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How to make a Composter in Minecraft

If you are making your own village in Minecraft you will need a few job blocks. A composter will ensure your village will have a farmer. The composter recipe is very simple and does not require much investment to make. Composters can be used to make bone meal out of plant materials, such as tall grass, saplings, and crops.

Items you need to make a Composter in Minecraft

- Seven wooden slabs (Any wood will work)

- Crafting table

The recipe used to involve fences and wooden planks but it has since been changed into the slab recipe it is today.

The recipe to make a composter requires seven wooden slabs. You can mix and match whatever wooden slabs you have to make a composter.

You will also need the 3x3 crafting menu of a crafting table to make a composter.

How to make a Composter in Minecraft?

Make wooden slabs by arranging three wooden planks in a row in a crafting table. Do this twice so you have enough slabs to make the composter.

Craft Oak Wood Slab in Minecraft

With these seven slabs arrange them in the left and right column with a slab at the bottom middle.

Crafting a composter in Minecraft

That’s all! Your composter is ready to go.

What can you do with a Composter in Minecraft


Composters can be filled with various plant materials such as flowers, carrots, saplings, and tall grass to make bone meal. Each plant material will raise the level of the composter until it reaches the top. Once it does, it will drop a piece of bone meal for use.

Using composter in Minecraft

As you fill up the composter you will notice green sparkles similar to when you bone meal crops or grass. Different β€œtiers” of plant material will yield a different percentage for the composter. Higher quality plant materials like pumpkin pie or cake will fill a composter up almost completely. Whereas simpler plant materials like seeds or leaves will yield less.

You can also assign villagers certain jobs as long as they are not nitwits and their profession is not locked in. An unassigned villager will seek a nearby job block and as long as the conditions are met they will become a farmer villager.

Explainer Video


Congratulations! A composter is a simple block which can turn leftover seeds, grass, and surplus crops into bone meal. They can also help you assign the farmer profession to villagers. A farmer will grow food for the village and give them the food needed to make baby villagers.

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