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SWI vs COS Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
2 - 2
Costa Rica
B. Džemaili 31'
J. Drmic 88'
56' K. Waston
90'+3' B. Ruiz (PM)
90'+3' Y. Sommer (OG)
93' PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! We wet 5 minutes deep into stoppage time and there were only 2 minutes added on in the first place. 

Costa Rica claim a point. Switzerland claim a spot in the final 16. As do Brazil.

If only Costa Rica showed up for their matches against Brazil and Serbia like they did today. Sigh.

It finishes Costa Rica 2-2 Switzerland.

That's that from the yap centre. 


It doesn't harm Switzerland. Ruiz strikes the ball against the crossbar and it pops out and hits Sommer's head and goes in anyway. He shouldn't have gone the right way.
92' Substitution for Costa Rica.

Gamboa off. Smith on. 
92' Ruiz will take this one.
91' CAMPBELL WINS A PENALTY! He has been absolutely excellent today, particularly in the second half. He dribbles past Zakaria but the latter still runs into him and brings him down inside the area.
90+1' Substitution for Costa Rica.

Guzman off. Azofeifa on. 
89' They;re checking VAR for a possible offside. And it does appear like Bryan Ruiz is offside.
89' Ruiz is fouled by Rodriguez inside the area and Waston gets a yellow card for a nudge on the ref. Rodriguez gets a yellow for the foul.
88' PENALTY FOR COSTA RICA! Chaos breaks out.

Dzemaili keeps the ball after running into a cul-de-sac and then slides it across to Zakaria on the right flank. Zakaria then cuts it back for Drmic who sidefoots it home.
85' Brazil are leading 2-0 against Serbia and it looks like Brazil and Switzerland will go through to the round of 16 with the South Americans heading the group.
83' Campbell has been quite impressive in the second half. He motors onto the edge of the area and sends one across the edge of the area for Gamboa who sends one into the area. His cross is deflected and Waston crashes into Schar and concedes a freekick.
82' Yellow card for Schar who stops Campbell and then kicks out at him. He will miss the next match.
82' Rodriguez tries to wrestle past Gamboa but ends up conceding a freekick to Costa Rica.
81' Substitution for Switzerland.

Kostic off. Radonjic on.
80' Substitution for Switzerland.

Shaqiri off. Lang on.
78' Costa Rica immediately break on the counter and Campbell dribbles past 3 defenders and runs into the area and the rabonas a ball across the box for  Gamboa who unleashes a shot at goal but it is parried out of danger by Sommer. Switzerland win a freekick and can now breathe easy. But that was immense from Joel Campbell.
77' Neat build up play from Switzerland, at the end of which Embolo sends in a beauty to the centre of the area and Drmic heads it but it hits the upright! Switzerland win a corner but it comes to nothing.
76' Xhaka floats a lovely diagonal into the path of Rodriguez who sends in a lovely cross for Embolo on the far post. But the striker, chooses to be unselfish and tries to square it for his teammate but Gonzalez steps in to queer his pitch.
74' Gamboa stirs his stumps and fizzes past Embolo and then Zakaria. But Zakaria's having none of that drags him to the floor to earn a yellow card.
72' Rodriguez plays a ball into the area from the left flank but it is guided safely into the hands of Navas by Oviedo.
71' Drmic tries to go for glory from outside the box but his shot takes a meaty deflection off Gonzalez and ends up being an easy catch for Navas.
69' The ball whizzes past all those bodies and floats over Borges who ran clear in the centre in order to meet it. It goes out for a goalkick.
68' Substitution for Switzerland.

Gavranovic off. Drmic on.
68' Ricardo Rodriguez heads a dangerous cross clear for a corner as it looked set to fall for Campbell. Corner for Switzerland.
66' Colindres plays the ball deftly across the left flank for Oviedo and the latter tries to drive the ball into the area but Switzerland see it clear and Costa Rica have a throw-in near the corner flag.
65' 25 minutes more for the Swissmen to keep their heads and keep this match from going beyond them.
63' Colindres spreads it out to Guzman on the right flank as Costa Rica break on the counter. But his pass has a bit too much weight and Switzerland press Guzman into conceding a throw-in as another Costa Rican attack is scuppered.
62' Rodriguez tries to swivel past the Costa Rican defenders in an attempt to whip one in but they queer his pitch and Switzerland will have to content with a throw-in which they waste anyway.
60' Oviedo puts in two brilliant tackles to deny the Swiss a route into the box. Zakaria tries to dribble past Gamboa but runs into traffic on the left wing. Switzerland will have to try again.
59' Substitution for Switzerland.

