Donkey Minecraft


Donkey Minecraft

While technically not so much a cousin of the horse, this animal can be a very versatile creature that can and will assist you in your goals within Minecraft. In this article we shall be discussing and going over the donkey itself so that you may better understand it, along with the benefits that it can offer you. Many people might say that the horse is superior to this creature, but one shouldn’t be so quick to write the donkey off. After reading this article you might be surprised as to what this animal can offer you.

Where To Find and How to Tame

There are only two known biomes that donkey’s will normally spawn in. The biomes are savannahs and plains. When you find a donkey taming it is a simple matter of making sure you are not holding anything before you mount it. This is a stubborn animal, so don’t expect the experience to go smoothly.

Where To Find and How to Tame Donkey in Minecraft

There may be moments where you are bucked off, but don’t be discouraged and instead work towards trying again when you can. Eventually you can ground out their resistance and tame them, which will be signaled by the hearts that appear around them. 

How To Use

A donkey can be quite versatile in its uses. Not only can this animal be ridden when it has a saddle much like a horse, but it can also jump over fences or ledges that you the player would normally struggle to get over. Donkeys are also capable of carrying inventory when equipped with a chest which allows them to hold 15 different items of your choosing, making them perfect pack animals at your disposal. 

How to use donkey in Minecraft

Keep in mind though that once you fasten the chest on them it cannot be removed from the donkey short of killing it. This however, shouldn't be too much of a problem, since you can take out the contents of the chest at your leisure. 

How to use donkey in Minecraft

Also if you don’t want to ride a donkey or are incapable of riding them through a very specific area or terrain, you can fasten a lead onto them and drag them through areas if you desire to do so. 

Feeding and Taming 

Donkeys can be fed a multitude of items much like their horse counterparts. Down below is a list of what can be fed to these creatures:

  1. Sugar
  2. Wheat
  3. Hay bale
  4. Apple
  5. Golden Carrot
  6. Golden Apple

All of these items can be useful when taming or healing your donkey, but only the coveted golden apples and golden carrots can be used to breed donkeys. Also keep in mind that if you successfully breed a new donkey foal that it is going to be untamed and will not be able to be tamed until it grows to become an adult. So it is best to keep these foals within a fenced or closed area so that they don’t wander off and get themselves into dangerous situations. 


Donkeys while being very stubborn and temperamental, are amongst one of the most useful animals to have in the game. A donkey that is under your purview is a donkey that could easily assist you in your travels, or if you're moving from one base of operations to another and saving you trips. Keep this in mind when you consider if it's worth it to start taming these creatures. 

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