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ODI vs CHE Match Result - ISL 2019-20
2 - 0
J. Mawihmingthanga 37'
V. Rai 41'
25' N. Valskis (PM)
PEEP! PEEP! PEEP! There is the full-time whistle. And, Odisha FC gets their second home win as Chennaiyin FC gets trampled 2-0. The two first-half goals remained the difference. Here is your host Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56) saying good bye. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest ISL and Indian football news. 
90+4' SHOT! Martin Perez Guedes canters with the ball around 35 yards and cuts through Jerry before floating a cross at the far post. Aridane has a shot at his near post but is blocked by Chennaiyin FC players. 
90+3' Vinit Rai has been adjudged the Hero of The Match. 
90+1' The ball hits the referee and according to the new rule, the play has to be stopped. And, Martin Perez Guedes gets a book for gesturing to the referee to do so, which he is not pleased with. 
90' Four Minutes have been added on. 
88' SHOT! Valskis takes a shot at the far post and Dorronsoro fails to read the trajectory. But, Narayan Das' diving header keeps Odisha FC's clean sheet intact. 
87' Dragos takes a shambolic free-kick. There was nowhere at the far post and he balloons his cross there and it turns out to be a catching practise from Dorronsoro. 
86' Martin Perez Guedes' corner falls straight at the hands of Dorronsoro. 
85' SHOT! Nandhakumar collects a long pass from Marcos Tebar with the outside of his right foot and after waiting for a couple of seconds, the Tamil Nadu lad bends the ball targetting the top corner. But, the ball gets a touch of a Chennaiyin player and it goes out for a corner.
84' SHOT! Rahim Ali could have been a super-sub after he dodged Shubham Sarangi's sliding effort and takes a shot from distance. But, his effort was agonizingly wide. 
82' Odisha FC make their final change.

OFF- Jerry Mawihmingthanga
ON- Daniel Lalhlimpuia
81' Odisha FC's Jerry wins a corner after Chennaiyin FC's Jerry blocks his attempted cross. But, Nandakumar's outswinging corner is collected by the ball-boy. 
79' Chennaiyin FC make their second change in quick succession.

OFF- Andre Schembri
ON- Dragos Firtulescu
78' Chennaiyin FC make their first change.

OFF- Lallianzuala Chhangte 
ON- Rahim Ali
77' CHANCE! Desperate defending from Gaurav Bora. Anirudh Thapa threaded a good through ball but the I-League champion intercepted it and after some fumble initially, clears the line. 
76' Well, Schembri and Chhangte have switched their flanks. But, it hasn't troubled Chennaiyin FC players. 
74' Chhangte goes down and the Chennaiyin FC players are complaining of a penalty. But, that was not the case. 
73' Vinit Rai is stretchered off the pitch. This is not good news for the Odisha FC fans.

ON- Bikramjit Singh
OFF- Vinit Rai
72' Germanpreet Singh finds space and weaves a low cross but Crivellaro fails to trap the ball and Odisha FC get a goal kick. 
68' OFFSIDE! Martin Perez has been adjudged offside in his first touch of the ball. Aridane tried to free him up but the Argentine failed to time his run. 
67' Odisha FC make the first change of the game.