Behrami off. Zakaria on.
57' As it stands, Switzerland will go through. But it's a nervy situation. If they concede one more, they will be facing elimination.

Borges slides the ball into the box for Campbell who tries to wriggle past two defenders and ends up winning a corner. Campbell volunteers to take the corner and Waston negotiates well with Akanji and sends him clutching at grass before nodding the ball into the corner past the despairing dive of Sommer. Game on!
53' Oviedo flashes one over the top! Campbell keeps the ball and finds Colindres beyond the far post and the latter queues up Colindres for a shot at goal but he strikes it way over the crossbar as Costa Rica squander yet another opportunity to restore parity.
52' Embolo finds himself in a tricky position by the byline and tries to whizz one past Navas but he hits it straight at the Madrid goalkeeper who punches it clear.
51' Gonzalez just does enough to put Embolo off after Dzemaili almost releases the striker clear into the area. Corner for Switzerland comes to nothing.
50' Colindres' cross from the left wing is poor and finds nobody and goes out for a goalkick.
48' Rodriguez, with his left foot that's more than capable of producing special results, leathers a volley from 30 yards out and his shot goes over the crossbar, almost stealing a kiss on its way out.
47' Corner is once again poor but Borges manages to swing it into the area where it falls like a dream for Campbell who slices the ball wide. What a chance!
47' Shaqiri's ball is headed clear and Costa Rica break on the counter and Campbell wins a corner. They've once again made an enterprising start to proceedings.
45' Ovideo hacks Shaqiri and condemns him to the grass. Switzerland have a freekick, 45 odd yards away from goal.
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off in the second half. 45 minutes that will decide Switzerland's fate. They're currently on their way to the last 16 and so are Brazil.
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! Costa Rica have created the better opportunities but Switzerland have the lead going into half time. Thank Sommer for keeping them in the game with some crucial saves.
45' Once again the corner comes to nothing. Oh, btw, 1 minute added on.
45' Shaqiri plays a dangerous lobbed ball into the box but Gonzalez heads it out for a corner. Rodriguez will take it.
44' Embolo tries to feed Gavranovic inside the area with a deft flick but they aren't on the same wavelength and Costa Rica get a goalkick.
41' Colindres plays Borges free on the right side but it's a bit too deep for the latter's liking and he can't make anything of it and concedes a goalkick.
39' Dzemaili flicks it on from the near post but Embolo can't put the finishing touches on it and Costa Rica have a goalkick.
39' Lichsteiner and Shaqiri combine to put the Costa Ricans into a spot of bother down the right flank but Acosta steps in and clears it out for a corner.
38' Dzemaili pirouettes past Waston inside the area but his cross is cleared out of danger by Gonzalez.
37' The freekick is delivered deep into the box by Guzman and Waston peels off behind the defenders and reaches it but can only direct the ball on to the sidenetting.
36' Lichsteiner will miss the next match after feeling up Colindres' shin with the bottomside of his right boot.
35' Paulinho has scored for Brazil. As it stands, Serbia 0-1 Brazil.
34' Shaqiri is on the deck and has been there for quite a while now. Seems like Waston knocked the wind out of his sails with a rugby like tackle from the side.
33' Rodriguez delivery is nothing great and Switzerland will have to retreat as Gamboa is fouled outside the area.
32' The ball falls for Dzemaili again and this time the deflection off Gonzalez takes it over the top and Switzerland have a corner now. They are looking rampant. Costa Rica should have capitalized on that early domination.

