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How to Make Fireworks in Minecraft

Fireworks are great for putting on shows in Minecraft. They are very simple to craft, but with enough advanced Redstone knowledge and creativity, you can make something spectacular.

Fireworks are a great mid-game item to have because they can help you get around your world quicker. Read this tutorial to learn how to craft them and how to use them.

Required materials to make Fireworks

In order to make fireworks in minecraft, you will need:

  1. Gunpowder
  2. Paper
  3. Dye

How to make Fireworks in Minecraft?

Step-1 To start creating fireworks in Minecraft, the first thing you need to do is acquire gunpowder. To get gunpowder, all you have to do is kill a creeper.

Killing a creeper sounds difficult but it is actually pretty easy. Creepers will explode if they get close to you so all you need to do is hit the creeper and backup before it explodes then hit it again. Once you kill it, it will drop gunpowder.

Step-2 Next, you will need to get some paper. To craft paper, all you need to do is obtain at least three sugar cane and assort them in your crafting table like the recipe below.

If you need any more help with getting paper, check out this guide.


Step-3 Once you have gotten your paper and gunpowder, now you need to decide what color you want your firework to be. It doesn’t actually matter what color you use for the crafting recipe so pick whatever color you want. For this tutorial, I am going to use red. 

For this recipe, all you want to do is place a piece of gunpowder next to the dye that you want to use. This will make an item called a firework star.

Step-4 After you have gotten your firework star, you want to place gunpowder and paper in the crafting table with it. This will turn the firework star into three firework rockets.

Simple enough right? There are a couple of things to remember when creating fireworks. How you craft the firework will determine different aspects of its explosion.

When crafting with gunpowder, you can add more and more gunpowder to the crafting recipe (up to three). This will make the rocket fly higher before it combusts.

When crafting with dyes, you can add more dyes to the recipe to have it burst with more than just one color. You can actually have up to eight different colors in one firework!

Explainer Video


Q. How do you make Elytra fireworks?

A. In Minecraft, there is no such thing as “elytra fireworks.” There is only the base firework, but there is a way to transverse your world much quicker. If you have completed the task of defeating the ender dragon and you go explore ender cities, you can find what’s called an

Elytra. It is essentially Minecraft’s version of a hang glider.


While you are gliding with the Elytra, you can right-click with a rocket in your hand and it will act as an accelerant and boost you in whatever direction you want to go. You can use this to travel your world thousands of blocks at a time or even constructing new and creative ways to get to your base.

Q. What firework does the most damage in Minecraft?

A. The more firework stars you put in your firework, the more damage it does. You can actually have up to seven stars in one firework and it will deal 18 points of damage or nine hearts.


Now that you have created your fireworks, you can put on so many fun displays throughout your world. You might want to make a creeper farm in your realm if you want to have an infinite supply of fireworks. This is helpful so that you can constantly keep crafting them and using them to fly around if you have an Elytra on your back.

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