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ODI vs HYD Match Result - ISL 2019-20
3 - 2
Carlos Delgado 27'
Xisco Hernández 41'
M. Pérez (P) 71'
65' Bobô (P)
89' R. Kumar

Odisha FC players celebrate their first half lead against Hyderabad FC in Pune on Wednesday
There is the full-time whistle. It has finished 3-2 in favour of Odisha FC. I had predicted 2-0 for the hosts. Well, I get my overall prediction wrong but the result right. Do stay tuned to Sportskeeda to get the latest Indian Football and ISL updates. Till then, here is Abhishek Kundu (@kunduabhishek56) signing off. 
90+7' Daniel wins the ball in the far left side of the pitch after Hyderabad's Gurtej Singh loses the ball. He goes for a shot from a tight angle but Kamaljit collects it. 
90+6' Kilgallon releases Yasir on the overlap but his cross is low and blocked by an Odisha defender. 
90+5' Kilgallon heads the ball towards the goalscorer Rohit Kumar. He tries to swing a cross but Sajid Dhot blocks his attempt. 
90+4' Josep Gombau and Hyderabad's assistant coach is also given a yellow card. 
90+3' Adil Khan concedes a cheap foul and Marcos Tebar goes in the book for getting physical with Adil Khan. 
90+2' Hyderabad FC make their last change. Phil Brown throws the kitchen sink.

OFF- Rafael Lopez Gomes
ON- Abhishek Halder
90+1' Mohammed Yasir with a dinking ball and Bobo sticks his leg out to have a shot. But, his effort is a feeble one and Arshdeep collects it comfortably. 
90' Four minutes have been added on. 
89' GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL! Rohit Kumar pulls one back for Hyderabad. It is 3-2 here in Pune.

Gurtej Singh lobs a long cross from the centre circle and Rohit Kumar has a free header. Arshdeep fails to get a hand to his effort. Game on. 
88' Hyderabad are trying to exploit the left wing and this time Kilgallon swings in a cross. But, Sajid clears the ball. 
87' Odisha FC make their final change. And, it is an attacking change. Josep Gombau sniffs a late goal here.

OFF- Nandhakumar Sekar
ON- Daniel Lalhlimpuia
86' Marcos Tebar rolls down the pitch after Robin Singh makes a naughty touch on him. Phil Brown is furious as his side has failed to make the most of the extra man count. 
84' Odisha are making their second change. Josep Gombau doesn't want his team to end the game with nine players.

OFF- Shubham Sarangi
ON- Mohammed Sajid Dhot
83' Rohit Kumar is hanging by the byline after being cornered by Martin Perez Guedes. He lays it off for his teammate Rafael Lopez Gomes whose cross is straight towards Arshdeep Singh. Bobo was lurking behind to head the ball home. 
81' Yasir's low crosses have been rendered meaningless. Odisha FC are sitting deep in their own half and are blocking it. 
80' Hyderabad make their second change. They are playing with four foreigners on the field. 

OFF- Giles Barnes
ON- Rohit Kumar
79' Hyderabad take too much time in building up their attack and Jerry gets a foot to Yasir's cross. Hyderabad needs to act quickly if they want to make use of the extra man. 
77' A chipped pass from a Hyderabad FC player sees Kilgallon get at the end of it. However, the defender who went forward is judged offside. 
74' A long ball from Kilgallon is headed by Bobo. Giles Barnes is up to collect it and he gives it to Robin Singh who was crowded in the penalty box. He lays it off for Asish Rai who takes a shot from a narrow angle. His effort blazes over the crossbar and Bobo and Adil Khan cut a frustrated figure. The youngster apologizes to both of them nonetheless. 
73' Hyderabad make their first change. A midfielder comes on for a defender.

