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Minecraft Channeling

Channeling is an enchantment in Minecraft that can be placed on a trident to summon lightning. The maximum level of enchantment is level 1, but it's justified because the same purpose will be served at a higher level.

This is a fun enchant that makes the player feel secure but not overpowered. This still allows for a sense of safety in the game without feeling invincible.

How is Channeling used?

It is used to summon a bolt of lightning when a mob is hit in the rain. If there is a lot of foliage in the area, the lightning bolt cannot be summoned. The mob must be hit in an open space.

How to get a Trident in Minecraft?

To retrieve a trident in Minecraft, the player must defeat a Drowned. This is an aquatic monster with a drop rate of 8.5% for a trident. While this seems low, it is possible to get one since they tend to fight in hoards.

Before going to fight these hoards with the intent of obtaining a trident, the player should have an attack plan ready with a retreat prepared as well. These mobs have the ability to sneak up on players with the element of surprise under the veil of darkness and murky waters.

How to Enchant the Trident with Channeling

To enchant a trident with Channeling, an enchanted book (Channeling) with an anvil is needed or an enchantment table.

The process with the anvil is as follows:

  1. Place down an anvil and place the trident in the first slot.
  2. Place the enchanted book in the second slot.
  3. The product is a trident enchanted with channeling.

The setup must be correct to use an enchantment table in Minecraft. The enchantment table must be placed down in the middle of 15 bookshelves stacked at the height of two. The player can then enchant the trident with Channeling.

Image via MinecraftImage via Minecraft

A player can also use the /enchant command, but that isn't as fun as going through the previously mentioned processes.

Significant Changes to Channeling Enchantment

The Channeling enchantment was first introduced into the game, alongside tridents, during the 1.13 update to the Java edition of Minecraft on July 18th, 2018.

With the introduction of lightning rods, Channeling was made to be compatible with hitting lightning rods in the 1.17 update on June 8th, 2021.

Channeling Enchantment Incompatibilities

This Minecraft enchantment is not compatible with the enchant riptide. If a command is placed on the trident, forcing it to be enchanted with riptide, channeling will no longer work while technically still applied.

Channeling can only be used to enchant tridents in survival Minecraft.

Advancements with Channeling in Minecraft

A trident enchanted with Channeling can be used for two different advancements in Minecraft. A player can throw a Channeling trident at a lightning rod near a villager to get the “Surge Protector” advancement. As long as the villager is not harmed and no blocks are set on fire from the lightning.

The player can also get the advancement “Very Very Frightening” by striking a villager with lighting.


This is one of the cooler enchantments in Minecraft that came along in the aquatic update and the trident. It's effortless to get swept up in playing pretend as Zeus, the Greek god of the sky.

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