap beautifully and blown it! He's got on the end of that pass, with the Delhi goal at his mercy, and with Dorronsoro off his line in an instant, the NorthEast captain has skewed his shot wide. 
47' Delhi start the half on the front foot, and some neat interplay between Davila and Daniel, again, results in an opportunity. The striker skews his shot so bad, that Nandha can keep it in play, before putting in a cross, which is cleared by Grgic. 
46' PEEEEP! NorthEast get us back underway for the second period here in Guwahati
NorthEast United 0-0 Delhi Dynamos

For a large part, that was a very scrappy half, with no apparent quality. Chhangte and Vinit Rai had two big chances for Delhi, but both of them fluffed their lines. NorthEast have been a little but dysfunctional, with both Gallego and Ogbeche not really hitting their straps. Schattorie has already made a change, and they ended the half strong, exemplified by Triadis smacking the upright. 

I'm off to grab a little grub before the second half begins. Be back in ten minutes. 
45+2' PEEEEP! Half-time, and it's goalless, with very little goalmouth action of note 
45+2' TRIADIS HAS HIT THE POST! Stunning effort, as he receives the ball on the edge of the area on the left flank, from Rowllin's pass. The Greek then unleashes a curler that had Dorronsoro beaten, but hits the crossbar plush! A few coats of paint have kept Delhi Dynamos level. 
45+1' We go into two added minutes
45' What is Dorronsoro doing there? The defence has been caught out by a ball in behind, which Rowllin got on the end of. Dorronsoro saves the first one-on-one, and then stayed on the edge of the box, as Rowllin got hold of the ball again on the right side. The goalkeeper has blocked the cross, how often have you heard that?
43' How is that not a free-kick? Robert has clearly blocked Davila, there's no intention to play the ball and he's clearly upended the Mexican. The referee has waved play on. How?
40' We missed a substitution earlier, as Schattorie made a tactical switch by pulling Redeem out, and ensuring Leudo could go back into midfield

OFF - Redeem Tlang
ON - Gurwinder Singh
40' Super ball over the top from Narayan, and Daniel runs onto it nicely. He gets it his left foot, and took the shot on, but that's a good block from Gurwinder. 
38' Lovely counter-attack from Delhi, as Zuiverloon sets off Nandha on the right. The right winger cuts it back to Tebar on the edge of the area, but the Delhi skipper's shot is a little too central, and Rehenesh can make the save. 
36' Oh Dorronsoro! Superb! That's a superb cross from Robert, off which Puitea got on the end of the second ball. His volley is not well hit, and it rolls towards Triadis, but before the Greek can put his foot on it, the goalkeeper has come out and made the clearance. 
33' NorthEast have a corner now. Ogbeche holds it up, and looks to lay it off for Triadis, but Puitea gets in the Greek's way and takes it wide, but wins the corner, of which nothing comes. 
30' First sniff of goal for Ogbeche! Reagan's cross towards the penalty spot is attacked by the captain, amid close attention from Crespi. He gets decent enough contact on the header, but that's high and there's no trouble for Dorronsoro. 
28' Rowllin leads a NorthEast counter attack as he strides forward from midfield, and feeds the ball out to Gallego on the right flank. The Uruguayan's cross isn't great though, and Crespi can clear easily. 
24' REHENESH HAS GOT HIMSELF OUT OF JAIL! The goalkeeper has played a horrid pass, and Chhangte has pounced on it and raced towards goal. While he was one-on-one with Rehenesh, the young winger tried to slot it past but Rehenesh stands tall and makes the stop. HUGE moment missed by Delhi. 
24' That's a superb, inviting cross from Gallego towards Ogbeche, but Zuiverloon stoops low, and makes a fantastic clearing header. 
21' Oh no, no, no, no, Ogbeche! He's made a superb run in behind and is found by Triadis. The skipper has taken too long to release the ball though, and Zuiverloon has his angles covered, and Delhi have a goal kick. 
17' What a chance for Vinit Rai! Super play from Chhangte, as checks behind Grgic on the byline, and stands a super ball up to the far post. Vinit is arriving late, and the ball is dropping straight on to his feet. He's looked to place that, instead of smashing, but he's not made good contact with it, and the shot's not troubled Rehenesh. 
16' That's superb interplay between Davila and Daniel to get Chhangte free on the left. He cuts back infield and takes a right-footed shot, which is blocked by Leudo. 
12' That's a lovely spot from Robert, as he sees Redeem make the run in-field from the right flank, and looks to play the ball over the top. Zuiverloon is ideally positioned to make the defensive header, though. 

