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RUS vs CRO Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
3 - 4
AET 2 - 2
D. Cheryshev 31'
M. Fernandes 115'
D. Kuzyaev (P) 121'
S. Ignashevich (P) 121'
M. Fernandes (PM) 121'
A. Dzagoev (P) 121'
F. Smolov (PM) 121'
39' A. Kramarić
100' D. Vida
121' D. Vida (P)
121' L. Modrić (P)
121' M. Kovačić (PM)
121' M. Brozović (P)
121' I. Rakitić (P)
Oh, Russia. Two absurd penalties cost the hosts a magical place in the semifinals of their own World Cup. Commiserations to Russia, Congratulations to Croatia. 

This has been an immense, immense match. My God. A quarter for the ages. 

Thank you for reading this, Thank you Russia for being. Anirudh Menon signing out. 

PENALTY #9: Kuzyaev runs straight, and casually passes it into the bottom corner. WOOF! Russia 3 - 3 Croatia... Rakitic stepping up to win it
PENALTY #8: Vida steps up, and thumps it in. No saving that. Russia 2 - 3 Croatia (4 each)
PENALTY #7: Sergei Ignashevich steps up and smashes it into the corner not occupied by a diving Subasic. Russia 2 - 2 Croatia
PENALTY #5: Mario Fernandes belts it well wide. With Subasic rooted to the center, he dragged it inches wide. Another bad one from the Russians. Russia 1 - 1 Croatia
PENALTY #4: Mateo Kovacic runs in... Igor Akinfeev saves brilliantly low to his left. IMMENSE SAVE! Russia 1 - 1 Croatia (after 2 each)
PENALTY #3: Alan Dzagoev will take it... and he scores. Passes it into the other corner as Subasic dives to his right. Russia 1 -1 Croatia
PENALTY #2: Marcelo Brozovic steps up... and SCORES! Belts it just above a diving Akinfeev. Russia 0 - 1 Croatia
PENALTY #1: Smolov runs up, tries a panenka... and Subasic saves. Awful pen 
Russia to take the first pen. Fydor Smolov starts.
121' ONE MINUTE ADDED ON, the vast majority of it taken up by Modric, Rakitic, Brozovic, Kovacic closing down Dzagoev. Croatia break and Mandzukic is this far away from running through on goal, Oh, the drama. 
120' Modric wins a foul, Modric takes the freekick. Kovacic flicks it on - but Russia hold firm. Croatia continue to pass as they probe for an opening... 
119' OH! OH! OH! After a lovely bit of passing about on the edge of the box, Zobnin smashes a low hard shot at goal that Subasic dives down well to catch. Considering the state of that right leg of his, that was a truly remarkable save
118' OH! RUSSIA ARE GEE-D UP ALRIGHT! Smolov's just careened into a block on Lovren at the edge of the Croat box, They can sense history is within their grasp. 
117' The mad man smashes a curler well over Akinfeev's crossbar
116' Sochi is absolutely bouncing. Croatia are looking for an immediate response - through that mad-man genius that is Luka Modric. 
OH MY, SOCHI HAS GONE MAD! Dzagoev whips in the most delicious ball - where the Brazilian born full back rises unmarked and slams a header into the far corner. What a goal. OH, MY. WORD. What a match!
113' Subasic again! Smolov sold Vida down the rivet with a lovely feint, before chipping a ball into the box - where Subasic clawed it away. Pivaric then goes into the book for deliberate handball at the edge of the box. Alan Dzagoev stands over it... 
112' OH! SUBASIC YOU HERO, YOU! The intial corner was punched clear by the keeper; before Kuzyaev smashed in a volley that he stopped with his chest - after it had gone through his hands.WOOF! That was HIT
111' Zobnin runs at Brozovic. Wins corner. Dzagoev will take... 
110' Raktic ends up curling a comfortable ball right into the hands of Akinfeev. 
109' Kovacic slams into Kudryashov and wins the ball in the process, but gets fouled. Modric will look to curl one in. 
108' Yellow for Gazinski as Mandzukic is tripped on a Croatia counter. 
107' Luka Modric sprints to keep a hopeless lost ball in. HOW DOES THIS MAN HAVE THAT MUCH ENERGY LEFT IN THOSE LITTLE, MUSCULAR, LEGS OF HIS?
106' The Russians are pressing furiously high, but Pilaric and Mandzukic are doing their bit by winning throw-in after throw-in 
106' Croatia are playing some lovely keep-ball; Kovacic at the heart of it all

