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URU vs POR Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
2 - 1
E. Cavani 7'
E. Cavani 62'
55' Pepe

What a game, what a massive game of football. Uruguay's heroic defense - and Cavani's excellent finishing see them through. Gotta feel for Ronaldo, though. The great man was impressive throughout - but just couldn't do enough!

That's all for me. Anirudh Menon signing out after an excellent night of football. Thank you for reading.

90'+5' Quaresma wins a corner - but Portugal can't do anything with it - even with Rui Patricio in it. 
90'+4' Quaresma gets wiped out on the right flank - and Ronaldo complains vociferously at the ref waving play on! Yellow for the great man! He'll miss it even if they make it through
90'+3' Suarez counters at walking pace and whips in a lovely, lovely ball - that Cristian Rodriguez can only touch out of play. What a chance
90'+2' MY LORD! LAXALT! Guerreiro whipped in another delicious ball that Andre Silva was all set to tap in - but Laxalt throws himself at it and heads it away. What heroic defending. WOOF!
90'+1' Nothing happens 
90' FOUR MINUTES ADDED ON says the assistant's board as Ronaldo's screaming shot swerves well wide of Muslera's goal. Can he keep his team in it?
89' There's simply no way through that wall of light blue for the men in white.. this is incredible defending from Uruguay. Laxalt shows more of it by stopping Quaresma in his tracks and winning a foul off of Fernandes. 
87' OH! OH! Suarez is almost free on the counter - he feeds it out wide to Stuani; who wins a corner. With Uruguay not committing anyone forward, Portugal see it off easily. 
86' Quaresma whips in anothe rintriguing ball into the box; where Andre Silva wins it - but Torreira thumps clear. Manu Fernandes then has a thulp from way out, and it arrows into the top corner; of the bloody stand. He has one more shot like that and I guarantee you Cristiano Ronaldo will slap him dead. 
85' Santos throws on Manuel Fernandes for Joao Mario... his first contribution is to slap a shot, a weak one, at Muslera. He'll have that all day, thank you very much. 
84' Silva jinks into the area with a lovely, lovely run before playing in Perreira - the fullback steams into the box; but Godin shoulders him off with the power of an ox. Damn, what a defender that man is. 
83' OH! MY! OH! MY! Quaresma trivelas a lovely cross into the box where once again the ball misses Ronaldo - and Andre Silva - by centimetres. Silva then plays in Perreira down the right; and his cross into the box is superbly blocked by Torreira. 
82' OH! MY! Diego Godin's just skeddadled down the middle of the field - Der Kaiser reincarnate on the field; but Sanchez loses it with a loose touch. 
81' They play it short and lose it immediately. Ronaldo races into the box, loses two but runs into the human roadblock that is Diego Godin. 
80' Sub for Uruguay as Carlos Sanchez comes on for the excellent Nahitan Nandez. Portugal wait to take the corner.. 
79' Quaresma swings it in, Godin heads it away. On the other flank, Bernardo Silva and Guerreiro do well to try something different and as Silva ghosts into the area - he's blocked by Torreira. 
78' Portugal are bombarding the Portuguese box with crosses, Godin and Jimenez are heading them all out! Ronaldo drops deep and leathers one at goal; but Jimenez gets the entirety of his considerable frame behind it and that's safe. For now. 
77' ONCE AGAIN IT WHISTLES PAST RONALDO'S HEAD! INCHES IN IT! Guerreiro then slaps a wasteful shot well, well, over the bar. 
76' Quaresma runs at Laxalt, and wins a corner... everybody's in the box. EVERYBODY. 
75' Ronaldo runs at Caceras, does a stepover, does two, then loses it. Portugal come back down the other wing - where Ricardo Perreira slips as he sends a cross sailing into Row Z. 
74' Cristian Stuani comes on for Cavani; Andre SIlva comes on for the underwhelming Guedes. This is going to be some finish... 
72' Ronaldo whips in an interesting ball into the box; but it runs across the face of the box without it touching anyone. 
