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PUN vs JAM Match Result -
Pune City
2 - 1
Diego 5'
M. Mills 86'
10' S. Passi
That's it from us tonight. Join us tomorrow for an absolute blockbuster from Fatorda. The table toppers FC Goa take on the second-placed Bengaluru FC in what promises to be a clash filled with entertainment. Coro v Miku. Chhetri v Boumous. Dimas v Jahouh. What's not to love? Join us for that. Until then, this is Aaditya Narayan bidding adieu at the end of a fabulous Balewadi night for the hosts.

FC Pune City 2-1 Jamshedpur FC

What a night it turned out to be for FC Pune City. Pradhyum Reddy finally has a smile on his face. In his fifth game in charge of Pune, he gets his first three points. Matt Mills turned out to be the hero for the Stallions with a superb header from a Stankovic corner. 

After an even first half, Pune were the better side after the interval, and had plenty of chances to add to their goal tally. Robin Singh missed an absolute sitter, Marcelinho wasn't himself, Pune wasted chances on the break, but in the end, they were not to be denied. 

They get off the bottom of the table, going above Chennaiyin FC and Delhi Dynamos to 8th place. Jamshedpur stay 4th, and Cesar Ferrando has work to do. 
90+3' Stankovic goes into the book as well, for time-wasting. 
90+3' Another swift break from Pune breaks down because of a poor final ball! This time, it's Ashique the culprit. Hume was in acres of space, had Ashique released him with the correct ball. 
90+2' Ashique is on the floor, and we have a break in play. Ashique looks destroyed, he's been brilliant tonight and it's clearly taken a lot out of him, physically. 
90+1' We'll have four minutes of time added on at the end of the game. Pune have four minutes to hold on for their first win of the season. 
90' Ashique, who's been magnificent all night, has tried to take on everyone on his own. He's beaten three men and Raju has finally stopped him. 
89' Jamshedpur are now punting it into the box, more out of desperation than any real verve. Mills and Gurtej have stood tall up against the barrage of long balls. 

Finally, Marcelinho doesn't take a set-piece and Pune score. Not rocket science, is it? 
Stankovic's corner from the right flank is perfect and Mills has crouched and absolutely headed the leather of that ball! Bikash Jairu has taken evasive action on the post to protect himself from that header. 
85' Pune have a corner, after more good play from Ashique. He sets Sahil away, but his cross is blocked by Raju. 
84' Farukh's miscontrolled a diagonal right in front of Ferrando. The manager has turned away in disgust. 
83' Ashutosh has been booked for a foul on Calvo. Needless challenge, bad challenge, fair booking. Ashutosh has no case. 
82' Adil Khan has gone off for Pune's final change of the night. He's replaced by Shankar Sampingiraj. 

ON - Shankar Sampingiraj
OFF - Adil Khan
82' Marcelinho's corner is dealt with by the Jamshedpur defence. Story of the night. 
81' That's some very decent interplay between Hume, Stankovic and Marcelinho. The Serbian gets his shot away, but Tiri has come out to make the block, and Pune have a corner. 
80' Calvo has taken another shot. Calvo has hit another shot wide. Calvo is being beseeched by his manager to calm down. 
78' Ooohh so close from Calvo! He's cut in from the left flank and looked to whip one into the far-post, but he's got a little too much elevation on it. 
76' Cesar Ferrando plays his final card of the night, by taking off Arques and putting on Mobashir. 

ON - Mobashir Rahman
OFF - Mario Arques
76' OH ASHUTOSH, what have you done? That's a lovely ball in behind the back four from Stankovic, and Ashutosh is running on to it perfectly. He decides to chest it down, but his touch is far too heavy. Hume was waiting for the cut-back, and he's disgusted that the ball never arrived. 
74' Diego Carlos's night is done, and he's replaced by another player returning from injury - Marko Stankovic. 

