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URU vs RUS Match Result - FIFA WC 2018
3 - 0
L. Suárez 10'
D. Cheryshev (OG) 23'
E. Cavani 90'
Uruguay have handed Russia their worst ever defeat in a World Cup game with a stunning display in the first half. Tabarez's men were wasteful but still managed to hit three past the Russians who had to play with 10 men for more than an entire half.
Uruguay meanwhile will be delighted with their efforts. They have made the R16 without conceding a single goal and look like dark horses to go all the way. It'll be either Spain or Portugal for them in the next round. Same goes for Russia who will be delighted with the fact that they made it through the group when many had written them off at the start of the tournament.

That's it for me then. There is still plenty of action today though and you can catch the coverage of Spain vs Morocco right here
PEEEEEP PEEEEEP. FT: Uruguay 3-0 Russia
94' No they cannot. Again the delivery is poor and Muslera claims with ease. He pumps it long to Rodriguez and Uruguay counter. However, they make a mess of another 2v1 situation and the ref brings the whistle to lips.
94' Final chance of the game. Freekick for Russia. Can they salvage something?
93' Final change for Uruguay. The goalscorer Cavani trots off and is replaced by Maxi Gomez
93' 4 minutes of added time to be played by the way. 
91' GOOOOOOOOALLLL. EDINSON CAVANI. Corner whipped in, Godin towers over the defenders and heads one on target. Akinfeev pulls off another stunning save, but Cavani is on hand to tap in the rebound.
90' Stunning save by Akinfeev. Rodriguez unleashes a thunderbolt from the left, but the keeper flies to meet it and tips it over the bar. Corner for Uruguay
89' MY WORD! Another awful set piece delivery by Russia as it flies straight into the crowd. Dzyuba though is looking for a penalty. He was being manhandled yet again by Godin. Again the ref looks the other way. 
88' Russia are chasing a goal and that has opened the game up quite well. Uruguay now get a corner which is whipped in by De Arrascaeta and Akinfeev finds himself in a spot of bother but just about palms it away. That looked like it was sailing in over his head.
86' Lovely stuff from Smolov. Dances past 2 Uruguayan defenders with absurd ease but he tries to square the ball to Dzyuba instead of taking the shot on and Muslera intercepts
84' SHOT. The sub Cristian Rodriguez picks up the ball 40 yards from goal, drives forward and thunders one at goal, but it's straight at Akinfeev who gets behind it comfortably
82' Another chance goes begging for Uruguay. Kutepov misplaces his pass woefully and Cavani feeds the resulting ball to Suarez in acres of space. He tries to return the favour but again it's just out of Cavani's reach. How many chances are Uruguay going to squander? They could have had 8
79' Flashed across goal. Great ball whipped into the box by Caceres, but Cavani can't get on the end of it
76' Torreira is in some pain. He is holding his ankle, but he is up and ready to carry on. Top lad
74' OH MY WORD WHAT A MISS FROM DZYUBA.  Muslera gifts possession to Russia on the edge of the box. Zubnin spots Dzyuba in acres of space and reverses it into his path. The big man cuts back and miscues woefully sending the ball into the third tier with only the keeper to beat
73' Substitution for Uruguay. Nandez off, Rodriguez on
73' Nothing doing. Replays show it was completely accidental and play goes on, much to Dzyuba - and his manager's - disgust
72' OUCHH! Godin rises and catches Dzyuba square in the middle of the face. VAR now into the action to check for a possible penalty
70' Just wide. Cavani receives the ball on the left, cuts in and tries to curl one into the far corner but it does not have enough bend on it and flies wide
68' DIEGO GODIN WHAT ARE YOU DOING? The defender picks up the ball and tries his luck from INSIDE HIS OWN HALF.  He then has a little smirk about it as it sails over Akinfeev's crossbar
67' Save the hand-holding for later gentlemen. There ain't no place for that on a football pitch. Dzyuba again in the thick of the action as he sprints after one alongside Laxalt. He latches onto his arm though and is penalised
