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Minecraft Blaze

One of the more menacing enemies in Minecraft is the blaze. These enemies can only be found in the deep reaches of the nether near nether fortresses. These flying enemies can shoot fireball projectiles that do decent damage and can light the player on fire. They are dangerous even for a prepared adventurer and lethal to the unready. Blaze will drop blaze rods which can get you on your way to brewing potions. 

HealthBehaviorAttack StrengthDrops
10 full heartsHostileFireball: 2.5 full hearts; Contact: 2 full hearts (Easy) 3 full hearts (Normal) 4.5 full hearts (Hard)0-1 Blaze Rods

Spawning of Blaze in Minecraft

Blaze will only spawn in nether fortresses. You cannot find them in any other part of the nether. 

Blaze will spawn naturally in a nether fortress as long as the light level is at or below 11. You may also encounter a blaze spawner in a nether fortress which follows the same light level spawning rule, but will spawn blaze on a timer.  

Behavior of Blaze in Minecraft

Blazes are capable of flying, although it is fairly common to watch them hover over a large drop and eventually fall to the bottom. When they are aggroed onto the player they will attempt to maintain a height advantage of 1-3 blocks relative to the player. A blaze can spot the player from over 48 blocks away and will shoot fireballs when the player enters this range. Blazes will light on fire before shooting their volley of fireballs. 


When a blaze is on fire it is ready to unleash a volley of fireballs, it will wait about five seconds before it is able to launch more projectiles. The fireball can’t be deflected like a ghast projectile, however, you can block it with a shield. 

Drops of Blaze in Minecraft

  1. Blaze Rod

Blaze will drop 0-1 blaze rods when defeated. This item is essential for building and fueling a brewing stand. Using a Looting III enchanted weapon can allow up to four blaze rods dropping at once. 


Blaze enemies can see players through walls and maintain their aggro unlike many other mobs in Minecraft.

When blazes were first in development, they did not have eyes. Jeb mentioned that he did not like how they seemed like floating rocks so he gave them eyes to give them more personality. 

Even though blaze do not have feet, they are still capable of making footstep sounds. 

Blazes can be hurt by snowballs. They can also be damaged by splash water bottles. 


Q. Can blaze spawn anywhere in the nether?

Blaze can only be found in nether fortresses. You can find them spawn here naturally or through a blaze spawner. 

Q. Does water hurt a blaze in Minecraft?

Splash water bottles and snowballs will hurt a blaze. If you manage to get a blaze into the overworld you can also hurt the blaze with water. They are also damaged by rain similar to endermen. 

Q. Does every nether fortress have a blaze spawner?

Up to two blaze spawners can spawn in every nether fortress. If there was a hiccup in world generation, your fortress is very small, or you are very unlucky you should be able to find a blaze spawner in every nether fortress. 

5 best uses for Blaze Rods in Minecraft

5 best uses for Blaze Rods in Minecraft

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