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Minecraft Bookshelf

If you have ever been at a loss when decorating the interior of your grandiose home look towards bookshelves. A couple bookshelves placed in the corner of your room can give off a comfier appearance and help fill the space in your builds. Bookshelves also have the practical benefit of boosting an enchantment table to unlock level 30 enchantments. Other than that, bookshelves serve a primarily decorative function and you can find many applications for them.

Minecraft Bookshelf


Wooden plank (Any)Wooden plank (Any)Wooden plank (Any)
Wooden plank (Any)Wooden plank (Any)Wooden plank (Any)

You can mix and match different types of wooden planks if you find yourself running out. The recipe will still function normally.

How to Get a Bookshelf in Minecraft

Bookshelves will naturally generate in three generated structures. You can find bookshelves in librarian homes in villages, stronghold libraries, and you may find bookshelves in woodland mansion rooms. Finding a stronghold is perhaps the most difficult method, but it is also the most rewarding in terms of quantity of bookshelves. Whereas, finding villages is the easiest method, but yields the least amount of bookshelves.

Minecraft Bookshelf

To get a bookshelf to drop you will need a silk touch item to get the bookshelf to drop a bookshelf rather than three books. You can also find bookshelves being offered from novice-level librarians in exchange for emeralds.

novice-level librarians in exchange for emeralds

Of course if you do not want to hunt down bookshelves yourself you can always make them yourself at a crafting table.


How to Make a Bookshelf in Minecraft

- Six Wooden Planks

- Three Books

To make a bookshelf you will need any type of six wooden planks. You can mix and match the type of planks in the recipe and you will still get bookshelves. To finish out the recipe you will need three books. Once you have the materials gathered head to a crafting table to make some bookshelves. Place a row of books in the middle row and place wooden planks in the remaining slots of the crafting menu.

Crafting a bookshelf

Completing this recipe will yield one bookshelf. Despite the type of wood you may use for the bookshelf, the bookshelf only has one texture and appears to be made out of an oak wood.

How to Use a Bookshelf in Minecraft

Bookshelves only have two practical applications and that is to power an enchanting table enough to unlock level 30 enchantments, and to create a lectern.

Using Minecraft Bookshelf

Arranging a total of at least fifteen bookshelves around an enchanting table will unlock level 30 enchantments. As you add more and more bookshelves around an enchanting table, little galactic letters will fly from the shelves into the enchanting table. There are many arrangements you can make for an enchanting table, the more time you put into it the more rewarding the area will be.


To create the jobsite block for a librarian villager you will need a lectern. To make a lectern place a bookshelf in the middlemost slot of a crafting table, arrange a row of wooden slabs above the lectern, and one slab below the bookshelf.

Crafting Lectern in Minecraft

You can also mix and match the type of wooden slabs and still have the recipe come out normally. The lectern only has one texture and it is similar to the appearance of oak wood, regardless of the type of wood you used to make it.


It takes a total of 90 wooden planks, 45 leather, and 135 paper in order to get the full benefit out of an enchanting table.

A bookshelf is the icon for the Education edition of Minecraft.

No matter what type of wood you use for the bookshelf, the bookshelf will always seem to be made of oak. This seems to be the case for many of the wooden structures such as lecterns, beds, and beehives.


Does the Fortune enchantment make bookshelves drop more books?

Unfortunately the drop rate for bookshelves is fixed at three books. Otherwise, players could make one bookshelf and using a Fortune III axe get infinite amounts of books.

How many bookshelves does it take to fully charge an Enchanting Table?

It will take a total of fifteen bookshelves in order to unlock level 30 enchantments at an enchanting table.

Can you ever lose books from breaking a bookshelf?

Bookshelves are fixed to drop three books every time. You will lose the wood used to make the bookshelf, but you will never lose the books used to make the bookshelf.

How to change the appearance of a bookshelf?

Other than texture packs there is no way in vanilla Minecraft to alter the appearance of the oak top and bottom of a bookshelf. To do so you will need to change the texture of the files that Minecraft reads to change the colors of the bookshelf.

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