They've had some really worrying moments but now they're well on course to make it to the last 16. Shaqiri spreads the ball out from the centre to the wings and Lichsteiner whips it in and Embolo heads it back into the danger zone and Dzemaili thwacks it home. It clips Gonzalez heels on the way but it makes no difference.
29' Joel Campbell receives a booking for autographing Akanji's face with his elbow.
28' Rodriguez tries to propel a diagonal ball across the field for Shaqiri who is trying to sneak into the box but Oviedo tracks back and sends the ball into Navas' hands.
27' Switzerland have been really sloppy in possession and need to get their act together and eke out that point.
25' That corner is hit straight at Navas who pulls off some levitation trick and punches it clear.
24' Lichsteiner gets a corner after Oviedo blocked his cross. They get into a little argy bargy but they sort it out immediately and are now friends for ever.
23' The Swiss have given it away once again and invite trouble but Colindres' shot is blocked by Akanji whose timely intervention prevented disaster. Corner for Costa Rica. But it comes to nothing.
21' Switzerland give the ball away for the umpteenth time but ultimately, Colindres' cross from the left flank is driven low and hit straight at Sommer.
19' The corner ball is picked up rather comfortably by Sommer.
19' Oviedo goes for goal from outside the box, on the left side but Sommer gets down and parries it for a corner.
18' Shaqiri tries to float one into the box from the centre of the park but his pass is too close to Navas and the goalkeeper gobbles it up.
16' Shaqiri motors into the final third and tries to find Embolo but it runs farhter than that and falls to Gavranovic who tries to curl one into the far post but his shot ends up going to the advertisement hoardings for a meet and greet.
15' Costa Ricans have had more of a say on the game in the opening quarter of an hour as opposed to their Swiss counterparts.
13' Lichsteiner finds Shaqiri inside the box and the latter gets a bit too much on the ball as he tries to help it on and Gavranovic and Embolo chase it but Navas reaches there first and punches the ball clear.
12' Lichsteiner lobs an early ball into the box from the right flank for Gavranovic but Gonzalez knocks it clear.
11' Gamboa receives a yellow card for a late lunge on Embolo.
10' Ricardo Rodriguez tries to whip one in from the left flank but Watson is there to clear the danger.
9' Colindres with yet another brilliant effort! Denied only by the crossbar!

He cuts in from the left and lets one rip and he has the beating of Sommer but his shot hits the cross bar and flies away to the other side. Costa Rica have already created 5 chances.
9' Switzerland are finding it difficult to string a few passes together as a charged up Costa Rican side, playing only for pride, look like they have stepped their game up by a couple of notches.
7' Colindres goes for goal from outside the area with his left after drifting away from his marker but sends his shot over the crossbar.
5' Sommer makes two back to back badass saves. First was Campbell, who cut in from the right and let one fly to the far corner. Sommer parries it and a cross is subsequently pumped into the area which is nodded towards home by Borges. Sommer parries it on to the post!
3' Xhaka plays a diagonal ball out to the right wing and the Costa Ricans switch off, letting Shaqiri track it down near the corner flag. He proceeds to sprint inwards after nutmegging Watson but his cross is cleared by Gonzalez before Embolo could get to it.
2' Costa Rica move the ball about smoothly but Oviedo smacks his cross straight into the stands.
1' Shaqiri swings it in... no, belts it in but it's too fast for anyone to get a touch on it and it fizzes past everyone and out of relevance for a goalkick.
1' Embolo absorbs a challenge from Borges, 25 yards out and Switzerland have a good opportunity to go ahead in the opening minutes of the game. Shaqiri will take it.
PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! And we're off. Embolo kicks off for Switzerland who are in their red kits and will attack from right to left on the TV Screen. The Costa Ricans are in their whites.
Costa Rica are out of the competition. Who qualifies from Group E depends entirely on how these two games, i.e, Serbia vs Brazil and Switzerland vs Costa Rica pan out. Switzerland need a point. Serbia absolutely need to win. Brazil can get through with a point. It's very complicated and complicated Math ain't my jam, bruv.
The teams are being welcomed on to the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium. Switzerland don't want any surprises tonight. A point will buoy them on to the knockout stages. Meanwhile, Brazil and Serbia will battle it out to make sure who will join them.

Germany was knocked out a few hours back. This World Cup has been absolutely unbelievable! More of the same, please. More of the same.
Switzerland vs Costa Rica: Confirmed lineups

Switzerland:  Sommer; Stephen Lichtsteiner, Schar, Akanji, Rodriguez; Behrami, Granit Xhaka; Xherdan Shaqiri, Dzemaili, Embolo; Gavranovic

Costa Rica: Navas; Acosta, Gonzalez, Oviedo, Gamboa; Watson, Borges, Colindres; Ruiz, Guzman, Campbell
Switzerland vs Costa Rica: Kickoff information

Date: 27th June 2018
Kickoff time: 19:00 pm (BST), 23:30 pm (IST)
Venue: Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

Switzerland vs Costa Rica: Team News

Xherdan Shaqiri, Stephen Lichsteiner and Granit Xhaka got into trouble following their controversial 'double-headed eagle gesture'. Fortunately for the Swiss, the trio have been let off by FIFA with a fine. Of course, they did receive a warning for 'unsporting behaviour' as well.