ON - Marko Stankovic
OFF - Diego Carlos
73' That's more confusion between Gurtej and Kamaljit, and it's almost allowed Passi to nip in between them. But the goalkeeper has just got enough on it to avert the danger. 
72' HUME! Decent chance, but that is another lovely break from Pune, this time it's Diego Carlos and Ashique at the centre of it. The Indian drives and then plays Carlos on the left flank, before receiving the return ball. His cross towards the far-post is perfect for the on-rushing Hume, but his header is well over the bar. 
70' Another brilliant chance on the break for Pune, as Raju's stray pass falls to Marcelinho on the halfway line. He drives and drives and delays his pass. By the time he's played it, Ashique has strayed offside. 
69' Now, Morgado will make way for Jamshedpur's biggest attacking gamechanger this season, Michael Soosairaj.

ON - Michael Soosairaj
OFF - Pablo Morgado
67' SAHIL! Lovely strike, as he was played in by Marcelinho. He unleashed a shot from a long way out, but that was not a million miles away. 
67' Marcelinho's free-kick is headed for the far-post, and Subrata looks ungainly in flapping that away. He seems to be indicating that he lost that in the lights momentarily. 
65' Pune have another free-kick for a terrible challenge from Gurung on Carlos. He's gone down and Pune have another free-kick in a testing area. Gurung is the first into the referee's little notebook tonight. 
65' Jerry has gone off to be replaced by Farukh

ON - Farukh Choudhary
OFF - Jerry Mawihmingthanga
64' Ashutosh has misjudged a long ball, and let it run through to Calvo. He's whipped a lovely ball to the far-post, but that is a stud's length away from Arques. 
63' That is Robin's last involvement of the day. WELCOME BACK TO THE ISL, IAIN HUME!

ON - Iain Hume
OFF - Robin Singh
62' ROBIN HAS MISSED AN ABSOLUTE SITTER! HOW CAN YOU MISS THAT?! Lovely ball from Marcelinho in behind the defence for Ashique to run into, and he puts a perfect ball on to the forehead of Robin. With the entire goal gaping in front of him, Robin has put his header over the bar. 
61' Iain Hume is getting all kitted up. Time for the ISL's leading goalscorer of all time! How his team need him to score!
60' As he's done all night, Marcelinho's put his set-piece into a reasonably testing area. As they've done all night, the Jamshedpur defence stands tall. 
59' Good play from Sahil and Carlos to keep the Pune attack alive on the left flank. They've won a corner after Gurung blocks the Brazilian's cross. 
58' There's been plenty of nearly moments in the last couple of minutes. Robin and Jerry have been central to both teams' attacks, but that quality in the final third has gone AWOL.
56' Testing ball into the box from Marcelinho, Tiri has got his head on it and conceded a corner. 
56' That's nice from Robin, as he brings it down on his chest, and plays it to Carlos. Jerry is tussling for the ball, but Carlos has gone down rather too easily. Pune have a free-kick though. 
55' Almost an own goal! That's another testing ball into the area, and Gurtej has made contact at the near-post and takes it past Kamaljit who'd come to claim the cross. The ball has dribbled towards goal and hit the outside of the post. 
54' How has that not gone in?! Lovely ball in behind from Jerry, and Morgado has smashed it across the face of goal, Kamaljit has stuck out a hand and pushed it away
52' Ooohh that's nice from Pune! Carlos puts in a testing ball into the area, with the hope of finding Ashique's late run, but Arques is in the right place to head away and avert danger 
50' That is a lovely attack from Jamshedpur. Jairu puts it into Passi, who's once again dropped deep into the pocket of space. He's found Jerry, who cuts in and looks to bend a left-footer into Kamaljit's far-post, but that has gone wide. 
48' ROBIN! That was a brilliant break from Pune, with Marcelinho. Robin has held his run brilliantly, and is found by a brilliant ball from the Brazilian. He's looked to smash that past Subrata, but his shot has gone high. 
47' More scrappiness to begin the second half, then. Pune have already launched it towards Robin twice, signalling a change of plan maybe?
46' Mills has launched it to Robin on the left flank straightaway, Gurung is there and clears it for a throw. 
46' PEEEEPPPP! Marcelinho gets us back underway for the second period in this one. 
We're nearly ready for the action to resume at the Balewadi? Will we see a winner? Or will we see Jamshedpur continue their reign as the league's draw specialists? Will we see Iain Hume? We'll have answers to these questions in the next 45 minutes. 
FC Pune City 1-1 Jamshedpur FC