OFF- Sahil Panwar
ON- Mohammed Yasir
71' GOAL! Odisha FC gets their third goal. It is Martin Perez Guedes vs Kamaljit Singh and the Argentine goes for the bottom left corner. Kamaljit guessed it right but it was exactly at the corner and Kamaljit fails to get a hand to it. 
70' PENALTY to Odisha FC. The ball bounces off and hits the hand of Giles Barnes and later he tangles the legs of Martin Perez Guedes. 
69' Odisha wins a free-kick from a dangerous position after Adil Khan gets the heel of Aridane who made a delicate turn. Martin Perez Guedes takes the free-kick but Adil Khan makes up for his mistake by getting a header to it and clearing the danger. 
67' Aridane Santana finds the back of the net after meeting a low diagonal pass from Jerry. But, he was two yards ahead of the entire Hyderabad back-line and the assistant raises his flag. 
66' Odisha FC make their first change.

OFF- Xisco Hernandez
ON- Martin Perez Guedes
65' GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLL! It is Bobo vs Arshdeep Singh. Arshdeep goes towards his left but Bobo's rocket of a shot hits the bottom right corner. Odisha are down with a man. Glorious opportunity for Hyderabad to level terms here. 
63' PENALTY to Hyderabad. And, Vinit Rai is shown a second yellow card. Adil Khan takes a shot just at the outside of the box but his shot hits the arm of Vinit Rai, who turned his back. 
62' Bobo's shot is blocked and Odisha breaks on the counter swiftly. Jerry has the ball in the final third and he lays a square pass for Nandhakumar Sekar. But, his shot from outside the box is wide this time. Odisha are having glorious opportunities to triple the lead and put the bed to rest but are lacking the killer touch. 
60' CROSSBAR! A diagonal ball by Aridane Santana from his own half sees Nandhakumar Sekar go through on goal. The entire Hyderabad defense had stayed down and appealed for offside but Sahil Panwar had played him on. Kamaljit is down after Nandhakumar dummies him with his deft touches. But, his shot at the empty net hits the crossbar and is out of play. That should have been 3-0 for Odisha FC. 
57' Bobo tries to squeeze between Shubham Sarangi and Marcos Tebar in the left wing but he fails. A frustrated figure cut there by the Brazilian. He has only one shot in the game so far. 
55' Persistent infringement of the laws of the game causes Shubham Sarangi to go into the book. That was his fifth foul in the game and the referee says this time you are going in the book.
54' GOAL? No. That is the second time tonight that the ball ends up in the back of the net but the referee deems a foul by the forward. But, this time he gets it right. After some head-tennis, Kamaljit flaps his hands in the air to collect the ball. He had it firmly in his grip but Aridane tried to be smart and win the ball from him. 
52' SHOT! Nandhakumar Sekar frees Aridane on the left flank and after waving the challenge from Gurtej Singh, he has a shot at goal from a tight angle. He tried to toe-poke it but Kamaljit got a hand to it.  
51' Hyderabad loses the ball in Odisha's half and Xisco surges forward for the counter. Jerry comes up to help him and tries to find Shubham Sarangi with a long ball after taking the ball from Xisco. But, his diagonal had to much weight in it. 
50' The referee comes over to Phil Brown and gives him a yellow card. We have to find out later why that was done.
48' SHOT! A brilliant interplay of passes between Jerry and Xisco ends up with the Spaniard finding himself one-on-one with the goalkeeper. His angled, shot, however, is inches wide. Kamaljit was totally beaten there. Odisha has started the second half from where they left in the first one. 
46' PEEP! We are back for the second half here at the Balewadi Sports Complex in Pune. 
Referee Tarki Alkhudayr blows his whistle and the half-time scoreline reads 2-0 in favour of Odisha FC. That scoreline is an apt indication of the match being played so far. Don't go anywhere as we will be back for the second half. 
45+1' Kamaljit is pressurized and after taking a touch bails himself with a hasty clearance. 
45' One minute has been added on. 
44' Odisha are playing the ball amongst themselves trying to slow the proceedings. They would be happy to go into half-time with a 2-0 scoreline in favour of them. 
41' GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Xisco Hernandez doubles the lead for Odisha FC.