Subasic is barely limping now. This last fifteen is going to be L.O.C.O
105'+2' Dzagoev's caught near the touchline, and the sub has a chance to curl one into the box... he does so; Subasic leaps to gather and the ref calls for a foul on him. 
105'+1' Cherchesov is furious with his fans for not being loud enough - they seem shocked into silence do the folk in Sochi. 
105' Two minutes to be added on. 
104' OH! EROKHIN! OH! EROKHIN! Dzagoev's corner is glanced off the forehead of the midfielder and harmlessly across the face of the goal. 
103' Erokhin wins a corner, Dazagoev takes... and wins another corner. 
102' When he limped off injured in the opener of this tournament, would he have even considered that his return to a Russian shirt would be made in extra time of a quarterfinal?
101' Golovin off, Alan Dzagoev on. 
OH! MY! WHAT A SHOCK! The Croats won a corner that Modric pinged onto the head of a leaping Vida - and he hit a header through Kutepov's and Corluka's legs and into the far corner. 
99' OH! OH! OH! Lovren misplaces a pass straight to Golovin - who ran at Lovren and Corluka, before feeding Smolov... the Russian flies into the box and he goes down. Far too easily.  
98' Fernandes goes in hard on Mandzukic; the Croat looks happy to just hit the floor and get off his feet. 
97' Not if Modric has something to say about it; He speeds away from his marker like he's got an extra battery in those legs - but Kutepov sees him with a show of muscular strength. 
96' Let's count it out. Vrsaljko is down and out - and Vedran Corluka, that ageless bugger, is on in his stead. But, both Subasic and Mandzukic are barely able to put one foot in front of the other. More than Russia, it looks its going to be Croatia holding on for pens
95' Croatia and Russia are exchanging possession here - Croatia's playing on with 10 men; Brozovic's filling in at right back. 
94' They are taking their time about this
93' The tireless Mario Fernandes looks to bomb forward down the right, but runs out of space as Pivaric sees him off. On the other flank, Vrsaljko has gone down, and it looks like there'll be a change for the Atleti man. 
92' Kuzyaev flings himself across the box - like an ersatz Superman - and the Croats, and the ref, laugh at his half-hearted penalty appeals
91' Russia move forward; and as a ball is pumped forward - and Smolov wins an early corner off VIda. Golovin fizzes in a superb ball into the six yard box that Croatia somehow scramble clear. 
Subasic is going to continue! OH!