11' That's a super ball over the top from Crespi for Daniel, but his first touch lets him down, and the ball trickles through to Rehenesh, who can set the Highlanders on their way again. 
9' Gallego overcooks the corner, in his attempt to look for Leudo at the back-post, who cannot retrieve it. 
9' Dorronsort has come out positively and got a strong hand onto that punch. Puitea retrieves it, and swings a ball to the far post, where Gharami is there to head the ball behind. Another NorthEast corner. 
8' Zuiverloon's played the back to Dorronsoro, who's under pressure from Gallego. The goalkeeper has skewed his clearance behind, and NorthEast have a corner, which Gallego will take. 
6' Daniel has whipped in a cross from the right flank, and that's absolutely smacked Grgic in the face. The centre-back looks a little bit groggy, and he's not moving very comfortably at this point. He should be fine, though. 
4' Delhi have held a lot of meaningless possession so far, NorthEast's front players have pressed superbly, denying Delhi time to play the ball. 
1' That's a superb pass from Triadis, as he drops a shoulder and gets past Tebar, before floating a through ball to the onrushing Redeem, who's stopped by the referee's flag. It was such a tight call, but the assistant has just got that one correct. 
1' PEEEEEEP! Off we go, as Davila gets us underway.
Anthem sung, hands shook, team photos taken. Ogbeche and Tebar line up alongside the match officials. Delhi will kick us off. 
Both the teams are lined up in the tunnel, with Tebar and Ogbeche leading their respective lines. We're edging ever closer to kickoff in Guwahati. 
Remember, this is Lallianzuala Chhangte's last game for Delhi, before he heads off to Norway for his trial with Viking FK. Chhangte, though, will be back for Delhi's next game against Bengaluru, which is in ten days.
NorthEast have only 5 points from their last 5 games. Can they stop the rot tonight?
Delhi have some real good impetus behind them, with 7 points from their last 3 games. Can they be party poopers for the hosts tonight?
NorthEast, in their last game, deserved to win against Bengaluru, but a stubborn Gurpreet Singh Sandhu denied them, time and again. Can they further cement their spot in the ISL top 4 with a win tonight?
Mislav Komorski hasn't recovered from the injury he picked up in Bengaluru. Jose Leudo moves to centre-back for NorthEast, while their new Greek midfielder Panagiotis Triadis makes his first start for his new club. 

Delhi's new signing Ulises Davila is back in the starting XI though, and he takes the place of Rene Mihelic, while Vinit Rai gets a start as well. 

NorthEast United:
TP Rehenesh, Reagan Singh, Jose Leudo, Mato Grgic, Robert Lalthlamuana, Rowllin Borges, Lalthathanga Khalwhring, Redeem Tlang, Federico Gallego, Panagiotis Triadis, Bartholomew Ogbeche

Substitutes: Pawan Kumar, Gurwinder Singh, Pawan Kumar, Shouvik Ghosh, Lalrempuia Fanai, Nikhil Kadam, Juan Mascia

Delhi Dynamos:
Francisco Dorronsoro, Rana Gharami, Gianni Zuiverloon, Marti Crespi, Narayan Das, Marcos Tebar, Vinit Rai, Nandhakumar Sekar, Ulises Davila, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Daniel Lalhlimpuia

Substitutes: Albino Gomes, Sajid Dhot, Pradeep Mohanraj, Rene Mihelic, Romeo Fernandes, Shubham Sarangi, Seiminmang Manchong
We're an hour away from team news at the Indira Gandhi Stadium in Guwahati! I'm Aaditya Narayan and I will be taking you through all the action from today. Join us!
NorthEast United have already beaten Delhi 2-0 this season, with late goals from Federico Gallego and Bartholomew Ogbeche giving the Highlanders a win at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi. 
Delhi Dynamos have kept two straight clean sheets in their last two games. The first time they have managed to achieve that since the start of the 2017-18 ISL season. 
NorthEast United v Delhi Dynamos Head to Head

