Bees Minecraft


The unique variety of mobs and animals that you can interact with and use to your advantage are quite plentiful in Minecraft. There are just as many if not more that can be hazardous to your health. The perfect combination of both would the bee. 

Bees Minecraft

A useful creature that you can harvest a great deal of resources it can create, but at the same time, deadly if you raise the ire of an entire swarm of this creature. Here we shall go over a great deal of knowledge related to these arthropods and how best you can use them to your advantage.


When it comes to where bees will spawn, it is always going to be an area where there are flowers nearby for them to pollinate with. Here are a list of the areas that this can be possible:

  1. Plains
  2. Sunflower Plains
  3. Birch Forest
  4. Wooded Hills
  5. Flower Forest
  6. Forest
  7. Tall Birch Forest
  8. Birch Forest Hills
  9. Tall Birch Hills

All of these locations are possible spawn locations for a hive and in turn, bees. Out of all of them however, Plains and Sunflower plains have the highest chance with %5 with the rest except for the flower forest being below %1. 


When it comes to flying, a bee will hover, rather than just fly around like a ghast or other flight based creatures. A will often do this a few feet off of the ground and will deviate from this to get pollen or to attack someone who has angered them. 

Behavior of Bees in Minecraft

When it comes to pollinating itself this is a more complex matter. Bees will leave their nests or hives to flowers, sweet berry brushes, and/or flowering azalea and azalea leaves. After hovering over or circling around these aforementioned plants or bushes, bees will then have a more spotted texture on their behinds and then proceed to pollinate certain crops or plants that are along their return destination or near their nest/hive. This will include pollinating crops such as potatoes, melons, or pumpkin stems so that they grow faster, much like when using bone meal on them like fertilizer.

Behavior of Bees in Minecraft

Eventually when they are finished pollinating areas that are nearby, the bees will return to their nest and store their findings within their homes to make honey which roughly take 2 minutes. This does not automatically mean you can collect honey from the area, as you will need a total of 5 units of honey to be made inside the nest or hive. You can see if it's full once it starts dripping honey. 

Behavior of Bees in Minecraft


There are a few scenarios that can lead to a bee attacking you. If you attack a bee it and the rest of the nearby bees will attack. This can also happen if you destroy their nest or hive as well as collect honey from these areas. Once one bee is angered the rest will follow suit with their eyes becoming red, not unlike a killer bunny or angered wild wolves.

Attacking of Bees in Minecraft

Once the attack is successful the player will be poisoned, the bee loses its stinger and will shortly die once a minute has passed. This can make collecting honey hazardous to one's health unless the proper precautions are taken. A smart precaution to take for example if you were to collect honey is to place a campfire underneath the nest or hive to make the bees docile. This would give the opportunity to take the honey without anyone getting hurt. 

Attacking of Bees in Minecraft

Do not think that bees will just discriminate against you however. They are hostile to all creatures that attack them. If an illager witch was to throw a splash potion against them for example, they would all swarm the unfortunate mob and make them get the receiving end of their stinger. 


Much like how a cow will follow you if holding wheat, a bee will follow you if you hold a flower. 

Breeding of Bees in Minecraft

If you give the flower to a bee it will enter love mode and pair up with another bee to create a baby bee. The player will of course be given 1-7 experience points for doing this, but will also have the benefit of expanding their honey farm if that is their goal.

Breeding of Bees in Minecraft

 You can also use flowers to accelerate the growth of a baby bee if you desire it.


Bees are a unique mob that can easily become your biggest friend or worst enemy if you provoke them in the worst circumstances. With the right tools and items at your disposal however, you should have no problem creating a symbiotic relationship with such creatures to further your own goals if you desire the honey that they create for you and themselves. At the end of the day it’s all up to you if it is your goal or desire to put their talents for your own gains and if you want to do so correctly. 

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