OFF- Martin Perez Guedes
ON- Xisco Hernandez
66' SAVE! Rafael Crivellaro with a brilliantly curved effort trying to find Crivellaro. He and his marker both fail to get a head to it and the ball almost nestles into the back of the net. But, Dorronsoro dives full stretch to parry the ball away. 
64' Nandhakumar Sekar gallops down the left flank and flies a cross. But, the attack fizzles out after Vinit Rai decides to hold on to the possession and Odisha FC players give the ball all the way back to Dorronsoro. 
63' Anirudh Thapa literally hugs Xisco from behind and pulls him down. And, he gets booked for his first foul on the game. 
62' OFFSIDE! Crivellaro with the outside of his boot lofts the ball above the Odisha FC defenders and releases Schembri, who is playing more centrally this half, one-on-one with the goalkeeper. But, the assistant raises his flag. The replays suggest that Sarangi had nearly played him on. 
61' Nandhakumar Sekar lodges a long pass all the way to Jerry on the other flank and the latter's low cross is intercepted by Anirudh Thapa. 
59' And, that pass sums up Chennaiyin's day in the park so far. Crivellaro with a beautiful crossfield pass to Chhangte and the latter tries to find Valskis through. But, it is overhit. 
58' Narayan Das flies a cross from the left wing but Eli Sabia chests his feeble down after it lacked height. 
57' CHANCE! Schembri latches to a loose ball and has a shot but Carlos Delgado and Marcos Tebar combine to get a block. 
56' Shubham Sarangi tangles Nerijus Valskis and brings him down. How has he not been booked?
54' Lucian Goian swings a cross from inside the box but it lacks the height and Odisha FC clear their lines. 
53' Crivellaro drives a good through ball to Chhangte and the Mizo speedster crosses the ball low. But, both sets of players miss it and Odisha FC defenders finally clear the lines. 
51' Xisco, who has been the best player on the pitch so far, wins a foul after Eli Sabia brings him down. What can Odisha FC get from here?
48' SHOT! Crivellaro takes a good corner and after some initial scramble, Eli Sabia has a swing of the boot. But, it bounces of the foot of Marcos Tebar and goes out for another Chennaiyin corner. They take it short and the danger drizzles away for Odisha FC. 
47' Chennaiyin FC have returned with more vigour as Germanpreet lobs a cross from the left wing. But, it is straight to Dorronsoro at the near post. 
46' PEEP! The second half is underway here at the Kalinga Stadium in Bhubaneswar. 
PEEP! PEEP! There is the half-time whistle and the scoreline reads 0-2 in favour of Odisha FC. Jerry Mawihmingthanga and Vinit Rai get their name on the scoresheet after Nerijus Valskis missed his penalty. An angry Owen Coyle rushes to the tunnel as we await an entertaining second half. Don't go anywhere as we will be back at the other end of the commercial break. 
45+2' Renthlei with a good low cross at the face of goal but Odisha FC players get their feet to the ball first. 
45' Two minutes have been added on. 
44' Chennaiyin FC now try to exploit the wings but Narayan Das lodges a sliding tackle to deny Laldinliana Renthlei from flying a cross. 
41' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! Vinit Rai doubles the lead for Odisha FC.

Aridane Santana backheels the ball to Marcos Tebar inside the box and he lays it behind for Vinit Rai. The India international unleashes a piledriver from outside the box and the ball nestles into the back of the net. 
39' Odisha FC have another chance at goal but Eli Sabia heads it awkwardly but helps Chennaiyin FC survive the scare. 
37' GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL! Jerry Mawihminghtanga gives the home side the lead.

The move begins with Xisco feeding the ball to Aridane Santana inside the box who finally puts the ball behind the defenders and the goalkeeper. Nandhakumar Sekar could have buried the ball into the back of the net but he goes for a dummy and Jerry says thank you very much with a simple tap in from the far post. 
34' SAVE! The ball bobs inside the penalty box and to make sure Valskis doesn't have a shot Shubham Sarangi heads it backward. Luckily for him, Dorronsoro read the trajectory and catches the ball from the air. That is risky defending. That could have easily been an own goal. 
33' Vinit Rai with a good sliding tackle on Anirudh Thapa inside the box. Had he mistimed it a fraction of a second late, Chennaiyin would have won their second penalty. 
32' Chennaiyin's Jerry tries to lodge a cross but Vinit Rai gets a foot to the ball first. Chennaiyin finally win a corner after Germanpreet fools Shubham Sarangi to get a touch. 
31' SHOT! Xisco floats the ball at the penalty shot and Carlos flicks the ball with his effort. But, his glanced effort is wide and rolls out of play. 
30' Odisha FC again exploit the wings and this time Jerry wins a corner after Eli Sabia has the last touch of the ball. 
29' SHOT! Crivellaro takes the resulting corner and the second ball reaches Lucian Goian at the far post. He has a shot at goal from close range but Narayan Das is at the right place at the right time to block it. 
28' What is Dorronsoro doing here? Crivellaro takes a free-kick from just inside Odisha's half and tries to find Valskis with his swinging effort. Dorronsoro comes off his line but misses it completely. He is lucky that Valskis couldn't head it home. 
26' MISS! That is absolute madness. Now, Aridane Santana misses to include his name on the scoresheet. Nandhakumar Sekar delivers a good pass to Xisco who chips the ball to Aridane on the other end. With the entire goal at his mercy and no one closing him down, the Spaniard's first-time effort is blazed over the crossbar. 
25' MISS! Nerijus Valskis shoots it high. Dorronsoro dives to his right and Valskis trying to go for the top corner swings it above. 
24' PENALTY to Chennaiyin! Shubham Sarangi brings down Valskis. 
22' SHOT! Nandhakumar Sekar takes a shot from inside the box with no one closing him down but his effort is high. Xisco goes past Lucian Goian like he doesn't exist and feeds the ball to Tamil Nadu lad but his effort is wasteful. 
21' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA-NO! Well, Tebar heads the ball in the back of the net but the referee adjudges a foul. 