The first 20 minutes of this game were absolutely mental. Jamshedpur had two good chances in the opening four minutes, but they fell behind in the fifth minute, to a neat Diego Carlos strike. Pune were then at their charitable best, as they were caught napping at the back, to gift Sumeet Passi a goal, with some amateurish, awful defending. 

Since then, both sides really haven't created anything substantial. Ashique thundered the crossbar with a volley from 35-yards-out, but both teams need someone to grab the game by the scruff of the neck. Will they? Join us again in a bit for the second half. 
45+2' PEEEEEPPP PEEEEP PEEEEEEEPPP! That's half-time. 
45+2' The randomness of anything that either side is doing on the pitch right now is bordering on hilarious. Jamshedpur are missing Cido. Pune need Marcelinho to step up and deliver a big performance. 
45+1' We'll have two minutes additional time in this first half. Both teams could use that interval now, both look horribly bereft of ideas. 
43' Marcelinho's free-kick has caused chaos! How have Pune not scored off that one? Adil and Gurtej had at least five attempts between them to put the ball in the back of the net. But somehow, that ball has ended up in the arms of Subrata. 
42' Robin Gurung is penalised for a clear foul on Carlos. He has a problem with the decision, but Mr. Nagvenkar gets that one absolutely spot on. 
41' Sahil has floated one into the box, and Subrata has almost made a meal of it. He's come for the ball, cleaned up Tiri but not held onto it. Luckily for him, there's no Pune player alert to the situation, so he can claim it. 
41' They haven't got it, Subrata's got plenty on his punch away. 
40' Robin has scrapped this time, with Raju and Gurung. Pune have another corner. They could do with a decent delivery from Marcelinho. 
39' Ashutosh has scrapped with Jairu on the right flank, and somehow has won his side a corner. 
37' Jamshedpur have a spell of possession. Jairu has it in space on the left flank, and he's put his cross in, with more elevation than any direction. Jerry is challenging the goalkeeper to win that, and that's a mismatch. Kamaljit has an easy claim. 
36' The scrappiness of these last ten minutes has been something else? Have you seen that Twitter handle called Crap 90s Football? This is the 2018 version of it. Keep. The. Ball. Please!
34' Has he gone for goal with that one? I really don't know. It was a difficult angle to go for goal. But that, whether it was a cross or a shot, was absolutely diabolical. 
33' Pune have a free-kick now, for a foul by Gurung on Marcelinho on the left flank. The home side need to be making more of these set-pieces. Marcelinho will deliver this one. 
33' Ashique has half a chance as he pinches a stray pass in the Jamshedpur half. When he had Robin all on his own on the right flank, the young winger goes for a shot which is blocked. 
32' Passi now has retribution on Ashutosh, with an awful tackle. Should've been booked, but Tejas Nagvenkar has his cards firmly in his pocket. 
31' The game has now gotten scrappy. There really is no pattern to either side's attacking play anymore. There's a random sequence of forward passes, direction has not been of much concern to either team in the last few minutes. 
30' Ashutosh has shielded the ball from Passi to win a throw-in. Nothing wrong in what he did. Passi is complaining to the referee, heaven knows why. 
29' Free-kick for Pune, as Memo whips down Ashutosh. Marcelinho puts the free-kick in, but Subrata is in command as he comes out and punches it out of danger. 
28' Bodies on the line! Sahil puts a cross in from the left wing, and Raju has cleared the first ball in. Then it's pinballed and Ashique, Robin and Vila have all had shots blocked by Raju and Tiri. 
24' Tiri has smashed an absolutely beautiful diagonal ball to the feet of Jerry on the right wing. He's ambitious with the effort from 30 yards out, but that's a proper rugby conversion. Not a football goal. 
23' There's a rash of challenges from Raju and Gurung inside, and on the edge of their own penalty area. Both Carlos and Marcelinho are on the floor, but the referee's not doing him any unnecessary favours. No foul, correct decision. 
22' And now a chance for Jamshedpur. How on earth have Pune let little Jerry win a header in the box? Calvo's cross is met by the little winger, but his header has looped harmlessly over Kamaljit's goal. 
21' The last few minutes have been much better for the home side, as they are keeping possession, and moving the Jamshedpur defence around brilliantly. The latest sequence of passes has ended with Marcelinho taking a shot from distance but hitting it wide. 
19' Pune now have a corner, after Robin miscontrols a ball into the box. But Raju can only concede a corner. The corner is taken by Carlos, but after some head-tennis in the penalty area, Subrata finally has control of it. 
17' ASHIQUE KURUNIYAN HAS THUNDERED THE WOODWORK! Ashutosh puts in a cross that is dealt with by Gurung, but it falls at Ashique's chest, and he brings it down before unleashing a left-footed thunderbolt from 35 yards out. Subrata is beaten, and a coat of paint has kept the scores level 
16' The set-piece is played to the far-post by Calvo. Pune are again helter-skelter at the back. Somehow, they have a goal-kick. Memo doesn't like the decision. 
15' Ashutosh has brought Calvo down right by the touchline. It's a clear foul. He's mouthed to the referee saying he has no idea what he's done wrong. If that's not a foul, nothing is, Ashutosh. 
14' Wayward from Calvo! He did the hard-work to make the chance for himself and then snatched at the shot. He jinked past Gurtej and Ashutosh far too easily, and then takes a right-footed shot, which is dragged horribly past the near-post. 
Phew, can we have some time to breathe?

