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How to Make a Bow in Minecraft

There are two types of attacks in Minecraft. The first is melee which includes swords and punching. The second in ranged. There are two ways of doing ranged damage. One is by using a trident, but the other is by using a bow.

Bows are great in Minecraft whether it be to kill a creeper before it can explode or hitting mobs from afar so they can’t become aggressive and attack you. This guide will teach you how to easily craft a bow.

Required Items to Make a bow

- 3 Sticks

- 3 String

How to Make a Bow in Minecraft?

Step-1 Making a bow in Minecraft is very simple and it only requires two goals. The first goal is to get sticks. This is really easy though because all you have to do is to break one block of wood.

Step-2 Once you have this block of wood, you need to make it into wooden planks. One piece of wood will make four wooden planks.

Making a wooden plank in Minecraft

Step-3 From these four wooden planks, you need to craft sticks. Two wooden planks will make four sticks. You only need three sticks to make a bow so you will have one stick leftover.

Step 3 for making a wooden bow in Minecraft

Step-4 Now that you have your sticks, it’s time to move to get three pieces of string. Obtaining three pieces of string is very easy. There are two ways to do it. The first way is to kill a spider. Spiders are mobs that only spawn at night.

Spider mobs in Minecraft


Step-5 The other way to obtain a piece of string is to craft a sword and break a cobweb with it. Cobwebs normally spawn in abandoned mineshafts or dungeons. Breaking a cobweb with a sword will drop one piece of string.

Minecraft Cobwebs

Step-6 Once you have your sticks and string, all you have to do is craft the bow. You need to make sure you have a crafting table for this though because it requires a 3x3 crafting grid.

If you need any help making a crafting table, you can check out this article.

In the 3x3 grid, you want to place the sticks on the left along with the string in the right column of the crafting table. You can easily follow the recipe below.

Final step for crafting a wooden bow in Minecraft

Explainer Video


Q. How do you make a Netherite bow?

Currently, there is no Netherite bow in the game as of version 1.16.

Q. Can a bow have mending and infinity?

A bow can have many enchantments including mending and infinity. Mending will make it so whenever you obtain experience, the bow will fix itself. The infinity enchantment allows for you to only hold one arrow in your inventory, instead of having 64.


Now that you know how to craft a bow, it is highly suggested that you add it to your arsenal. Bows are great weapons to use when you want to hit an enemy from far away. Use your bow to kill creepers without them exploding, or having a one on one fight with a skeleton. Just be careful you don’t shoot yourself with it!

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