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ODI vs ATK Match Result - ISL 2019-20
0 - 0
Right! That's it from us here at Sportskeeda! Hope you enjoyed our coverage of the game! Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda for all the latest news, scores and updates from the ISL! Also, join us for tomorrow's encounter between Chennaiyin FC and Hyderabad FC!

Till then, this is Shashwat Kumar signing off! Goodbye and goodnight!
Peeepp! The referee blows the whistle and the teams end the game just as they started!

Odisha and ATK produced an entertaining first half wherein the hosts looked the likelier outfit to score. However, the game became a war of attrition after the break as ATK's change in formation congested the midfield and disable Odisha from creating space in the middle third. 
Consequently, chances were at a premium in the second period, with perhaps Aridane and Edu Garcia having the clearest opportunities. 

While ATK wouldn't mind a point from this encounter, Odisha might feel that they've lost out on a couple of points, especially after dominating the opening 45 minutes
90+3' Narayan Das heads the ball away and Odisha avert that danger
90+2' Huge appeal for a penalty!
Pritam misses his header and the ball hits Narayan on the chest before marginally striking his arm. ATK are going ballistic asking for a spot-kick but their protests fall on deaf ears. Another corner for ATK
90+1' Javi and Diagne get involved in a tussle on the left flank and the referee somehow gives a corner, as opposed to a goal-kick. Thereafter, Agus and Diagne keep arguing and both are shown a yellow card
A minimum of three minutes to be added on!
89' Comfortable save for Arshdeep!
Edu sneaks in ahead of his man on the front post and steers a header off a Javi cross from the left flank. However, he fails to generate the requisite power, meaning that the goalkeeper saves it easily
88' Krishna finds Jobby with a pin-point cross-field pass but the latter can't make a fist of it as ATK lose the ball. However, they recycle it and get into another crossing position on the right. Though the ball is better, it is still easily cleared
87' Romeo instantly gets on the ball and inexplicably decides to shoot when he has better options out wide. He pulls his shot horribly and ATK have a goal-kick
87' Final change for Odisha! Romeo comes on for Jerry!
86' Javi skips his way past a challenge and feeds Krishna, who tries to return the favour but can only find an Odisha defender. Another attack fizzles out
84' Change for Odisha! Xisco comes on for Guedes!
Can the Spaniard sprinkle a bit of attacking quality in the final few minutes?
83' Guedes tries to tiptoe his way into the ATK box but he is swarmed all over by the defenders. Eventually, nothing comes off it. The game is becoming scrappy with each passing moment
82' Krishna outmuscles Shubham and gets goal-side of the full back. But, akin to several occasions today, Diagne gets in line of the shot as the ball deflects off him for a corner. ATK waste the resulting corner as it goes straight out of play for a goal-kick
81' Edu shows a bit of nifty footwork before laying the ball onto Jayesh. But, the latter is dispossessed easily by Nandhakumar
78' SHubham wins the ball inside his own half and rampages forward before he is brought down by Javi. Javi isn't happy with the decision but it's difficult to argue with that. Probably one of the few the referee has gotten right today
78' Change for ATK! Edu Garcia comes on for Williams!
77' Bikramjit wins the ball on the edge of the ATK penalty area and immediately finds Jerry. He makes a bit of space for himself before curling a shot, that eventually flies well past the post
76' Tebar finds Bikramjit on the inside right edge of the penalty box and the latter tries to beat his man before unleashing a shot. But, he can't get the requisite yard of space to get his shot away properly and it takes a deflection before bobbling towards the goalkeeper
75' Krishna tries an elaborate back-heel but it fails to come off as Bikramjit tracks back and pinches the ball away from Jayesh
74' Nandhakumar is freed on the left flank with a beautiful pass by Guedes. He tries a couple of stepovers before firing his cross into Prabir, who looks better after his injury, a few minutes ago
72' Jayesh turns away from his marker in midfield and jinks past one challenge before lining up a shot. However, he takes a second too long and is charged down by the retreating defenders