A typical gameplay from Odisha finally gives them a goal. Xisco gives a square pass to Jerry Mawihmingthanga on the far side of the pitch. The youngster swings in a cross between the defenders and the goalkeeper and Xisco dashes from behind to stick his leg out. 
40' PENALTY? No. Nikhil Poojary goes down in the box all by himself trying to win a penalty after Jerry closed him down. The referee isn't to be fooled here. 
38' CHANCE! Robin Singh with another brilliant backheel pass to Asish Rai. The youngster whips in a cross from the right wing near the corner flank and Arshdeep dives to push the ball away. But, Giles Barnes gets his head to the rebound and after Arshdeep spills the ball. Bobo goes for an overhead kick. However, his effort is wide. 
35' SHOT! End-to-end stuff here! Nandhakumar Sekar has a shot at goal from distance after Hyderabad loses possession in their own defensive third. But, his curling effort is slightly wide of the goal. 
34' Hyderabad blazing all guns here. Bobo finds Asish Rai through at the right flank. He goes for the goal with a sumptuous strike but Arshdeep saves the day for Odisha after he dived low to his right. 
33' Hyderabad takes a brilliant corner and no one is marking Gurtej Singh inside the six yard box at the far box. His header is intercepted by Carlos Delgado. That was a brilliant chance for Hyderabad. 
32' SHOT! Asish Rai tumbles down after Narayan Das brings him down. But, referee plays advantage as Robin Singh has the ball with himself. From the same position where Adil Khan took the shot before, Robin Singh goes from distance. But, his effort is slightly wide. 
31' SHOT! Hyderabad are looking vulnerable dealing with the crosses. Xisco's corner at the near post is cleared straight towards him and his second cross from the byline is met by Diawandou Diagne. However, his header is wide. 
29' SHOT! No one closes Adil Khan who surged forward and he takes a shot from distance just outside the penalty box. Arshdeep Singh, however, has eyes on the ball and dives to his right to collect the ball. 
27' GOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL! Carlos Delgado gives Odisha FC the lead. That is the first time Odisha has scored from set-pieces.

