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PUN vs ATK Match Result -
Pune City
2 - 2
J. Johnson (OG) 17'
R. Singh 75'
23' J. Rane
61' Edu García (P)
That's it from us on this Sunday night, at the end of superb game at the Balewadi. The ISL will take a two-day break now, and resume on Wednesday when NorthEast United go to the Mumbai Football Arena. Join us for that one, stay tuned to Sportskeeda. This is Aaditya Narayan signing off. Adios, Sayonara, Arrivederci, Alvida, Goodbye! Thank you for being with me tonight. 
FULL-TIME: FC Pune City 2-2 ATK

What a superb game of football at the Balewadi! Really, it might have been cruel for one of these sides to have lost this one. Steve Coppell, though, has every right to point at one of those two instances when his side should have had a penalty for the ball hitting Rohit Kumar. 

Both those instances were more clear penalties than the one ATK were actually given, for Edu Garcia to smash home. Robin Singh, though, ensured Pune kept their unbeaten run going, with a superb header, giving him his first goal in the ISL since December 2017. 

At the end of an awesome night of football, it was a result that does neither side any good in their chase to catch the Top 4. 
90+3' It's hit Rohit's hands again, and the referee has denied ATK another penalty! Rohit is a lucky lucky boy. AGAIN! Uche's shot has hit Rohit, on BOTH HIS HANDS. 
90+3' LYNGDOH! He's hit that from 25 yards out, but that's gone behind for a goal kick. 
90+1' Now, Hume's screaming for a penalty at the other end of the pitch. Referee says nothing doing, only a corner for Pune. Marcelinho's taken the corner, and Rohit has made contact with it, but it's gone well above the goal. 
90' THAT'S A PENALTY, BUT THE REFEREE HAS NOT GIVEN IT, he had a superb view as well! Rohit's arm is struck by Arnab's shot, it is outstretched, it is an unnatural position! That should be another ATK penalty. The ball stayed in play, though, and Johnson headed a Kotal cross straight to Kamaljit
89' Edu Garcia! Lovely play! That's another superb dribble as the Spaniard charges into the Pune box! He then aims a shot towards the far-post, but it takes a deflection and ATK have a corner!
88' Pune have made their final change of the day, with Adil Khan going off. 

ON - Rohit Kumar
OFF - Adil Khan
86' The last couple of minutes will definitely make Phil Brown want to tear his hair out. But before that, he'd probably want to remind his players that they must pass the ball to others in an orange shirt. 
84' ATK have a corner now, as Uche wins a header off a cross into the box, but Nim Dorjee has skewed his attempted clearance and it has gone behind for an ATK corner. 
83' Once again, Marcelinho gets the free-kick over the wall and down with ease, but Arindam's pushed it out for a corner. Marcelinho's taken the corner, but ATK have cleared that. 
82' Lanza goes off, as Steve Coppell puts big Kalu Uche on. 

ON - Kalu Uche
OFF - Manuel Lanzarote
82' That's a booking for Johnson, who's bullied Marcelinho off the ball unfairly, according to our Jordanian referee. 
80' That's a lovely run from Edu Garcia on the left flank, but his pull-back from the by-line is claimed by Kamaljit. Jayesh should really be busting a gut to get in front of the 'keeper there. 
78' The corner is played towards Robin at the far-post, but he doesn't make enough contact on the header, and ATK have a goal-kick. 
77' It's on target, and it's a very good save from Arindam! Marcelinho's gone up and down over the wall, but the 'keeper has got across and pawed it away for the corner. 
77' That's another free-kick for ATK for a foul on Marcelinho. Arnab Mondal has fouled the Brazilian, another dangerous situation now. 

That's a superb delivery from Marcelinho, and a fabulous header from Robin! He's unmarked and he can easily glide that into the net! Finally, 14 months since his last, Robin Singh has another ISL goal. He's now scored for four ISL clubs - Delhi, Goa, ATK and now, Pune. 
75' Pune have a corner this time, as Robin plays it out of Johnson
73' Free-kick on the edge! Poor giveaway from ATK, as Ashique drives forward superbly after getting the ball at his feet. He's played Marcelinho in, and then he's got pushed in the back by Lanza. This is a dangerous situation for ATK, with Marcelinho and Stankovic standing over the dead ball. 