70' Prabir is down injured after what looks like an unintentional stamp on his hand! It isn't looking too promising, one must admit!
69' Krishna receives the ball on the edge of the box after good work in midfield and he feeds the rampaging Prabir. He cuts the ball back but Delgado is in the right place to clear the danger
68' Change for Odisha! Daniel comes off and is replaced by Bikramjit Singh!
66' Guedes' delivery is snuffed out easily and ATK clear it easily. Odisha though, maintain possession and build from the back before finding Jerry with a cross-field pass. Jerry curls in a sumptuous cross onto the back post and Aridane heads it back across goal. The angle was just a little acute for the Spaniard, allowing Kotal to clear
65' Aridane feeds Jerry and he whips in a deep cross that is cleared somehow by ATK, albeit at the expense of a corner
63' Jerry finds his way deep into the opposition half and earns a corner. But, Odisha can't make the most of it as they sky a long-range shot from the second passage of play
62' A scramble in the penalty box and the ball falls to Agus, who lashes a left-footed shot that takes a deflection and ATK have another corner. The resulting corner is again dangerous and Jobby's header is cleared off the line by Nandhakumar
62' Javi lines up a shot from all of 30 yards out and scuffs it just a little. However, it takes a massive deflection and ATK have a corner
60' Change for ATK! Jobby Justin comes on for Soosairaj!
58' Oh dear, Arshdeep gets himself out of a hole!
Arshdeep inexplicably presents the ball to an ATK player inside his own 18-yard box and the ball falls to Williams. Fortunately for Odisha, the latter can only muster a soft shot on goal
57' Free-kick for Odisha!
Javi brings down Jerry and Odisha have a free-kick in a threatening position. But, they can't conjure an adequate delivery and it all comes to nothing
56' Daniel controls the ball on the right flank and gets his body between the ball and McHugh. The ATK skipper ends up fouling him but Odisha only retreat from the free-kick
55' Tempers flaring in Pune!
After being awarded a free-kick, Nandhakumar tries to take the ball off Prabir, who is unnecessarily holding onto it. They involve themselves in a mini tussle before they are separated
54' A bit of miscommunication and Shubham lets the ball run out for a corner, thinking it hadn't taken a deflection off an Odisha player. Williams whips the corner in but Arshdeep confidently punches it out of the danger area
52' Rathi loses the ball and it falls to Aridane. The Spaniard feeds it to Jerry who comically swipes at thin air. He redeems himself a touch though with a good cross which finds its way to Guedes on the edge of the box. The Argentine stings Arindam's palms but the goalkeeper pushes the ball away
51' Daniel turns expertly in the middle of the park and feeds Jerry. However, the latter produces a woeful cross that sails over the goal. Not Jerry's best moment of the evening
50' Javi looks for the run of Krishna but it is telegraphed by Delgado who gets ahead of the forward and cushions the ball into the path of Tebar
49' Javi lines up the resulting free-kick and he flays it well over the bar. That never looked like troubling the goalkeeper
48' A cheeky nutmeg by Shubham leads Odisha to another attack but a poor touch by Daniel allows ATK to regain possession. They launch a long ball forward and Delgado and Krishna compete for it. The latter goes down holding his head and he has managed to buy a foul there
Sumit Rathi replaces Anas Edathodika!
Does that mean ATK are switching to four at the back? Yes, it does seem so. Soosairaj has been pushed into midfield with Rathi slotting in as the left-back
Peeeppp! ATK get us underway in the second half, after a false start!
Peeep!! The referee blows the whistle and the teams enter the break on level terms!

Odisha have been much superior to ATK throughout the opening period and have been rather unlucky to not nudge ahead. They created several promising moves but couldn't apply the finishing touches as the visitors rode out the storm. 

However, ATK also had the referee to thank as Odisha were denied a stone-walled penalty when Shubham Sarangi was brought down by Soosairaj inside the box. 

Having said that, ATK did fashion a couple of chances for themselves, thereby signalling that they might not completely be out of this game. Thus, the match is tantalisingly poised at half-time. 

