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Minecraft Boat

If you have ever tried swimming across an ocean in Minecraft, you may have regretted how much time it took. Instead, look to make a boat, the recipe is incredibly cheap and only requires three raw wood logs to make from start to finish. Not only that, the boat goes eight blocks a second, which is almost double the swim speed of the player.

Minecraft Boat


Wooden Planks (Same Type)Wooden ShovelWooden Planks (Same Type)
Wooden Planks (Same Type)Wooden Planks (Same Type)Wooden Planks (Same Type)

You can use any overworld plank in order to make boats, but it does have to be the same type of wood in the recipe.

How to Get a Boat in Minecraft

Boats do not naturally generate in Minecraft, you will have to make a boat yourself if you want to go across oceans. There are six different types of boat respective to the six different types of overworld trees you can find.

Minecraft Boat

(Pictured from left to right: (Dark Oak Boat, Acacia Boat, Jungle Boat, Birch Boat, Spruce Boat, and Oak Boat). They are functionally identical, there is no difference between the boats other than appearance. Use your favorite color, or whatever wood is most common in your area.

How to Make a Boat in Minecraft

- Five Wooden Planks (Same Type)

- One Wooden Shovel


You can use any planks you want to make a boat, but you cannot mix and match the type of wood. The recipe is identical for each type of boat, but make sure you swap out the type of wood you want to use.

Crafting oak boat

To make a boat, crafting table, and wooden shovel you will only need to chop down three raw logs to have enough planks to make everything. Four for the crafting table, five for the boat, two for the sticks, one for the wooden shovel (4+5+2+1=12)

How to Use a Boat in Minecraft

Once you have made your boat it is time to place it in the water. Select it in your hotbar and right click on the water to place your boat. Right click the boat again in order to ride your boat. Once you are in, hold forward to accelerate and left and right to steer the boat. You can look around while steering your boat. The boat will go forward relative to the front of the boat, not the player.

Minecraft Boat

Even though my character is facing left, holding forward will go the direction the boat is facing. To exit a boat, simply press sneak (left shift) to exit the boat. You can also sprint while in a boat, but it does not affect the movement speed of the boat.


  1. Blocks affected by gravity will drop as their pickup-able items when they land on a boat in water.

  1. Dolphins will follow players that are in boats. This also does not affect the movement speed of a boat in water.

  1. A boat on ice will move faster than a boat in water.


Can you put mobs in Boats in Minecraft?


A single boat will hold two passengers. If you travel far and want to bring a parrot home without fear of it getting lost over the ocean, place it in your boat. If you have many companions you want to take with you, build many boats and attach a lead to them all. This will pull them along behind your boat.

Can a boat go faster?

A boat on water will only go up to eight blocks a second. However, if you place a boat on ice, packed ice, or frosted ice it will travel up to fifty seven blocks a second. If the boat is on blue ice, the boat will travel seventy two blocks a second.

Why can’t I make a boat?

During the 1.9 update for Java and the 1.10.0 update for Bedrock, the recipe for boats has changed to reflect the pocket edition of Minecraft. Now you have to put a wooden shovel into the crafting recipe in order to make a boat.

How many mobs can a boat fit?

You can essentially trap hostile mobs in a boat. The boat will allow for two passengers, and a zombie or skeleton that wanders too close to a boat will immediately enter one and will not hop out until the boat breaks.

Mobs in Minecraft boat

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