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How to make/use droppers in Minecraft

If you are looking for something to automatically move objects for you without having to physically do so, then the dropper is going to be your item of choice.

Dropper Minecraft

A simple machine that is powered by Redstone, this item can eject whatever it holds when it receives the signal to do so, making it very useful for any complex contraptions that you want to create or already have created. In this article, we shall go over how you can create this helpful item, along with how you may use it to your advantage.

Required Materials

For those who wish to construct such an item or multiple, you’re in luck since the items in question are not going to be difficult to acquire. You can see them plainly below:

  1. 7 blocks of cobblestone

  1. 1 unit of Redstone dust

How To Make a dropper in Minecraft

All of the materials listed above are going to be found underground. For cobblestone, you will not have to dig particularly deep to find it, but it may take some time for you to find some Redstone. Thankfully when you do, it often appears in groups for you to mine.

How To Make a dropper in Minecraft

Once you do have your desired materials, you will put them all together in order to create your coveted dropper.

Uses of a dropper

The dropper has two main functions. Firstly to act as a container and secondly to act as an ejector for whatever items are within.

Uses of a dropper

Wherever the slot/hole of the dropper is facing than that this the direction the item will be ejected in. It can even be pointed up and down depending on whatever situation you find yourself in. when a Redstone block is placed next to it, it will release the item that it holds, whatever it is in its item form.

Uses of a dropper

There is a multitude of items that you could eject from a dropper including food or TNT. It all depends on what it is that you need.


Q. What is the difference between a dropper and a dispenser?

A dropper can drop items, but it cannot activate them. A dispenser can activate an item once it has been released. For the example below, unlike a dropper which will just drop a water bucket in item form when stored and released, a dispenser will release the bucket of water in its released form, as a torrent of water.

 difference between a dropper and dispenser

Q. How do I make things go into a dropper using water?

In order to accomplish this, water needs to be above the dropper with a hopper above the dropper in order to drop items into it.

Video Guide

If you want a more in-depth explanation on how to use a dropper to your greatest convenience and the differences it shares with a dispenser watch this YouTube video:



Droppers can be a great boon for those who are trying to create a complicated system that can assist their daily lives with Minecraft. Once you completely understand the potential of this mechanism, then the amount of mundane objectives that you can complete in a timely manner increases greatly.

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