That is awful refereeing. There was no foul on anyone. Josep Gombau is livid at the ground. 
19' CHANCE! Finally some goalmouth action from the Odisha FC players. Jerry crosses it low and finds Xisco but he is robbed off the ball. However, he gets the hold of the ball in the scramble and lays it off for Tebar to take a shot from outside the box. He flies a long-ranger but it is blocked by Eli Sabia. Germanpreet ends up fouling Tebar and Odisha wins a free-kick ahead of the penalty box. But, it is wasteful. 
17' SHOT! Narayan Das takes a long throw and Xisco tries to blast it home after winning the second ball from Aridane. But, his effort with his back turned to the keeper is blocked by the Chennaiyin FC defense. 
16' Nandakumar now lobs a low cross from the left hand side for Odisha FC but the ball is cut out by Chennaiyin FC defenders. 
14' Chennaiyin FC seems to have some problem playing their ground passes in this muddy field. Crivellaro runs with the ball for around 30 yards before losing control of it and gifting it to Odisha FC defenders. 
13' Crivellaro hoodwinks his marker in the midfield and lays a one-two with Valskis. He passes the ball to Anirudh Thapa whose subsequent pass is wayward and the attack drizzles away. 
12' OFFSIDE! That was a good chance created by Chennaiyin FC. We see some slick one-touch passes down the left hand side of the field between Germanpreet, Valskis, and Crivellaro. The latter's attempt to free Chhangte on the wing is foiled by the assistant's flag. The replays, however, suggest Chhangte was on. 
10' Anirudh Thapa wins at the edge of the box after Marcos Tebar pulls him down. Crivellaro takes it but his swinging effort is comfortably collected by Odisha FC's Francisco Dorronsoro. 
8' Xisco tries to break through the middle but Thapa shields him before Crivellaro snatches the ball from between his feet. 
6' Well, the Union Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports, Kiren Rijiju is on the ground tonight. 
4' Aridane drops deep to collect the ball and wins a foul from Germanpreet at the centre-circle. 
3' Jerry bombs down the right wing and crosses the ball low but Chennaiyin FC defenders intercept it. Anirudh Thapa lodges a quick counter and Crivellaro tries to feed the ball to Chhangte. But, Shubham Sarangi is alert enough to deny him a chance. 
2' Odisha FC win the first foul of the game after Chhangte brings down Xisco. 
Hands shaken and photographs clicked! It is time for kickoff. 
Up next is the National Anthem of India!
The two sides are finally out of the tunnel. Odisha FC are wearing their black jersey whereas Chennaiyin are donning a newly look ochre yellow jersey. 
Both the teams have lined themselves up in a 4-2-3-1 formation as per the team sheet. 
My prediction before the teams come out: Odisha FC 2-3 Chennaiyin FC. 
Odisha FC have conceded three penalties in their last three games. Chennaiyin FC, however, haven't won a penalty so far in this season. 
Rafael Crivellaro has created 21 chances so far in this edition of ISL, only behind FC Goa's Brandon Fernandes. Chennaiyin FC will depend on his creative force to wreak havoc on Odisha FC. 
Chennaiyin FC are yet to win a match away from home this season. Can they topple Odisha FC in front of their own fans?
For Odisha FC, Jerry Mawihmingthanga returns from his injury into the starting line-up relegating Daniel Lalhlimpuia to the bench. 
Chennaiyin FC has made two changes to the side that lost 3-4 to FC Goa in their previous encounter. Laldinliana Renthlei makes his way into the right-back position in place of the suspended Edwin Vanspaul. And, Tondonba Singh makes way for India international Jerry Lalrinzuala. 
Chennaiyin FC: Vishal Kaith (GK), Laldinliana Renthlei, Eli Sabia, Lucian Goian, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Germanpreet Singh, Anirudh Thapa, Rafael Crivellaro, Lallianzuala Chhangte, Andre Schembri, Nerijus Valskis