ON - Eugeneson Lyngdoh
OFF - Pronay Halder
71' Pronay Halder has hit the floor again, and I think that's the last we see of him tonight, Eugene Lyngdoh is a little bit more intense in his warm-ups now. 
67' Sahil is booked, and he's very lucky to avoid a red card! That's high up near the shin of Pronay Halder. He's tried to break forward off the Pune corner, and taken one heavy touch and then he's slid in straight on Pronay. Sahil is a lucky lucky boy!
66' Lanza's played that across towards the back-post, where Edu Garcia has tried to head back across goal, but it's out for an ATK Corner. 
65' That's a booking for Martin Diaz, after he hacks down Everton Santos. Pune have a free-kick in a dangerous position. Lanzarote surely will line this one up!
64' Pune have made another change straightaway, as Jonathan Vila comes on, in what indicates a possible change of system. 

ON - Jonathan Vila
OFF - Diego Carlos
63' Pune have made their first change of the day. Nim Dorjee Tamang is coming on.

ON - Nim Dorjee Tamang
OFF - Sarthak Golui
63' Lanzarote has jinked past a couple of men like they were never there! His cross is gathered comfortably by Kamaljit, though.
61' GOOOOOOOAAAAAAL!! EDU GARCIA PUTS ATK IN THE LEAD! He smashes the penalty to his left, and sent Kamaljit the wrong way. 
60' ATK HAVE A PENALTY! Diego Carlos has handled it, it was definitely not intentional! This is iffy, but the referee has pointed to the spot, and Edu Garcia will step up. 
59' That's lovely play from ATK, with Kotal and Edu winning a corner after superb interplay between themselves. 
58' MARCELINHO! He's driven forward through the middle, and absolutely smashed that towards the top-right corner. But that's, once again, gone over Arindam's bar. 
56' The corner is taken short, but there's nobody marking Edu Garcia, who's taken it around Carlos, before curling one towards goal. That appears to have hit Adil on the arm, but the referee hasn't spotted that. Neither, it seems, have the ATK players, who didn't appeal. 
56' ATK have a corner, after Kamaljit takes Ricky's low cross beyond the by-line. He's annoyed at the officials for the decision, but the men in uniform have got that decision absolutely spot on. 
54' Pronay has had a shot from about 40 yards this time! Why, I don't know. It's on target, though, even if easy for Kamaljit to save. 
53' There's some pushing shoving in the penalty area, and the referee's blown for an ATK free-kick after Ashique almost catches the ball in the box.
53' That's a corner for Pune, as Ashique teases Pritam again, before playing the ball off him and behind. 
51' Johnson's lucky to have not picked up a yellow card there. That's a stupid foul on Hume, who he's pulled back on the halfway line. 
48' Robin! Super move from Pune! That's lovely interplay between Hume and Adil, before the Canadian lays it off to Robin. The big man gets the ball out of his left foot, and hits a pure strike towards the ATK goal, but that's a good save from Arindam, who gloves it away from his goal. 
47' It's started a little scrappily in the second half. Neither side has managed to have a convincing spell of possession just yet. 
Remember, ATK have never won once in Pune. They even played the semifinal of ISL 2015 against Chennaiyin FC at the Balewadi. 
46' PEEEEEPP! ATK get us underway, kicking from right to left, as we see it on the screen in front of me. 
We're back, and very close to the start of the second half at the Balewadi. If it's similar action to the first half was, in terms of the tempo and the number of chances either side created, we're in for a treat. Will we see a winner?
HALF-TIME: FC Pune City 1-1 ATK

Phew, that was breathless.
Undoubtedly, one of the best halves of ISL football all season. It was played at a good pace, both sides filled with intent, and had plenty of shots on target. So much, for having an English manager on either side, eh?

Pune started the better and were rewarded, when the unfortunate John Johnson deflected a strike from Marko Stankovic into Arindam Bhattacharja's goal. ATK came storming off the blocks straight after that, and it was a stunning strike from Jayesh Rane that brought them back on level terms. 

