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NOR vs GOA Match Result -
NorthEast United
2 - 2
F. Gallego 8'
B. Ogbeche 53'
14' Coro
38' Coro
That's all we have for you for today, as both teams get their first points of ISL 2018-19. We have ISL action from Mumbai tomorrow, as Mumbai City FC host Jamshedpur FC. Do join us for that. For now, it's Aaditya Narayan saying goodbye. 
90+8' PEEEEP! Full time, and we have the first draw of ISL 2018-19

Goa will be disappointed with that, because they had their chances in the first half to be out of sight. They scored twice through Coro after they gifted the Highlanders the opener.

Birthday boy Bartholomew Ogbeche finally got a much-deserved equaliser for NorthEast, who were much the better side in the second half.

At full-time at Sarusajai, it's NorthEast United 2-2 FC Goa
90+7' Rowllin is down and receiving treatment 
90+5' That is a neat ball into the box from Robert, but Ogbeche is too far out for his flicked header to cause Nawaz any problems.
90+4' Nothing comes of that free-kick, and NorthEast spring forward on the counter, only for Nawaz to come out and concede a throw-in. 
90+4' Goa keep possession really well, and find Liston on the left flank. He dances past two defenders before finding Pena, who is hacked down by Tlang. The referee's book has another entry now. Goa have a free-kick which Boumous will take. 
90+2' Nothing comes of it, as NorthEast try to get Ogbeche through, in the second phase of that attack. But that man Fall is in the way. 
90+2' NorthEast have a corner, as Tlang's cross is blocked by Pena. Puitea will take.
90+1' Five minutes to be added on, is there a fifth goal in this game?
90' That is a decent opportunity for Goa. A cross from Liston finds Palance, who heads it at goal from 18 yards out. Rehenesh parries it away for a corner, which comes to nothing as Palanca fires another shot over the bar. 
89' Now Goa make their final change as their captain Mandar goes off. 

ON - Manvir Singh
OFF - Mandar Rao Desai
89' That is dreadful from Palanca. He is found on the edge of the area, with his back to goal. He takes it on his chest and goes for a spectacular bicycle kick, but that is a dreadful decision. The shot goes wide. 
87' Final change of the game for the Highlanders. Lalthathanga, who is also called Puitea, comes on for Kadam.

ON - Lalthathanga Khawlhring
OFF - Nikhil Kadam
86' Goa have a free-kick on the halfway line, as Leudo fouls Coro. He then picks the ball up, and that irks Boumous. The two are at each other's throats and the referee has to separate them. 
84' Goa make their second change, as Jahouh goes off. 

ON - Miguel Palanca
OFF - Ahmed Jahouh
83' Change for NorthEast. Their goal-scorer Gallego goes off. 

ON - Augustine Okrah
OFF - Federico Gallego
83' He gets good whip and curl on that. But it's just far too high to trouble anybody
82' Jahouh is behind the free-kick, and Goa have a big chance. 
82' Free-kick for NorthEast. Rehenesh gathers the ball, but then he takes the ball with him outside his own area. Goa have a free-kick in a dangerous area. 
80' Liston Colaco replaces Jacki

ON - Liston Colaco
OFF - Jackichand Singh
79' The game has stalled now. Jacki is receiving medical attention. It looks like he might not be able to carry on. He's being stretchered off. 
78' Well done Mato Grgic! Brilliant ball through from Boumous puts Mandar through, and the Goa captain races to the byline. He looks to pull it back to Coro in the six-yard box, but Grgic is there first and Goa have a corner. 
77' After a fabulous first half, Jacki has fallen off a cliff after the break. He's giving the ball away too easily. Needs to gather himself. 
75' Nawaz again! Fabulous save! NorthEast are once again afforded too much space in midfield, and Gallego raced forward with it. He plays it across to Rowllin, whose fierce strike is headed to the top left corner, but Nawaz flung himself and parried it away. 
74' Now Goa are into their shell. They're keeping possession well, but there is very little penetration. 
70' Oh was that a penalty? It's a beautiful pass from Pena who has played Boumous in. Him and his twinkle-toes, he gets past Reagan, but then he trips on his own feet with Leudo giving him close company. He wants a penalty, the ref refuses to give one. And the ref is spot on.
67' Oh what a miss! The corner is taken by Tlang, and it heads straight to Grgic. Nawaz has come out to claim, but has got nowhere near it, and the Croat's glancing header goes wide. He should've hit the target. 
66' Outstanding save from Nawaz! NorthEast spring to life, and Nawaz keeps his team on level terms. Leudo breaks from midfield and plays it through for Kadam, whose shot, which is heading for the corner, is parried away by Nawaz for a corner!
65' The game has gone absolutely quiet here. Both teams are holding on to it really well in midfield, but that incisive pass is not forthcoming from either side. 
60' Keegan has a problem here, and they're going to take him off. Robert will come on. 