That is one from the training ground. Xisco Hernandez gives an inswinging corner at the six-yard box. Kamaljit tries to collect the ball but misses it completely. The ball hits his shoulder before bulging the back of the net. It is Odisha FC 1-0 Hyderabad FC here in Pune. 
23' Vinit Rai goes for a shot at goal from outside the box but Rafael Lopez Gomes makes a crucial block to avert the danger. There were a lot of Odisha FC players in the box to tap the ball home at the rebound. 
22' Robin Singh drifts wide and gives a back-pass to Giles Barnes. Seeing no one close him down, the Jamaican whips in a long cross. Nikhil Poojary towers above his marker Shubham Sarangi but his looping header is above the crossbar. 
21' Nandhakumar drops down to give a diagonal pass to Jerry. He whips in a delicious inswinging cross from the far side of the pitch but Asish Rai towers above his marker to win the header. Adil Khan clears the subsequent ball. 
19' Rafa Lopez Gomes with a brilliant through ball and Robin Singh dummies the ball to make Asish Rai through on goal. But, he fails to control the ball and Odisha have a goal-kick here. 
18' Shubham Sarangi again makes a foul in his own half. Looks like Josep Gombau has said the youngster to do so tonight. 
16' GOAL? No. Bobo finds the back of the net after Robin Singh gave a brilliant backheel pass to the Brazilian. But, the referee deems a foul by Bobo as he thinks he fouled Narayan Das. However, replays suggest the referee got that completely wrong. 
15' SHOT! Odisha's Aridane Santana loses the ball and Giles Barnes takes the ball from him. He is pulled down but the referee plays advantage to Hyderabad as the ball is in the feet of Bobo. He goes for glory from distance but his shot is high. 
13' Odisha concede another foul in their own half as Shubham Sarangi brings down Nikhil Poojary. Matthew Kilgallon with a brilliant through ball trying to set him free. 
11' Vinit Rai goes on the book as Hyderabad were looking dangerous on the counter. Nikhil Poojary was marauding in the left wing before Vinit pulled him down with a mistimed sliding challenge. 
10' A deft header by Aridane sees Nandhakumar through at goal in the left side of the pitch. He slows down and waits for Aridane to take the return ball. The Spaniard goes for a dummy but there was no Odisha player behind him. Luckily, the clearance went only as far as Nandha but his effort to cut through is squashed by a brilliant sliding challenge by Asish Rai. 
9' Xisco lays a square pass to Jerry, who was hanging by the byline, and the youngster whips in a high cross. But, it is too high for everyone and his cross troubles no one. 
8' Xisco wins two corners for Odisha in succession. At the first instance, he tries to whip in a cross but Asish Rai cleaned him up with a tackle whereas, on the next one, his cross is intercepted by Hyderabad's Matthew Kilgallon. But, Hyderabad's marking in corners have been perfect and Odisha fail to catch any break. 
6' Vinit Rai trying to find Nandhakumar Sekar with a long ball down the left but it is too quick for the Tamil Nadu native to reach. 
2' Xisco takes a good free-kick trying to find Marcos Tebar free at the wide side of the pitch. But, he is a second late and the ball rolls out for a goal-kick. 
1' Odisha gets us going from right to left of our TV screen. And, Adil Khan concedes a foul outside the box after a clumsy challenge on Asish Rai. 
National Anthem done, Hands Shaken, and Photographs clicked. It is time for kick-off on the other side of the commercial break. 
Both the sides are out of the tunnel. Odisha are wearing black whereas Hyderabad are donning their yellow ochre jersey. 
Marcos Tebar will make his 50th ISL appearance tonight. The former Real Madrid B player has played for FC Pune City and Delhi Dynamos previously. Can he be the guy who becomes the difference for both the sides?
Coming back to tonight's match, I predict Odisha FC 2-0 Hyderabad FC. Odisha has created a lot of chances but failed to find the back of the net in their last two games in Pune. They can break their drought tonight. 
We are also getting the news that tomorrow's ISL game between NorthEast United FC and Chennaiyin FC might stand cancelled owing to the protests in Guwahati over Citizenship (Amendment) Bill. The pre-match press conference which was scheduled for today afternoon got cancelled. 
In some I-League news, Mohun Bagan has crushed TRAU 4-0 with a brace from Fran Gonsalvez and a goal apiece from Suhair VP and Shubha Ghosh. 
Talking Tactics- Hyderabad FC

With four changes to their starting line-up, it is tough to predict Hyderabad FC's formation. But, by looking at the players on the pitch, it looks more like a 4-4-1-1. Matthew Kilgallon and Rafael Lopez Gomez will form the center-back partnership with Sahil Panwar and Gurtej Singh covering the wings. Asish Rai and Nikhil Poojary will take care of the attacking prospects of the game in the wings whereas Adil Khan and Giles Barnes will play at the centre of the field. Robin Singh, like any #9, will be responsible to win the physical challenges up front and feed balls to the forward Bobo. Don't expect Sahil Panwar and Gurtej Singh to overlap much as one wouldn't usually associate them as someone who can cross the ball nicely. 
Talking Tactics- Odisha FC

Odisha FC are likely to field themselves in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Carlos Delgado and Diawandou Diagne will play at the centre in behind with Shubham Sarangi and Narayan Das flanking them. Marcos Tebar and Vinit Rai will play as the double pivot with Xisco Hernandez deployed at the hole in front of the opposition defenders. Jerry Mawihmingthanga and Nandhakumar Sekar will pose danger through the wings feeding balls to Aridane Santana. Jerry likes to play short passes with Xisco and Aridane upfront whereas Nandhakumar Sekar likes to drift wide and cut wide. 
Hyderabad FC, on the other hand, has made four changes to the side that lost 0-1 to FC Goa. Marko Stankovic is injured whereas Marcelinho is facing a suspension. Laldanmawia Ralte and Mohammed Yasir have been relegated on the bench. Sahil Panwar, Robin Singh, Giles Barnes, and Gurtej Singh are the ones who make their way back to the starting line-up. 
Odisha FC has made no changes to the side that lost 0-1 to Bengaluru FC in their previous encounter. They made an ample number of chances in that contest but failed to trouble the sturdy Bengaluru defense. 
Odisha FC Starting XI: Arshdeep Singh (GK), Shubham Sarangi, Carlos Delgado, Narayan Das, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Vinit Rai, Xisco Hernandez, Marcos Tebar, Diawandou Diagne, Nandhakumar Sekar, Aridane Santana