I may just faint before the night is out. 
90'+5' You can taste the tension in the air in Sochi. Doesn't matter if you are a million miles away in Bangalore. This World Cup's been loco. Croatia are still passing it around... 
90'+4' Smolov gets the ball near the byline - and smashes a shot at goal - that Subasic does supremely well to palm away. He's not out of this just yet
90'+2' Modric takes it quick, Russia barely clear for another corner. He takes it early again, and once again it's scraped away for a corner. From the third, he plays in a lovely ball that Kovacic just can't get himself to reach. UFF!
90'+1' Pivaric marauds forward and looks to pick out someone in the middle; but Gazinsky gets himself back and blocks it. Modric picks it up and wins himself a corner with a lovely dribble into the box. 
90' Subasic looks out, but he may just brave this injury time period. Vida's giving him a hug of encouragement. There will be FIVE MINUTES of addded time for him to survive
89' Mateo Kovacic comes on for Andrej Kramaric as Croatia look to seize the game by the midfield. OH! MY! AS SUBASIC BENDS TO GATHER A BALL AT THE BYLINE, HE CRUMBLES IN AGONY! HAS HE DONE A  HAMSTRING HERE? IF HE HAS, CROATIA WILL NEED TO WAIT A FEW MINUTES BEFORE BRINGING ON A REPLACEMENT, they are out three subs already
88' Modric whips it in... Vida rises highest and smashes his header well high... The ref though's already blown for a foul on Kutepov by Lovren. 
87' Boos ring around the Fisht Arena as Croatia pass it patiently amongst themselves... before Erokhin gives a corner under no pressure whatsover. Oh, Erokhin! 
85' Golovin swings it in, and amidst a mass of bodies, Lovren rises highest to thump it clear. You can see by his body language that he's just happy Artem Dzyuba's sitting on the bench right now. 
84' A Vrsaljko handles the ball at the edge of the box - and Golovin stands over the freekick 30 yards out, well left of centre
82' Croatia pepper the Russian box with crosses, but that bedrock of a Russian that is Ignashevich is having none of it. 
81' Erokhin's down after being inadvertently elbowed in the gut by by big Vida... and that's got to hurt. Hopefully, for the sake of the game, he runs back on. 
80' Fernandes skates his way through three challenges and marauds down the right - before cutting one in straight to an alert Vrsaljko. 
79' Big Artem Dzyuba - who has been absolutely brilliant tonight - is taken off for Yuri Gazinsky; the man who scored the very first goal of this most entertaining of World Cups
77' That comes to nothing. 
76' OH! MODRIC! After he laid it of to Kramaric, and the goalscorer trivela-d a lovely ball out to Mandzukic, the ball fell beuatifully for Modric, the Juve man cushioning his header brilliantly - but for some inexplicable reason, he snatches it and the chances goes abegging. Croatia win a corner, though
75' Kuzyaev gets the ball inside the Russian half - but holds onto it for too long and Brozovic muscles him off it easily.. Croatia break at pace... 
74' Dzyuba's just chested a ball down right in front of Rakitic's face. The more I see the man, the more astounded I get. I mean, how big is he? Nothing comes from that brief spell of possession, mind
73' Zobnin smartly wins a foul off Rakitic as the Barca superstar looks to make inroads into the Russian box; and once again Igor Akinfeev lines up a monster kick. Meanwhile, Dalic takes off Strinic and brings on Pivaric. 
72'... OH! Smolov slips in Fernandes down the right and he lifts a lovely ball into the box - where Alexander Erokhin steams in ahead of Vida and heads it well over
71' Kutepov lumps the ball forward, Dzyuba wins it - of course, he does, and Russia keep possession in the Croat half... 
70' Dzyuba, though, is not one to give in easily. He simply stands still and draws a silly foul out of Vida -- that's a much needed breather for Russia. 
69' WOOF! Zobnin's been full of handy little flicks and tricks tonight, and he pulls one out to escape the attentions of Modric. Dzyuba, though, can't keep ahold of it under pressure from Vida and Lovren. 
68' Another route one attack fails as Lovren holds his ground
67' Cherchesov recognises this and takes out Denis Cheryshev and brings on Fydor Smolov
66' Russia are struggling to get out of their own half now. Simply nowhere to go. 
64' The Croats have sprung to life! First Vrsaljko's smash into the box is cleared well by a telescopic Ignashevich leg before a Luka Modric maraud into the box is stopped by the 39 year old just inside his own box. The veteran has been immense this tournament. 
63' Kramaric turns and belts one at goal;; but ti smacks off Kutepov. Strinic gathers the rebound and slips in Rebic down the left - whose cutback is stopped by Kutepov just before it can get to Kramaric. 
62' Ivan Perisic, he of the missed golden chance, is off, Marcelo Brozovic is on. Which Luka Modric is going to take up station a touch further ahead 
61' Dzyuba heads it goal, but it's easy for Subasic. Replays show that Lovren held the big man and then slapped him in the face with a right! HOW IS VAR NOT LOOKING AT THAT!
60' Russia bombard forward, and win a corner as Erokhin finds himself inside the box. 
59' OH! MY! OH! MY! How did that stay out! Perisic hits the post from little over six yards out. WHAT A CHANCE! Akinfeev flapped at a hopeful Kramaric ball, and it landed at the feet of the Inter superstar - who shimmied and smacked a side-foot off the inside of the far post, and out! OH! MY!
57' Strinic cuts in, Strinic smashes it into Row Z. 'Leave the shooting to the others', seems to be the though on Zlatko Dalic's midn as he looks on pensively from the touchline
55' Vrsaljko's alright. The Croats maraud forward via the magic feet of Modric; but Erokhin introduces him to the Croatian skipper with a lusty, and fair, challenge. The Russian's break forward - Dzyuba running at Vrsaljko before setting off Cheryshev; who unfortunately lost his footing just as he looked to play in Golovin. On a side note, the sight of Artem Dzyuba sprinting is something else. That a wardrobe can sort its own feet out is nothing short of magical
53' Vrsaljko is down after another tangle with Cheryshev; magic spray attends to him. The Russians take the stoppage to make a change, Samedov off, Erokhin on. 
52' Akinfeev punts one forward - Dzyuba almost latches onto it in the opposition box (that's how mighty the Akinfeev kick was) but Vida and Lovren do just about enough to see him off 
51' Rakitic swings out a lovely ball down the line that Rebic does ever so well to keep in. He recycles out to the right where Perisic swings it in and Kramaric connects with a bicycle! It's weak, though, and poses Akinfeev no problems. 
50' The Russian pseudo-thunder clap is at it again. Russia is fully behind their team here. They're loving what they've seen so far from their lads
49' OH! Vrsaljko fizzes a ball straight across the face of the Russian box, where Kramaric gathers almost at the opposite edge. He sits down three Russians with three different fakes, but in the end takes so long to get a shot away that he gets smothered by red. 
47' Zobnan does superbly to intercept and then turn away from Modric - who uses his trailing leg to bring him down after he's almost past him. Naughty Luka. Lucky Luka too, should have been a yellow, that.  
46' Croatia are passing it around a bit, reacquainting themselves with the ball