ON - Robert Lalthlamuana
OFF - Keegan Pereira
59' Ogbeche! Reagan Singh puts in a long ball from the right flank, the skipper holds up the ball on his chest and swivels to unleash a volley, but it's wayward.
58' Big risk there from Komorski. The ball is being shepherded outside the pitch, but Komorski has unceremoniously shoved Boumous away. He's a lucky boy, no penalty given. 
57' Boumous is behind the dead ball. But the NorthEast wall does its job. 
56' Free-kick to Goa. Jahouh capitalises on confusion between Komorski and Keegan and the left-back unceremoniously hacks the Moroccan down. He's booked. 
55' We've got our game on our hands here. "NorthEast, NorthEast", screams the Sarusajai! NorthEast suddenly have a spring in their stride. 
53' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! NorthEast are on terms, through their captain Bartholomew Ogbeche!

This has been coming. NorthEast once again have had a spell of possession, and they play it out wide to Keegan Pereira. Keegan realises that crosses have to go into the box and not behind the goal, and he finds the head of his skipper who powers it past Nawaz in the Goa goal. 
52' Right, this game needs someone to take the wingers in their hands and tell them you can't cross behind the goal all the time. Jacki is the culprit this time. 
50' Wayward shot from Nikhil Kadam for NorthEast. They moved the ball around with ease and Kadam found himself in space in a central area 25 yards away from goal. He cuts across the ball and it sails well wide of Nawaz's goal. 
48' Goa have settled in to the second half really well. Once again a spell in possession results in a winger being set free. But Mandar lets it roll away from him. 
46' Another NorthEast cross goes nowhere near Ogbeche. Fabulous cross-field pass from Rowllin finds Reagan, who plays it infield to Tlang, who sets Gallego on his way. His cross has gone straight behind Nawaz's goal.
46' PEEEEP! We're back underway, as Goa get us going in the second half
45+1' PEEEEP! That's half-time

NorthEast United 1-2 FC Goa

This game started disastrously for Goa, as their young goalkeeper made an amateur error to gift Federico Gallego an opener, and NorthEast the lead. 

But then, Goa took control. They have been fantastic in possession, and have found space comfortably. Jahouh and Lenny have been fantastic in dictating play from midfield. But the story of the half, like it always is with Goa, has been about Coro. 

After a first goal that he didn't really know too much about, and went in off his stomach, he scored a fabulous second. He jinked past four defenders, and gave Rehenesh no chance with that strike. NorthEast are being toyed around with, and Eelco Schattorie needs a fix at half-time. 

We'll be back in a bit with the second-half action.
45+1' Why has Mandar let that go? Oh, dear! Brilliant ball out wide from Lenny to find Pena. His low cross is straight to Mandar, and begging him to smack it into the net, but he lets it go through, and Rehenesh can catch easily. 
45' NorthEast are on the ropes! A throw-in sees Keegan switch off and Jacki has plenty of space to run in behind, but his cross is not good enough at all 
42' Brilliant block from Sana! The corner has fallen to Ogbeche who has taken a touch, and is ready to pull the trigger with his left-foot. But the young centre-back is there with the block. The ball then pinballs in their area, before falling to Tlang, who tries to place a volley but places it over the bar. 
41' Awful defending from Goa here. They've allowed Rowllin the world of space in midfield, and he's taken the invitation and taken a shot, but it's blocked by Lenny! Corner.
41' Another huge chance! Jacki's cross into the box isn't dealt with, well enough, and goes straight to Pena, who cuts it back to Mandar. His volley is shocking, high, wide and not so handsome.
39' GOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!! Coro again! What a strike, what a goal from the Spaniard!

