Endermite Minecraft

The Endermite is a rare and small mob in Minecraft which is associated with Ender Pearls and Endermen.

Endermite Minecraft


Spawning in Endermite Minecraft

When a player throws an Ender Pearl, the pearl will teleport them to the location it lands in. When this happens, there is a small chance that an Endermite will spawn in the spot the player teleported to.


The Endermite, when spawned, will chase the player to attempt to attack. They behave similar to Zombie Piglins as well, with all Endermites in an area chasing down a player if they only hit one.

Endermites are arthropods and are therefore affected by the Bane of Arthropods enchantment, taking extra damage from weapons that have it.

After two minutes, an Endermite will despawn.


The Endermite drops nothing but 3 EXP.


Endermites are the smallest hostile mob in Minecraft

Endermites used to share a model with Silverfish, only having the extra by sections be invisible.


What are Endermites useful for?

Endermites are hated by Endermen and will be chased down by them. This makes them effective in distracting Endermen, especially during the fight with the Ender Dragon.

Can I make an Endermite not despawn?

The only way to stop an Endermite from despawning is to give it a Name Tag.

How do I stop Endermites from spawning?

Endermites will not spawn if your world is set to the Peaceful difficulty.

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