This has been a good game, may it continue into the next 45! And may there not be any extra time. Pretty please

The scores are level, promises to be a cracker of a second one. 
45'+2' How do you say nothing in Russian? Anyone out there know? Too lazy to use Google Translate and all. This has been a weird game, at times so full of action it's been 'you-blink, you-miss' and at others, 'you-try-to-keep-your-eyes-open, I-dare-you'
45'+1' Nada, as they say in Spanish. Nothing. 
45' Cheryshev runs at Vrsalkjo. Because he's not Lovren, and knows how to defend, he holds the Russian off with ease. 
44' The Russian Prime Minister and the Croatian President - high up in the VIP box - have congratulated each other on their respective goals. Good show of respect and all that. 
43' Spain really must be kicking themselves for not passing the damn ball forward. At any point during that stupefyingly dull draw they played out with the Russians. If they aren't, they should be. 
41' Cheryshev knuckeballs an amazing freekick into the box, but Artem Dzyuba's adjudged to have fouled Mario Mandzukic - and that lets the Croats off the hook. 
40' OUCH! Perisic steams into Mario Fernandes down the touchline... and for some reason the ref elects not to book him
AH! Where was the Russian ddefence! Mandzukic gamboled into the edge of the byline near the box, from where he lifted in a superb ball that found Kramaric hopelessly free inside the box, five yards out. There could possibly be no missing from there. There wasn't. 
38' NUTMEG ALERT! Golovin on Strinic, who tugs him back in response. Yellow for the left-back
37' Dzyuba wins yet another foul, and from the setpiece Golovin picks out big Sergei Ignashevich - who's toe poke bounces just over Subasic's crossbar. 