It's been entertaining in Pune, and we can only hope for more of the same in the second half from ATK and Pune City!
45+3' PEEEEEP! It's half-time, and the scores are level.
45+2' Super strike from Jayesh again from the left flank, that's caught by Kamaljit, and that should be the last kick of the half. 
45+1' Another effort from an improbable distance. Another effort that isn't very far away. This time, it's Marcelinho's left foot that struck the ball, after a sweet turn on the halfway line from Hume. 
45' Another ATK free-kick has gone to waste, as Jayesh doesn't read the flight of Edu Garcia's ball into the box, and the ball runs harmlessly out behind Kamaljit's goal. 
42' Lanza's got that free-kick to move in the air, but he's started it too high, and it doesn't dip enough to test Kamaljit. 
41' ATK have a free-kick in a dangerous area, after Adil fouls Everton just outside the box. Pune were put in trouble after an awful giveaway from Robin. 
39' My count of the number of times Hume has given the ball away unnecessarily today, has just hit double digits. It's been a REALLY tough evening for the Canadian. 
37' ARINDAM'S GRABBED THAT BALL AFTER PINBALL IN THE BOX! JOHNSON'S NEARLY SCORED A SECOND OWN GOAL! Marcelinho's corner has evaded Robin at the near post, and than a clearance from Arnab has smacked Johnson on the face, before being caught by Arindam. 
37' Ashique's won a corner for Pune after playing a cross straight off Pritam. It was a lovely drive forward from Stankovic, who drove past Halder before finding Ashique. 
35' Everton's stayed down, after a challenge from Martin Diaz, who barely made any contact with him. The Brazilian stayed on the floor though, and the ball eventually had to be put out of play. 
33' Pronay! That's another long shot, this time from 25 yards out. But that's straight at Kamaljit. He's playing in a much more advanced role tonight, is Pronay, and he's done it really well. 
30' This time, Lanza's gone for goal from way out! It's off target, and Kamaljit was in control, anyway. 
30' Everton with a bicycle kick, that's gone high! But he might have been offside. Lanza's free-kick bounces off both Kotal and Gerson, before Everton came up with the acrobatics. All academic, though. 
28' MARCELINHO! He's had a shot from 40 yards out! Why, I don't know? It wasn't far away though, with Arindam standing off his line. The shot's gone high. 
27' What is going on, here? ATK have played some 15-20 passes on the edge of the Pune area, but not played one pass in anger, or had a shot in anger. There's no movement ahead, and both Jayesh and Lanza have had to exchange a few passes of little meaning, before Diaz stepped in and intercepted. 
25' UFFFF!! That's missed by inches! Ricky whips a super cross in, but Sahil can only head it away as far as Lanza on the edge of the box. His volley is powerful, and on target. But it's hit Diaz and gone a whisker wide of target, with Kamaljit wrong-footed. Close!

He's found on the left wing, by a superb through-ball from Edu Garcia, and then he's dropped his shoulder and created a yard for himself against Sarthak. And then, just W.O.W! He's curled that to the far-post, past Kamaljit who had no chance!
22' Good defending from Sarthak, at the end of a superb ATK move. Everton has driven forward nicely on the left flank, before an exchange of passes sees Ricky in space on the left wing. His cross is blocked authoritatively by Sarthak. 
20' Pune have a player in the book now, as Sarthak is penalised for bringing down Everton, after he was completely turned inside-out by the ATK attacker. 
20' Kamaljit has come forward and authoritatively punched Edu Garcia's corner a good distance away. 
19' LANZA'S CORNER IS WICKED! He's gone for the goal at the back-post! Kamaljit is alert though, and he's palmed that behind for a corner from the other side. 
18' ATK have gone straight back up the other way and won a corner, as Jayesh Rane's cross causes mayhem in the Pune box, and hits Sahil before going behind. 