69' Oh, never mind - the ref had whistled for a foul! Bad news for Uruguay here - Edi Cavani's limped off and he's sungalled he needs to be changed!
69' OH! MY! BERNARDO! Quaresma teases one, then two, then, three before swinging in a ball into the box. Portugal work it back and Bernardo chips in a ball that Muslera gets to ahead of Quaresma - he then spills it and Bernardo slaps the rebound well over! OH! MY!
67' OH! MY! Quaresma swings a lovely, lovely, ball into the box - where it misses Ronaldo's head by a matter of centimetre. Oh, so close! The ball pinballs around the area - where Mario tries to dink one into the far post; but there's no one in white there
66' Edinson Cavani plays the most ridiculously brilliant volleyed crossfield out to Suarez, a 70-yard-pearl that Suarez does superbly to keep it in, but Pepe sees him off well. Quaresma screams down the wing and wins a corner off Laxalt
65' Santos is releasing the handbrakes now. Quaresma on for Adrien Silva. This is ON!
64' OH! OH! OH! Perreira plays it around the back for Bernardo Silva ... who's sublime ball into the box is taken away from Ronaldo's toes by the excellent Torreira. What an interception that was. 
63' Cristian Rodriguez has come on for Rodrigo Bentancur as Oscar Tabarez looks to keep this lead. 
WHAT A COUNTER! WHAT. A. GOAL! A lose Pepe header allows Nandez to run at goal, and three-on-three, he plays it out wide to Cavani. The Sniper leans back and strokes a lovely, lovely, curler into the bottom far corner. WOOF! 
61' Mario swings it in deep - Fonte wins it, B. Silva heads it back in, and Muslera catches. Normal service resumed for Uruguay..... 
60' Portugal come streaming back after Carvalho stops a Nandez run in his tracks... and Guedes wins a corner through a speculative shot. From that, they win another. 
59' WOOF! A lovely flick around the corner from Ronaldo allows Mario to maraud into the box down the right - from where his cross finds no-one. 
58' Caceras throws one in, Rory-Delap-style, but Patricio catches and launches one forward; where Godin is there to guide it out
57' Oh, Oh. Ronaldo gets smashed into by Caceras but the ref waves play on - Laxalt screams forward on the other flank and he's taken out by a similar looking foul by Ricardo Perreira. The ref gives that one. To state that Ronaldo's unhappy is to make the understatement of the year
The corner's played short and Guerreiro whips in a lovely ball - Ronaldo attracts all the markers in the vicinity and Pepe has a free header six yards out. HE ABSOLUTELY PULVERISED THAT IN WITH HIS NOGGIN'. What a header. Criminal to leave him so free, though
55' OH! MY LORD! Silva drifted out wide and whipped a lovely ball into the box, Mario flicked it to Ronaldo; who flicked it to Adrien Silva - who lashes a shot that deflects out for a corner. From which.... 
54' Guerreiro whips it in, Jimenez smacks it out. The Atleti pairing are having a wonderful night at the back 
52' ... from which Raphael Guerreiro stops a Suarez-led counter and lashes an interesting looking shot high over the bar. Much better that, from the left back. 
51' Just as I hit enter on that, Guedes goes on a searing run from left-to-right and that leads to a spell of pressure from Portugal that ends with a corner for Portugal... 
49' Some excellent hold-up play from Bernardo Silva sees Portugal see out a spell of manic high pressing from Uruguay - no, really, high pressing - and Portugal move forward; where they lose possession once again thanks to a loose Guedes touch. It's hard to see what he's bringing to the side at the moment. 
48' OH SUAREZ! Portugal play it around the back - Rui Patricio and Pepe doing it; and Suarez almost steals in. 
47' Joao Mario goes down the right and looks to whip one into the near post. Only problem is, Ronaldo's at the far post, and Godin has an easy header out. 
46' Uruguay pass it around at the back for a bit before Suarez looks to flick a long ball onto Bentancur - Wimbledon Crazy Gang style - but Fonte does well to read the play and cut in ahead of the Juve lad. 

