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NOR vs MUM Match Result - ISL 2019-20
NorthEast United
2 - 2
Mumbai City
P. Triadis 9'
A. Gyan 42'
22' A. Chermiti
32' A. Chermiti
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage! Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest news, scores and updates from the ISL! Also, join us tomorrow for Chennaiyin FC's clash against Odisha FC!

Till then, this is Shashwat Kumar signing off! Goodbye and goodnight!
Peeeeeppp!! The game ends at 2-2!
After a breathless first half, the second period traversed a slightly scrappier route, meaning that chances were more at a premium. The best opportunity probably fell to Chermiti, who fluffed his lines after being set up by Sougou. 

However, after two chastening defeats, Mumbai would be glad with a point, although they would've wanted more, especially after a decent first half performance. 

As for NorthEast United, they would be ruing their inability to incessantly trouble a shaky-looking Mumbai rear-guard as they lacked the requisite conviction in the offensive third
90+3' Mumbai whip in another cross, more in hope than anticipation and it is cleared by NorthEast
90+3' Into the final minute of stoppage time and Gyan looks to make something happen. He feeds Lalthathanga, who curls a left-footed shot from 30 yards which is gobbled up by Amrinder
90+2' Bipin fires over!
The resulting corner falls kindly to Bipin on the edge of the box and the Indian strikes it cleanly enough. But, he fails to get over the ball and it just rises over the bar
90+1' Rowllin strides through midfield and feeds Kevyn on the left flank. The latter goes on the outside and strikes a powerful shot at goal which is deflected behind by Subhasish
90' Mumbai try to stitch together another attack and find Carlos on the left flank. But, the Brazilian's cross is disappointing and straight into the hands of the keeper
87' Gyan again wins a header in front of the Mumbai centre-backs and tries to lay the ball on for Redeem. But, the Indian can't get to the pass as the ball goes out for a throw-in
84' Another penalty shout but the referee is uninterested!
Larbi goes down in the box under a soft challenge and looks back and appeals for a penalty. But, the referee is unmoved. Probably the right call again. The referees have taken a lot of stick lately but Om Prakash Thakur has done rather well today
Change for Mumbai! Sougou off for Bipin!
83' The ball finds its way to Triadis on the left flank and he smacks a left-footed shot that takes a deflection. The ball lobs agonisingly over Gyan and Barreiro as Mumbai survive
81' Amrinder, what are you doing! 
NorthEast launch a ball into the box and Amrinder palms it, instead of catching. The ball falls to Lalthathanga who skies it over the bar
80' Subhashish comes in late and makes a tired challenge on Redeem. The left-back finally gets booked
78' Kevyn tries to get on the end of  along ball but Reagan does just enough to head it back to the keeper. NorthEast get into the ascendancy from the resulting goal-kick and Pratik has to make a last-ditch clearance off a cross from the left wing. A bit of afters between Barreiro and Sarthak though 
77' Leudo picks up the ball 30 yards out from goal and lines up a shot. But, he leans back on it and lashes at it wildly, meaning that it sails high and wide
Change for Mumbai! Machado goes off and is replaced by Serge Kevyn!
75' Chermiti fires wide!
Subhashish curls a ball to the far post and Sougou heads it back into Chermiti's path. The Tunisian decides to strike it on the volley on the half-turn but only fires it wide of the goal.That was a good chance