36' WOOF! Chersyhev plays in a ball out to Kuzyaev; who plays in the rapid Mario Fernandes down the right. He chips a delicate ball into Samedov who tries to overhead the ball into the box; but fails miserably. 
35' The corner hones its way onto Dzyuba's massive noggin' and Russia clear... Lovren then steams into the big man's back near the half-way line and gets into the book for his trouble. 
34' Perisic bombs down the left flank and wins a corner for the Croats. They are looking for an immediate response here. 
OH! MY! LORD! OH. MY. LORD. What is this goal. WHAT IS THIS GOAL! Cheryshev played a lovely one-two with Dzyuba before running onto it, twenty five yards out, and curling an absolute belter into the top right corner of Subasic's goal. The big Croat just stood and watched it fizz in. My word. 
31' Kudryashov lobs a useful ball into the box where Dzyuba sticks out a telescopic leg but can't really get it under control. 
29' Fernandes and Samedov combine to bomb down the right... and win a freekick out on the right flank. Cheryshev tries to catch Subasic out with a shot at goal - but Subasic ain't no Seaman 
28' OH! EXCITEMENT! Vrsaljko, who's had a good half hour out in Sochi, pings one into the six-yard box where Perisic dives low to guide a header just out. 
27' Rakitic tries to up the ante with a crossfield out to Vrsaljko, but he gets it way off target this time. 
26' Why Croatia are doing the same thing, though, is beyond me. 
24' Pass-pass-pass go Russia. What is it they say about a bit of the soul of those you've destroyed becoming a part of you?
22' A couple of loose passes and looser touches are creeping into the game now as both sides try to get some sort of a firm grasp on the game. The opening madness has subsided considerably to be replaced by a more patient half-press from both sides. 
20' In the middle of a completely nonsensical minute of both sides exchanging possession, there was a Luka Modric chip that went five yards to his right to Perisic that was quite simply a thing of beauty. What a player that man is, woof!
19' The Russians have started on an ersatz tribute to the Icelandic Viking clap... that inspires Russia to win it back; Zobnin intercepts and tries to release Cheryshev but Vrsaljko has his head about him. Nothing's getting past him
17' Ignashevich, who I'm sure was alive during the crowing of Tsar Alexander the First, sprays an absolutely incredible ball out to Mario Fernandes, who just about keeps it in for Samedov. The midfielder has a great first touch, but there's really no acreage for him to run into and Subasic comes out to smother
16' Rakitic takes it, and sends it flying into the top tier. The Russian wall had Artem Dzyuba... that's a big, big, wall. 
15' The ensuing set-piece leads to another as Rebic tries to weave his way into the box and Kuzyaev puts an end to that nonsense right at the edge of the box. Twenty yards out, well left of center - that's Becks territory
14' Rebic goes down under extreme pressure from Kudryashov.
13' OH! ARTEM! The big man does superbly to hold up play, hold off Lovren, and then tee up Samedov down the right. He in turn lifts one in - but the ball's aimed at Cheryshev rather than Dyzuba... Lovren heaves a sigh of relief and powers his clearing header away
12' Kuzyaev tries to Rakitic a ball out wide to Kudryashov. It's hopeless. Stanislav Cherchesov gets off his bench and screams at his midfielder. If I were Kuzyaev, I'd be scared. Man's a bear. 
11' Rebic is freed down the right flank yet again - and he cuts one into the box, where Mandzukic shanks a useless effort into the stands. 
10' It's suddenly all Croatia now - Perisic wins a corner off Fernandes, and Modric whips it in. It's a delightful ball, but Kutepov gets his noggin' to it and Golovin almost breaks after a sublime first touch allows him to burst into a bit of space outside his own box. Strinic, though, does well to win a freekick
9' OH MY LORD! Rakitic looks up and pings a frankly awe-inspiring 60-yard crossfield to Vrsaljko... who squares it into the box first time; Iganshevich does supremely well to get there ahead of Mandzukic. 
8' Modric is seeing a lot of the ball suddenly; and he's quarterback-ing this game at the moment. Russia need to get a man on him. Now. 
6' Finally Croatia move forward with some purpose. Rebic gathers the ball inside the box, cuts in on Kudryashov, sends him to fetch a pail of water and some vodka, before smashing a ball at Akinfeev that deflects off the goalie and away for a corner. From it, Lovren beats Kutepov to the ball in the air, and his flick on is headed just over the bar by Rebic. 
5' OH! Dzyuba flicks it on to Golovin, who motors forward and swings in a useful looking cross that Cheyshev is just not tall enough to get to. The ball rebounds out to Dzyuba - who smashes a volley at goal, only for Lovren to come out and put in a brave block. Nothing comes of the ensuing corner
3' Croatia haven't really settled yet. Russia are pressing them forward in that inexorable way that was seen in their opening two group games
2' Vida steps forward with real intent... but Kuzyaev intercepts and sets Golovin on his way. The midfield schemer passes it on to that human fridge, Artem Dzuyba, who delicately lays it off to Cheryshev to run onto... Sime Vrsaljko, though, has tracked his run and puts in a superb tackle to block the shot. Great stuff that from the Atleti man
1' Russia start with a press that matches in intensity that matches that of their fans in the stadium. It's a sea of red up there. 

Croatia in their lovely all-black outfit (with dark blue checks in the tee) kick off from right to left as you'd see it on the telly. Russia in their storied red and white will be aiming to move it the other way
Hands have been shaken, photos have been taken, racism has been told to f*** off, a coin is about to be tossed. Football is imminent. 
The magnificent Russian anthem has rung out across the Fisht Stadium. Immense. Goosebumps. As great as the Croat anthem was, as great as the Croatian footballers are,you can't blame them if they are a touch overwhelmed. There's nothing in this world quite like a home nation united behind their team, roaring them on. 
Russia vs Croatia - Confirmed Lineups 

Russia XI (4-2-3-1): Igor Akinfeev (GK); Mario Fernandes, Ilya Kutepov, Sergey Ignashevich, Fedor Kudryashov; Roman Zobnin, Daler Kuzyaev; Aleksandr Samedov, Aleksandr Golovin, Denis Cheryshev; Artem Dzyuba