No changes for either side. Where's Trivela King, Fernando?

Uruguay look so comfortable here, it's not even funny. Godin, Jimenez, and Muslera are barely breaking into a sweat. Portgual will need to up their game considerably to do something they haven't done since 1966 - come from behind to win a World Cup match
45'+2' OH! OH! The ball's worked it's way around to the other flank where Edi Cavani takes a snapshot - and ripples the side-netting. 
45'+1' Two minutes added. Uruguay motor forward and win a throw in near the corner. Something tells me they are going to keep it there. 
45' The corner's played short.. till B.Silva swings in a ball that Muslera runs forward to catch it just ahead of Pepe. Great keeping. 
44'  He's still down, if you were wondering; and Portugal have to wait to take the corner
43' Guerreiro and Suarez clash down the Uruguay right and Suarez goes down holding his head - but Portugal don't play it out (neither does the ref ask him to) and Ronaldo screams down the wing to win a corner... The ref was right, he got hit on the back; NOT THE HEAD!
40' It's a battle of giants in midfield as Carvalho and Cavani clash in the middle near the centre cirlce - the Uruguayan doing so well to win the freekick. Tabarez's strikers work ever so hard, I tell you
39' Ronaldo dances forward down the left wing, where Caceras sees him off for a throw-in. Mario then looks to have won a corner; but the ref takes a differing view and awards a goalkick
38' Some more neat play down the right leads to Guedes finally winning a header into the box; but it's way off target. 
37' Guerreiro whips in a lovely curler into the box, but once again Godin wins the ball rather easily in the box. A little outside the box, Torreira is slammed into by Carvalho and once again Portugal need to build from the back again. 
35' Caceras jinks hither, jinks thither and marauds his way to the edge of the box where he curls a lovely ball into the box; Bentancur can't quite get his noggin' to it - Cavani following up behind him can't quite get his chest control right. Goalkick Portugal... but Uruguay look so comfortable
33' Suarez looks to use Laxalt as a dummy and instead ping a ball inside to Cavani; but Pepe reads his intentions to a t. Caceras looks to fly down the other wing; but William Carvalho tracks his run and makes sure the ball Caceras is looking for doesn't come in.
32' OH! RONALDO! The great man absolutely slams it into the wall, before Torreira clears it with an acrobatic bicycle kick. He shouldn't take these, should he?
31' Rodrigo Bentancur slams into Guedes just outside the box; some twenty five yards, a touch left of centre. I wonder who'll take this... hmmmm
30' Ronaldo looks to make something happen down the right, but a back-traking Cavani puts an end to his frolicking... Portugal once again win it back soon enough; this time through Caceras bringing down Guerreiro with a rugby tackle. 
29' Portugal win it back soon enough and start passing it around till Caceras chases Guerreiro out of the playing area. What a good game the right back is having. 
27' Carvalho lifts the ball into Bernardo who heads it into the middle of the box, where Muslera is alive to the danger and catches it. As La Celeste move forward, Cavani is cleaned out by Carvalho. Uruguay have another chance to build from the back.
26' OH! OH! Mario's ball lazily floats its way across the six-yard box, inches away from a leaping Carvalho and Fonte... and all Portugal can do is recover possession and recycle play from the back and that's what they do. 
25' Bernardo Silva floats down the right, floats past Laxalt but Godin is having none of that - foul out on the Portuguese right flank, and Joao Mario will look to whip a ball into the box from here
24' Portugal build from the back again, Ronaldo pulling out wide, drifting into the middle but finding no space... Mario looks to play in a ball to Guedes; but he ends up handling it and Uruguay will take their time about this freekick. 
22' OH! SUAREZ! OH! SUAREZ! The great man curls a lovely low freekick through the wall and Rui Patricio does well to dive to his left and save it. Bentancur than does superbly to sell Guerreiro down the river out on the right flank, but his whipped in cross is hacked out unceremoniously by Pepe. 