74' Chermiti gets into the box on the left side but he is tackled brilliantly by Nim. NorthEast bring the ball out and Gyan holds it up before the surrender possession again
73' The game is on a knife-edge and the challenges are flying in. Mumbai though are looking much more comfortable in possession and are looking to draw them out
71' Gyan shoots straight at Amrinder! 
Gyan collects a ball from the left flank and swivels in the box before firing straight at Amrinder. A big chance for the striker
69' Mumbai's penalty claim waived away!
Diego gets on the outside of Nim and he goes down in slight installments. The referee is unmoved and he waives away all claims for a penalty. Costa is going absolutely bonkers on the touch-line. That would've been a soft penalty though
65' Carlos' shot arrows wide!
Carlos finds himself on the edge of the box and fires a shot at goal but it takes a slight deflection off Komorski
Change for NorthEast! Barreiro comes on for Chaves 
63' Chaves plays a slick one-two with Triadis and tries to take on his man on the left flank. But, he just ends up biting a bit more than he could chew and makes a technical foul to accord Mumbai some respite
Amid all the recent action, Sougou has returned to the fold and looks fine to continue
60' Carlos indulges in a bit of trickery and draws a corner out of NorthEast United. Larbi whips it in towards the front post but Pratik scoops his header over the bar
58' Sougou is down injured again and is being helped to his feet by the medical staff. Mumbai would hope it isn't too serious. The Senegalese has had a considerable impact tonight
57' Pradhan brings Sougou down on the right flank and that looked cynical. But, he still doesn't get booked. He's treading a fine line here
56' The game has noticeably become a lot edgier in the second half and that fact is embodied by another passage of play where both teams hoof the ball forward only to allow the other to regain possession
54' Triadis gets free on the left flank and subsequently, sees his name on tomorrow's newspapers. He tries to conjure a similar effort to the one he produced in the first half but only manages a shot that flies straight into the top tier
53' Triadis tries to take on Sauvik and backs him into the box. But, the Greek loses his footing at the final moment
52' Larbi whips in a deep corner but Komorski gets a vital touch to head the ball behind for another corner. Machado curls the next one in but Sougou and Chermiti get in each other's way as the ball bobbles behind harmlessly 
49' Tempers flare in Guwahati!
Larbi, Sougou, Pradhan and Komorksi get involved in a scuffle and the referee has to separate the quartet. Booking for Chermiti!
48' The second half has started in scrappy fashion and neither team has been able to generate any sort of rhythm so far
47' Mumbai proceed down the right flank and Sougou tries to play the ball forward. But, Pradhan stretches and clear the ball for a throw-in
Peeeepppp! NorthEast get us underway!
PEEEEEPPPP!! The teams go into the tunnel deadlocked at 2-2!
A manic first half in Guwahati comes to an end as both teams end the half just the way they began it. NorthEast got into the ascendancy early when Triadis conjured a sensational strike from outside the box, giving them the lead in the 9th minute. 
However, Amine Chermiti's brace enabled Mumbai to claw their way back and surge into the lead. 
Ultimately, NorthEast had the final say in the opening 45 minutes as Gyan capitalised on Paulo Machado's mistake to restore parity and set up a grand-stand second half. 

