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The End Portal

Minecraft has so many different things to do. You can build, explore, craft, or even fight. There are a lot of different mobs in the game that drop different items. Some mobs are stronger than others, and some are even considered bosses. There are currently three bosses in Minecraft. There is the Elder Guardian, who dwells in the seas, The Wither, who is constructed from the Nether, and the Ender Dragon, who rules the end. To get to the end, you need to find the end portal. In this guide, you will learn everything there is to know about the end portal.

How to Find The End Portal


Finding the end portal in Minecraft is really easy. The first thing you need to do is get an ender pearl. To kill an ender pearl, you need to find an enderman. Endermen are classified as neutral mobs. This means that they will not attack you unless they are provoked. To provoke an enderman you have to do one of two things. The first is to simply attack it first. This can be hitting it with anything but a ranged attack will just make it teleport. The second way is to look them in the eyes. If an enderman is looked in the eyes, it will attack you on sight. An enderman can be provoked with eye contact from up to 64 blocks away. Endermen will also teleport away if they come into contact with water. Water will also damage them. Killing an Enderman will have the chance to drop an ender pearl.

Now that you have an ender pearl, you need to get some blaze powder. To get blaze powder, all you need to do is find a blaze in the nether.

Blaze in the Nether

Blazes normally spawn in nether Fortresses and once you kill one, it can drop an item called a blaze rod. Placing a blaze rod in your crafting UI will turn one blaze rod into two pieces of blaze powder.

Once you have your ender pearl and blaze powder, all you need to do is combine them together in your crafting UI to make an eye of ender. Equip the eye of ender in your hand and right-click the air. This will throw your eye of ender. The direction that the eye flies in will be where the end portal is. It will drop so you need to go catch it. Keep doing this and it will eventually lead you to the portal room of the stronghold.

How to Use the End Portal

Now that you have found the end portal, all you have to do is right-click the end portal frames with an eye of ender in your hand. Filling all of these in will construct the end portal.



There are currently three achievements in the game that has to do with the end. The first is The end? This achievement is completed when you enter the end portal. The second achievement is called The end and this one is completed when you kill the ender dragon for the first time. The final achievement is called The end...again? This one is done when you respawn the ender dragon.


Why is my end portal not working?

For the end portal to work, all frames must be facing towards the center.

Can you make an end portal in a flat world?

Yes, you can make an end portal in a super flat Minecraft world.

What happens when you go through an end portal?

When you go through an end portal, you go to the end.

Can you remove an eye of ender from the portal?

Currently, you cannot remove the eye of ender from the portal.


Now that you have figured out how to get to find the end portal and activate it, go kill the ender dragon. Just make sure that you have enough eyes of ender to get to the portal, and enough to fill it as well!

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