Odisha FC Subs: Francisco Dorronsoro, Gaurav Bora, Mohammad Dhot, Bikramjit Singh, Martin Perez Guedes, Romeo Fernandes, Daniel Lalhlimpuia

Hyderabad FC Starting XI: Kamaljit Singh (GK), Sahil Panwar, Gurtej Singh, Matthew Kilgallon, Rafael Lopez Gomez, Asish Rai, Nikhil Poojary, Adil Khan, Robin Singh, Bobo, Giles Barnes

Hyderabad FC Subs:
Laxmikant Kattimani, Mohammed Yasir, Sahil Tavora, Laldanmawia Ralte, Rohit Kumar, Shankar Sampingiraj, Abhishek Halder
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Sportskeeda's live coverage of Odisha FC vs Hyderabad FC match. This is Abhishek Kundu and the line-ups should be out at any moment. 
Adil Khan and Vinit Rai are the two Indian internationals who would be in action in opposing teams, Hyderabad FC and Odisha FC, respectively. Both the teams will be dependent on the individual performances of these two players to win the match. 
And, Hyderabad FC head coach Phil Brown has acknowledged that this will be more like a home game than an away game for their players. 

“It feels very much like home. I don’t want to do any disrespect to Hyderabad. We’ve tried everything we possibly can to settle into Hyderabad. That’s our future. But to come back here to Pune, it has put a smile on a few players’ faces," said Phil Brown. 
This is more like an away game for Odisha FC as most of the Hyderabad FC players used Pune as their home ground last season while playing for FC Pune City. 

“For me, it is more an away game because we are playing against a team that last season, had this as their home ground. They are probably more used to playing here than us," said Odisha FC's head coach Josep Gombau.
Odisha FC has invested a lot on youngsters this season. Arshdeep Singh is making appearances under the bar ahead of Francisco Dorronsoro since the last six games. Shubham Sarangi has re-invented himself at the right back position. And, Jerry Mawihmingthanga has been dangerous in the right wing with his blistering pace. 
Hyderabad are yet to keep a clean sheet in ISL. Couple that with the injury to defensive midfield Marko Stankovic, their problems get compounded further. Moreover, the Telangana-based outfit has conceded 10 goals from the three away matches. 
Odisha FC will rely on Aridane Santana and Xisco Hernandez to score goals. The Spanish duo has netted seven out of the eight goals the club has scored so far. 
Just when Phil Brown had Adil Khan recover from injury, his midfielder Marko Stankovic succumbed to injuries in their previous game. Marcelinho will also miss the game as he has gone into the book four times in seven matches. 
Where to Watch: Fans can watch the match at the Star Sports Network, Hotstar, and Jio TV. 

Hyderabad FC Probable Starting XI: Kamaljit Singh (GK), Gurtej Singh, Rafael Lopez Gomez, Matthew Kilgallon, Nikhil Poojary, Mohammed Yasir, Adil Khan, Laldanmawia Ralte, Giles Barnes, Bobo, Robin Singh

Odisha FC Probable Starting XI: Arshdeep Singh (GK), Narayan Das, Shubham Sarangi, Diawandou Diagne, Carlos Delgado, Vinit Rai, Marcos Tebar, Xisco Hernandez, Aridane Santana, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Nandhakumar Sekar
ISL Live Score Preview, Odisha FC vs Hyderabad FC:

