Goat Minecraft

Goat Minecraft

Minecraft’s mountains are soon getting a nice overhaul and with them come a few new fluffy friends. On the sides of the new mountainous peaks will be the new Goat mob. These are neutral animals which roam the mountains and can jump up high slopes of even the sharpest of cliffs.

Spawning of Goat in Minecraft

Spawning of Goat in Minecraft

Goats will spawn in mountainous biomes such as the Mountains in the Java Edition and the Snowy Slopes in the Bedrock Edition. Goats spawn just like other animals, in small packs dotted around the biome they belong to.

In the Java Edition, Goats have a rare chance to spawn as Screaming Goats, which are identical to Goats except they make screaming sounds. 

Behavior of Goats in Minecraft

Behavior of Goats in Minecraft

Goats will roam around the area like other animals will but whenever they need to scale something they will jump up to 10 blocks in the air! Because of this, they take 10 times less fall damage than other mobs. They will also avoid Powder Snow when they come across it.

When attacked, they do not retaliate, they simply run like other animals do. However a Goat will occasionally decide to attack nearby mobs by ramming them and will even attack players if they’re close. The ram is a one time thing however, as after its over they don’t pursue the target further until they decide to ram something again.

Drops of Goats in Minecraft

When killed, Goats will drop some Raw Mutton or, if they were on fire when they died, Cooked Mutton.

In the Bedrock Edition, Goats will drop a Goat Horn up to two times if they hit something while ramming. These horns can be used to make a horn sound which is the same horn sound heard during Pillager Raids.


Goats are the fifth mob that were added to a Bedrock Edition beta before a Java Edition snapshot. The first four mobs this happened for were dolphins, pandas, cats and piglin brutes.

Goats are the first neutral mob that does not fight back after being hit.

The model for goats was made in Blockbench.

Goats are one of the 4 mobs that were added as a result of the community voting for it, the others being the phantom, fox, and glow squid.

Goat sounds were recorded from real goats. The same is true for pandas and dolphins.


How do I breed Goats?

Goats are bred like other animals and eat Wheat to initiate their breeding.

Can I tame a Goat?

Goats cannot be tamed however they can be moved with a lead and kept in a fenced off area like other animals to be farmed.

Can I milk a Goat?

Yes! Though it will only give you normal Milk rather than goat milk, using a Bucket on a Goat will result in the bucket being filled with Milk.

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