Calvo has jinked past Ashutosh on the left flank, and has put in a cross into a testing area. Gurtej has lost his man, and Passi has all the space in the world for an easy header past Kamaljit. There was no one within 5-10 yards of a striker who was on the six-yard line. Shocking defending. 
9' END TO END! Calvo's volley from 30 yards out is cleared away by Mills, and Pune go straight up the other end with Marcelinho. He's jinked past challenges, and suddenly unleashed a curler with his left foot. Subrata does well to repel the danger. 
7' PASSI! What a good save from Kamaljit! The ball has pinballed in the Pune defensive third, and it has suddenly fallen at the feet of Passi, whose left-footed shot is brilliantly blocked by Kamaljit
7' Now, a free-kick for Jamshedpur, as Carlos brings Arques down on the edge of the box. Calvo's free-kick has smacked the wall, and Jamshedpur can keep it alive. 
6' Jamshedpur force a corner straight from the restart. Once again, it's taken short, and Calvo now has space to whip it in. But Pune deal with it. 

The Brazilian picks up the ball on the halfway line, and jinks past Arques. He's charging at goal and Raju has kept backing off. In the end, he gets a shot away all along the ground, and it beats Subrata on his right side, t nestle in the bottom corner. That is awful defending from Jamshedpur. 
4' Pune are at sixes and sevens here. Let alone stringing two passes together. They aren't able to play one pass
3' The corner is taken short and there's lovely interplay between Calvo and Arques. Arques finally has space for a shot, but he's skewed it horribly and it's gone out for a Pune throw-in. 
3' Calvo's whipped one in to the far post, but Ashutosh is there, and he takes no chance to head it behind for a Jamshedpur corner. 
2' Early free-kick for Jamshedpur in a testing area on the right flank. Sahil brings down a rampaging Jerry. Calvo is ready to load up. 
1' Memo plays it to Passi, who picks up a nice pocket of space. He plays a lovely ball out to Jerry on the flank, but Sahil stays big and blocks the cross. Carlos runs the ball out of danger. 
1' PEEEEEEPPPPP! Off we go, as Passi restarts the ISL after the international break. Jamshedpur will attack from right to left, as I see it on my idiot box. If it need reiteration now, Pune attacking from left to right. 
Jamshedpur will kick us off in this encounter, and we're just a few moments away. 
Anthem sung, hands shook, photographs taken, the two captains line up alongside the officials for the toss. 
A fair sprinkling of red in between all the orange at the Balewadi tonight. Time for Jana Gana Mana
The two teams walk out onto the pitch at the Balewadi. Pune in their traditional orange, Jamshedpur in a very interesting white away strip. Gurtej with the armband for Pune. 
Ten minutes to kick-off. Fasten your seat-belts!
Paul Masefield is on air and he's absolutely laid into the challenges that both Marcelinho and Diego Carlos made to get themselves sent off and suspened. "Disgraceful and shocking," thunders Mr. Masefield. 
"It's not a battle with Coro. It's two guys doing their best on the field, for their team. And it's good for the league," Iain Hume says on air. 
Less than half an hour now before we have a ball kicked in Pune. This international break has done my head in, so to have football back is a welcome addition to the routine. 