Do join us in a while for the second half!
45+1' ATK have a free-kick in a promising position and Javi whips it in. But, it is too deep and Arshdeep can watch it go out for a goal-kick without even having to bat an eyelid
A minimum of one minute is going to be added on at the end of the first half!
45' Jerry cuts inside his man and curls in a cross towards the back post. But, Nandhakumar has halted his run, meaning that the ball bounces into touch
43' Arshdeep spills Williams' shot but Diagne bails him out!
Arshdeep can't handle a stinging shot from Williams and needs Diagne to clear up the mess and put the ball out for a corner. The resulting corner is good but none of the attackers manage to get a head to it
42' A cross from Williams finds its way to Prabir on the right flank who controls it and wins a corner off Narayan. Can ATK stun Odisha with the proverbial sucker punch here?
41' ATK work the ball on the left and Soosairaj teases the defenders before finding Jayesh, who can't find a fellow teammate and Odisha come away with the ball. ATK have grown into the game just a tad after that penalty incident. How crucial could that be?
39' Chance for Krishna!
After a bit of pin-ball, Jayesh finds Williams on the left flank with a superb pass. Williams then runs away from his man before curling in a wonderful cross. It just eludes Krishna though as the ball skips away from the striker after bouncing
37' Nandhakumar cuts inside and shapes a cross-field pass for Shubham, who lines up a shot and blazes it well over the bar
36' Jerry turns his man on the right flank and he plays in Shubham, who charges into the box before he is brought down by Soosairaj. But, the PENALTY IS NOT GIVEN! My word, that's a poor decision!
35' Soosairaj tries another trick on the left flank for ATK but Shubham is up to the task. He snatches the ball off him before clearing it towards Aridane, who is fouled by Agus
Josep Gombau's tactics have rattled ATK so far. Aridane is dropping deeper and the midfielders are running into the spaces vacated by him, with Daniel and Nandhakumar thriving. ATK's central defenders are not having a forward to mark for the majority of the game, meaning that Odisha are enjoying enormous superiority in midfield
32' Diagne tries to feed the run of Jerry in behind Anas but the pass is just beyond the winger as the defender uses his body to block him and see it out for a goal-kick
31' Nandhakumar tricks a couple of ATK players with a brilliant bit of skill and draws the foul. Odisha take it quickly and proceed on the front foot before they are forced to retreat
29' Aridane feeds Nandhakumar on the left flank and the latter whips in a delicious cross into the centre. But, there is absolutely no one to meet it as Anas stretches ever muscle of his body to clear it away. Odisha are banging on the ATK defensive door
27' Top save by Arshdeep!
Williams plays a smart one-two with Javi and sets him up for a shot from the inside right channel in the penalty box. But, the keeper is off his line in a flash to thwart the Spaniard. That was brave goalkeeping by the youngster
26' Agus and Anas get involved in a defensive mix-up and it nearly allows Aridane in. However, they eventually manage to boot it clear
24' Nandhakumar races down the left flank after a smart exchange and expertly picks out Martin Guedes. Unfortunately, the Argentine fails to control a routine cross and the chance comes to nothing. Odisha have got to make these openings count now. That's their third good opportunity
23' Agus plays a delightful pass to Javi on the right wing, who controls immaculately before he is brought down. ATK whip in a dangerous free-kick and Aridane's clearance falls straight to Soosairaj. However, the latter scuffs his shot and it bounces harmlessly wide
22' An ambitious cross-field pass nearly sends Prabir clear but the ball bounces away from the wing-back ever so slightly. Odisha have a throw-in