As a result, Switzerland will have their full squad to choose from when they take on Costa Rica in the all-important final group game.

Costa Rica are without any casualties either and Keylor Navas will hope that, at least today, someone will help shoulder the burden of keeping their side in the game.

Switzerland vs Costa Rica: Probable lineups

Switzerland:  Sommer; Stephen Lichtsteiner, Schar, Akanji, Rodriguez; Behrami, Granit Xhaka; Xherdan Shaqiri, Dzemaili, Zuber; Seferovic

Costa Rica:  Keylor Navas; Gamboa, Acosta, Gonzalez, Duarte, Oviedo; Venegas, Guzman, Borges, Bryan Ruiz; Urena

Switzerland vs Costa Rica: Form guide

Switzerland: W-D-W-D-W

Switzerland have been in good form. They have a good chance of going through, given the form they are in. They drew with Brazil and against the odds, they registered a win against the Serbs.

Costa Rica: W-L-L-L-L

Costa Rica's only win in the last 5 games came against Northern Ireland and had no real response to offer as they were being torn apart by the formidable Belgian attack in the lead up to the World Cup.

Though they gave it their best against Serbia and Brazil, they just couldn't keep their net from being disturbed.

Switzerland vs Costa Rica: Head to Head

Games played: 2
Switzerland wins: 1
Costa Rica wins: 1

Switzerland vs Costa Rica: Key PlayersSwitzerland have Xherdan Shaqiri flying down the wings and he is their best attacking outlet. Granit Xhaka has been pinging diagonals and keeping things ticking in their midfield like he's never been to Arsenal.

If at all Bryan Ruiz and Urena are planning to show up and deliver the goods on the big stage for their nation, it has to be tonight. The quality is there. But can they make it count?

Switzerland vs Costa Rica: Prediction

Predicted scoreline: Switzerland 2-0 Costa Rica​
I. Smith
C. Gamboa
Y. Sommer (Own Goal)
B. Ruiz
R. Azofeifa
D. Guzmán
K. Waston
J. Drmic
assist: D. Zakaria
F. Schär
M. Lang
X. Shaqiri
R. Wallace
D. Colindres
D. Zakaria
J. Drmic
M. Gavranović
D. Zakaria
V. Behrami
K. Waston
assist: J. Campbell
S. Lichtsteiner
B. Džemaili
assist: B. Embolo
J. Campbell
C. Gamboa
Costa Rica (3-4-2-1)
Óscar Antonio Ramírez Hernández (Manager)
Y. Sommer
R. Rodríguez
M. Akanji
F. Schär
S. Lichtsteiner
G. Xhaka
V. Behrami
B. Embolo
B. Džemaili
X. Shaqiri
M. Gavranović
K. Navas
K. Waston
G. González
J. Acosta
B. Oviedo
D. Guzmán
C. Borges
C. Gamboa
D. Colindres
B. Ruiz
J. Campbell
Costa Rica (3-4-2-1)
Óscar Antonio Ramírez Hernández (Manager)
Switzerland Subs
R. Bürki
J. Djourou
J. Drmic
N. Elvedi
G. Fernandes
R. Freuler
M. Lang
F. Moubandje
Y. Mvogo
H. Seferović
D. Zakaria
Costa Rica Subs
R. Azofeifa
C. Bolaños
F. Calvo
Ó. Duarte
K. Gutiérrez
L. Moreira
P. Pemberton
I. Smith
Y. Tejeda
M. Ureña
J. Venegas
R. Wallace
13 SHOTS 14
9 FOULS 14
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
Group B
1 Spain 3 1 2 0 1 5
2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
Group C
1 France 3 2 1 0 2 7
2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group D
1 Croatia 3 3 0 0 6 9
2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group E
1 Brazil 3 2 1 0 4 7
2 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Serbia 3 1 0 2 -2 3
4 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group F
1 Sweden 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Mexico 3 2 0 1 -1 6
3 Korea Republic 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Germany 3 1 0 2 -2 3
Group G
1 Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 England 3 2 0 1 5 6
3 Tunisia 3 1 0 2 -3 3
4 Panama 3 0 0 3 -9 0
Group H
1 Colombia 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Japan 3 1 1 1 0 4
3 Senegal 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 -3 3
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - Week 3
Stadium Stadion Nizhny Novgorod
Match time Wed, 27 Jun 2018, 11:30 PM
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