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Minecraft Diamond

Diamonds are one of the most lucrative items in Minecraft. With a spawn rate of merely 0.09%, they are also one of the rarest.

Considering this, especially for players who are new to the game, diamonds must be used wisely and sparingly in order to deliver their maximum utility.

Most veteran Minecrafters would agree that spending the only diamonds a player has on something like a diamond hoe is extremely wasteful.

Note: This list reflects the opinions of the writer and may differ from the views of others.

The best things to do with diamonds in Minecraft

#5 - Crafting a jukebox

Although many would argue a jukebox is a pretty frivolous item, it isn't a bad investment for players with an extra diamond to spare.

For those unaware, a jukebox in Minecraft is a nifty block that allows players to play music disks. These disks can be collected or found dotted across the map in pre-generated structures/dungeons.

#4 - Crafting an Enchanting Table

Using two diamonds to craft an enchantment table can pay dividends to Minecrafters in the long run. An enchantment table only requires two diamonds to craft and allows players to apply powerful effects onto various items.

Players can even use the enchantment table to apply enchantments such as fortune to their pickaxes. This will lead to the acquisition of more diamonds in the future when diamond ore is found. Getting the fortune enchantment on your pickaxe is imperative to supplying your diamond needs. Obtaining potentially four diamonds per diamond ore you find can mitigate frustration in terms getting the best equipment and enchantments.

#3 - Crafting diamond armor

Diamond armor is very powerful and is also required to craft the best armor currently existing within Minecraft, which is the netherite armor.

Although highly useful, a full set of diamond armor will set a player back an eye-watering 24 diamonds. It should only be considered once a player has access to a diamond sword and diamond pickaxe. Until then, iron armor will have to suffice.

A full set of diamond armor should be considered after most of your other equipment has been upgraded. When crafting diamond armor, consider which enchantments would benefit you the most. Typically enchanting diamond boots with the feather falling enchantment can give you much more freedom than surviving extra hits from zombies or skeletons.

#2 -Crafting a diamond sword

A diamond sword only requires two diamonds to create and allows for a considerable damage increase from the previous tier of iron. Diamond swords can also be turned into netherite swords, which are the best in the game.

An iron sword can deal a maximum of 1,500 points of damage over its lifetime. This sounds impressive until one learns that a diamond sword can do a maximum of 10,927 total damage points in a typical lifespan.

While you could enchant an iron sword, the diamond sword will certainly give you more for the investment. Enchanting a sword with looting can ensure you have a large stockpile of important mob drops.

#1 - Crafting a diamond pickaxe

A diamond pickaxe will cost players three valuable diamonds to craft. It will allow for faster mining speeds with a pickaxe that is also far more durable compared to standard iron.

Spending a few diamonds on a pickaxe early on in the game is an investment that will allow players to find diamonds at an easier and sustainable rate going forward.

Like every other diamond tool, diamond pickaxes are needed to craft a netherite pickaxe, which currently reigns supreme in the title for the best pickaxe within Minecraft.

If you would like to progress your equipment levels, from your tools to your armor, you will want to build a diamond pickaxe with the first three diamonds you find. This is mainly so you have access to obtaining obsidian for an enchanting table, thus granting you access to enchantments.

The Best Enchantments for Diamond Tools

It only makes sense that you would want the best enchantments for the best tools possible. Below is a list of the diamond items you can enchant as well as an example of the best combination of enchantments.

  1. Diamond Pickaxe
  2. Efficiency V
  3. Fortune III or Silk Touch I
  4. Unbreaking III
  5. Mending I
  6. Diamond Axe
  7. Efficiency V
  8. Unbreaking III
  9. Sharpness V
  10. Fortune III or Silk Touch I

Fortune on an axe will increase the likelihood of getting saplings, sticks, apples, and other leaf block items to drop. With the fortune enchantment on any tool, it can also apply the benefit to harvesting crops like potatoes.

  1. Diamond Shovel
  2. Fortune III or Silk Touch I
  3. Efficiency V
  4. Unbreaking III
  5. Mending I

Fortune is not a particularly good enchantment on a shovel, neither is Silk Touch. It can be difficult to get the benefit out of either of these enchantments on a shovel, however, Silk Touch can help the player get a large stockpile of grass blocks. Unfortunately, the fortune enchantment does not affect how many clay balls drop from a clay block.

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