Odisha FC and Hyderabad FC will eye their second win in the Hero Indian Super League as the two sides come face-to-face at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex on Wednesday. The teams have not exactly hit the ground running and find themselves in the wrong half of the table. 
While Odisha have six points from seven games and are placed seventh, Hyderabad are rock-bottom with just four points. The teams have struggled in front of goal as they have only two goals to show from their last four outings. In their last four matches, Odisha FC has only managed to garner a single point which was away to Chennaiyin FC.
Coach Josep Gombau has time and again spoken of his preference to play an expansive brand of football and not giving importance to yielding results through a pragmatic approach. “Tomorrow is a crucial match. It is a massive game for us. It’s all or nothing. We are with a chance to get to nine points and we are close to fighting for the play-offs as well. It is important to take this mentality and not add pressure on yourselves,” said Gombau.
The likes of Xisco Hernandez, Jerry Mawihmingthanga have created chances galore but the conversion rate has not been great. Set-pieces have been an issue for the home side as four out of the nine goals they have conceded have come through free-kicks or corner-kicks. 
Hyderabad FC coach Phil Brown has his hands full as he needs to get his team up and running following their 1-0 defeat to FC Goa. What would make matters worse is that Marcelinho, their star performer, is suspended for the tie after having accumulated four yellow cards. 
Their away form is nothing to be proud of. Of the 14 goals against them, 10 have come on the road. But Brown projects a confident picture ahead of the Odisha game, emphasising that his team is about to turn a corner. “We respect Odisha, their coach and players, but we are just round the corner from a good run. As a coach, it's my responsibility to make sure that players don't get frustrated with results because of the way we play but I don't think they are [frustrated].“
Odisha enjoy keeping possession in their games but possession doesn't necessarily win you games, taking the opportunities certainly does and that's what we will be trying to do tomorrow (Wednesday) night,” said Brown. The good news for Brown is that centre-back Gurtej Singh and left-back Sahil Panwar are back in contention for a start. But influential midfielder Marko Stankovic will miss the game after suffering a hamstring tear in Hyderabad’s previous game against FC Goa.
A. Halder
Marcos Tébar
R. Kumar
assist: G. Singh
D. Lalhlimpuia
N. Sekar
M. Dhot
S. Sarangi
R. Kumar
G. Barnes
M. Yasir
S. Panwar
M. Pérez, Penalty
M. Pérez
Xisco Hernández
Bobô, Penalty
V. Rai
S. Sarangi
Xisco Hernández
assist: J. Mawihmingthanga
Carlos Delgado
assist: Xisco Hernández
V. Rai
Hyderabad (4-3-3)
Phil Brown (Manager)
Arsh Saini
N. Das
Carlos Delgado
D. Diagné
S. Sarangi
Marcos Tébar
V. Rai
N. Sekar
Xisco Hernández
J. Mawihmingthanga
K. Singh
S. Panwar
M. Kilgallon
G. Singh
A. Rai
G. Barnes
A. Khan
N. Poojari
R. Singh
Hyderabad (4-3-3)
Phil Brown (Manager)
Odisha Subs
G. Bora
M. Dhot
R. Fernandes
D. Lalhlimpuia
M. Pérez
B. Singh
Hyderabad Subs
A. Halder
L. Kattimani
R. Kumar
L. Ralte
S. Sampingiraj
S. Tavora
M. Yasir
17 SHOTS 18
18 FOULS 18
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 FC Goa 14 8 3 3 10 27
2 Bengaluru FC 14 7 4 3 9 25
3 ATK 13 7 3 3 13 24
4 Odisha FC 14 6 3 5 0 21
5 Mumbai City FC 14 5 5 4 -2 20
6 Chennaiyin FC 13 5 3 5 0 18
7 Jamshedpur FC 13 4 4 5 -4 16
8 Kerala Blasters FC 14 3 5 6 -1 14
9 NorthEast United FC 11 2 5 4 -7 11
10 Hyderabad FC 14 1 3 10 -18 6
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament ISL 2019-20 - Week 8
Stadium Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex
Match time Wed, 11 Dec 2019, 07:30 PM
Updated: Dec 11, 2019 21:30 PM | Published: Dec 11, 2019 17:24 PM