Subs: Karanjit Singh (GK), Deepak Tangri, Masih Saighani, Tondonba Singh, Dragos Firtulescu, Thoi Singh, Rahim Ali
Odisha FC: Francisco Dorronsoro (GK), Shubham Sarangi, Gaurav Bora, Carlos Delgado, Narayan Das, Marcos Tebar, Vinit Rai, Nandakumar Sekar, Xisco Hernandez, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Aridane Santana

Subs: Arshdeep Singh (GK), Lalchhuanmawia Fanai, Mohammad Sajid Dhot, Bikramjit Singh, Diawandou Diagne, Martin Guedes, Daniel Lalhlimpuia
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome again to Sportskeeda's live coverage of the ISL match Odisha FC vs Chennaiyin FC. This is your host Abhishek Kundu. The line-ups will be out at any moment from now on. 
“It’s an important game for us and we have prepared well. We are ready. We drew the last match we played against Chennaiyin 2-2. We have learnt from the mistakes and will look to do better," said Odisha FC winger Nandakumar Sekar. 
“As a team we are gelling much better now. Our trainings are really good, really intense. The team is full of passion now. There is more commitment as well. We are more attack-minded. We are attacking a lot and hopefully we will give our best to try and win the three points," said Chennaiyin FC striker Andre Schembri. 
“Whether we are at home or we are away, we approach the game in the same manner. Because if we change that, it takes away from our strengths. We come here with a lot of respect but if we were to come and change our philosophy, it would be detrimental to what we want to do. I have a group of players that have shown they can score goals. We are trying to be positive. We are coming to make a game of this," said Chennaiyin FC head coach Owen Coyle. 
“We have created a lot of chances in the league, particularly from crosses. It shows that we are creating, which is very difficult in football. Of course, we have scored goals but we need to score more. Defensively, we have not done that well. But the players know what they need to do. Head coach Gombau and the coaching staff are working on it and hopefully, the results will show from the next match," said Odisha FC assistant coach Thangboi Singto. 
Chennaiyin FC's Nerijus Valskis isn't far behind either having notched up five goals in nine matches. 
Aridane Santana remains Odisha FC's main threat at goal with the Spaniard having scored six times in ten matches. 
For Odisha FC, Carlos Delgado and Shubham Sarangi need to be careful. Both of them have gone into the book thrice and Josep Gombau would love to have full-strength team at his disposal for their next game against Mumbai City FC. 
Chennaiyin FC's Edwin Vanspaul will miss the match after he picked up a second yellow card in their high-octane clash with FC Goa. Germanpreet Singh, Lucian Goian, and Nerijus Valskis are on three yellow cards each and will have to serve a one-match suspension if they pick up one more on today. 
Odisha FC are all set to take on Chennaiyin FC in what is a crucial Indian Super League (ISL) encounter for both sides at the Kalinga Stadium here on Monday. A win against Chennaiyin FC can take Odisha FC to within a point of fourth-placed Mumbai City FC. And with the league entering a decisive phase, Josep Gombau’s side cannot afford a slip-up.
Chennaiyin FC are also at a stage where anything other than three points could render the gap between them and the top four clubs too much to cut down. They are currently eighth on the table with nine points but a win will see them draw level with Odisha FC who are sixth. For all the emphasis on the possession-based philosophy that Gombau advocates, results have been a mixed bag for his team. However, they are coming off a 2-1 win over Jamshedpur and will look to continue their form.