He receives the ball on the edge of the area, and he's dribbled past four defenders, and then bang! There is absolutely no chance for Rehenesh, who should really by covering his near-post, but once he hadn't, it was just an invitation for Coro to smash home his 20th ISL goal. 
37' The corner is headed to the far post, but it only flicks off Ogbeche's head and sails harmlessly away for a Goa throw.
36' What an intervention from Seriton! Fantastic play from NorthEast, and Gallego plays in Tlang on the right flank, his cross is headed straight towards Ogbeche who is waiting to put his foot through that, but Seriton steps in just in time and concedes a corner. 
35' Jahouh is a lucky lucky boy! That is another needless, stupid challenge in midfield. Nikhil Kadam goes down, but the referee waves the play on. That was a foul, and the referee has got that one wrong. 
33' Rehenesh fumbles it, but eventually collects the ball, as Boumous's corner isn't good enough. 
32' Komorski makes a mess of it now. A harmless cross from Jacki, but the big Croat doesn't deal with it well enough, and yields a corner. 
31' BOUMOUS! Fantastic play from Goa, and Boumous finds himself in space on the left side. He cuts inside, uses Mandar's run on the overlap as a decoy, but his shot is straight at Rehenesh.
30' Ahmed Jahouh is booked. That is a stupid challenge, so there's no defence there for Jahouh who pleads with the referee, saying it's his first foul. A good dribbling run from Gallego, but he's taken down by the Moroccan, whose defence falls on deaf ears.
27' Jacki misses again! A series of Goa corners ends up with a shot from the winger. The second corner is pushed away by Rehenesh but straight to Boumous, who sets up Jacki in a central position. But his volley is straight into the ground, and bounces over the goal.
26' Ooohhh Jacki! Goa opened up NorthEast there, as Coro gets the ball in a central area on the edge of the box. He finds Jacki in space on the right side, his shot is just wide, as it deflects off Keegan
25' Another save for Nawaz! Another spell of NorthEast possession results in them finding a player in a bit of space. This time, it's Gallego. His right-footed shot is well-hit, but Nawaz gets into good position and catches it easily. 
24' More good work from Lenny. It's defensive work this time. A long ball finds Ogbeche who bullies Fall and Sana, but the midfielder is there to clear the danger easily. 
22' NorthEast do a Goa to Goa. They keep possession really well, work it around from side to side, to find an opening. That is found with Keegan Pereira on the left flank, but his shot is tame and Nawaz finally has a save. That will do his confidence a lot of good. 
19' NorthEast are on the ropes here! Goa are in total control and are moving the ball around at what pace they want. A spell of possession is followed by Boumous quickening it up, and finding Mandar on the left wing. His cross is low, but Komorski can clear easily
17' Lenny has been brilliant for Goa so far. His ability to press in midfield has come to the fore, and those cross-field passes have been pinged perfectly. 

Another brilliant spell of possession from Goa, and they find Jacki on the right. His cross is fluffed by Rehenesh, who gets nothing on his punch, and smashes into Reagan. It hits Coro on his stomach and that he has gone in without the ISL's most dangerous hitman knowing too much about it.
13' Goa are just about getting into their stride now. They hold possession really well, and then Lenny plays a nice cross-field pass to Jacki. His low cross is cleared easily by Komorski, who alongwith Grgic, has been tall at the heart of NorthEast's defence. 
12' The corner is cleared by NorthEast, no harm done. Jahouh tried to get a shot in the follow-up, but Tlang was there to block it. 
11' Save by Rehenesh! Long ball from Nawaz finds Coro, who holds the ball up and finds Jacki, whose shot is parried by the 'keeper and Goa have a corner. 
10' Chance! Gallego again! The Colombian fools Sana and makes his way to the byline. His cross-cum-shot evades both the goal and Ogbeche in the middle.