That's superb play on the right flank between Carlos and Robin, who then lays it off to the onrushing Stankovic, but that has smacked Johnson and deflected the other way to leave Arindam totally wrong-footed. That was maybe on target, but it has gone down in the books as a Johnson own-goal. 
13' Stankovic! Superb strike from distance! A cross comes into the box from the right wing, and eventually falls for Hume, who lays a cushioned header down for Stankovic, who smashes that volley with conviction, but fails to hit the target. 
12' EDU GARCIA HAS HIT THE BAR! WHAT A STRIKE THAT WAS! He's taken that shot out of nowhere, almost just a snapshot, really! But he's hit that so pure, so much power. That is the quality this boy possesses, on that wand of a right foot. 
11' Marcelinho's free-kick is into a very dangerous area with both Adil and Diaz attacking it. But there's no contact made on it by anyone. 
10' We have the first booking of the night, and it is Gerson Vieira who has gone in our Jordanian official's book. It's for a tussle with Hume, and there's precious little in that one. I didn't see a foul in that one, let alone a booking. That's a curious booking. 
9' Oh Kamaljit, that's dangerous! Pronay finds himself in space some 25 yards from goal, and unleashes a pure, low strike at goal. Kamaljit has his body behind it, but spills it at the first time of asking. He goes back in and pounces on the ball before Edu Garcia can make contact. 
7' From just inside the attacking half, Lanza looks to catch Kamaljit out, as he saw standing off his line, but his hit that high. Cheeky, and very very clever from Lanza. 
6' Marcelinho's taken the corner, and there's some pushing from Robin on Arnab at the back-post. ATK have a clearing free-kick. 
5' Diego Carlos cuts in from the right wing, from that wing-back position and he smashes a left-footed strike, which nicks off Gerson's boot and behind for a Pune corner. 
4' That's a stunning ball to the back post from Lanza, but Everton wasn't sharp enough, as he tried to get on the end of it. All he can do is retrieve it in hope, but Martin Diaz clears away easily. 
The referee today, by the way, is Adham Mohammad Makhadmeh from Jordan, who was one of the officials at the AFC Asian Cup 2019. 
2' Stankovic hits that free kick, and it's not a million miles away! He's slightly got under that, but it swerved all over the place! Arindam is so thankful that it didn't trouble the width of his posts. 
1' Pune are up and running straightaway, and they have an early free-kick, as Halder fouls Marcelinho around 30 yards away from goal. 
1' PEEEEEEP! Pune get us underway
We're all set for the ball to roll at Balewadi tonight! Pune will kick us off, kicking from right to left, as you see it on the idiot box. ATK, of course, will be kicking the other way. Pune in all orange. ATK in all black. 
This is Phil Brown's first game in charge of Pune at the Balewadi. He's got a 100% win record so far. Yeah, that happens when you win your first (only) game in charge thus far. Pune beat Chennaiyin 2-1 in their previous game. 
Anthem sung, hands shaken, team photos taken. Lanza and Kamaljit head to the match officials for the toss of the coin. 
Matt Mills is watching on from the stands at the Balewadi, as the two teams get ready for Jana Gana Mana. 
Kamaljit and Lanzaroote lead their sides out on to the pitch at the Balewadi. Big game coming up tonight, can ATK keep their form going?
We're less than ten minutes away from kickoff here at Balewadi! Can Edu Garcia and Lanzarote replicate their performance from the last game against Jamshedpur? If they do, ATK will be an extremely dangerous side tonight. 
Very little twisting from either coach, both coming off good wins. Both choosing to not fix what ain't broke.

FC Pune City: Vishal Kaithal, Ashutosh Mehta, Gurtej Singh, Nim Dorjee Tamang, Rohit Kumar, Nikhil Poojary, Jonathan Vila

ATK: Debjit Majumdar, Andre Bikey, Ankit Mukherjee, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Hitesh Sharma, Balwant Singh, Kalu Uche

FC Pune City: Kamaljit Singh, Sarthak Golui, Martin Diaz, Sahil Panwar, Diego Carlos, Ashique Kuruniyan, Marko Stankovic, Adil Khan, Marcelinho, Robin Singh, Iain Hume

ATK: Arindam Bhattacharja, Pritam Kotal, Arnab Mondal, John  Johnson, Ricky Lallawmawma, Gerson Viera, Pronay Halder, Edu Garcia, Manuel Lanzarote, Jayesh Rane, Everton Santos
Welcome to Sportskeeda's continuing coverage of the ISL. We're at the Balewadi Stadium in Pune tonight, for FC Pune City taking on ATK, as both teams look to continue a resurgent spell of form. I'm Aaditya Narayan and I'll be taking you through the action. 40 minutes for team news. 
With Jamshedpur FC's win over Mumbai City FC a few days ago, it is now a near necessity for Steve Coppell's side to win tonight. Team news in a little over an hour, from the Balewadi.
FC Pune City v ATK Predicted XIs