Do join us in a while for the next 45 minutes!
45+2' Sougou release Sauvik down the right wing but the full-back produces a terrible cross as he strikes it straight into touch. Not the cross he was looking for
A minimum of two minutes have been added on!
45' Milan finds himself on the edge of the box and he twists and turns past one challenge before he loses his footing. In the process, he also impedes Chaves' run who is tackled by the retreating Rowllin
The stadium in Guwahati is bouncing. The fans have found their voice and NorthEast United seem to have the wind in their sails
42' GOOOOAAAALLLLLL!!!! Gyan brings Guwahati on its feet!
Machado gives the ball away needlessly in midfield and Chaves plays in Gyan. The Ghanaian leads the Mumbai central defenders a merry dance before creating a yard of space for himself. He then unleashes an unstoppable shot into the top corner to leave Amrinder without any hope
40' Mumbai are pushing and probing down the right flank again but Sougou's touch just lets him down as the ball goes out for a goal-kick
39' Diego Carlos cuts inside Nim Dorjee on the left flank and lines up a shot. But, he blazes his strike into the crowd
37' Chaves gets goal-side of Sauvik and clips the ball for Gyan, who makes a run into the centre. But, the ball is just a little high for the striker as it bounces away from him. The second phase of play brings out another chance for Gyan but he only manages a tame header that flies over the bar
36' Mumbai work the set-piece well and Sougou draws a save out of Subhasish. But, that header was never powerful enough to make the net ripple. Mumbai have grown exponentially in this game
35' Machado feeds Sauvik down the right flank but the pass is just a tad overhit, meaning that the full-back has to stretch to meet it. But, it is enough to earn him a corner as Pradhan deflects it behind
32' GOOOAAAAALLLLL!!!!Chermiti strikes again! 
Machado sells his free-kick extremely short but Nim Dorjee swipes at thin air while attempting a clearance. The ball falls to Chermiti just outside the six-yard box and he acrobatically finishes the chance. What a comeback from Mumbai!
31' Sougou is back on the pitch and seems fine to continue. Mumbai enjoy possession in the defensive third and NorthEast seem content to not press them high up the pitch. But then, Sarthak attempts an ambitious pass and plays the ball straight out of play
29' Sougou is subjected to a robust challenge from Pradhan and the Senegalese is down clutching the inside of his thigh. Seems an impact injury prima facie but Mumbai would be breathing heavily until he is up on his feet and running about. Remember, that he only returned for the game today after injury
26' Chance for NorthEast! 
Gyan stretches every muscle in his body to connect his head to a wonderful cross from the right flank. But, the ball just fizzes past him after bouncing. Some questionable defending by Mumbai there
23' Mumbai draw level!!! Chermiti scores!
Larbi produces a sumptuous through-ball behind the left back for Sougou to run into. The Senegalese takes a touch and then lays the ball on a plate for Chermiti. The Tunisian taps it into an empty net to restore parity. That was some response!
22' Leudo pinches the ball off Rowling before passing it to Gyan. The striker sets up Chaves, who fires straight at Amrinder from outside the box. He struck it cleanly but straight at the keeper
20' Machado gives the ball away to Redeem, who dances past a couple of challenges before the Portuguese redeems himself with a strong tackle. Mumbai come away with the ball
17' A bit of indecision between Komorski and Subhasish but the keeper recovers in time to snuff out the danger and leave Chermiti again feeding off scraps. The Mumbai striker has looked sharp so far. He has been in the faces of the hosts' defenders
16' Larbi shoots at goal but it is straight at the keeper!
Chermiti lays the ball for Larbi to hit the ball on the bounce and the former strikes it cleanly. But, it is straight at the keeper as he gathers comfortably
14' Machado plays a pass to Chermiti on the edge of the box but the Tunisian gets caught in two minds and plays an indecisive pass, which is neither a shot nor a cross. It all comes to nothing
12' Diego Carlos indulges in a bit of trickery on the left flank as he takes on a couple of defenders, beats them but fails to muster enough power on his shot to trouble the keeper. He could be a good attacking outlet for the visitors tonight
12' Rakesh gets in the long throw and finds Gyan. But, for once, the forward's touch lets him down as the ball rolls out for a goal-kick
11' NorthEast have started the game brilliantly and they earn another throw-in deep in Mumbai's defensive half. Can they make something of it?
9' GOOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!Triadis with a screamer!!!!
My word, what a strike that is! Sauvik clears a throw-in straight into the Greek's path and the latter takes a couple of touches before unleashing a rasping drive that absolutely rockets into the far corner. What a scintillating hit! 
8' Chermiti makes the net bulge but the flag is raised for off-side!
Machado slides in a perfect pass for Chermiti who races through on goal and finishes adeptly past Subhasish. But, the assistant raises his flag and it comes to nothing
6' Triadis heads on for Chaves but the latter takes a poor touch and allows the defender to recover. The resulting throw-in finds its way to Chaves on the left edge of the box but his snap shot is well wide of Amrinder's near post
5' Now Sauvik commits a foul on the other flank and NorthEast have a free-kick in a promising position. Triadis whips it in brilliantly but it is cleared by Subhashish as the ball goes out for a corner
4' NorthEast come forward this time and Redeem tries to feed Reagen on the right flank. He releases his pass and is caught late by Subhashish. That was a late tackle. His second in the game too. Lucky to escape a booking there
1' Mumbai go on the attack instantly and Diego Carlos whips in a cross that finds no takers. NorthEast spring a counter swiftly but Pratik clears it before the follow-up is fired into touch
PEEEEPPPP!! Mumbai City get us underway!
Mumbai have been able to call upon the likes of Rowllin and Sougou for this crunch encounter. That could play a huge role tonight, considering they've struggled in those departments in the previous games
Team News!