66' Russia have looked much more like themselves in the second half. They've come out with energy and are having a right good go at this. Dzyuba and Caceres go for the same ball and it's the defender who comes out on top
64' SHOUT FOR A PENALTY.  Cavani beats the offside trap and is all alone with the keeper. He loses his footing though and crumbles to the floor. The ref looks the other way. Great decision.
63' Uruguay substitution. Bentancur off. De Arrascaeta on
62' Dzyuba is livid. Fernandes tries a give and go but Dzyuba is manhandled and forced to the ground. The ref rather strangely gives Uruguay the freekick
61' Final change for Russia. Miranchuk is replaced by Smolov
60' BLOCKED. Great play by Nandez on the right. He lays it off to Caceres (what the hell is he doing in the Russian penalty area) who obliges and gives it back, but Nandez's shot is blocked by the oversized boot of Ignashevic
58' My this Uruguayan unit looks dangerous. Spain and Portugal will be sweating at the prospect of facing Tabarez's men in the next round
56' Chance wasted. The substitute Fernandes recieves the ball on the edge of the box, plays a lovely one-two with Dzyuba and tries to lay it off to Miranchuk on the left but his pass is slightly overhit and the chance goes begging
54' LOVELY STUFF Kuzyaev (when did he come on? I must have missed it), channels his inner Ronaldinho and backflicks it over his head to raucous applause from the Russian faithful but he also runs it out of play.
53' Ah finally some action. Suarez flicks on into the path of Cavani but he shoves Ignashevich to the ground, unfairly according to the Nigerian referee who awards Russia a freekick
51' HOLY! Laxalt and Zobnin could be synchronised swimmers. A tug of the shirt and they both tumble to the ground together and pop back right up - all in a blink of an eye
49' Route one stuff again. Akinfeev pumps it up to Dzyuba (that's all they've done today) but he can't bring it down and Muslera claims
48' Uruguay pressing high up the pitch. Tabarez is not content sitting on this lead. 
47' Fires it into the wall. Dzyuba took that on the chest and DID NOT EVEN FLINCH. These Russians I tell you
47' Ah but what do I know? Cavani steps up aaaaaaaannnnnndddddd
46' Lovely interplay from Uruguay and Suarez wins a freekick in range. No way he lets anyone else take this. I wouldn't
We are back for the second half. Can Russia pull off a miracle and get back into the game? It look unlikely to be honest. Uruguay get us underway
Peeeeeep. That's it for the first half. Russia started brightly but Suarez's stunning freekick knocked the stuffing out of them. An own goal added to their woes and Smolnikov's disastrous debut means they are all but out of this game. Uruguay look all set to top the group. GEEZ they are yet to concede a goal.
Join us in 15 for the second half
46' The halftime whistle cannot come quickly enough for the Russians - and me for that matter. This game is dead
45' Bentancur decides to get in on the action. Tries to charge right through the heart of the Russian defence but is shoved off the ball with ridiculous ease. 2 minutes added on
42' YAWN! That red card has killed the game. Uruguay are happy to play keep ball and Russia look like they are happy not to do a Panama.
40' AH! Things getting rather messy at the moment. Bad challenges, loose balls, and a lot more of what we just don't want in a World Cup game
38' Russia substitution. Cheryshev, Russia's hero until today, is being replaced by Fernandes
36' SECOND YELLOW CARD. SMOLNIKOV IS OFF. Laxalt races down the left flank and is taken out by a challenge from behind by Smolnikov. The referee has no hesitation in going to his pocket and Smolnikov who is making his World Cup debut is sent off
35' Dzyuba shoves Torreira to the turf and a promising Russian attack is halted by a blow of the referee's whistle
34' Just in: FIFA have taken the goal away from Laxalt and it's gone down as an own goal. So 6 own goals in the tournament thus far.
32' WOEFUL. Samedov lifts one miles over the head of any Russian and it goes out for a throw in. Story of Russia's performance today.
32' Just as I say that, the hosts win a freekick in a promising position. Samedov to take