But Gombau must fix his side’s vulnerability on set-pieces. Odisha FC have scored the joint lowest amount of goals from set-pieces this season so far (2). A more troublesome stat for the coach is on the defensive. Out of the 15 goals they have conceded, 7 of them have come from set-pieces (most by any team). The likes of Carlos Delgado have to marshall the backline better. Odisha FC have also had trouble closing out games. They generally tend to perform better in the first half before running out of steam in the second. Of the 13 goals they have scored, only five have come in the second half of games and 10 out of the 15 goals they have shipped have been in the second half. 
The Odisha FC think-tank must figure out the reason behind this trend and find a remedy soon enough.“We have created a lot of chances, creating crosses. Of course, we have to score more goals. Going forward we have to be confident. Defensively we have to improve. It is not that we are conceding many goals. Under coach Josep Gombau we are trying to improve on our loopholes. Next match we will go for a win,” said Jacobo Varela, Odisha FC’s assistant coach. 
The big worry for Chennaiyin FC will be the inability to string a couple of wins together. They have just two wins in nine games and are yet to win consecutive ISL games since the start of last season. The visitors are yet to keep a clean sheet under Owen Coyle, who has been in charge for three games. 
The inconsistent displays from the likes of Lucian Goian have not helped. Thankfully, Eli Sabia returns after suspension for Coyle.“Whether we are playing at home or away, we treat matches in the same manner. If we don’t do that it takes away from our strengths. We have great respect for Odisha but if we change our philosophy it will be detrimental. We have some great goal scorers. We were the lowest-scoring team initially but when I came in suddenly we scored seven goals in three matches. We have to be positive against Odisha FC,” said Coyle.
Chennaiyin FC’s attack will most definitely revolve around Rafael Crivellaro. The Brazilian playmaker has been exceptional in the last three games under Coyle. He was involved in four goals in these three games and has created 21 chances in the season so far, second only to FC Goa’s Brandon Fernandes.
Chennaiyin FC are yet to win away from home this season and Monday will be the perfect time to get one. For Odisha FC, the sights will be set on a second consecutive win at the Kalinga Stadium.
M. Pérez
D. Lalhlimpuia
J. Mawihmingthanga
D. Firțulescu
A. Schembri
R. Ali
L. Chhangte
B. Singh
V. Rai
M. Pérez
Xisco Hernández
A. Thapa
V. Rai
assist: Marcos Tébar
J. Mawihmingthanga
N. Valskis
Chennaiyin (4-2-3-1)
Owen Coyle (Manager)
N. Das
Carlos Delgado
G. Bora
S. Sarangi
Marcos Tébar
V. Rai
N. Sekar
Xisco Hernández
J. Mawihmingthanga
V. Kaith
J. Lalrinzuala
L. Goian
Eli Sabiá
L. Renthlei
G. Singh
A. Thapa
L. Chhangte
A. Schembri
N. Valskis
Chennaiyin (4-2-3-1)
Owen Coyle (Manager)
Odisha Subs
M. Dhot
D. Diagné
L. Fanai
D. Lalhlimpuia
M. Pérez
B. Singh
Arsh Saini
Chennaiyin Subs
R. Ali
D. Firțulescu
Masih Saighani
K. Singh
T. Singh
N. Singh
D. Tangri
11 SHOTS 12
22 FOULS 13
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
2 FC Goa 13 7 3 3 9 24
3 Bengaluru FC 13 6 4 3 6 22
4 Odisha FC 13 6 3 4 3 21
5 Mumbai City FC 13 5 4 4 -2 19
6 Jamshedpur FC 12 4 4 4 -1 16
7 Chennaiyin FC 12 4 3 5 -3 15
8 Kerala Blasters FC 13 3 5 5 0 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 13 1 2 10 -18 5
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 11
Stadium Kalinga Stadium
Match time Mon, 06 Jan 2020, 07:30 PM
Updated: Jan 06, 2020 21:27 PM | Published: Jan 06, 2020 17:49 PM