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Minecraft Phantom

Phantoms are hostile mobs in Minecraft that only spawn if the player has not slept in more than three in-game days and when there is no block that obstructs light above the player; however, they can also be summoned with spawn eggs, commands. Phantoms have ten full hearts of HP, and to attack players they will swoop close to the ground and charge at the players, retreating back into the sky after taking damage. They drop Phantom Membranes, which are used to repair elytra, or you can brew them into slow-falling potions.

There are many mobs in Minecraft, and phantoms are one of the more peculiar mobs. They only spawn at night like many mobs. This makes having a bed closer to a necessity than a convenience. Phantoms are also more dangerous in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft rather than the Java edition.

Night sky in Minecraft

Minecraft Phantom

HealthBehaviorAttack StrengthDrops
10 full heartsHostile(Java Edition) - Easy: 1 full heart; Normal: 1 full heart; Hard: 1 and half full heart. (Bedrock Edition) - Easy: 2 full hearts; Normal: 3 full hearts; Hard: 4 and half full hearts0-1 Phantom membrane; 5 XP Orbs

The phantom in Bedrock edition’s easiest difficulty does more damage than the Java edition’s hardest difficulty.

Where do Phantoms spawn?

Phantoms will spawn in the overworld when there is no block that obstructs light above the player. What this means is that leaves can prevent phantoms from spawning, but not glass. They will also not spawn if the player has slept or attempted to sleep in a bed within three game days.

In the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, phantoms will spawn in a 21x15x21 cube centered 28 blocks above the player. The spawn location must have a light level of 7 or less. In the Java edition, phantoms will spawn more frequently depending on how many days it has been since the player has slept. Phantoms will attempt to spawn every 1-2 minutes.

Phantoms will also spawn during the day if there is a thunderstorm. Thunderstorms will make the light level low enough for mobs to spawn and can catch you off guard as being attacked from the sky can be harder to prepare for.

How to Summon a Phantom?

You can spawn phantoms with spawn eggs, commands, or simply by not sleeping in-game. They will spawn naturally in the nighttime and can spawn in groups of up to four depending on the difficulty setting the game is set to.

In both editions of the game, the command is “/summon phantom” optionally inputting coordinates after phantom to choose where it spawns.

How to defeat a Phantom in Minecraft?

You can defeat a phantom similar to any hostile mob by depleting its hit points. Phantoms have ten full hearts of HP and you can delete it by attacking it with a tool or weapon, or if you have a good shot you can use a bow or crossbow. Their attack pattern is very telegraphed as they will swoop close to the ground before charging at the player. Once they take damage they will retreat back into the sky.

Phantoms are annoying in small numbers and absolutely dangerous in large numbers. Try to remember to sleep when you are playing Minecraft or else you may suddenly find a swarm of phantoms to deal with.

How to use Phantom Membrane?

Phantom membranes have two uses. You can use them with an anvil to repair your elytra, or you can brew them into slow-falling potions in a brewing stand. Place your wings in the left slot and the phantom membrane in the right slot in order to repair your wings.

Repair Menu

It is important to keep your wings healthy and it can be a nice stand in before you find the mending enchantment. To brew the potions, place three awkward potions in the bottom (made by brewing nether wart into water bottles) and place the phantom membrane in the ingredient slot.

Crafting awkward potion in Minecraft

After it is done brewing you will have potions of slow falling.

Crafting Potion of Slow Falling

Potions of slow falling do exactly that. They make you fall slowly, even with elytra equipped and diving straight into the ground you will not take fall damage while this potion is in effect.

Top 5 Minecraft Phantom Skins

One of the better skins I have found is thiccsnail’s “p h a n t o m” skin. You can find it here:

For a more full textured skin you can look towards Cubic_Wanderer’s “Phantom Hybrid” skin. You can find it here:

For a phantom skin that is not just a walking phantom, you can look at User3127596G’s “Phantom boy” skin. Here’s where you can find it:

For a mix between a phantom character model and a player wearing a phantom costume you can look at the “curotped phantom me” by anonymous. You can find it here:

For another character wearing a phantom costume, there is one for boys and girls. For the boy’s skin: and for the girl’s skin


Phantoms were voted into the game by the community during the Minecon Earth event. It was one of the first mobs to receive this treatment.

The sounds of the phantom were taken from lead sound designer Samuel Aberg’s baby son screaming.


Q. Can you tame a phantom in Minecraft?

A phantom is a hostile mob. They cannot be tamed. You can trap one and call it a pet if you want, but it will not follow you and will despawn if you wander too far away.

Q. Do Phantoms attack villagers?

Phantoms will not attack villagers. Iron golems will attempt to attack any hostile mob that enters the village, but they are relatively ineffective at attacking flying mobs. Even though phantoms do not attack villagers, you can ring the bell found in a village to get the “Sound the Alarm” achievement if a phantom is nearby.

Q. Are Phantoms afraid of cats?

Phantoms will avoid getting within sixteen blocks of cats. This is probably due to how cats in real life will hunt down birds. In Bedrock edition, phantoms will also avoid ocelots.

Q. Can Phantoms go through walls?

Phantoms cannot go through walls. They can fly up through scaffolding but they cannot fly down through scaffolding. They cannot fly through any block that the player themselves cannot move through.

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