31' Russia are being outrun here at the moment. They need to get back in shape or this could get messy
28' In all that drama, Smolnikov has been booked for a coming together with Cavani
28' WHAT A CHANCE WHAT A MISS. Russia lax at the back again and Suarez feeds Bentancur in behind the defence. However, he hits his shot straight at Akinfeev. What a chance to seal the deal
26' Surely this game is done and dusted. Uruguay are a difficult nut to crack at the best of times and with a 2-0 lead in hand, there is absolutely no way Russia are getting back into this
24' GOOOOOALLLL. 2-0 URUGUAY.  That took a massive deflection. The corner is headed away but it falls right to Laxalt on the edge of the box. He hits one at goal more in hope and it takes a massive deflection off Cheryshev and Akinfeev is too late to react. What a slice of luck
23' Freekick for Uruguay in a promising position. Whipped into the near post and Cavani sticks a leg out but it's off Dzyuba and out for a corner. Torreira to take
21' OUCH THAT'S GOTTA HURT. Nández goes down in a heap following a heavy challenge from Kudryashov. The Russian got nothing of the ball and everything of his man and is lucky not to go into the ref's book
19' Dzyuba finally getting into the game. Again holds the ball up well and finds Miranchuk but there is  no way through this Uruguayan backline and the move breaks down
18' Half chance. Dzyuba towers over Coates but mistimes his header and it bounces over the bar. Coates is a lucky lucky man. He had grabbed a fistful of Dzyuba's shirt. That could've been a penalty
17' Dzyuba and Cheryshev combine well yet again. However, the latter's cross is deflected out for a corner. Can Russia capitalise here?
16' Fun fact: Uruguay have never won all 3 Group Stage games in a World Cup. 
14' That goal's injected some life into this game. Russia break yet again down the right but Dzyuba is surrounded by 3 blue shirts and takes a tumble. Ref looks at him in disdain and waves play on
12' Great chance for Russia. Ball knocked long to Dzyuba yet again. This time he wins it and knocks it down to Cheryshev whose right footed strike is straight at Muslera. What a chance to equalise. Either side of the keeper and that was a goal
9' GOOOOOOOOALLLLLL. LUIS SUAREZ YOU BEAUTY. Suarez steps up and curls the ball around the wall, all along the ground and into the bottom right corner. Stunning stuff from Luis. Akinfeev with absolutely no chance of getting a hand to that. It was struck perfectly
8' Penalty! No freekick on the edge of the box. Suarez's cross is deflected out to Bentancur who is taken down by Gazinskiy on the edge of the box. Great chance for Uruguay
7' Russia counter. Dzyuba recieves the ball in the centre of the park, takes off on his own and feeds Cheryshev on the left but his cross is well blocked. Finally some life in Russia.
6' WOW. Dzyuba has been absolutely muscled to the ground yet again. This time by Caceres. That takes some doing.
5' A hopeful ball over the top by Caceres who looks to feed in Suarez behind the defence but it sails over the striker's head and into Akinfeev's hands
4' Both teems feeling each other out at the moment. Russia going long to Dzyuba but it's proven ineffectual so far. Godin and Coates have shepherded him away with relative ease
3' Cavani crumples to the ground in pain after a late challenge from Kutepov. The ref however sees nothing wrong and play carries on. Cavani is livid and has a few choice words to say
2' Vecino wins the ball back in midfield, dances past a couple of tackles and fires one from 30 yards out but it's narrowly wide of the post. Good start this
1' It's pumped up top to Dzyuba straight away but Godin gets the better of him. That's going to be one tasty battle
The formalities are done, the anthems completed and it's time. Russia will get us underway, kicking from right to left. Here we go! 
We are just 15 minutes away from kickoff folks. Despite both teams not being at full strength, this promises to be an absolute belter. Russia know only one of playing and that is to attack from the get-go. Uruguay will be relishing the prospect of sitting back and striking on the break. A lot at stake for both teams.
Managers have their say:

Stanislav Cherchesov on why his side have been so brilliant to watch so far: "If nobody has noticed anything but the runs and sprints we'll have to add something on. That's what we're going to do. There is some inner motivation. The greatest motivation is we're playing at home and the public supports us."

Oscar Tabarez feels there is a lot more to come from his team: "We are aware that there is pressure there and we also believe that in our prior performances, we haven't fully lived up to our potential. But we face that with calmness. We have had these situations before. In the Copa America in 2011, it was a similar situation, there were matches where we were far from brilliant. We knew in the first knockout rounds you could not fail there and we had to face Argentina, but we won in the end."
Uruguay vs Russia - Match Preview

It all boils down to one final match to decide who tops Group A. Uruguay stuttered and stumbled their way past Egypt and Saudi Arabia with consecutive 1-0 wins while Russia looked far from the bottom-raked nation they were according to the FIFA rankings at the start of the tournament. 

Inspired by vocal home support and the rather ominous-looking Putin in the stands, Russia have played sublime stuff and are a point away from topping the group. Whether they will want to top it is a whole different ballgame that boils down to whether they would prefer playing the Spanish juggernaut or Cristiano Ronaldo in top form. What's that saying about a rock and a hard place?

Both teams have made a host of changes for this final encounter. For Russia, Zhirkov, Golovin, and Fernandes have all been rested for the sterner tests to come. Uruguay meanwhile have named Coates in the starting XI in place of the injured Gimenez. Cristian Rodriguez, Carlos Sanchez, Varela all make way for Arsenal target Lucas Torreira, Nahitan Nandez and Diego Laxalt 
Confirmed lineups:

Uruguay: Muslera; Coates, Godin, Caceres, Laxalt, Nandez, Torreira, Bentancur, Vecino, Suarez, Cavani

Russia: Akinfeev, Kutepov, Ignashevic, Smolnikov, Gazinskiy, Zobnin, Kudryashov, Samedov, Miranchuk, Cheryshev, Dzyuba
Uruguay vs Russia: Team News, Probable Lineup and Prediction

​Uruguay vs Russia: Kickoff information

Date: 25th June 2018
Kickoff time: 7:30 pm (IST)
Venue: Samara Arena

Uruguay vs Russia: Team News

Ah Oscar Tabarez and defence. You couldn't find a better love story than that. Under his stern eye, Uruguay picked off both Egypt and Saudi Arabia without breaking a sweat and will now look to do the same to hosts Russia.

Tabarez, however, will be without a key piece of his backline after Jose Gimenez picked up a thigh strain. He has subsequently been ruled out of the match against Russia but is expected to return for the R16.

Cristian Rodriguez and Carlos Sanchez have been far from impressive and one - possibly both - are set to make way. Arsenal target Lucas Torreira is expected to get his first World Cup start after coming off the bench in Uruguay's first two fixtures. Bentancur and Vecino have struggled to service Suarez and Cavani but that's more down to the fact that Tabarez limits their freedom to bomb down the field.

For Russia, Dzagoev continues to be sidelined due to the hamstring problem he picked up in the tournament opener. Yuri Zhirkov, who has found a fresh lease of life, was subbed off in the victory against Egypt after suffering a knock to his ankle, but is expected to be fully fit to take on Uruguay. The attack, spearheaded by Dzyuba and powered by Golovin has sparkled throughout and there is no reason to chop and change.

Uruguay vs Russia: Probable lineups

Uruguay Probable XI: Muslera; Varela, Godin, Coates, Caceres; Rodriguez, Bentancur, Vecino, Torreira; Cavani, Suarez
Russia Probable XI: Akinfeev; Fernandes, Kutepov, Ignashevic, Zhirkov; Gazinskiy, Zobnin; Cheryshev, Golovin, Samedov; Dzyuba

Uruguay vs Russia: Form Guide (Most Recent First)

Uruguay: W-W-W-W-W
Russia: W-W-D-L-L

Uruguay vs Russia: Head to Head

Matches played: 8
Russia wins: 6
Uruguay wins: 1
Draws: Figure it out

Uruguay's only win against the Russians came way back in the 1970 World Cup, Victor Esparrago scoring the winner in extra time.