It couldn't be closer if you had try. Nine games played, three wins for either side, three draws. Who pulls ahead tonight? Ogbeche and NorthEast? Or can Zuiverloon and the Dynamos keep the talismanic skipper quiet?
NorthEast United vs Delhi Dynamos Preview:

NorthEast United can take a huge step in their push to a top four spot with a win over Delhi Dynamos at the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati on Thursday.

NorthEast are currently fourth on the table with 23 points in 14 matches and are three points ahead of Jamshedpur FC and ATK, who are fifth and sixth respectively.

Dynamos, on the other hand, are only mathematically in the contention for a spot in the playoffs. They drew 0-0 with FC Goa and are unbeaten in 3 games.

NorthEast United, on the other hand, lost 2-1 to leaders Bengaluru FC at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in their previous match. Coach Eelco Schattorie will be gunning to get his team back on track.

Bartholomew Ogbeche, second in the topscorer list with 10 goals after FC Goa's Ferran Corominas, will hope to get going against Dynamos. He's ably supported by Federico Gallego, who found the back of the net against Bengaluru FC.

A lot was expected from NEUFC's Panagiotis Triadis but the midfielder could not convert a one-on-one opportunity against BFC, a goal which could have secured them 3 points. Schattorie has anyway fielded Triadis only off the bench and it could be the same against Delhi Dynamos.
Dynamos showed great mettle in managing to hold Goa goalless. Goa are after all the highest scorers and denying them a goal is no easy feat. However, that game also opens up the talk of Dynamos' strike force.

Josep Gombau's side have had problems when it comes to scoring goals. Nandhakumar S does well in the right wing but is unable to mount a decent shot on target. Lallianzuala Chhangte is their highest goalscorer with 4 goals and he will be expected to make a case for himself before the trial with Viking FK.

Ulises Davila, Dynamos' new signing, has shown promise in the attacking third for Delhi. Gombau preferred a defensive option in Marti Crespi instead of Davila in the game against Goa but Davila is expected to start against NEUFC.

When and where to watch: The NorthEast United vs Delhi Dynamos ISL match will be streamed live on Hotstar. The game will be telecast from 7.30 pm on Star Sports Network and NorthEast Live.
G. Zuiverloon
J. Mascia
B. Ogbeche
Pawan Kumar I
R. Paramba
B. Ogbeche, Penalty
Marcos Tébar
R. Mihelič
U. Dávila
R. Fernandes
L. Chhangte
R. Lalthlamuana
S. Manchong
D. Lalhlimpuia
Gurwinder Singh
R. Tlang
Odisha (4-4-2)
Josep Gombau Balague (Manager)
R. Paramba
R. Lalthlamuana
M. Grgić
J. Leudo
R. Singh
P. Triadis
L. Khawlhring
R. Borges
R. Tlang
B. Ogbeche
F. Gallego
N. Das
G. Zuiverloon
R. Gharami
L. Chhangte
V. Rai
Marcos Tébar
N. Sekar
D. Lalhlimpuia
U. Dávila
Odisha (4-4-2)
Josep Gombau Balague (Manager)
NorthEast United Subs
S. Ghosh
N. Kadam
Pawan Kumar II
Pawan Kumar I
F. Lalrempuia
J. Mascia
Gurwinder Singh
Odisha Subs
M. Dhot
R. Fernandes
A. Gomes
S. Manchong
R. Mihelič
P. Mohanraj
S. Sarangi
15 SHOTS 11
14 FOULS 10
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 0 0 0 0 0 0
2 Bengaluru FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
3 Chennaiyin FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
4 FC Goa 0 0 0 0 0 0
5 Hyderabad FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 Jamshedpur FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Kerala Blasters FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 Mumbai City FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 NorthEast United FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
10 Odisha FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
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