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Minecraft Elytra

One of the best rewards you can find the game of Minecraft has to be Elytra. This armor piece completely changes how you travel in the game and used correctly can negate any amount of fall damage you may face. While fighting the Ender Dragon is one of the end goals for any Minecraft player, the fact that Elytra exists grants another endgame goal to achieve. Elytra allows a player to fly, or more accurately glide, across the world. Using rockets or a trident with the Riptide enchantment allows the player to soar across the world at impressive speeds.

Minecraft Elytra

How to Get Elytra in Minecraft?

Finding Elytra can be very difficult as you have to traverse the void of the End. To reach the outer islands you will have to find the end portal gateway after defeating the Ender Dragon.

Ender Dragon

Throw an ender pearl into it to teleport across the end. Make sure you keep a few spare ender pearls as you will need them to get back. You are not just looking for end cities, but end ships will have the pair of wings you are looking for.

Minecraft Elytra


You will most likely find an end ship nearby end cities so keep building across the void chasms or ender pearling across to find more end cities. Once you have found an end ship head inside it and defeat the shulkers you may find in there to find a pair of wings in an item frame in the heart of the ship. Don’t forget to check the front of the ship as well for an ender dragon head.

Ender Dragon Head

Simply hit it out of the item frame to claim your reward!

How to Use Elytra in Minecraft?

Elytra is equipped into the chestplate slot of your armor. Once you have it equipped you can press the jump button while in the air to begin gliding.

Using Elytra in Minecraft

Be careful on your first flight, it takes a while to get the hang of the momentum. Use rockets to get a short boost of momentum in the direction you are facing. Aim down to pick up speed and aim back up to gain some height. You cannot gain height if you do not have enough momentum. To slow down and land gracefully turn your camera from side to side to be able to land safely.

How to Farm rockets for Elytra in Minecraft?

Rockets can be used to fly with Elytra, after using Elytra for a while you may feel compelled to gain some speed and it is common to carry a stack of rockets around for that purpose. Use a Looting III enchanted sword to kill creepers for the gunpowder and keep your eyes peeled for wandering traders. They will sell gunpowder for emeralds. Since there are no creeper mob spawners the next best thing is to create a large mob platform that pushes mobs down into a grinder of some kind. You will have a lot of junk, but it can automate the process in gathering gunpowder.


If you are sick of using rockets you can also enchant a trident with Riptide and fly through the rain without the use of rockets. The downside is of course waiting for a rainstorm, and it loses its usefulness in the nether or the end.


Elytra is most likely a reference to beetle’s elytron, the covering for the beetle’s wings.

You can use Minecraft commands to equip a mob with Elytra, however, they do not have the AI necessary to fly with it.

Using Elytra while falling down a 1x1 hole can grant you the “Super Sonic” achievement. Ensure you have a cobweb or a slime block to land on so you do not die attempting this.


Can you use rockets while flying with Elytra?

Rockets will give you a burst of momentum if your Elytra is activated. Aim upwards and right click with the rocket selected to fly upwards and gain momentum.

How do you repair Elytra in Minecraft?

You can use two damaged Elytra to repair the durability of them, but this is most certainly a waste. Use phantom membrane from phantom mobs or simply enchant your Elytra with Mending I. It is also a good idea to enchant Elytra with Unbreaking III so you can fly longer without worry.

How do you change how Elytra looks in Minecraft?

The appearance of Elytra will change depending on the cape you have on your character. You can buy capes from the marketplace of Minecraft, or you can try to install your own cape textures.

Why can’t I find Elytra in my world?

Elytra will only spawn in end ships. You cannot find Elytra in end cities, and only end ships will contain a pair of Elytra. These ships will spawn nearby cities, but not every city will have an end ship nearby. Keep looking and eventually you will find them.

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