Most recent meeting: Russia 1-1 Uruguay

Uruguay vs Russia: Prediction

Predicted scoreline: Uruguay 2-1 Russia

Uruguay will be without Gimenez and I think that will cost them their first goal of the campaign. However, Russia's defence is not the greatest and Cavani and Suarez could make merry. I expect a goal apiece from the two strikers and a 2-1 win for Tabarez's side​
M. Gómez
E. Cavani
E. Cavani
C. Rodríguez
N. Nández
G. De Arrascaeta
R. Bentancur
F. Smolov
Aleksey Miranchuk
R. Bentancur
D. Kuzyaev
Y. Gazinskiy
M. Fernandes
D. Cheryshev
I. Smolnikov
I. Smolnikov
D. Cheryshev (Own Goal)
L. Suárez
Y. Gazinskiy
Russia (4-2-3-1)
Stanislav Cherchesov (Manager)
F. Muslera
D. Laxalt
D. Godín
S. Coates
M. Cáceres
L. Torreira
M. Vecino
N. Nández
R. Bentancur
L. Suárez
E. Cavani
I. Akinfeev
F. Kudryashov
S. Ignashevich
I. Kutepov
I. Smolnikov
Y. Gazinskiy
R. Zobnin
D. Cheryshev
Aleksey Miranchuk
A. Samedov
A. Dzyuba
Russia (4-2-3-1)
Stanislav Cherchesov (Manager)
Uruguay Subs
M. Campaña
G. De Arrascaeta
M. Gómez
M. Pereira
C. Rodríguez
M. Silva
G. Silva
C. Stuani
C. Sánchez
J. Urretaviscaya
G. Varela
Russia Subs
A. Erokhin
M. Fernandes
V. Gabulov
A. Golovin
V. Granat
D. Kuzyaev
A. Lunev
Anton Miranchuk
A. Semenov
F. Smolov
Y. Zhirkov
16 SHOTS 3
17 FOULS 18
Pos Club P W D L GD Pts
Group A
1 Uruguay 3 3 0 0 5 9
2 Russia 3 2 0 1 4 6
3 Saudi Arabia 3 1 0 2 -5 3
4 Egypt 3 0 0 3 -4 0
Group B
1 Spain 3 1 2 0 1 5
2 Portugal 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Iran 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Morocco 3 0 1 2 -2 1
Group C
1 France 3 2 1 0 2 7
2 Denmark 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Peru 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Australia 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group D
1 Croatia 3 3 0 0 6 9
2 Argentina 3 1 1 1 -2 4
3 Nigeria 3 1 0 2 -1 3
4 Iceland 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group E
1 Brazil 3 2 1 0 4 7
2 Switzerland 3 1 2 0 1 5
3 Serbia 3 1 0 2 -2 3
4 Costa Rica 3 0 1 2 -3 1
Group F
1 Sweden 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Mexico 3 2 0 1 -1 6
3 Korea Republic 3 1 0 2 0 3
4 Germany 3 1 0 2 -2 3
Group G
1 Belgium 3 3 0 0 7 9
2 England 3 2 0 1 5 6
3 Tunisia 3 1 0 2 -3 3
4 Panama 3 0 0 3 -9 0
Group H
1 Colombia 3 2 0 1 3 6
2 Japan 3 1 1 1 0 4
3 Senegal 3 1 1 1 0 4
4 Poland 3 1 0 2 -3 3
PMatches Played
WMatches Won
DMatches Drawn
LMatches Lost
GDGoal Difference
PtsTotal Points
Tournament FIFA WC 2018 - Week 3
Stadium Samara Arena
Match time Mon, 25 Jun 2018, 07:30 PM
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