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Hostile Mobs

When playing Minecraft, the largest threat to the player is likely hostile mobs. They exist to attack the player and make exploration dangerous. Hostile mobs also encourage the player to build safe havens where they can rest easy knowing no hostile mob can come close to their prized possessions.

Hostile mobs are unique as they come in many shapes and sizes and present different challenges to overcome. Creepers can blow up your precious builds, zombies can show in large numbers, spiders can climb over obstacles, and they all become much more powerful in the hard difficulty.

No hostile mob will spawn if the player is playing in peaceful mode, and any that has spawned will immediately disappear after swapping to peaceful mode. However, hostile mobs have unique loot that can be beneficial to players trying to conquer the game.

Examples of hostile mobs would include, zombies, creepers, spiders, guardians, ghasts, and many more. These mobs will aggressively chase the player if they are within range. Below is a detailed list of every hostile mob currently in Minecraft.

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