21' Suarez and Cavani exchange one-twos after a touch of harmless sideways passing behind them... Suarez motors beyond Fonte and the defender's forced to hack him down. That's a freekick for Uruguay, 25 yards out, almost dead centre. PERFECTION. 
20' Suarez gets absolutely clattered into by Guerreiro on the half-way line and Uruguay will use the ensuing freekick to suck the momentum out of Portugal. 
19' Ronaldo tries to open up some space to shoot - Portugal work it around the midfield a little before B.Silva curls in an interesting looking ball that Godin heads away with comfortable ease. Meat and drink this, for the Atleti man. 
18' After some neat football down the right, Ricardo Perreira kills it all with a hopeless ball - along the ground - into Muslera's arms. If looks could kill, Ronaldo would be in jail for homicide. 
16' Portugal build well from the back and Guedes slams a shot at goal that deflects off Jimenez and bounces it into Muslera;s arms. The ball's kept in the Uruguayan half by an excellent Adrien Silva interception but despite B. Silva's, Carvalho's, and Mario's efforts... that Urguayan defence is not yielding just yet
15' From the corner, Ronaldo looks to leap forward on other counter by giving-and-going with B.Silva, but Jimenez makes sure nothing happens by steaming into a tackle on the Man City defender. 
14' OH! An inane Fonte pass allows Cavani to nip in ahead of Carvalho and feed Suarez... but the Portuguese defender redeems himself, sort of, by blocking Suarez's shot at goal
12' Ronaldo cuts in, Ronaldo tries to shoot. Torreira makes sure it doesn't travel more than two yards; but in that endeavour he's hurt himself quite a bit. Put his body on the line, quite literally did Torreira
11' OH! MY! FONTE! Bernardo takes it short before whipping it into the far post where Fonte clambers over Vecino easily before heading across the face of goal - where there are no takers!
10' Bernardo Silva drifts in, drifts out and wins a corner for the Portuguese.... 
9' Fun fact of the night. Uruguay haven't conceded a goal in 2018. The whole of 2018. Not one goal. 
Edi Cavani starts it by pinging a superb, superb ball out wide to Luis Suarez. The Barca man cuts in and curls in a lovely ball out to the far post - where Cavani's ghosted in unmarked and he makes no mistake from two yards out. WOOF! WHAT A GOAL BY THE TWO SUPERSTARS
7' Ronaldo drifts out wide and lifts one into the box, where Jimenez and Godin are winning everything all day long.... Uruguay break...
6' OH! CRISTIANO! The big man has a shot on goal. He gets teed up by Bernardo Silva outside the box, and he whips a powerful shot at goal. Muslera handles it well. 
5' Fonte wins the header, Ronaldo tries to break, but he's shouldered off the ball, illegally (as per the only man who matters, the ref), by Martin Caceras. 
4' Nandez goes roaring down the flank, and wins a corner of the embattled Guerreiro. Torreira will take... oh, he'll have to wait as the ref sorts out a territorial dispute between Godin and Pepe
2' Ronaldo's first touch is to swerve past three men like they aren't there. He then slips it to Joao Mario who whips in a cross far post; where Bernardo Silva arrives to head well over. At the near post, Ronaldo had worked his way in front of Godin; a better ball into the near post and that would have been so much more interesting. 
1' Jose Fonte and Luis Suarez battle for the ball early on. Fonte wins. Edi Cavani and Pepe do the same on the other flank, the Portuguese wins again. 

Portugal in their change kit of all-white will kick off from right to left as you'd see it on the telly. Uruguay in their storied light blue and black will be aiming to keep the ball moving the other way
The millenials are Cockney for some reason... don't ask me why

Who am I kidding. This is going to be a 0-0 aet isn't it? FML, bruv as the millenials would say
That 4-3 France-Argentina madness has set the benchmark rather high. We could get a belter here
The national anthems have been belted out - Diego Godin and co. in a heartfelt rendering of the Uruguayan anthem while Cristiano Ronaldo has led Portugal in an equally superb rendition of their majestic tune. 

Hands have been shaken, Photos have been taken, a coin is about to be tossed. Football is imminent. 
Trivela King Ric Quaresma isn't starting for the Portuguese... while as predicted, Lucas Torreira comes into the base of that Uruguayan midfield to add even more steel to it. Ronaldo's going to have a tough ol' time of it tonight

Uruguay XI (4-4-2): Fernando Muslera (GK); Martin Caceres, Jose Maria Gimenez, Diego Godin, Diego Laxalt; Nahitan Nandez, Matias Vecino, Lucas Torreira, Rodrigo Bentancur; Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani

Portugal XI (4-4-2): Rui Patricio (GK); Ricardo Perreira, Pepe, Jose Fonte, Raphael Guerreiro; Bernardo Silva, William Carvalho, Adrien Silva, Joao Mario; Goncalo Guedes, Cristiano Ronaldo
Uruguay vs Portugal: Team News, Probable Lineup and Prediction

Uruguay vs Portugal - Kickoff time, Venue, TV Schedule, Live Streaming details

Kickoff time: 9 PM Local Time | 7 PM UK | 11:30 PM IST (that's 2330 for you, soldier)

Venue: Fisht Stadium, SochiTV Schedule: Sony Ten 2, Sony Ten 2 HD in India, ITV in the UK, SuperSport in Nigeria, Fox in the US

Live Stream: Sonyliv - but why disturb the peeps at home and pay the premium on top of it? You could just follow it on the low right here!

Uruguay vs Portugal - Team News

Gelson Martins and Raphael Guerreiro are back to full fitness after missing a few of the preceding training sessions to this game - while Guerreiro has been a fixture of the XI, it will be interesting to see if Fernando Santos is tempted to throw on the attacking verve of Gelson Martins in place of the underwhelming, yet disciplined Joao Mario/Bruno Fernandes winger experiment.

William Carvalho's missed training too - and that's a worry, the big man has been a veritable rock in the Portuguese midfield - and he could be replaced by Joao Moutinho, who's now back to full fitness.

Up top, it's a matter of strength vs guile and whether it should be Andre Silva or Goncalo Guedes who'll partner the man. My bet is with Andre Silva.