Below's a question we've all longed to ask, and be answered. Aravind Suchindran has got you covered with with this piece
JUST IN: Atletico Madrid have been announced as partners of the Tata Football Academy, which will now be renamed as the Tata Atletico Football Academia. The Spanish giants will also help Jamshedpur in the areas of physiotherapy, Strength and conditioning, nutrition, video analysis, player recruitments (scouting), periodic assessments and facility management.-
So, Jamshedpur FC's Twitter handle thought the most apt moment to announce a big partnership with Atletico Madrid was an hour before their game. That announcement even led to them delaying the posting of team news on their Twitter handle. Priorities, eh?
So Hume doesn't start. Only makes the bench. But Pradhyum Reddy is able to welcome Marcelinho and Diego Carlos to his starting XI. For Cesar Ferrando, Cidoncha will be a big miss, he's not even made the bench. 

FC Pune City
: Kamaljit Singh, Ashutosh Mehta, Matt Mills, Gurtej Singh, Sahil Panwar, Jonathan Vila, Adil Khan, Ashique Kuruniyan, Marcelinho, Diego Carlos, Robin Singh

Substitutes: Vishal Kaith, Martin Diaz, Nim Dorjee Tamang, Abhishek Halder, Marko Stankovic, Shankar Sampingiraj, Iain Hume

Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul, Robin Gurung, Raju Gaikwad, Tiri, Bikash Jairu, Memo, Mario Arques, Jerry Mawihmingthanga, Carlos Calvo, Pablo Morgado, Sumeet Passi

Substitutes: Subhasish Roy Chowdhury, Karan Amin, Pratik Chowdhary, Asifullah Khan, Mobashir Rahman, Michael Soosairaj, Farukh Choudhary
So, who's starting for Pune tonight? What have you got for us, coach Reddy? A start for a much-loved Canadian?
Welcome back to Sportskeeda's ISL coverage! A tumultuous international break is now over, and we're ready to rumble again in the ISL. I'm Aaditya Narayan and I'll be taking you through all the action from Pune tonight. 
We are 90 minutes away from team news being announced in Pune. 
Last season in the corresponding fixture, Pune ran out 2-1 winners thanks to two second-half goals from Alfaro and Gurtej, which gave them a comeback win. Wellington Priori had given Jamshedpur the lead. 
FC Pune City have accumulated a total of 18 bookings in ISL this season, most by any team.
Cesar Ferrando has fielded the same starting XI in only two games - which were Jamshedpur's last two games before the international break
Jamshedpur have had 23 players playing at least one match in the season thus far. Only Pune City (24) have fielded more players than them this season. Ferrando has been one to rotate his starting XIs repeatedly, especially given the Miners' packed schedule in the initial part of the season. 
Remember, Iain Hume's injury happened while playing for Kerala Blasters in Pune. Tonight, he could make a comeback at that very venue. Talk about life and full circles...
Should he play tonight, Iain Hume will become the only foreign player to play in all five editions of the ISL.
FC Pune City v Jamshedpur FC Preview

FC Pune City have played seven games, they have two draws and five losses. They've had problems with the discipline of some of their foreigners. They've had injuries that have hampered their progress. For coach Pradhyum Reddy, the international break could not have come at a better time, as he looks to recharge and galvanise his troops as they go again. 