Croatia XI (4-3-3): Danijel Subasic; Sime Vrsaljko, Dejan Lovren, Domagoj Vida, Ivan Strinic; Ivan Rakitic, Luka Modric, Ante Rebic, Andrej Kramaric, Ivan Perisic; Mario Mandzukic
Russia vs Croatia - Managers Speaketh

Russian boss, Stanislav Cherchesov has been trying to address the issue of pressure from the public:

"As a coach I am trying not to watch the TV, I don't read papers, I am concentrating on my job. I believe that is the same for the players. I am trying not to get distracted. If I get a newspaper I will read a headline. Criticism is good but I believe we should have our eyes and ears open. We Russians like extremes so let's not go to these extremes. I believe it should be constructive, analytical criticism. You say people are euphoric: we, the people in the team, are not the people who should be euphoric."

Zlatko Dalic has been speaking too -

"This is a completely different game and opportunity for both teams. If you beat Spain, then you deserve your place among the eight best teams in the World Cup. It will not be easy for us to play in front of so many local fans, but my players do this every week in the best world leagues."

He also spoke of the famous Class of '98 - "Yes, I remember where I was 20 years ago when Croatia came third. As a fan I watched the first three games and then I had to go back to my club, go to the preparations with my team. I've always been with the Croatia team as a fan at all competitions."

We also had Ivan Rakitic speaking ahead of the game, and he seemed quietly confident. "Four years ago, we experienced how to play against the host of the World Cup in Brazil. We will enjoy the game and the ambiance, but also think about what we need to do to beat Russia."
Russia vs Croatia - Kickoff time, Venue, TV Schedule, Live Streaming details

Kickoff time: 9 PM Local Time | 7 PM UK | 11:30 PM IST (that's 2330 for you, soldier)
Venue: Fisht Stadium, Sochi
TV Schedule: Sony Ten 2, Sony Ten 2 HD in India, ITV in the UK, SuperSport in Nigeria, Fox in the US
Live Stream: Sonyliv - but why disturb your folk on a working-day late-night and pay the premium on top of it? You could just follow it on the low right here!

Russia vs Croatia - Team News

Stanislav Chercheshov has quite a bit of thinking to do. Yuri Zhirkov, that ageless left-footed wonder, is out with a calf problem, and that will mean shuffling up the back-line that's served Russia so well this tournament. Fedor Kudryashov could come in as the hosts switch back to a back four.

Up front, Alan Dzagoev is back in contention after recovering from a hamstring issue that kept him out of all but 20 odd minutes of this World Cup - but he does have a slight back issue, and Denis Cheryshev should continue to remain above him in the pecking order.

For Zlatko Dalic, he walks into the second consecutive knock-out tie with the tag 'favourites' and he'll be pleased to have Ivan Strinic and Mateo Kovacic both fighting fit after recovering from leg and shoulder problems respectively.

The Madrid man is unlikely to make the starting XI, though, with Marcelo Brozovic continuing to be the anchor of what has been the best midfield in this tournament.

Russia vs Croatia - Probable Lineups 

Russia Predicted XI (4-2-3-1):
Igor Akinfeev (GK); Mario Fernandes, Ilya Kutepov, Sergey Ignashevich, Fedor Kudryashov; Roman Zobnin, Daler Kuzyaev; Aleksandr Samedov, Aleksandr Golovin, Denis Cheryshev; Artem Dzyuba

Croatia Predicted XI (4-3-3): Danijel Subasic; Sime Vrsaljko, Dejan Lovren, Domagoj Vida, Ivan Strinic; Ivan Rakitic, Marcelo Brozovic, Ante Rebic, Luka Modric, Ivan Perisic; Mario Mandzukic

Russia vs Croatia - Form Guide
(all competitions - most recent first)

Russia: WLWWDL

Nothing in the run of results prior to this World Cup suggested Russia would reach the quarterfinals of their home tourney - beating Spain enroute - so who are we to look to deep into as mundane a thing as a form guide?

Most recent game: 01/07/18: Spain 1 - 1 Russia (3-4 on pens)

Croatia: WWWWWL

Croatia were, arguably, the best team in the Group Stages of this tournament, and although they were given a proper ol' fright by Denmark, they carry considerable momentum into this quarter - their second appearance at this stage. 