20' Prabir marches down the right flank and pings the ball into Krishna, whose touch, for a change, lets him down. Delgado brings the ball clear before McHugh handles the ball in midfield, handing Odisha a free-kick
19' Odisha invite another round of the ATK press courtesy their propensity to play out from the back. Arshdeep gives the ball away to Soosairaj, whose pass is sliced towards his own goal by Diagne. Fortunately though, it isn't menacing enough to cause any problems
17' Daniel goes close!
Daniel pinches the ball in midfield and jinks past four challenges before he finds himself in the penalty area. Unfortunately, he loses his balance at the final moment and can only muster a tame shot at goal. It all started with a smashing cross-field ball by Narayan to Jerry
16' Nandhakumar heads wide!
Odisha swing in a corner from the left flank and Nandhakumar rises high to meet the cross. But, he can't divert his header on target, and that's a huge chance missed
14' Aridane wins another header in the opposition half and that lays the foundation for another attack. Odisha work the ball onto the right flank where Jerry plays in Shubham, who nutmegs Anas, before the ATK defender takes him out completely. Booking for Anas
13' Nandhakumar tries to get the better of Prabir on the left flank and the Odisha man just edges ahead before the latter uses his body to get in between the ball and the player and see it out for a goal-kick
12' Krishna is fed by Prabir on the edge of the penalty box and the former tries to barge his way through three challenges. However, he bites off a bit more than he could chew and Odisha get the ball off him before launching the ball forward. Aridane holds it up and induces a foul just beyond the half-way line
11' ATK are now trying to press at every possible opportunity and they get a block on Narayan's attempted pass down-field. Throw in for Odisha deep in their half
8' A poor touch by Pritam nearly lets Odisha in and they contrive to give it away seconds later. However, Jayesh is in the right place to block the shot and ATK emerge with the ball before winning a corner
7' Oh dear! Arindan needlessly touches a ball that was destined to go out for a goal-kick and concedes a corner. Not the smartest move in the world, considering ATK's susceptibility from set-pieces. But, the corner is cleared easily before Krishna tries to bring it away, only for Odisha to crunch into a tackle and reclaim the ball
6' Nandhakumar tries to wriggle his way through on the right flank but Kotal confronts him and thumps the ball clear. Odisha regain possession and keep pinging it across their back line
5' ATK press high for the first time in the match and they nearly pinch the ball off Odisha. Eventually though, Delgado puts the ball into touch as the visitors have a throw in
4' Aridane picks up the ball in between the lines from Narayan Das and lines up a shot from 30 yards. He strikes it purely but the ball just sails over the bar. Promising start for Odisha
3' Odisha are keeping the ball well but ATK aren't really pressing them so far. However, when they decide to move forward, they give the ball away to ATK.
1' Odisha try to work the ball on the left flank but Nandhakumar isn't on the same wavelength as his midfielders as the attack comes to nothing.
Peeeeppp! Odisha FC get us underway!
The players walk out onto the pitch and they get ready for the Indian national anthem!
Odisha have immense speed on the flanks, courtesy Jerry and Nandhakumar and they could cause a few problems, especially considering ATK's wing-backs like to play high up the pitch. Having said that though, they'll also have their fair share of defensive work, meaning that the tide could well tilt based on how the battle on the flanks transpires. 
Odisha come into the game boasting the 4th worst defensive record in the league, having shipped in 6 goals from 4 encounters. ATK, on the other hand, have conceded the second lowest number of goals, having given away only 3 in 4 matches. 