Mohammad Nawaz has gifted Federico Gallego and NorthEast have the lead! 
The keeper has come out of his area, and caught a pass that went into the area. The NorthEast ball over the top for Ogbeche was harmless, given the striker was offside, but the referee didn't blow. Nawaz handled it and gave NorthEast a free-kick, which was taken early by Gallego. 
6' Fall fells Rehenesh! A deep corner towards the far-post from Mandar towards Fall again. Rehenesh comes and gathers confidently. He gets absolutely clattered by the Senegalese, who just stood there. 
5' Corner was taken short, and eventually a cross came in into the box, but it is a little too high for Fall. Goa keep the ball moving though, and Keegan yields another corner with a misjudgment in possession
5' Corner to Goa. Boumous saw Pena's run on the overlap, and played him through. The Spaniard's cross is blocked, and the Gaurs can build with this set-piece
3' Already, NorthEast look a lot more comfortable in possession this year than they did last season, but once again, a poor pass from a centre-back gives a Goa throw. Grgic the culprit this time. 
2' Goa look to play in Coro, but Jacki's pass from the right flank is overhit, and Rehenesh can claim
1' NorthEast kept the ball really well for a minute, but Komorski then plays it straight out of play. Awful attempt at a pass that
1' PEEEEEEEPP! Off we go, as NorthEast get us underway
A resounding rendition of Jana Gana Mana, and now Guwahati is all set. Match 3 on its way now!
The two teams are out on the pitch, Mandar and Ogbeche lead them out, and they're now lined up for the national anthem
"As we ride to victory" screams the banner from the Highlander Brigade at Guwahati. It's going to be a joyride for the faithful if they can ride to victory this season. 
We're just about set to go in Guwahati here. I am Aaditya Narayan, and I will be bringing you all the action between NorthEast United and FC Goa today. Get in touch with me on Twitter @Aaditya_LFC to tell me what you think. Who are you backing?
Their captain, Bartholomew Ogbeche now on air for an interview with the host broadcaster: He says he's happy to be playing under a Dutch coach, having spent five seasons in Dutch football already. 
John Abraham, the owner of NorthEast United, has just said on air that they are going into this season with zero expectations. Says the teams hasn't given the fans what they want so far, but will do their best to try and make them happy. 
Elsewhere, in Petaling Jaya in Malaysia, India have held fort thus far, as it's 0-0 with the Blue Colts and South Korea heading into their dressing rooms for half-time. Follow it with us here
We've just got confirmation from FC Goa officials that Ralte is NOT injured. Maybe has to get accustomed to his new surroundings. 
Mawia Ralte, who has joined Goa this season from Bengaluru FC doesn't even make the bench. We'll get you confirmation soon on whether he is nursing an injury.
The two benches for tonight, then:

NorthEast United FC: 
Pawan Kumar, Provat Lakra, Gurwinder Singh, Augustine Okrah, Robert Lalthlamuana, Juan Cruz Mascia, Lalthathanga Khawlhring

FC Goa: Laxmikant Kattimani, Nirmal Chettri, Mohammed Ali, Pratesh Shirodkar, Miguel Palanca, Manvir Singh, Liston Colaco
This could be a 3-4-3 formation for Goa today. Mandar has been playing as a wing-back for them throughout pre-season, which could mean Carlos Pena moving infield to slot in as the third centre-back.
Much is expected of NorthEast's captain for the day, Bartholomew Ogbeche, who makes his ISL bow today. It's also his birthday today. So, can he give the Sarusajai faithful a happy return gift tonight?
So here are our two confirmed Starting XIs for the day

NorthEast United FC: TP Rehenesh, Reagan Singh, Mato Grgic, Mislav Komorski, Keegan Pereira, Joseph Leudo, Redeem Tlang, Federico Gallego, Rowllin Borges, Nikhil Kadam, Bartholomew Ogbeche

FC Goa: Mohammad Nawaz, Carlos Peña, Chinglensana Singh, Mourtada Fall, Seriton Fernandes, Mandar Rao Desai, Ahmed Jahouh, Lenny Rodrigues, Jackichand Singh, Hugo Boumous, Ferran Corominas
We're still waiting on confirmed NorthEast United team news. We will get that to you as soon as we have them.