Most recent game: Croatia 1 - 1 Denmark (3-2 on pens)

Russia vs Croatia - Head to Head

Games Played: 3

The two previous competitive meetings, in qualifying for Euro 2008, both ended 0-0.

Russia Wins: 0

Croatia Wins: 1
The only other encounter was a friendly match in November 2015 which saw the Croats win 3-1 in Rostov-on-Don. The Russians led at half-time through Fedor Smolov's goal but second-half strikes from Nikola Kalinic, Marcelo Brozovic, and Mario Mandzukic won it for the visitors.Kalinic is of course unavailable for selection after he was sent back home for refusing to come on as a sub in their opener agaisnt Nigeria. What a muppet

Draws: That is but elementary [math], my dear Watson. Really, really, elementary

Russia vs Croatia - Prediction

Croatia are far superior on paper, so Russia are going to batten down the hatches and play for the draw - but will it be enough to keep Messrs Modric and Rakitic from picking holes in the fortress? With the massive Artem Dzyuba up against Dejan Lovren up at the other end, it'be silly to discount the possibility of a set-piece goal for the Russians too. My prediction, then? Russia 1 - 1 Croatia aet; winner to be decided on pens (and it's cruel to ask anyone to predict how a shootout will play out -- unless England are involved; and even that's up in the air now. God, what a weird World Cup)​
I. Rakitić, Penalty
F. Smolov
M. Brozović, Penalty
A. Dzagoev, Penalty
M. Kovačić
M. Fernandes
L. Modrić, Penalty
S. Ignashevich, Penalty
D. Vida, Penalty
D. Kuzyaev, Penalty
M. Fernandes
assist: A. Dzagoev
J. Pivarić
Y. Gazinskiy
A. Dzagoev
A. Golovin
D. Vida
D. Vida
assist: L. Modrić
V. Ćorluka
Š. Vrsaljko
M. Kovačić
A. Kramarić
Y. Gazinskiy
A. Dzyuba
J. Pivarić
I. Strinić
F. Smolov
D. Cheryshev
M. Brozović
I. Perišić
A. Erokhin
A. Samedov
A. Kramarić
assist: M. Mandžukić
I. Strinić
D. Lovren
D. Cheryshev
assist: A. Dzyuba
Croatia (4-2-3-1)
Zlatko Dalić (Manager)
I. Akinfeev
F. Kudryashov
S. Ignashevich
I. Kutepov
M. Fernandes
R. Zobnin
D. Kuzyaev
D. Cheryshev
A. Golovin
A. Samedov
A. Dzyuba
D. Subašić
I. Strinić
D. Vida
D. Lovren
Š. Vrsaljko
I. Rakitić
L. Modrić
I. Perišić
A. Kramarić
A. Rebić
M. Mandžukić
Croatia (4-2-3-1)
Zlatko Dalić (Manager)
Russia Subs
A. Dzagoev
A. Erokhin
V. Gabulov
Y. Gazinskiy
V. Granat
A. Lunev
Aleksey Miranchuk
Anton Miranchuk
A. Semenov
I. Smolnikov
F. Smolov
Y. Zhirkov
Croatia Subs
M. Badelj
F. Bradarić
M. Brozović
T. Jedvaj
L. Kalinić
M. Kovačić
D. Livaković
J. Pivarić
M. Pjaca
D. Ćaleta-Car
V. Ćorluka
13 SHOTS 18
25 FOULS 18
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
Group B
1 Spain 3 1 2 0 1 5
2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
Group C
1 France 3 2 1 0 2 7
2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group D
1 Croatia 3 3 0 0 6 9
2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group E
1 Brazil 3 2 1 0 4 7
2 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Serbia 3 1 0 2 -2 3
4 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group F
1 Sweden 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Mexico 3 2 0 1 -1 6
3 Korea Republic 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Germany 3 1 0 2 -2 3
Group G
1 Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 England 3 2 0 1 5 6
3 Tunisia 3 1 0 2 -3 3
4 Panama 3 0 0 3 -9 0
Group H
1 Colombia 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Japan 3 1 1 1 0 4
3 Senegal 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 -3 3
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - Quarter-finals
Stadium Olimpiyskiy Stadion Fisht
Match time Sat, 07 Jul 2018, 11:30 PM
Updated: Jul 08, 2018 02:22 AM | Published: Jul 07, 2018 20:45 PM