FC Pune City: 
Kamaljit Singh, Sarthak Golui, Martin Diaz, Sahil Panwar, Diego Carlos, Ashique Kuruniyan, Marko Stankovic, Adil Khan, Marcelinho, Robin Singh, Iain Hume

ATK: Arindam Bhattacharja, Ankit Mukherjee, Arnab Mondal, John Johnson, Ricky Lallawmawma, Gerson Viera, Pronay Halder, Edu Garcia, Manuel Lanzarote, Jayesh Rane, Everton Santos
Pune City v ATK Preview:

ATK will look to keep their top four hopes alive with a win over FC Pune City at the Balewadi Sports Complex on Sunday.

ATK are currently sixth on the table with 20 points in 14 games. They need a win to keep up the pressure on Jamshedpur, who are 3 points above them following a 1-0 win over Mumbai City on Friday.

The task won't be easy against Pune, who are now helmed by former Hull City manager Phil Brown. Pune look an altogether new and confident side under Brown and eked out a 2-1 win over Chennaiyin FC last time around.

Pune had Chennaiyin goalkeeper Karanjit Singh to thank for his howlers, which allowed Marcelinho to score 2 goals in 2 minutes. It's unlikely that the defensively solid ATK would be so reckless against the Stallions.

Since Edu Garcia joined ATK in the January transfer window, the Kolkata outfit has increased its attacking threat. Garcia's mazey runs cutting across the opposition defences has been amazing to watch.

In their previous game against Jamshedpur, Garcia stifled Tiri & Co and won them 2 free-kicks at the edge of the box. Manuel Lanzarote stepped up and confidently put them past Subrata Paul to secure the 3 points for Steve Coppell's side.

Against Pune, Garcia and Lanzarote will again carry the responsibility of creating chances for ATK. Kalu Uche got a few minutes in the previous and could be expected to start up front for them in place of Everton Santos.

Pune, similarly, will rely on Marcelinho to wreak havoc in the ATK defence. The last time these two sides met, Gerson Vieira scored a late winner off a corner to secure a 1-0 win for ATK.

Defender Matt Mills is injured and out for Pune but it still won't be that straightforward on Sunday.

When and where to watch: The Pune City v ATK ISL Live game will be broadcast on Star Sports Network. Live Streaming on Hotstar and Jio TV. The kick-off is at 7.30 pm IST.
R. Kumar
A. Khan
K. Uche
J. Johnson
R. Singh
assist: Marcelinho
E. Lyngdoh
P. Halder
S. Panwar
Jonathan Vila
M. Díaz
S. Golui
Edu García, Penalty
J. Rane
assist: Edu García
S. Golui
J. Johnson (Own Goal)
ATK (4-3-3)
Steve Coppell (Manager)
K. Singh
S. Panwar
M. Díaz
S. Golui
A. Kuruniyan
M. Stankovic
A. Khan
I. Hume
R. Singh
A. Bhattacharya
R. Lallawmawma
A. Mondal
J. Johnson
P. Kotal
J. Rane
P. Halder
Edu García
Éverton Santos
ATK (4-3-3)
Steve Coppell (Manager)
Pune City Subs
V. Kaith
R. Kumar
A. Mehta
N. Poojari
G. Singh
Jonathan Vila
ATK Subs
A. Bikey-Amougou
E. Lyngdoh
D. Majumder
A. Mukherjee
H. Sharma
B. Singh
K. Uche
19 SHOTS 19
22 FOULS 11
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1 Jamshedpur FC 1 1 0 0 1 3
2 Kerala Blasters FC 1 1 0 0 1 3
3 Bengaluru FC 1 0 1 0 0 1
4 NorthEast United FC 1 0 1 0 0 1
5 Chennaiyin FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
6 FC Goa 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Hyderabad FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 Mumbai City FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
9 ATK 1 0 0 1 -1 0
10 Odisha FC 1 0 0 1 -1 0
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