FC Goa:
Mohammad Nawaz, Carlos Peña, Chinglensana Singh, Mourtada Fall, Seriton Fernandes, Mandar Rao Desai, Ahmed Jahouh, Lenny Rodrigues, Jackichand Singh, Hugo Boumous, Ferran Corominas 
We'll have the confirmed starting lineups for you in a bit.
We're a little less than two hours away from kickoff at the Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium in Guwahati. But, we've got a HUGE game for Indian football kicking off in about half-an-hour. Head over to our live commentary as India's U16s take on South Korea in the AFC U16 Championship quarterfinal. The winner moves on to the semi, and qualifies for next year's FIFA U17 World Cup. Who's your money on?
Probable Starting XIs

NorthEast United FC: 
TP Rehenesh, Reagan Singh, Mato Grgic, Mislav Komorski, Robert Lalthlamuana, Joseph Leudo, Rowllin Borges, Federico Gallego, Rupert Nongrum, Nikhil Kadam, Bartholomew Ogbeche

FC Goa: Lalthuammawia Ralte, Seriton Fernandes, Mohammad Ali, Chinglensana Singh, Carlos Pena, Ahmed Jahouh, Edu Bedia, Lenny Rodrigues, Mandar Rao Desai, Hugo Boumous, Ferran Corominas
NorthEast United FC v FC Goa Preview

Rock Bottom and Northeast United sound synonymous as far as the Indian Super League goes. 'The Highlanders' have been the only Indian Super League franchise not to make the playoffs even once. The closest Northeast United ever got to the playoffs was during the second season when they missed a knockout berth on their last match day.

Things have only gone downhill for the John Abraham owned franchise since then. Last season was one big disaster for Northeast United as their on-field performance reflected off the field too. The team has lost the confidence of the local football-loving population of the Northeast, and it was evident during the games last season with vast stretches of empty seats visible in the stadium.

Their opponents tonight, FC Goa are fired up. Coach Sergio Lobera reinvigorated the side last season, with a brand of football that focused on scoring as many goals as they could. "You score 5, we will score 7," was, in simple terms, the Goa philosophy from last season. That was something the Goa manager went on to reiterate at the pre-match press conference yesterday. Goa will miss Brandon Fernandes through suspension, after he picked up a red card for the tunnel fracas in their Super Cup quarterfinal against Jamshedpur FC last season. 

They've retained Ferran Corominas, last year's Golden Boot winner, but lost Manuel Lanzarote to ATK. Lobera will be hoping for Miguel Palanca to fill that Lanza shaped void in attack, while also hoping Carlos Pena and Mourtada Fall add some much-needed steel to their back four. 
R. Tlang
M. Singh
M. Desai
L. Khawlhring
N. Kadam
A. Jahouh
A. Okrah
F. Gallego
L. Colaco
J. Singh
R. Lalthlamuana
K. Pereira
K. Pereira
B. Ogbeche
assist: K. Pereira
assist: H. Boumous
A. Jahouh
assist: J. Singh
F. Gallego
Goa (4-2-3-1)
Sergio Lobera Rodríguez (Manager)
R. Paramba
K. Pereira
M. Komorski
M. Grgić
R. Singh
R. Borges
J. Leudo
N. Kadam
F. Gallego
R. Tlang
B. Ogbeche
M. Nawaz
K. Singh
M. Fall
S. Fernandes
L. Rodrigues
A. Jahouh
M. Desai
H. Boumous
J. Singh
Goa (4-2-3-1)
Sergio Lobera Rodríguez (Manager)
NorthEast United Subs
L. Khawlhring
Pawan Kumar I
P. Lakra
R. Lalthlamuana
J. Mascia
A. Okrah
Gurwinder Singh
Goa Subs
M. Ali
N. Chettri
L. Colaco
L. Kattimani
P. Shirodkar
M. Singh
15 SHOTS 17
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4 NorthEast United FC 1 0 1 0 0 1
5 Chennaiyin FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 FC Goa 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Hyderabad FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 Mumbai City FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 ATK 1 0 0 1 -1 0
10 Odisha FC 1 0 0 1 -1 0
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