Moreover, ATK have scored 10 times in those 4 games, thereby averaging a healthy 2.5 goals per game. Thus, one reckons that the contest could boil down to how well Odisha can handle the visitors' offensive threat and especially that of Roy Krishna and David Williams. 
It's interesting to note that Josep Gombau has left out Xisco Hernandez and gone for an extra foreign midfielder in Martin Guedes. Is that a ploy specifically designed to match ATK's midfield? Well, we'll find out soon enough. 

Do stay tuned!
Team News!

Odisha FC XI:
Arshdeep Singh, Shubham Sarangi, Carlos Delgado, Narayan Das, Diawandou Diagne, Marcos Tebar, Martin Guedes, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Nandhakumar, Daniel Lalhlimpuia, Aridane Santana

ATK XI: Arindam Bhattarcharja, Pritam Kotal, Anas Edathodika, Prabir Das, Agustin Iniguez, Javier Hernandez, Carl McHugh, Michael Soosairaj, Roy Krishna, David Williams, Jayesh Rane
And then, there is the small matter of Josep Gombau’s troops turning up on the evening and not indulging in elementary errors, a facet of their game that has already cost them a few points in the season.  

Promisingly for them though, whenever they’ve managed to cut out the mistakes, they’ve looked a team capable of ruffling any side’s feathers, irrespective of where they’re playing. And, against an ATK side firing on all cylinders, one reckons Odisha FC would have to extract every ounce of performance from their system. 

Else, the ATK juggernaut could roll on, for at least another game-week.
After 4 games on the road, Odisha FC finally return to the comforts of their ‘home’, albeit in Pune. The stadium in Bhubaneshwar is still under renovation, meaning that the club has been forced to schedule three of its home fixtures at the Shree Chhatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex in Pune.

More importantly though, they would hope that the pitch remains in pristine condition, especially considering Odisha’s propensity to keep the ball on the ground as often as possible.
Thus, they seem pretty well-equipped to tackle most challenges that the league could throw at them, although they haven’t yet faced the likes of Bengaluru FC and FC Goa. But, when they take the field against Odisha FC on Sunday, they might not know what to expect, especially considering the latter’s rather famous tendency to frustrate and mesmerise in equal measure.
Moreover, they’ve shown the requisite blend of graft and grace to get the better of their opponents so far. While they unfurled an array of devastating offensive moves to put 5 past Hyderabad FC, they dug deep into their tactical reserves to emerge victorious against the Kerala Blasters under dark clouds in Kolkata before the international break.
On quite a few occasions last term, ATK looked listless and even devoid of ideas. Yet, nothing of that sort has transpired this term as they’ve been reinvigorated by their new acquisitions, with David Williams and Roy Krishna in particular, setting the ISL ablaze.
The international break is done and dusted and the ISL gave an excellent advert of itself yesterday, courtesy the enthralling encounter between Bengaluru FC and the Kerala Blasters. The defending champions continued their unbeaten run as they edged past their southern rivals, meaning they hunted down ATK at the perch of the table. 

However, the Kolkata-based outfit have an opportunity to pull away from Carles Cuadrat’s men, an achievement that would only strengthen ATK’s title credentials.
Hello and welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL fixture between Odisha FC and ATK from the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune! I am Shashwat Kumar and I will be taking you through the build-up and the entirety of the contest! Do stay tuned!

D. Diagné
R. Fernandes
J. Mawihmingthanga
Xisco Hernández
M. Pérez
Edu García
D. Williams
B. Singh
D. Lalhlimpuia
J. Justin
M. Soosairaj
S. Rathi
A. Edathodika
A. Edathodika
ATK (3-5-2)
Antonio López Habas (Manager)
Arsh Saini
N. Das
Carlos Delgado
D. Diagné
S. Sarangi
M. Pérez
Marcos Tébar
N. Sekar
D. Lalhlimpuia
J. Mawihmingthanga
A. Bhattacharya
A. Edathodika
P. Kotal
M. Soosairaj
C. McHugh
J. Rane
Javi Hernández
P. Das
D. Williams
R. Krishna
ATK (3-5-2)
Antonio López Habas (Manager)
Odisha Subs
G. Bora
R. Fernandes
R. Gharami
Xisco Hernández
S. Manchong
B. Singh
ATK Subs
Edu García
J. Justin
D. Moirangthem
A. Mukherjee
S. Rathi
S. Singh
B. Singh
14 SHOTS 13
6 FOULS 17
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 7 4 2 1 10 14
2 Bengaluru FC 7 3 4 0 5 13
3 FC Goa 7 3 3 1 5 12
4 Jamshedpur FC 6 3 2 1 2 11
5 NorthEast United FC 7 2 4 1 -1 10
6 Mumbai City FC 7 1 4 2 -3 7
7 Odisha FC 7 1 3 3 -1 6
8 Kerala Blasters FC 7 1 3 3 -2 6
9 Chennaiyin FC 6 1 2 3 -6 5
10 Hyderabad FC 7 1 1 5 -9 4
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 5
Stadium Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex
Match time Sun, 24 Nov 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Nov 24, 2019 21:30 PM | Published: Nov 24, 2019 17:38 PM