NorthEast United XI: 
Subhasish Roy (GK), Reagan Singh, Mislav Komorski, Nim Dorjee, Rakesh Pradhan, Milan Singh, Jose Leudo, Redeem Tlang, Panagiaotis Triadis, Martin Chaves, Asamoah Gyan

Mumbai City FC XI: Amrinder Singh, Sauvik Chakrabarti,  Pratik Chaudhari, Sarthak Golui, Subhashish Bose, Paulo Machado, Rowllin Borges, Mohamed Larbi, Diego Carlos, Modou Sougou, Amine Chermiti
However, that is a particular narrative the Islanders wouldn’t want to come to fruition. After all, for every bit of doggedness the club stands for, it also knows that time would start running out very soon, unless they begin churning out results. And, for them, the ideal springboard could be an away success in Guwahati.
Yet, NorthEast United have at times, over the seasons, flattered to deceive after a promising opening spell, thereby casting their qualification chances under a massive cloud. And, one reckons that they have been down that road far too often to let those deficiencies come to the fore in 2019-20.  

Their attack seems well-oiled and their defence is functioning brilliantly, meaning that they’ve conceded only 3 goals in 4 encounters. However, their tally of 5 goals, while not too alarming, provides a certain case of improvement.   

Thus, despite boasting an unbeaten record so far, they still have a few enhancements they could make and against a shaky Mumbai City side, the Highlanders would fancy their chances.
Thus, the international break came at the appropriate moment for a side that was somehow trying to juggle results while also looking over its shoulder hoping for those around them to make things a tad easier. 

And, unsurprisingly, the club seems to have regained its mojo over the two-week gap, largely due to the swathe of recovered players and also, the re-emergence of the feel-good factor that had gone missing a month prior. 

Hence, Mumbai City would hope to put to rest all the ailments that plagued them before the ISL’s first break and look to compile a set of wins, akin to the one they conjured in 2018-19.  

Having said that though, they are going to have their task cut out tonight, especially against an extremely competent NorthEast United outfit.
Twelve months on, Mumbai City find themselves in a fix that is eerily analogous to the circumstances that had engulfed the club a season previously.   

The goals have dried up slightly and whenever they’ve managed to make the net bulge, they’ve also contrived to ship in as many, if not more. Thus, the club represents one in actual turmoil, a situation that’s swiftly gone downhill owing to the crowded treatment table.  
About a year ago, Mumbai City FC found itself in an almighty predicament. The Islanders couldn’t buy a succession of positive results and the off-season optimism surrounding the appointment of Jorge Costa began briskly fizzling away. 

However, they managed to delve deep into their resilient reserves and stitched together a string of wins, meaning that they kept pace with those at the top and ultimately succeeded in booking a semi-final berth, although they were brought crashing down to earth in the last four phase by an irresistible FC Goa outfit.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL fixture between NorthEast United and Mumbai City FC from Guwahati! I am Shashwat Kumar and I will be taking you through the build-up and the entirety of the encounter! Do stay tuned for a riveting contest!
N. Kadam
R. Tlang
Bipin Singh
M. Sougou
S. Bose
S. Aboue
Paulo Machado
L. Khawlhring
M. Singh
M. Barreiro
M. Cháves
A. Chermiti
M. Sougou
A. Gyan
assist: M. Cháves
A. Chermiti
assist: Paulo Machado
A. Chermiti
assist: M. Sougou
P. Triadis
Mumbai City (4-3-3)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
S. Chowdhury
R. Pradhan
M. Komorski
R. Singh
J. Leudo
M. Singh
P. Triadis
M. Cháves
R. Tlang
A. Gyan
A. Singh
S. Bose
S. Golui
P. Chowdhary
S. Chakraborty
M. Larbi
R. Borges
Paulo Machado
A. Chermiti
M. Sougou
Mumbai City (4-3-3)
Jorge Paulo Costa Almeida (Manager)
NorthEast United Subs
M. Barreiro
N. Kadam
L. Khawlhring
Pawan Kumar I
P. Lakra
W. Vaz
Mumbai City Subs
S. Aboue
R. Fernandes
M. Grgić
R. Kumar
M. Rafique
Bipin Singh
B. Singh
14 SHOTS 15
12 FOULS 17
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 7 4 2 1 10 14
2 Bengaluru FC 7 3 4 0 5 13
3 FC Goa 7 3 3 1 5 12
4 Jamshedpur FC 6 3 2 1 2 11
5 NorthEast United FC 7 2 4 1 -1 10
6 Mumbai City FC 7 1 4 2 -3 7
7 Odisha FC 7 1 3 3 -1 6
8 Kerala Blasters FC 7 1 3 3 -2 6
9 Chennaiyin FC 6 1 2 3 -6 5
10 Hyderabad FC 7 1 1 5 -9 4
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 5
Stadium Indira Gandhi Athletic Stadium
Match time Wed, 27 Nov 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Nov 27, 2019 21:32 PM | Published: Nov 27, 2019 17:56 PM