Emiliano Alfaro has left the Stallions to join ATK on loan, but his replacement is the ISL's all-time top-scorer. Iain Hume is finally fit and ready to play, and Pune have wasted no time in bringing him straight back into their squad. The Canadian is expected to start on the bench, as he's only just coming back from a long-term injury layoff. 

For Jamshedpur, Gourav Mukhi is suspended, after the AIFF Disciplinary Committee summoned him for a hearing regarding his age. Tim Cahill will not play as well, having been in Australia until last night for his farewell from international football. 

Michael Soosairaj is in fabulous form, Sergio Cidoncha's creativity has been a huge plus. They also have had Memo and Tiri chipping in with some important goals. But the big problem for Cesar Ferrando's men has been their inability to win games. They are unbeaten, but have five draws in seven games. It would be an ideal way to start winning more games, with a match against the bottom team in the league. 
FC Pune City v Jamshedpur FC Predicted XIs

FC Pune City: 
Kamaljit Singh, Ashutosh Mehta, Matt Mills, Gurtej Singh, Lalchhuanmawia Fanai, Martin Diaz, Jonathan Vila, Ashique Kuruniyan, Marcelinho, Nikhil Poojary, Robin Singh

Jamshedpur FC: Subrata Paul, Robin Gurung, Pratik Choudhary, Tiri, Bikash Jairu, Memo, Mario Arques, Sergio Cidoncha, Carlos Calvo, Michael Soosairaj, Farukh Chaudhary
FC Pune City v Jamshedpur FC - Where to Watch

7:30pm IST

Live on the Star Sports Network, JIO TV and Hotstar.
M. Stankovic
M. Mills
assist: M. Stankovic
A. Mehta
S. Sampingiraj
A. Khan
M. Rahman
Mario Arqués
M. Stankovic
M. Soosairaj
Pablo Morgado
R. Gurung
F. Choudhary
J. Mawihmingthanga
I. Hume
R. Singh
S. Passi
assist: Carlos Calvo
assist: Marcelinho
Jamshedpur (4-2-3-1)
César Ferrando Giménez (Manager)
K. Singh
S. Panwar
G. Singh
M. Mills
A. Mehta
Jonathan Vila
A. Khan
A. Kuruniyan
R. Singh
S. Pal
B. Jairu
R. Gaikwad
R. Gurung
Mario Arqués
Carlos Calvo
Pablo Morgado
J. Mawihmingthanga
S. Passi
Jamshedpur (4-2-3-1)
César Ferrando Giménez (Manager)
Pune City Subs
M. Díaz
A. Halder
I. Hume
V. Kaith
S. Sampingiraj
M. Stankovic
Jamshedpur Subs
K. Amin
F. Choudhary
P. Chowdhary
S. Chowdhury
A. Khan
M. Rahman
M. Soosairaj
15 SHOTS 16
10 FOULS 10
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
1 FC Goa 1 1 0 0 3 3
2 Jamshedpur FC 1 1 0 0 1 3
3 Kerala Blasters FC 1 1 0 0 1 3
4 Bengaluru FC 1 0 1 0 0 1
5 NorthEast United FC 1 0 1 0 0 1
6 Hyderabad FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
7 Mumbai City FC 0 0 0 0 0 0
8 ATK 1 0 0 1 -1 0
9 Odisha FC 1 0 0 1 -1 0
10 Chennaiyin FC 1 0 0 1 -3 0
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PtsTotal Points
Match time Wed, 21 Nov 2018, 07:30 PM
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