The big news for Uruguay is that Jose Gimenez is back to full fitness after sitting out the Russia game with a back strain - and Diego Godin will be glad to have his club mate alongside him in what is surely going to be their biggest test of the tournament yet. Oscar Tabarez may also play Diego Laxalt in the place of the rather sketchy Guillermo Varela - Martin Caceres switching to right back - while Lucas Torreira might have just done enough to convince Tabarez it's worth kicking Cristian Rodriguez out of the starting XI for him.

You know who'll play up-top for La Celeste.

Uruguay vs Portugal - Probable Lineups   

Uruguay Predicted XI (4-4-2): Fernando Muslera (GK); Martin Caceres, Jose Maria Gimenez, Diego Godin, Diego Laxalt; Nahitan Nandez, Matias Vecino, Lucas Torreira, Rodrigo Bentancur; Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani

Portugal Predicted XI (4-2-3-1): Rui Patricio (GK); Cedric, Pepe, Jose Fonte, Raphael Guerreiro; Ricardo Quaresma, William Carvalho, Adrien Silva, Joao Mario; Andre Silva, Cristiano Ronaldo

Uruguay vs Portugal - Form Guide

(all competitions - most recent first)

Uruguay: WWWWW

What a perfect record. La Celeste storm into the round-of-16 after the best possible start to the tournament. In fact, they will be looking to win their opening four games at a World Cup for only the second time after 1930 when they won the first ever World Cup.Good omens, anyone?

Most recent game: 25/06/18: Uruguay 3 - 0 Russia

Portugal: DWDWDD

Portugal had to hang on by the skin of their teeth - or the width of Mehdi Teremi's boot - to make sure their match with Iran ended in a draw, and they'll need to play a whole lot better to progress. The most worrying stat leading into the knockouts?Cristiano Ronaldo has so far failed to score a single goal for Portugal in the knockout stages of the World Cup: 424 minutes, no goals. But don't listen to these numbers. You know he doesn't.

Most recent game: 25/06/18: Portugal 1 -1 Iran

Uruguay vs Portugal - Head to Head

Games Played:
The two teams have not faced each other since July 1972, when they drew 1-1 at the Maracana

Uruguay Wins: 0

Portugal Wins: 1

Draws: That is but elementary [math], my dear Watson. Really, really, elementary

Uruguay vs Portugal - Prediction

Fernando Santos vs Oscar Tabarez promises to be a war of the bluntest attrition, both sides testing and probing and waiting for mistakes. It's going to be Pepe vs Diego Godin.. but one can be hopeful. Maybe a Quaresma trivela will pop up to lighten things up, maybe Ronaldo - or Suarez - will pull something out of the proverbial hat, maybe Edinson Cavani will decide he's had enough of the shadows and it's time to grab the spotlight all for himself!

My prediction, though? Uruguay 1 - 1 Portugal; winner to be decided on pens (and it's cruel to ask anyone to predict how a shootout will play out -- unless England are involved)​
Cristiano Ronaldo
Manuel Fernandes
João Mário
C. Sánchez
N. Nández
André Silva
Gonçalo Guedes
C. Stuani
E. Cavani
Ricardo Quaresma
Adrien Silva
C. Rodríguez
R. Bentancur
E. Cavani
assist: R. Bentancur
assist: Raphaël Guerreiro
E. Cavani
assist: L. Suárez
Portugal (4-4-2)
Fernando Manuel Fernandes da Costa Santos (Manager)
F. Muslera
D. Laxalt
D. Godín
J. Giménez
M. Cáceres
L. Torreira
M. Vecino
N. Nández
R. Bentancur
L. Suárez
E. Cavani
Rui Patrício
Raphaël Guerreiro
José Fonte
Ricardo Pereira
João Mário
William Carvalho
Adrien Silva
Bernardo Silva
Cristiano Ronaldo
Gonçalo Guedes
Portugal (4-4-2)
Fernando Manuel Fernandes da Costa Santos (Manager)
Uruguay Subs
M. Campaña
S. Coates
G. De Arrascaeta
M. Gómez
M. Pereira
C. Rodríguez
M. Silva
G. Silva
C. Stuani
C. Sánchez
J. Urretaviscaya
G. Varela
Portugal Subs
Cédric Soares
Ricardo Quaresma
Gelson Martins
Bruno Fernandes
João Moutinho
Anthony Lopes
Bruno Alves
Rúben Dias
Mário Rui
Manuel Fernandes
André Silva
5 SHOTS 20
13 FOULS 13